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Collection Description

Collection Title
Society of Women Musicians: Box 2 (1921-72)
Unique Identifier
Box 177
A collection of handbills and programmes for performances given under the auspices of the Society of Women Musicians at various venues in London – principally 74 Grosvenor Street (1921–48) and the Arts Council of Great Britain, 4 St. James's Square (1950–71) – between 1921 and 1972, held as one of a number of folders/bound volumes within the second of four boxes of material relating to this Society.

In addition to the programmes contained in the main sequence – listed below by venue – this box includes the following items containing concert programmes.

- Bound volume
25 and 26 June 1954: In Memoriam Marion Scott, including programmes for a performance of Haydn, String Quartet op.54, no. 2 given by the Aeolian String Quartet (Sydney Humphries, Trevor Williams, Watson Forbes and John Moore) and a Concert of Members' Works (with a number of essays on Scott and her contribution to music).

- Unlabelled folder
Saturday 28 March [no year], Wigmore Hall: Concert by Members, featuring Joy McArden (soprano), Eda Kersey (violin) and Kathleen Long (piano), accompanied by Ella Ivimey (handbill).

- Letter Wallet
3 November [no year], Novello Hall, 160 Wardour Street: Concert of Works by Women Composers (Invitation Card with outline programme only).
7 July 1971, Queen Elizabeth Hall: Souvenir programme for the Diamond Jubilee Concert given in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra. This was a two-part concert of chamber music, including the first performances of Ivor Walsworth, Sea Sonnet and Margaret Lucy Wilkins, The Silver Casket (winner of the Cappiani Competition for Women Composers) (Souvenir Programme with notes on the Society, historical and descriptive programme notes and words).

The box also includes printed and handwritten correspondence and miscellaneous other documentation relating to performances and events given by the Society, including material relating to the inaugural meeting.

Concert Programmes
Unless otherwise stated below, these were concerts of vocal and instrumental music for solo and small ensemble. From 28 March 1966, the majority of the programmes included biographical notes on the performers.

- 109 Lancaster Gate
25 June 1954: Tributes to Marion Scott, including a performance of Haydn, Quartet Op. 54, no. 2, given by the Aeolian String Quartet (Sydney Humphries, Watson Forbes, Trevor Williams and John Moore).
26 June 1954: Concert of Members' Works in memory of Marion Scott (2 copies).
26 January 1957: Thea King (clarinet), Margit Hegedus (violin) and Howard Ferguson and Carole Jensen (piano).
10 May 1958: Carter String Trio (Mary Carter, Anatole Mines and Eileen McCarthy) with Gwendolen Mason (harp).
31 January 1959: New English Consort.
30 January 1960: An Introduction to Electronic Composition, illustrated lecture by Daphne Oram.
28 January 1961: Mary Rowland (vocal), Marylin Wailes (recorder) and Ruth Dyson (harpsichord).
27 January 1962: Mary Nemet (violin), Ursula Hess (cello), Gwendolen Mason (harp) and Irene Clements (alto).
30 October 1963: Music for a Mood, presented by Victoria Kingsley.
13 November 1965: Esterhazy Trio of Brenda Cullity (violin), Ruth David (viola) and Daphne Webb (cello).

- 133 Queen's Gate
18 June 1912: including the first performance of Morton Stephenson, Sonata No. 3 in A major, given by Fraulein Adila von Aranyi (violin) and Hortense von Aranyi (piano). Also, Miss Mary Congreve (vocal), Miss Kathleen Bruckshaw (piano), Miss May Mukle (cello), Miss Jessie Grimson (violin), Miss Olive Bell (viola), Miss Maude Melliar (oboe) and Mr Arthur Jones (harp).

- 27 Queen's Gate Gardens
28 January 1914: Mr Ernest Groom and Miss Lillie Chipp (vocal) with Mrs Norman O’Neill (piano), including Bluebell Klean, Quintet in C minor (given by Miss Miran Lucas, Miss Patience Lucas, Miss Helen Gough and Miss Maud Lucas with the composer at the piano) and Craig S. Lang, Quintet in D minor (two movements), given by Miss Florence Pertz (piano) and Miss Evelyn Hunter, Mr Adolphe Goossens, Miss Olive Dean and Miss Stella Fife.

