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Walter Bache´s Concerts (1865-1888)
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A collection of MS and printed programmes for 38 concerts given by Walter Bache (a pupil of Liszt) at various venues in London between 1865 and 1888 intended to promote the music of Liszt. Bound into a single volume.

Inscription on the flyleaf reads: ‘Presented to The University Library, Cambridge, by the sisters of the late Walter Bache, December 1889’.

Programmes for the three types of performances listed below are ordered chronologically. There is a handwritten list pasted onto the flyleaf under the inscription.

1. Mr Walter Bache’s Annual Concerts: 1865–80
Complete set of programmes with words for Mr Walter Bache’s Annual Concert nos. 1-16. These were performances of predominantly nineteenth-century repertory, with a strong emphasis on the music of Austro-Germanic composers, particularly Franz Liszt. The first six concerts consisted of solo vocal and instrumental items, with some small ensemble pieces. Thereafter, a full orchestra (and occasionally a chorus) was employed; the instrumental items were replaced with concertos and/or concertante pieces and supplemented by purely orchestral works.

With the exception of the concert on 24 February 1876, at which Bache appeared solely as a conductor, all performances featured Bache as a pianist. Additional performers are listed below.

From 1869 to 1872 the concerts were given in the Queen’s Concert Room, Hanover Square and from 1873-80 at St. James’s Hall, London. Venues for the remaining performances are given below.

The programmes for the orchestral concerts carry historical and analytical notes, with musical examples, many of which are signed by ‘C.A.B.’ [Charles Ainslie Barry] or ‘E.D.’ [Edward Dannreuther]. A number of historical and analytical essays are also included.

The programmes typically give an indication of the numerical size of the orchestral ensemble, which was led by Ludwig Strauss (1871–73) and Mr Deichmann (1874–80)

4 July 1865, Messrs Collard’s Rooms, 16 Grosvenor Street: Mr H. Blagrove (violin), Monsieur Pag[ne] (cello), Mr John Cheshire (harp) and Miss Rose Hersee, Signor Garcia and Mr W.H. Cummings (vocal), conducted by Mr Benedict and Mr Francesco Berger, including the first English performance of a piano duet arrangement of Liszt, Les Preludes, given with Edward Dannreuther (handwritten programme).

23 May 1866, Messrs Collard’s Rooms: Mademoiselles Nina Dario, Linas Martorelli and Sezzi, Miss Rose Hersee and Signor Gustav Garcia, and Messrs G.T. Carter, de Fontanier, Ellis, Robert Mason, Lewis Thomas and J.B. Welch (vocal), conducted by Mr Benedict and Mr Francesco Berger, including the first English performance of Liszt, Duo (for Two Pianofortes) ‘L’Idéal,’ d’après Schiller; - Poëme Symphonique pour grand orchestre, arrangé pour deux Pianos, given with Mr Hartvigson.

22 May 1867, Beethoven Rooms, 27 Harley Street, Cavendish Square: Mr Wiener (violin) and Mr Daubert (cello) and Miss Ada Jackson, Signor Gustave Garcia, Monsieur de Fontanier and Messrs W.H. Cummings, Ellis, Robert Mason, J.B. Welch and Ralph Wilkinson (vocal), accompanied by Francesco Berger (handwritten programme).

28 April 1868, St. George’s Hall, Langham Place: Miss Lucy Franklein, Miss Cecilia Westbrook, Mr W.H. Cummings and Mr J.B. Welch (vocal), conducted by Joseph Hemming and accompanied by Mr Twyford Taylor, including part songs, ‘sung by the Members of Mr Joseph Hemming’s Choir’ (handwritten programme). Included Liszt's two piano transcriptions of Orphee and Mazeppa.

4 May 1869: Messrs Edward Dannreuther and Fritz Hartvigson (piano), Mademoiselles Clara and Rosamunda Doria (vocal) and members of Walter Bache’s choir, conducted by Bache. Included Liszt's transcription for piano of Bach's Prelude and fugue in A minor and the symphonic poem Les preludes.

11 May 1870: Miss Rebecca Jewell, Miss Jessie Boyd, Mr De Fontanier and Mr Ainsworth (vocal), including vocal music, ‘sung by a Choir of about Sixty Gentlemen’, conducted by Walter Bache.

26 May 1871: Miss Clara Doria and Mr Nordblom (vocal), conducted by Mr Dannreuther and Mr Walter Bache. This document carries a reproduction of an essay by Professor C.F. Weitzmann entitled ‘Franz Liszt’s “Symphonische Dichtung”. Les Preludes’, originally published in Die Fackel of 1864. The first piano concerto was also performed.

21 March 1872: Miss Abbie Whinery (vocal), accompanied by Mr Zerbini and conducted by August Manns and Walter Bache. Included Liszt's transcription of Weber's Polonaise Brillante, op. 72.

28 February 1873: Miss Georgina Maudsley, Miss Sophie Ferrari and Mr Henry Guy (vocal) with a ‘choir of 130 voices’, accompanied by Dr Heap and conducted by August Manns and Bache (including notes to accompany the performance of Schumann, Piano Concerto, written by George Grove and reproduced from a Crystal Palace programme).

