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Sunday Afternoon Orchestral Concerts (1896-1906)
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A collection of analytical programmes for the 1896–97 series of Sunday Afternoon Orchestral Concerts and for the first nine seasons of the Sunday Afternoon Concerts, given at the Queen's Hall, Langham Place between 1898 and 1906, held as five bound volumes.

Unless otherwise stated below, these were concerts of predominantly nineteenth-century orchestral repertory. Each concert featured at least one soloist (see below) and included solo/concertante repertory accordingly. Much of the music is Austro-Germanic in origin but there is also a notable contribution from native composers, particular Elgar and A.C. Mackenzie.

All programmes incorporate wordbooks and historical and analytical notes. Up to the middle of the fourth season (1901-02), the notes were written by Edgar F. Jacques, whose name also appears on those for seasons 8 and 9, alongside F. Gilbert Webb. The notes for the intervening period are largely anonymous.

All programmes carry additional material relating to this series and to the Queen's Hall in general, such as information regarding the Sunday Concerts Society (eg. lists of the committee members and ‘Extracts from the Rules of the Society’) and advertisements, with programmes, for other performances given at the venue.

The performances in 1906 for which programmes are held were given by the London Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by F.B. Kibble and conducted by Alexander Mackenzie. Unless otherwise stated below, performances prior to that were given by the Queen’s Hall Orchestra, accompanied by Percy Pitt and conducted by Alberto Randegger (1896–97)/Henry Wood (1898–1904). Where no other indication is given, all concerts were led by Arthur W. Payne.

The solo performers are listed below. Where no other indication is given, the first performer listed is a vocalist.

Volume 1: Sunday Afternoon Orchestral Concerts October 1896–May 1897
The orchestra for these performances is actually unnamed but might be assumed to have been the Queen’s Hall Orchestra. Bound with the programmes for 21 and 28 February and 7 and 14 March 1897 is a prospectus (with preliminary programmes) for the Orchestral Festival Concerts given by Charles Lamoureux and his orchestra (led by Monsieur Lucien Capet) at the Queen’s Hall between 22 and 27 March 1897. The last of these prospectuses includes an extended review from The Times and smaller reports from other London newspapers on the 1896 season of performances given by this group.
11 October 1896: Miss Lucile Hill.
13 December 1896: Lucile Hill with Dr Otto Neitzel (piano).
24 January 1897: Maggie Davies with Percy Frostick (violin), including T.H. Frewin, Ballade for Orchestra, Mazeppa (conducted by the composer) (with Press Opinions).
31 January 1897: Schubert Centenary Commemoration Concert with Johannes Wolff (violin) and a select choir of ladies from the Royal Academy of Music, accompanied by F.A. Sewell.
14 February 1897: Wagner Commemoration Concert, given by Reginald Brophy with Arthur W. Payne (violin), including Beethoven, Symphony No.3.
21 February 1897: Miss Marie Elba with Miss Toni Tholfus (piano).
28 February 1897: William Ludwig with Ferdinand Weist-Hill (violin).
7 March 1897: Madame Marie Duma with Monsieur Emil Sauret (violin).
14 March 1897: Madame Belle Cole with Miss Adela Verne (piano).
28 March 1897: Madame Dews with Monsieur Hollman (cello).
4 April 1897: Senor Arbos (violin) and Mr W.H. Squire (cello), with H.W. Richards (organ).
11 April 1897: William Ludwig with Miss Katie Goodson (piano).
18 April 1897: Madame Belle Cole and Mr Louis Frolich (vocal).
25 April 1897: Percy Frostick (violin), including the first London performance of Edward Elgar, Imperial March op. 32.
2 May 1897: Mr Kennerley Rumford.
9 May 1897: Mr Louis Frolich with Arthur W. Payne (violin) and Albert Fransella (flute), including the first performance of Ernest Ford, Elegie for Violin and Orchestra.