- 29 Exhibition Road, British Institute of Recorded Sound
13 November 1968: Carter String Trio (Mary Carter, Anatole Mines and Eileen McCarthy), Sara Barrington (oboe) and Valerie Pardon (piano).
22 January 1969: English String Quartet (Nona Liddell, Marilyn Taylor, Marjorie Lempfert and Helen Just) with Daphne Ibbott (piano) and Eiko Nakamura (mezzo), accompanied by Stephen Savage.
28 February 1969: Antonia Butler (cello), Angela Fussell (clarinet) and Angus Morrison and Vivian Troon (piano).
28 March 1969: Janet Edmund (alto, accompanied by Alexander Kelly), Margaret Hayes (violin) and Joyce Riddell (piano).

- 71 Priory Road
25 November 1954: Works for Two Pianos, given by Kathleen Cooper and Dorothea Vincent.

- 74 Grosvenor Street
15 January 1921: London Trio, with Gladys Moger (vocal) and Violet Clark (violin).
15 October 1921: Concert of Works of Sir Hubert Parry, given by Dr Emily Daymond (piano) and Helen Egerton (violin) with Miss Gladys Moger and Mr John Huntington (vocal) and Miss Gena Milne (cello).
20 March 1925: Reception in honour of the Philharmonic Society, including music given by Mademoiselle Jeanne Jouve (vocal) and Miss Fanny Davies (piano) (2 copies).
22 May 1929: Hungarian Music, given by Paul Hermann (piano) and Irene de Marik (vocal), accompanied by Katharine Eggar and Geza Frid.
11 July 1931: Kendall String Quartet (Katharine Kendall, Dorothy Jones, Dorothy Brooks and Edith Hanson) with Dorothy Erhart (piano) and Eleanor Marshall and Dorothea Webb (vocal).
19 March 1932: Haydn Bi-Centenary Commemoration, arranged by Marion Scott and including a number of works which ('as far as is known') were receiving their first performance in England (with extensive biographical information).
9 July 1932: Twenty-First Anniversary/Programme of Works by Members, given by Charles Souper (flute), Dorothy Jones (viola) and Olive Byrne (piano), Antonia Butler (cello), Veronica Mansfield and Phyllis James (vocal) and the Rowena Franklin String Quartet (Rowena Franklin, Rhoda Backhouse, Kean Le Fèvre and Edith Lake).
7 April 1933: Dorothea Webb and Soffi Schönning (vocal) and Lucy Scollick (piano).
13 July 1935: Programme of New Works by Members.
10 July 1937: Cobbett Memorial Concert, consisting of the Cobbett Prize Works, given by the Bessie Rawlins String Quartet (Bessie Rawlins, Dorothy Jones, Dorothea Christison and Valentine Orde) with Sybil Eaton (violin) and Madeline Wallace (piano) and a string orchestra conducted by Dorothy Erhart.
27 January 1940: Rowena Franklin String Quartet (Rowena Franklin, Winifred Copperwheat, Dorothy Everitt and Edith Lake) with Mollie Sands (vocal) and Moura Lympany (piano).
10 February 1940: Eda Kersey (violin) and Eileen Ralph (piano) with Margaret Bissett (vocal).
2 March 1940: Kathleen Tierney (violin) and Jean Gilbert (piano) with Janet Smith-Miller and Fredericka Hartnell (vocal), accompanied by Helen Smith.
9 March 1940: Edith Lake (cello) and Dorothea Vincent (piano) with Cecile Lanyon and Mary Field (vocal), accompanied by Ethel Attwood.
4 May 1940: Susan Davies (violin) and Gwendoline Browne (piano) with Edith Mills and Meriel St Clair (vocal) and Margaret Maddison (piano).
15 May 1940: Kamaran Trio (Kathleen Markwell, Marjorie Hayward and Antonia Butler) with Jean Mackie (piano) and Rose Morse (vocal), accompanied by Ella Ivimey.
19 June 1941: Audrey Strange (vocal) and Margaret Maddison (piano) with the Seymour Whinyates Quartet (Seymour Whityates, Veronica Gotch, Dorothy Everitt and Helen Just).
6 March 1948: Anne Ross, Hope Hambourg and Veronica Hatten.

- 92 Westbourne Terrace
19 November 1912: Signor Giuseppe Ceci, Miss Florence Macnaughton, Madame Ethel Dyer, Miss Lucie Johnstone, Madame Alexia Bassian and Mr Edgar Archer. Also, two movement of Adela Hamaton, Piano Quartet (given by the composer with Miss Sidney Bostock, Mrs Ernest Thring and Miss Stella Fife) and Agnes H. Lambert, Sonata in A major, given by Miss Nora Clench (violin), accompanied by the composer.

