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Various Oxford-based Music Organizations (1850-1977)
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Mus. 311 c.15
A box of miscellaneous programmes for performances given by various Oxford-based ensembles/organizations between 1850 and 1977. All programmes are held loosely but are grouped as indicated below. For the purposes of this entry, the groups are listed in chronologically order by the earliest programme in the set.

Where no other indication is given below, all venues were in Oxford.

1. Oxford University Glee and Madrigal Society (also Motett and Madrigal Society) (1850-88)
2. Oxford University Amateur Musical Society (1855, 1858)
3. Oxford Philharmonic Society (1869–89)
4. Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society (1881–1904)
5. Oxford Musical Society (1883)
6. Oxford Orchestral Association (1885–1930)
7. Oxford Ladies' Musical Society (1894–1929)
8. Oxford and Cambridge Music Club (1902–33)
9. Oxford Vocal Society (1904, 1908)
10. Oxford Free Church Choir Union (1905)
11. Oxford Harmonic Society (1927)
12. Miscellaneous programmes
- Oxford University Musical Union
- Cambridge University Musical Club
- Other concerts

1. Oxford.Univeristy Glee and Madrigal Society (also Motett and Madrigal Society) (1850-88)
4 June 1850, 2 July 1851, 15 June 1852 and 31 May 1853, [no venue]: Words for the Madrigals for performance at the Open Meetings.
5 March 1886, 29 November 1887 and 7 March 1888, Sheldonian Theatre: (two copies for 1887; with words for 1888).

2. Oxford University Amateur Musical Society (1855, 1858)
18 June 1855 and 16 November and 11 December 1858, Town Hall: programmes with words for concerts conducted by Dr. Elvey.

3. Oxford Philharmonic Society (1869-89)
All concerts were given at the Sheldonian Theatre and were conducted by Mr Taylor (1869-87) and C. H. Lloyd (1889).
7 June 1869: Grand Morning Concert, with Mr H. Blagrove (violin) and Mr M. J. Muir-Mackenzie (cello) (with words).
12 June 1882: Commemoration Concert with Miss Mary Davies and Mr Santley (vocal) (handbill).
11 June 1883: Haydn, Seasons with Miss Santley, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Santley (vocal) (handbill).
3 March 1887: Mendelssohn, Elijah with Miss Anna Williams, Miss Hope Glenn, Mr John Probert and Mr Santley (vocal).
24 June 1889: Grand Morning Concert with Miss Anna Williams, Miss Alice Lamb and Mr Charles Kenningham (vocal) and Mr James Taylor (piano), including J. F. Bridge, Callirhoe conducted by the composer (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).

4. Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society (1881–1904)
These concerts were given by the Oxford Choral Society (1881–88) and Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society (1891–1904), conducted by J. Varley Roberts (1886–93), Mr F. Cunningham Woods (1894–95), Charles Parry (1896), Mr G. H. Betjemann (1901) and Hugh Allen (1902–04). Unless otherwise stated below, concerts were given at the Corn Exchange (1886–87), the Sheldonian Theatre (1888–96) and the Town Hall (1901–04). The vocal soloists are listed below.
16 November 1881, [no venue]: Orchestral and Vocal Concert, including Sullivan, The Martyr of Antioch, conducted by the composer (with words, notes and musical examples).
12 November 1886: Sterndale Bennett, The Woman of Samaria and Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise, with Miss Hilda Coward, Miss Hilda Wilson, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr D. Sutton Shepley (three copies).
12 May 1887: Haydn, The Creation, with Mrs Hutchinson, Mr Piercy and Mr D. Sutton Shepley (two copies).
29 February 1888: J. Varley Roberts, Jonah and Sullivan, The Golden Legend, with Mrs Hutchinson, Miss Damian, Mr Henry Piercy and Mr Watkin Mills (programme and programme with words, analytical notes and musical examples, both with lists of the orchestral ensemble).
15 November 1888, Corn Exchange: Handel, Messiah, with Mrs Hutchinson, Miss Price, Mr C. Banks and Mr A. F. Ferguson (two copies).
15 June 1891: Sullivan, The Golden Legend with Miss Clara Leighton, Miss Mary Tunnicliffe, Mr Hirwen Jones and Mr Watkin Mills (handbill and programme, the latter including a list of the orchestral ensemble and a seating plan).
9 March 1893: Madrigal Concert.
1 March 1894: Mendelssohn, St. Paul, with Miss Maggie Davies, Miss Dora Barnard, Mr Charles Chilley, Mr Norman Salmond, Mr E. Jackson and Mr Henry Sunman (three copies plus handbill).
18 June 1894: Commemoration Concert (two different handbills, including two copies of one with seating plan).
21 February 1895: Morning Concert, Handel, Messiah (handbill).
4 June 1895, New Examination Schools: Summer Concert of Glees and Madrigals, (handbill, two copies).
13 February 1896: Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise and Parry, St. Cecilia's Day, with Miss Agnes Nicholls, Mr James Leyland and Mr Edward Iles (handbill and programme).
5 March 1901: Sullivan, Martyr of Antioch, with Madame Ruby Shaw, Edith Nutter, Mr J. Reed and Rev. R. Spurrell (handbill).
6 March 1902 and 17 March 1904: Bach, Passion Music/Handel, Israel in Egypt, with the Bach Choir (with lists of the orchestral ensemble).
NB: In addition to these handbills and programmes this box includes printed documentation concerning the works being rehearsed.

5. Oxford Musical Society
11 January 1883, Town Hall: Handel, Messiah, with Miss Fraser Brunner, Miss Eliza Thomas, Mr A. L. Fryer and Mr Charles Bonell (vocal), conducted by Mr R. Horsley (with words).