Volume 2: Sunday Afternoon Concerts 1898–1900 (season nos.1-2)
From 5 March 1899, programmes for the first season are prefaced by a brief excerpt from The Telegraph which outlines the achievements of the Society. The concerts on 25 February and 4, 11 and 18 March 1900 all included recitations by Mrs Beerbohm Tree

18 September 1898: Mr Sims Reeves.
25 September 1898: Madame Kate Bensberg.
2 October 1898: Herbert Grover.
9 October 1898: Marian McKenzie with Johannes Wolff (violin).
16 October 1898: Miss Ellen Beach Yaw.
23 October 1898: Mr Owen Morgan with Mademoiselle Clotilde Kleeberg (piano).
30 October 1898: Miss Regina Sales with Mr W.H. Squire (cello).
6 November 1898: Miss Lillian Blauvelt with Monsieur Hollman (cello).
13 November 1898: Mr E.C. Hedmondt with Monsieur Gorski (violin).
20 November 1898: Miss Lillian Blauvelt.
4 December 1898: Robert Newman Testimonial Concert, featuring Mr Herbert Grover, with Arthur W. Payne (violin) and W.H. Squire (cello).
11 December 1898: Madame Kate Bensberg.
18 December 1898: Madame Belle Cole with Miss Adela Verne (piano).
25 December 1898: Mr Lloyd Chandos.
1 January 1899: Philip Brozel with W.H. Squire (cello), including the first English performance of Glazounoff, Symphony No.6, op.58.
8 January 1899: William Ludwig with Percy Frostick (violin).
15 January 1899: Mr Gregory Hast, including the first English performance of Rimsky Korsakov, Fantasia of Servian Themes, Op.6.
22 January 1899: Miss Maggie Davies with Mr H. Verbrugghen (violin).
29 January 1899: Madame Kate Bemberg with Mr W.H. Squire (cello).
5 February 1899: Mr G.A. Vanderbeeck.
12 February 1899: Mr Gregory Hast.
19 February 1899: Miss Maggie Davies with Mr Bertie Withers (cello).
26 February 1899: Madame Belle Cole with Mr W.H. Squire (vocal).
5 March 1899: Mr Gregory Hast (vocal) with Madame Schjelderup (piano), including a performance of Beethoven, Symphony No.9 (without the final movement).
12 March 1899: Mr Louis Frolich with Mr A.E. Ferir (violin).
19 March 1899: Madame Belle Cole with Mr Schelling (piano).
26 March 1899: Miss Helen A. Culver with Mons. De Greef (piano).
2 April 1899: Miss Marie Harrison with Mr H. Verbrugghen (violin).
9 April 1899: Philip Brozel with W.H. Squire (cello).
16 April 1899: Miss Kirby Lunn with Monsieur Gorski (cello).
23 April 1899: Philip Brozel.
30 April 1899: Mr Kirkby Lunn with Mr W.H. Squire (cello).
7 May 1899: Charles Knowles with Madame Von Stosch (violin).
14 May 1899: Gregory Hast.
21 May 1899: Mr Ellison van Hoose.
28 May 1899: Herr Emil Senger with W.H. Squire (cello)

15 October 1899: Paul Bazelaire (cello).
22 October 1899: Mr Ellison van Hoose with Mr W.H. Squire (cello).
29 October 1899: Madame Kate Cove with Paul Bazelaire (cello).
5 November 1899: Miss Lillian Blauvelt.
12 November 1899: Miss Kirkby Lunn.
19 November 1899: Madame Ella Russell with Herr Georg Liebling (piano), conducted by Arthur W. Payne.
26 November 1899: Madame Sobrino with W.H. Squire (cello).
3 December 1899: Madame Belle Cole.
10 December 1899: Mr Herbert Grover with Herr Georg Liebling (piano)
17 December 1899: Mr Ellison van Hoose.
24 December 1899: Gregory Hast.
31 December 1899: Mr Charles Knowles.
7 January 1900: Mademoiselle Clothilde Kleeberg (piano).
14 January 1900: Johannes Wolff (violin).
21 Jan 1900: Signorine Cerasoli (piano duet).
28 January 1900: Mr W.H. Squire (cello) and Herr Georg Liebling (piano).
4 February 1900: Miss Kirkby Lunn (with a single handwritten annotation, which would appear to be a tally of composers).
11 February 1900: Miss Lucy Clarke.
18 February 1900: Miss Lillian Blauvelt with Mr Ernest Schelling (piano).
25 February 1900: Herr Georg Liebling (piano).
4 March 1900: Fraulein Mimy Bussius (violin), including first English performance of Albeniz, Catalonia.
11 March 1900: W.H. Squire (cello) and Herr Georg Liebling (piano).
18 March 1900: Mr Louis Frolich.
25 March 1900: Mr Herbert Grover with Mr Arthur W. Payne (violin).
1 April 1900: Mr Denham Price with Johannes Wolff (violin).
8 April 1900: Miss Lucy Clarke.
15 April 1900: Mademoiselle Giulia Ravogli with Mr Alfred H. West (piano).
22 April 1900: Mr Montague Borwell.
29 April 1900: Signorine Cerasoli (piano duet).