- Aeolian Hall
30 June 1914: Concert in honour of the visit of the President, [Cecile] Chaminade, given by Madame Ada Crossley, Madame Alma Haas, Miss Beatrice Langley, Miss May Mukle and Mr Ernest Groom (with words). This document begins with a short statement concerning the Society (with lists of Officers and Council members) and carries an insert documenting Chaminade’s enforced withdrawal (replaced by Madame Alma Haas).

- Arts Council of Great Britain, 4 St. James's Square (1951-
19 May 1951: Marjorie Howard String Quartet (Marjorie Hayward, Dorothy Everitt, Anatole Mines and May Muckle) with Bryan Gipps, Mollie Harms and Marie-Luise Amberg (violin), Sarah Greville (soprano), Betty Mills (flute) and Elizabeth Buckingham (piano).
13 October 1951: Astra Desmond (alto) and Joan Davies (piano), accompanied by Grace Shearer.
17 November 1951: Louise Nelson (soprano), Helen Just (cello) and Elizabeth Buckingham (piano), accompanied by Margaret Norman.
8 December 1951: Elise Steele (violin) with Janetta McStay (piano) and Lesley Wood (alto), accompanied by Ethel Cook.
7 February 1952: Judy Hill Trio (Judy Hill, Olga Hegedus and Angela Dale) with Adrienne Cole (soprano), accompanied by Elsie Spooner.
1 March 1952: Marie Dare (cello) and Arvon Davies (piano) with Maria Piccaver (soprano) and Mary Ryan (flute)
18 March 1952: Eileen Ralf (piano) with Sylvia Cleaver (violin) and Helen Cleaver (piano).
3 April 1952: Alicia Carr and Anne Alderson (vocal), with Mary Keel (oboe) and Fiona Greig and Mary Valentine (piano), accompanied by Jean Millar and Phyllis Norbrook.
10 May 1952: London Harpsichord Ensemble with Grace Rose-Innes (vocal)
29 May 192: Eiluned Davies (piano) and Louise Marshall (mezzo-soprano) accompanied by Ethel Cook.
9 October 1952: London Trio (Bessie Rawlins, Helen Just and Eric Gritton) with Adelina de Lara (piano) and Janet Fraser (alto), accompanied by Norman Fraser.
1 November 1952: Ruth Gipps (piano), Patricia Lovell (violin) with Joan Lovell (piano) and Una Fairfield (alto), accompanied by Margaret Norman
15 November [1952]: Elizabeth Buckingham (piano) with Priscilla Childs (soprano) accompanied by Valda Plucknett.
11 December 1952: Jean Millar and Ann Steel (piano) and Gwyneth George (cello) with Tatiana Preston (vocal), accompanied by Elizabeth Parker.
17 January 1953: Irene Kohler (piano), Eleanor Warren (cello) and Walter Susskind (piano) with Sophie Wyss (soprano), accompanied by Josephine John.
7 February 1953: Anthea Bowring (piano), Marylin Wailes (recorder) and Dorothy Erhart (harpsichord), with Martia Rawnsley (soprano), accompanied by Flora Kent.
12 February 1953: Marie-Madeleine Tschachtli (violin). Held with this programme are a number of letters relating to the organization of the performance.
5 March 1953: Carys Dyer (alto) and Mary Jones (soprano) with Gillian Whittington (piano), accompanied by Joan Coombes.
26 March 1953: Elizabeth Thomas (piano), Patricia Lupton (clarinet) and Marjorie Edes (cello) with Margaret Bissett (alto), accompanied by Paulette Oyez.
30 April 1953: Marie Wilson (violin) and Liza Fuchsova (piano) with Joyce Newton (alto), accompanied by Grace Shearer.
28 May 1953: concert in honour of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, given by the Tudor Singers (conducted by Harry Stubbs), Harriet Cohen, Jennifer Vyvyan, Florence Hooton, Katharine Lovell and Josephine Lee (programme with words).
17 September 1953: Concert in memory of the late Lady Harcourt, given by Yehudi Menuhin and Louis Kentner
20 October 1953: Lecture with illustrations by Frank Merrick
14 November 1953: Macgibbon String Quartet (Margot Macgibbon, Lorraine du Val, Jean Stewart and Lilly Phillips), with Maria Piccaver (soprano), accompanied by Grace Shearer.
12 December 1953: Lydian Singers, directed by Alethia Jones, with Patricia Flory (piano)
29 January 1954: Robert Masters Pianoforte Quartet (Robert Masters, Nannie Jamieson, Muriel Taylor and R. Kinloch Anderson).
27 February 1954: Mary Whittington (soprano), Margaret Major (viola) and Doreen Harvey (alto), accompanied by Phyllis Spurr.
16 March 1954: Evelyn Rothwell (oboe) and Arda Mandikian (soprano), accompanied by Josephine Lee.
8 April: Helga Mott (soprano), Joan Spencer (violin), accompanied by Enid Brook and Hebe Gibbs. Also, Jean Hamilton (piano)
7 May 1954: Phyllis Sellick (piano) and Norma Procter (alto), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott.
19 May 1954: Sela Trau (cello) and Arvon Davies (piano) with the Dubois Trio (Marian Attwood, Noreen Mason and Joyce Hedges)
7 October 1954: Kathleen Long (piano) with Audrey Strange (soprano) and Joan Spencer (violin), accompanied Flora Kent. This programme includes a brief note on Schumann, Frauenliebe und Leben.