6. Oxford Orchestral Association (1885-1930)
13 June 1885, Holywell Music Room: Open Night (with a list of orchestral ensemble).
Saturday 4 February [1888], Balliol College Hall: Open Performance (handbill, two copies).
16 February and 23 November 1889, 23 June 1890 and 16 May 1891, Sheldonian Theatre: Grand Orchestral Concerts, conducted by Mr C. H. Lloyd (with words and lists of the orchestral ensemble, with two copies from 1891).
20 March 1897, St. George's Hall, Y.M.C.A., George Street: Open Performance (handbill).
2 March 1939, Town Hall: Popular Concert with Sir Hugh Allen (piano), conducted by Guy Warrack (handbill).

7. Oxford Ladies' Musical Society (1894–1929)
19 May 1894, Sheldonian Theatre: English Ladies' Orchestral Society, conducted by Mr J. S. Liddle (with list of the orchestral ensemble).
25 November 1898, 25 October 1907, 5 June 1908, 3 December 1909 and 1 February 1929, [Gunfield]: handbills for concert nos. 9 (two copies), 114, 124, 141 (with separate worksheet) and 371.
14 March 1948 and 15 May 1949, Gunfield Music Room: (handbills).
27 April, 18 May and 1 and 22 June, Gunfield: nos. 578-81st (single handbill).

8. Oxford and Cambridge Music Club (1902-33)
18 December 1902; 15 January, 5 March, 30 July and 26 November 1903; 21 April, 24 November and 8 December 1904; 8 June and 26 October 1905; 29 March and 7 June 1906; 11 July 1907; 16 January 1908; 10 June and 14 October 1909; 17 March and 13 October 1910; 2 February, 20 July, 28 September and 21 December 1911; 11 January and 6 June 1912; 3 April and 8 and 22 May 1913; 10 October 1918; 8 May, 17 July and 7 August 1919; 19 February and 25 November 1920; 24 March, 30 June, 29 September, 27 October and 24 November 1921; 9 February, 28 September and 23 November 1922; 22 March and 22 November 1923; 10 and 24 January, 1 May, 10 July and 7 August 1924; 3 December 1925; 24 June and 8 July 1926; 17 November 1927; 3 December 1931; 31 March, 12 May and 4 August 1932; 19 January, 27 April, 20 July, 3 August and 2 November 1933: handbills for concert nos. 67, 69, 73, 84, 90, 100, 113, 114 (two copies), 127, 135, 146, 151, 178, 189, 223, 230, 241, 252, 260, 271 (two copies), 273, 280, 281, 291, 310, 313, 314, 430, 444, 449, 451 (two copies), 462, 479, 487, 494, 498 (two copies), 500, 502, 507, 521, 525 (two copies), 533, 548, 551, 552 559, 564, 566, 595 (two copies), 608, 609, 638, 730, 737, 740, 746 (two copies), 754, 761, 767, 768 and 772.

9. Oxford Vocal Society (1904 and 1908)
All performances were conducted by Henry B. Wilsdon, with the vocal soloists listed below.
1 December 1904, Town Hall: Sullivan, The Golden Legend and S. Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha, with Miss Gleeson-White, Miss Mabel M. Price, Mr Harold Wilde, Mr Charles Tree and Mr W. Weston (with list of the orchestral ensemble).
9 July 1908, Wadham College Gardens: with the Oxford Gleemen and Mrs T. H. Lewis and Mr Greeves Johnson (with words).
22 October 1908, Town Hall: Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha, with Ethel Lister, Mr Charles Child and Mr Greeves Johnson.

10. Oxford Free Church Choir Union (1905)
7 December, Town Hall: Stainer, The Daughter of Jairus and Mendelssohn, Hear My Prayer, with Madame Siviter, Mrs H. M. Turner, Mr C. M. Child and Mr Greeves Johnson (vocal), conducted by Mr A. F. Kerry (poster and programme with words).

11. Oxford Harmonic Society (1927)
24 February 1927, Town Hall: Orchestral and Choral Concert given with the New Queen's Hall Orchestra (conducted by Sir Henry Wood) with Herbert Heyner (vocal), conducted by Reginald Jacques, including the first performance of Thomas Wood, A Seaman's Overture (with words, notes and musical examples).

12. Miscellaneous
- Oxford University Musical Union
17 October 1900, 27 November 1901 and 29 April 1903: (handbills)
2 and 3 May 1905: Festival Meetings in commemoration of the close of the second decade of the Club's existence (single document).

- Cambridge University Musical Club:
10 March 1899 and 11 March 1901: nos. 212 and 253 (programmes with words)
24 May 1913, no. 512 (handbill, two copies).

- Miscellaneous concerts
Unless otherwise stated, documentation for these performances consists of handbills.
October 1891, New College Chapel:
Sunday 1 June [1930], Town Hall: Oxford Symphony Orchestra Second Concert, with Frederick Burton (vocal) and Millicent Silver (piano), conducted by Sir Richard Terry, David Evans and Crawford McNair.
26 October 1930, Town Hall: Oxford Symphony Orchestra Sunday Concert no. 1 (of 4), with Millicent Silver (piano), conducted by Crawford McNair, including the first Oxford performance of David Evans, Concerto for String Orchestra.
28 May 1968, St. Mary's Church, Northleigh [North Leigh]: North Berkshire Ensemble.
25 June 1968, University Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin: North Berkshire Ensemble.
2 April 1969, St. Leonard's Church, Watlington: Mendelssohn, Elijah given by the Watlington Choral Society, conducted by Kenneth Edge.
18 November 1977, Holywell Music Room: Aulos Ensemble for the Keble College Music Society, including the first performance of Robin Walker, Improvisations on Hopkins (programme with notes).
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1850 - 1877
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