Volume 3: Sunday Afternoon Concerts 1900–02 (season nos. 3-4)
The concerts on 18 November 1900 and 6 January 1901 were conducted by Arthur W. Payne and led by A.V. Belinski.
7 October 1900: Madame Kirkby Lunn.
14 October 1900: Madame Lilian Eldée.
21 October 1900: Senor Antonio Paoli with Miss Ida Bloch (piano).
28 October 1900: Miss Jessie Goldsack with Miss Adela Verne (piano).
4 November 1900: Miss Florence Schmidt with Monsieur Hollman (cello).
11 November 1900: Mr Edwin Webster.
18 November 1900: Mr W.A. Peterkin with Mademoiselle Jolivet (violin).
25 November 1900: Joseph O’Mara.
2 December 1900: Senor Paoli with Monsieur Hollman (cello).
9 December 1900: Madame Kirkby Lunn with Miss Adela Verne (piano).
16 December 1900: Mr Denham Price with Mademoiselle Tosta de Benici (piano).
23 December 1900: Madame Lilian Eldée with Mr W.H. Squire (cello).
30 December 1900: Miss Jessie Goldsack.
6 January 1901: Mr Charles Knowles with Mr W.H. Squire (cello).
13 January 1901: Madame Amy Sherwin.
20 January 1901: Mr Thomas Meux with W.H. Squire (cello), including the first London performance Eugen d’Albert, Violoncello Concerto in C major, op. 20.
3 February 1901: Memorial Concert for Queen Victoria, with Miss Hilda Wilson (with an introductory essay by Edgar F. Jacques entitled Musical Development during the Victorian Era).
10 February 1901: Madame Lilian Eldée with Mr Philip Lewis (violin) and Mr Purcell Jones (cello).
24 February 1901: Miss Florence Schmidt with Miss Muriel Elliot (piano).
3 March 1901: Mr Denham Price with Mademoiselle Mania Seguel (piano).
10 March 1901: Senor Paoli with Miss Adela Verne (piano).
17 March 1901: Mr Denham Price with Madame Kleeberg (piano).
24 March 1901: Mr W. H. Squire (cello).
31 March 1901: Madame Kirkby Lunn with Arthur W. Payne (violin) and Mr A.E. Ferir (viola)
7 April 1901: Signorine Cerasoli (piano duets)
14 April 1901: Madame Clothilde Kleeberg (piano) (with handwritten annotations). The annotations would seem to indicate timings of particular works, but don’t appear to fit the works against which they appear.
21 April 1901: Madame Kirkby Lunn with Mr Clyde Twelvetrees (cello).

29 September 1901: William Ludwig.
6 October 1901: Florence Schmidt.
13 October 1901: Jessie Goldsack.
20 October 1901: Mr Lloyd Chandos.
27 October 1901: Madame Kirkby Lunn with Madame von Stosch (violin).
3 November 1901: Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (with a handwritten address on the front cover).
10 November 1901: Herr Wilhelm Backhaus (piano) (with handwritten annotation suggesting that the notes for this programme were provided by ‘P.P’ [Percy Pitt]).
17 November 1901: Monsieur Mercier.
24 November 1901: Jessie Goldsack.
8 December 1901: Madame Kirkby Lunn.
15 December 1901: Miss Isabel Jay with Miss Anna Hegner (violin).
22 December 1901: Madame Von Stosch (violin).
29 December 1901: Miss Jessie Goldsack.
5 January 1902: Miss Adela Verne (piano).
12 January 1902: Mr Ffrangcon-Davies.
19 January 1902: Madame Amy Sherwin.
26 January 1902: Mr Denham Price.
2 February 1902: Madame Kirkby Lunn with Mr Lewis Waller (recitation).
9 February: Monsieur J. Mossel (cello)
16 February: Madame Kirkby Lunn (vocal) and Mr Lewis Waller (recitation)
23 February: Miss Alice Nielsen (vocal)
2 March: Arthur W. Payne (violin)
9 March: Marie Heritesova (violin)
16 March: Miss Alice Nielsen (vocal)
23 March: Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal)
30 March: Miss Jessie Goldsack (vocal)
6 April: Miss Florence Schmidt (vocal). This document includes a prospectus (with programmes) for the London Musical Festival, to be held at the Queen’s Hall from 28 April-3 May 1902.