29 October 1954: A Talk by Ivor James on Beethoven, String Quartet op. 131, illustrated by the Menges Quartet (Isolde Menges, Lorraine du Val, Jean Stewart and Ivor James)
13 November 1954: Megan Foster (soprano), Cecelia Keating (violin) and Sheila Randell (piano), accompanied by Fiona Cameron.
11 December 1954: Christmas Party.
29 January 1955: Maggie Teyte (soprano), accompanied by Phyllis Spurr.
26 February 1955: Patricia Lissack (clarinet), Elizabeth Ritchie (piano) and Gladys Lewis (soprano), Clare Costelloe (piano) and Margaret Moncrieff (cello), accompanied by Phyllis Norbrook.
15 March 1955: Julius Isserlis (piano)
1 April 1955: Helen Anderson (soprano) and Hilda Bor (piano), accompanied by Joan Coombes, with Antonia Butler (cello) and Norman Greenwood (piano).
6 May 1955: Neaman Trio (Yfrah Neaman, Eleanor Warren and Lamar Crowson) and Adrienne Cole (soprano), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott.
10 June 1955: Julius Isserlis (piano)
2 July 1955: Eiluned Davies (piano), Helen Just (cello), Winifred Copperwheat (viola), Joan Taylor (soprano), Marie Wilson (violin) and Liza Fuchsova (piano), accompanied by Dorothy Marshall.
4 October 1955: Richards Piano Quartet with Janet Fraser (alto), accompanied by Marjorie Wardle
25 October 1955: Marjorie Lempfert (viola), Iris Dyer (piano) and Mary Rowland (soprano).
9 December 1955: Audrey Strange, Margaret Bissett, Doris Clifton and Doreen Harvey, accompanied by Josephine Lee
25 January 1956: English String Quartet (Ruth Pearl, Lesley White, Marjorie Lempfert and Helen Just) with Nancy Evans (alto).
14 February 1956: Kantrovitch Trio (Vera Kantrovitch, Lilly Phillips and Hilda Bor)
3 March 1956: Dorothea Vincent (piano), Stephen Waters (clarinet) and William Pleeth (cello)
21 March 1956: Flora Nielsen (soprano), accompanied by Josephine Lee with Dorothea Aspinall (piano)
26 May 1956: Marjorie Few (piano), Gwendolen Mason (harp) and Gladys Palmer (alto), accompanied by Cicely Hoye.
27 June 1956: programme for a concert by Eileen Joyce, Jennifer Vyvyan, Florence Hooton and Daphne Ibbott.
12 October 1956: Aeolian String Quartet (Sydney Humphreys, Trevor Williams, Watson Forbes and Derek Simpson) with Helga Mott (soprano), accompanied by Enid Brook and Joan and Valerie Trimble (piano)
15 December 1956: Christmas Party with Audrey Strange, Margaret Bissett, Doris Clifton and Janet Edmunds.
27 February 1957: Irene Kohler (piano) with Felix Kok (violin), accompanied by Ann Steel and Pamela Woolmore (soprano), accompanied by Phyllis Spurr.
27 March 1957: Bedana Chertkow (piano), Diana Cowan (soprano) and Gillian Steel (cello), accompanied by Dorothy Marshall and Sylvia Holford.
15 April 1957: Jan Smeterlin (piano).
15 May 1957: The Life of Kathleen Ferrier, by Winifred Ferrier
29 May 1957: Helen Just (cello), Helen Perkin (piano) and Audrey Strange (soprano), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott.
19 June 1957: Schumann Recital by Flore Nielsen (mezzo-soprano) and Kathleen Long (piano
10 July 1957: Harriet Cohen (piano) and Maria Korchinska (harp) with Sophie Wyss (soprano), accompanied by Josephine John.
4 October 1957: Programme of works by Cecile Chaminade … in celebration of the centenary of her birth. Adrienne Cole (soprano), accompanied by Hebe Gibbs, Liza Fuchsova (piano) and the Kantrovitch Trio (Vera Kantrovitch, Lilly Phillips and Hilda Bor).
23 October 1957: Ilona Kabos (piano) and Kathleen Joyce (alto), accompanied by Mabel Lovering.
31 January 1958: Robert Masters Piano Quartet with Joan Taylor (soprano), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott.
19 February 1958: Nancy Thomas (alto) and Esther Fisher (piano), accompanied by Phyllis Spurr.
10 March 1958: Antonia Butler (cello) and Thea King (clarinet) with Norman Greenwood (piano)
28 March 1958: Mercedes Olivera (piano), Nancy Evans (alto) and Howard Ferguson (piano)
28 April 1958: Joan Davi[e]s (piano)
30 May 1958: Cyril Smith and Phyllis Sellick (piano) and Janet Fraser (alto), accompanied by Dorothy Marshall.
11 June 1958: Portia Wind Ensemble, directed by James Verity, with Mar Rowland (vocal)
2 July 1958: Gillian Sansom (violin), Elizabeth Powell (piano with Maureen Lehane (mezzo-contralto), accompanied by Fiona Cameron.
10 October 1958: Jennifer Vyvyan (soprano) and York Bowen (piano), accompanied by Phyllis Spurr.
29 October 1958: Centenary Concert in memory of Ethel Smyth. English String Quartet (Nona Liddell, Lesley White, Marjorie Lempfert and Helen Just) with Reginald Gibbs (baritone), Gwendolen Mason (harp), Patricia Lynden (flute), Daphne Ibbott (piano) and Mary Mollison (timpani).
22 November 1958: Liza Fuchsova (piano) and Winifred Roberts (violin) with Daphne Ibbott (piano)
18 February 1959: Leon Goossens (oboe) and Mabel Lovering (piano)