27 November 1874: Madame Otto-Alvsleben (vocal) and Mr Oberthür and Miss Marion Beard (harps), conducted by Hans von Bülow (with a reproduction of an essay on Liszt, written by ‘C.A.B.’, originally included in the Monthly Musical Record of July 1862).

25 February 1875: Mr W.H. Cummings (vocal) and a ‘choir of 160 voices’, conducted by Hans von Bülow (including notes contributed by Ebenezer Prout and an insert recording that Cummings was replace by Henry Guy).

24 February 1876: Franz Liszt, The Legend of St. Elizabeth, with Mrs Osgood, Mr Thurley Beale, Mr E. Wharton and Signor Federici (vocal), Mr Rea (organ) and Mrs Frost and Miss Marion Beard (harp).

27 February 1877: Mrs Osgood (vocal), conducted by August Manns (including an essay by Dannreuther entitled ‘Editing, Transcribing and Re-scoring’).

19 February 1878: Mrs Frost and Miss Viola Trust (harps) and Miss Anna Williams and Mr Maybrick (vocal), conducted August Manns (including notes reproduced from the Crystal Palace Programmes and an essay by Fr. Niecks entitled ‘À propos of Liszt’).

25 February 1879: conducted by August Manns (with a complete list of the orchestral ensemble).

11 March 1880: including the first English performance of Liszt, A Faust Symphony, with Mr Barton McGuckin (tenor), conducted by August Manns and Walter Bache (including the essay ‘À propos of Liszt’ (by Fr. Niecks) and a complete list of the orchestral ensemble).

2. Orchestral concerts: 1882-88
2 March 1882 and 5 March 1885, St. James’s Hall: ‘for the performance of works by Franz Liszt’ nos. 11 and 12, led by Mr Deichmann and conducted by Walter Bache (assisted by Mr Dannreuther in 1885) (with historical and analytical notes, including musical examples by C.A.B. and a list of the orchestral ensemble). The concert in 1882 featured a chorus of tenors and basses with Mr B. Davies (tenor) and the programme includes notes contributed by Fr. Niecks as well as a ‘Catalogue of Liszt’s Works which have already been Performed at these Concerts’. That in 1885 featured a chorus of 100 Ladies (drawn from the female students of the Royal Academy of Music and the St Cecilia Choir), Mr Walter Bache (piano) and Mademoiselle Alice Barbi (vocal) and the programme includes notes contributed by Edward Dannreuther.

8 February 1886: Concertos for Pianoforte with Orchestra, including the first English performance of Chopin-Tausing, Concerto in E minor and of Liszt’s cadenza for Beethoven, Piano Concerto No.3, with Walter Bache (piano) and William Winch (vocal), conducted by Edward Dannreuther.

21 January 1888, Queen’s Gate Hall, Queen’s Gate (near South Kensington Station): Liszt, A Faust Symphony, arranged by the composer for two pianos, given for the English Goethe Society by Mr Georg Henschel and Mr Walter Bache, conducted by Mr Martin Müller (with historical and analytical notes, including musical examples, by Fr Niecks). The concert also featured Mr William Shakespeare (tenor).

3. Piano Recitals: 1872-87
Complete set of programmes, with words, for the first eighteen annual Pianoforte Recitals given by Walter Bache between 1872 and 1887, held with a single programme for two recitals given by Hans von Bülow on 3 and 10 December 1873.

The first three of these performances were given at the Queen’s Concert Room, Hanover Square. Thereafter, they were held at St. James’s Hall, London.

18 November 1872: Miss Ellen Horne (vocal). Included Liszt's Consolations 1, 2 and 3.
27 October 1873: Mademoiselle Hélène Arnim (vocal). Included Liszt's transcription for solo piano of Paganini's La Campanella
26 October 1874: [Charles] Santley (vocal), conducted and accompanied by Mr Dannreuther (handwritten programme).
1 November 1875: Miss Anna Williams (vocal), Mrs Beesley (piano) and Herr Wilhelmj (violin), accompanied by Mr Zerbini.
30 October 1876: Miss Anna Williams and Mr Maybrick (vocal).
5 November 1877: Mr Santley (vocal), accompanied by Mr Zerbini.
28 October 1878:
22 October: Original compositions of Franz Liszt, with Mr Santley (vocal).
1 November 1880: Miss Anna Williams (vocal).
1 March 1881: Miss Orridge (vocal).
1 November 1881:
6 November 1882: Original compositions by Franz Liszt, with Mr Arthur Oswald (vocal).
9 April 1883: compositions of Ludwig van Beethoven, with Mr William Shakespeare (vocal).
22 October 1883: Original compositions of Franz Liszt, with Miss Ambler (vocal) (with historical and analytical notes, including musical examples, by ‘C.A.B.’).
17 March 1884, 26 October 1885 and 21 February 1887: Miscellaneous Programme.
22 October 1887: Liszt Concert.
The two documents from 1887 both include musical examples which illustrate three themes from Liszt, Sonata, ‘Après une Lecture de Dante’.
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1865 - 1888
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