Volume 4: Sunday Afternoon Concerts 1902–04 (season nos.5-6)
Henry Wood was unavoidably absence for the concerts given on 19 and 26 October and 2, 9, 23 and 30 November 1902. These performances were led by T.H. Morrison and conducted by Arthur W. Payne. The concert on 16 November was led by Morrison and conducted by Emil Paur. The concerts on 11, 18 and 25 January and 1 February were accompanied by F.B. Kiddle.
12 October 1902: Madame Sobrino.
19 October 1902: Miss Adela Verne.
26 October 1902: Miss Agnes Nicholls, Miss Edna Thornton, Mr Lloyd Chandos and Mr Ffrangcon-Davies and the Queen’s Hall Choral Society, with additional conductors Drs F. H. Cowen and Edward Elgar. This was a special concert given to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII (9 August 1902). It featured much of the music performed at the coronation, plus the first London performance of Elgar, Coronation Ode.
2 November 1902: Muriel Foster.
9 November 1902: Miss Agnes Nicholls, Miss Edna Thornton, Mr Lloyd Chandos and Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal) with Miss Maud Powell (violin) and the Queen’s Hall Choral Society. This was a concert given to mark the birthday of King Edward VII and including Saint-Saens, Coronation March, op.117 (written and performed at Edward’s coronation) and Elgar, Coronation Ode, Op. 44, conducted by the composer.
16 November 1902: Mr John Coates.
23 November 1902: Miss Fanny Davies (piano).
30 November 1902: Madame Emily Squire.
7 December 1902: Herr Zimmermann (violin).
14 December 1902: Philip Brozel.
21 December 1902: David Clegg (organ).
28 December 1902: Miss Alice Lakin.
4 January 1903: Mr W.H. Squire (cello).
11 January 1903: Mr H. Lane Wilson.
18 January 1903: Miss Katharine Goodson (piano).
25 January 1903: Miss Edith Kirkwood with Henri Verbrugghen (violin).
1 February 1903: [no soloist].
8 February 1903: Mr J. Campbell McInnes.
15 February 1903: Madame Rose Olitzka (cello) and Mr Bertie Withers (cello).
22 February 1903: Mr Lawrence Rea.
1 March 1903: Miss Evelyn Suart (piano), including a performance of Chopin, Piano Concerto in E minor, given to mark the anniversary of the composer’s birthday. A handwritten annotation appears next to this piece which would seem to indicate the timing for its performance. This reads 3’57, which would appear to refer to the time at which the piece was begun (the concert started at 3.30pm) rather than its duration.
8 March 1903: Robert Grier.
15 March 1903: Miss Irene Penso (violin).
22 March 1903: Mr Denham Price.
29 March 1903: Miss Margaret Wild (piano).
5 April 1903: Miss Edith Kirkwood.

13 December 1903: Miss Winifred Ludlam (with a historical account of the Sunday Afternoon Concerts to date). Bound with this programme is a two-part prospectus, with programmes, for the complete set of 26 Sunday Afternoon Concerts, given between 4 October 1903 and 27 March 1904.

Volume 5: Sunday Afternoon Concerts 1906 (season nos. 8 and 9)
14 January 1906: Gregory Hast. This document includes advertisements, with programmes, for forthcoming concerts in the same series, held on 21 and 28 January and 4, 11, 18 and 25 February 1906. These were given variously by the London Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Mackenzie and C. V. Stanford) and by the Queen’s Hall Orchestra (conducted by Wood).
4 November 1906: Miss Ida Kahn (with biographical notes on Mendelssohn, including a photograph, by Frederick Corder. Held with item is a prospectus (with programmes) for the ninth season, which indicated that the concerts ran from 30 September 1906 to 24 March 1907 and were given by the London Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Stanford and Mackenzie) and the Queen’s Hall Orchestra (conducted by Henry Wood).
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