4 March 1959: Jean Norris (piano), Jean Stewart (viola), Flora Nielsen (mezzo-soprano) and Josephine Lee (piano)
23 March 1959: Arda Mandikian (soprano), Gwyneth George (cello) and Hebe Gibbs and Maurice Cole (piano)
22 April 1959: Pamela Woolmore (soprano), Vera Kantrovitch (violin), Thea King (clarinet) and Celia Arieli (piano), accompanied by Phyllis Spurr.
11 May 1959: Anotnia Butler, Marie Dare, Helen Just and Eleanor Warren (cello) with Elizabeth Doherty (soprano), accompanied by Arvon Davies.
7 October 1959: Isobel Baillie (soprano), Tessa Robbins (violin) and Mary Valentine (piano), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott and Wainwright Morgan.
28 October 1959: Esther Fisher (piano), Kathleen Kay (alto) and Grace Shearer (piano) with Penelope Lynex (cello) and Fiona Cameron (piano)
21 November 1959: Felix Kok (violin), Ann Steel (piano) and Doreen Harvey (alto), accompanied by Felicity Young.
18 December 1959: Pamela Woolmore and Andrew Gold, accompanied by Phyllis Norbrook. This concert also included the first appearance of the Society of Women Musicians Choir, conducted by Ruth Gipps.
26 February 1960: Margaret Ritchie (soprano) and Maria Korchinska (harp) with Malcolm Binns (piano)
23 March 1960: Dorothea Aspinall (piano) and Victoria Kingsley (folk songs)
4 April 1960: Richards Piano Quartet (Irene Richards, Jean Stewart, Bernard Richards and Terence Beckles)
4 May 1960: Arriaga String Quartet (Penelope Howard, Peter Turton, Joan Bucknall and Harald Strub) with Thea King (clarinet)
27 May 1960: Ena Mitchell (soprano) and Ifor James (horn), accompanied by Phyllis Spurr.
8 June 1960: Antonia Butler (cello) with Norman Greenwood (piano) and the S.W.M. Choir, conducted by Ruth Gipps.
4 July 1960: June Clark and Joan Ryall (piano) with Jennifer Ward Clarke (cello) and Felicity Young (piano).
7 October 1960: Portia Wind Ensemble, conducted by James Verity, with Anna Myers (piano)
28 October 1960: Carter String Trio (Mary Carter, Anatole Mines and Eileen McCarthy) with Reginald Gibbs (baritone) and Hebe Gibbs (piano). Also, a single document containing the programme for this concert and for the performance on 30 November 1960 (Chopin Anniversary Concert, with Liza Fuchsova (piano) and Eleanor Warren (cello) with Paul Hamburger (piano)).
20 February 1961: Eileen Croxford (cello), David Parkhouse (piano) and Margaret Bissett (vocal) with Harry Stubbs (piano)
8 March 1961: Richards Piano Quartet (Irene Richards, Jean Stewart, Bernard Richards and Terence Beckles) with Janet Fraser (alto), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott.
22 March 1961: Dubois Trio of Noreen Mason (flute), Marian Attwood (oboe) and Joyce Hedges (piano) with Dorothea Vincent (piano).
14 June 1961: Special Ivimey Concert with Anne Griffin (soprano), Betty Mills (flute), Jennifer Ward-Clarke (cello), and Elizabeth Powell and Fiona Cameron (piano), accompanied by Dorothy Marshall. Also, Margaret Hubicki (composer-pianist).
29 November 1961: Arda Mandikian (soprano) with Daphne Ibbott (piano) and Penelope Howard (violin) with Harold Lester (piano)
12 February 1962: Carter String Trio (Mary Carter, Anatole Mines and Eileen McCarthy) with Irene Kohler (piano)
2 March 1962: Hilary Du Pre (flute), Iris Du Pre (piano), Maureen Lehane (alto) and Anna Myers (piano), accompanied by Dorothy Marshall.
21 March 1962: English String Quartet (Nona Liddell, Eleanor St. George, Marjorie Lempfert and Helen Just), with Rita McKerrow (soprano), accompanied by Mabel Lovering.
4 April 1962: Douglas Cameron String Orchestra, conducted by Cameron
4 May 1962: Ursula Snow and Wendy Nash and Ruth Harte (piano), with Pamela Woolmore (soprano), accompanied by Hebe Gibbs.
4 June 1962: Ruth Gipps (piano) and Bryan Gipps (violin) with Eileen Broster (piano)
22 June 1962: Kathleen Kay (alto), Angela Fussell (clarinet) and Margaret Taylor (piano), accompanied by Grace Shearer.
4 July 1962: Delius Centenary Programme, introduced by Mollie Sands and featuring Tessa Robbins (viola) Antonia Butler (cello) and Norman Greenwood and Robin Wood (piano), with Janet O’Shea (soprano), accompanied by Josephine Lee.
31 October 1962: The Interrupted Serenade, being Audrey Strange (soprano), Anatole Mines (viola), Wilfred Smith (flute) and Daphne Ibbott (piano).
21 November 1962: Claude Debussy, given by Patricia Lynden (flute), Marjorie Lempfert (viola), Maria Korchinska (harp), Elizabeth Powell (piano) and Hazel Schmid (soprano), accompanied by Grace Shearer.
20 February 1963: Music by John Dowland and Herbert Howell. Ruth Dyson (spinet), Angela Hickey (soprano), David Channon (lute), Betsy Dean (clarinet) and Wendy Nash (piano), accompanied by Phillis Norbrook.
27 March 1963: Irene Kohler (piano) and Penelope Lynex (cello) with Peter Croser (piano)
21 May 1963: Gerald English (tenor) and John Williams (guitar)
17 June 1963: Gabriel Hay (oboe), Kathleen Joyce (alto) and Felicity Young (piano), accompanied by Josephine Lee.
3 July 1963: Arriaga String Quartet (Penelope Howard, Peter Turton, Joan Bucknall and Harald Strub) with Ruth Allsebrook (soprano)
8 November 1963: Marion Scott Prince 1963 (Pianists). Final Adjudication by Myers Foggin.
20 November 1963: New String Trio (Mary Nemet, Christopher Wellington and Regina Schein) with Thelma Godfrey (soprano), accompanied by Rex Stephens.
24 February 1964: London String Quartet (Carl Pini, John Tunnell, Keith Cummings and Douglas Cameron) with Joan and Valerie Trimble (piano duet).
18 March 1964: Barbara Elsy (soprano), Cecily Haussmann (flute) and Malcolm Williamson and Brenda Hargreaves (piano), accompanied by Barbara Hill.
25 May 1964: Programme in Praise of Shakespeare with Benjamin Luxon (baritone), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott and Delia Woolford (alto), accompanied by John Wilkinson.
12 June [1964]: Rameau-Strauss Programme with Dorothy Erhart (harpsichord), Janet Edmunds (mezzo soprano), accompanied by Josephine Lee, Maria Lidka and Mary Nemet (violins), Jean Stewart and Ruth David (viola) and Jennifer Ward Clarke and Antonia Butler (cello).
8 July [1964]: Gillian Sansom (violin) and Fiona Cameron and Malcolm Binns (piano).
20 November 1964: Jeanette Hill (soprano) and Pamela Loveys (piano), accompanied by Rosemary Brown.
22 February 1965: Helen Watts (alto), Sharon McKinley (cello) and Angela Chidell (piano), accompanied by John Streets.
26 March 1965: Noreen Mason (flute) and Daphne Ibbott and Rosemary Marston (piano).
28 April 1965: Janet Craxton (oboe), Anne Griffin (soprano), Alan Richardson (piano), accompanied by Dorothy Marshall.
14 May 1965: Maria Lidka (violin), Antonia Butler (cello) and Dorothea Aspinall (piano).
11 October 1965: Sibelius Centenary Recital by Dilys Orpen (mezzo-soprano), accompanied by Anna Berenska.
26 January 1966: Liza Fuchsova (piano) with Delia Woolford, accompanied by John Wilkinson.
28 March 1966: Dorothea Vincent (piano) with Pamela Woolf (clarinet) and David Carhart (piano).
4 May 1966: Ladies at the Virginals, with Ruth Dyson (harpsichord).
13 June 1966: Joan Davies (piano) with Mary Nemet (violin) and Susan Bradshaw (piano).
1 July 1966: Jennifer Vyvyan (soprano), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott, with the Benedetti Trio.
14 November 1966: Irene Kohler and Hilary MacNamara (piano) and Joanna Milholland (cello).
20 January 1967: Evelyn Rothwell (oboe) and Iris Loveridge and Mary Harrison (piano).
20 February 1967: Joan Spencer (violin), Roger Duce (piano), Rachel Herbert (clarinet) and Marian Hirst (piano).
20 March 1967: Joan and Valerie Trimble (piano duets) with Pamela Lewis (mezzo soprano), accompanied by Martin Penny.
22 May 1967: The Schumann Story presented by Joseph Cooper. A dramatic narrative of Robert Schumann’s life with excerpts of his music, written and devised by J. Douglas Henry.
19 June 1967: Arriaga String Quartet (Penelope Howard, Peter Turton, Joan Bucknall and Harald [sic] Strub), Janet Eggleden (clarinet) and Rosemary Brown (piano).
12 July 1967. Programme for a concert with Maureen Lehane (alto), accompanied by Alexander King and Penelope Lynex (cello) and Elizabeth Thomas (piano).
23 October 1967: Thea King (clarinet) and Celia Arieli (piano).
17 November 1967: Nemet String Trio (Mary Nemet, Christopher Wellington and Olga Hegedus) with Oriel Sutherland (alto), accompanied by Clifford Lee.
19 January 1968: Antonia Butler (cello) and Angus Morrison and Hilary MacNamara (piano).
16 February 1968: Maria Korchinska (harp), Noreen Mason (flute), Ruth Fourmy (violin) and Elizabeth Watson (viola).
15 May 1968: Richards Piano Quartet of Nona Liddell (violin), Jean Stewart (viola), Bernard Richards (cello) and Bernard Roberts (piano) and Anne Smith (piano).
21 June 1968: Ruth Dyson (harpsichord) and Oriel Sutherland (alto), accompanied by Clifford Lee.
3 July 1968: Elisabeth Dean (clarinet) and Dorothea Aspinall (piano).
22 May 1969: Gala Concert with Phyllis Sellick and Cyril Smith (piano) and Oriel Sutherland (alto), accompanied by Clifford Lee.
26 June 1969: Eileen Croxford (cello) and David Parkhouse and Eiluned Davies (piano).
17 July 1969: Janet Craxton (oboe) and Valerie Dickson (piano) with the Oriole Ensemble.
30 October 1969: Joan Davies (piano).
19 March 1970: Beth Boyd (mezzo-soprano), Daphne Boden (harp) and Isabel Bedlington (piano).
11 May 1970: Irene Kohler (piano) and Sara Barrington (oboe), accompanied by Michael Freyhan.
22 October 1970: Suzanne Rozsa (violin) and Paul Hamburger (piano).
13 November 1970: Maureen Lehane (vocal), accompanied by John Constable and Rosario Marciano and Hans Kann (piano duet).

- Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, Shaftesbury Avenue
24 November [1971]: Lunchtime Recital by Patricia Payne (alto) and Anna Berenska (piano)

- Francis Holland Graham Street School
16 December 1968: Christmas Party. June Clark and Joan Ryall (pianos) and Beth Boyd, Lyndon van der Punt and Frances Wilson.

- Guthrie House, 3 Cadogan Gate (1950)
28 January 1950: Joan Spencer (violin) and Flora Kent (piano) with Lian-Shin Yang (soprano), accompanied by Margaret Montgomery.
16 February 1950: Amaryllis Fleming (cello) and Christopher Shaw (piano) with Hendra Porges-Lilienfeld (mezzo-soprano), accompanied by Daphne Ibbott and Patricia Sutton-Mattocks (piano)
16 March 1950: Madeleine Dring (piano) and Beryl Hatt (soprano), accompanied by Joan Coombes with Maureen Flinn (violin) and Lois Phillips (piano)
27 August 1950: Arda Mandikian (vocal), accompanied by Margaret Norman.
8 July 1950: Elizabeth Buckingham Trio (Marie-Louise Amberg, Sylvia Southcombe and Elizabeth Buckingham) with Patricia Lupton (clarinet) and Anotole Mines (viola), accompanied by John R. Stainer.

- Leighton House, Holland Park Road
28 June 1965: Marion Scott Prize 1965 (Ensemble), final adjudication by Maurice Jacobson. Performances by the New Essex Wind Ensemble, the Benedetti Trio and the Zephyrus Wind Quintet.
17 February [1971]: Gwyneth George (cello) and Alberto Portugheis (piano), accompanied by Sally Mays (2 copies).
1 May [1971]: Liza Fuchsova (piano) and Madeleine Whitelaw (violin), accompanied by Ann McLoughlin.
5 May [1971]: Cecil Aronowitz (viola), Nicola Grunberg (piano) and Carolyn Kimball (vocal), accompanied by Jan Holmquist.
3 June 1971: Focus on Composers, including the first London performances of Pamela Hind-O’Malley, Duo for Violin and Violoncello and Gunilla Lowenstein, Piano Sonata No. 3. William Blezard, Christopher Grant and Eira West (piano), Mary O’Brien, Pamela Hind-O’Malley (cello), Hazel Hibbert and Betty Roe (vocal), Geoffrey Elkan (clarinet), John Honeyman (double bass), Dinah Demuth (oboe d’amore) and the Epsilon Quartet (Donald Weeks, Mary O’Brien, George Robertson and Rowena Ramsell) (with notes). Held with the programme are various sheets including biographical notes and programme notes on the works performed (with words).

- Queen's (Small) Hall
25 January 1912: First Public Concert of Members' Works, featuring music by Ethel Barns, Liza Lehmann, Lewis Carey, Marion Scott, Katharine Eggar, Mabel Saumarez Smith, Isabel Hearne, Ethel Smyth and Maud Valerie White, given by Miss Marie Brema, Miss Maud Hardy, Emile Sauret and Mr George Baker (poster, handbill and programme with words).

- Queen Elizabeth Hall
7 July 1971: Diamond Jubilee Concert (2 copies).

- Queen Mary Hall
27 June 1951: 2 Festival of Britain concerts no. 2, featuring Antonia Butler (cello), Audrey Strange (vocal), Winifred Gaskell (flute), Veronica Mansfield (alto) and Rene Soames (tenor), with the Riddick String Orchestra, conducted by Kathleen Riddick.

- St. Cecilia's House, 7 Carlos Place (1950-51)
24 October 1950: Megan Foster (soprano) accompanied by Daphne Ibbott with Gwendolen Mason (harp) and Rose Symondson (piano).
3 February 1951: Norina Semino (cello) with Gordon Watson (piano) and Roxane Houston (soprano), accompanied by Isabel Bedlington.
6 March 1951: Fidelio String Quartet (Ursula Snow, Sylvia Teitelbaum, Cynthia Freeman and Beryl Parkinson) with Barbara Lind (soprano), accompanied by Josephine John.

- Steinway Hall
1 April 1914: Chamber Concert of popular pieces, given by Madame Edith Heymann, Miss Helene Rootham, Miss Dora Wilson, Mr Falkner Lee and the Lucas Quartet. This document does not provide a full programme but cites the inclusion of music by Ethel Bilsland, Bluebell Klean and Dora White.

- Royal Academy of Music
28 January 1972: Mary Nemet (violin) and Ffrangcon Davies (piano).

- Royal College of Music
14 December 1963, 12 December 1964, 16 December 1965, 15 December 1966 and 14 December 1967: Christmas Parties.

- Westminster Cathedral Hall
28 October 1913: Second Bach Chamber Concert (first series) with the choir of Westminster Cathedral and the orchestra of the Society of Women Musicians, led by Miss Jessie Grimson and conducted by Dr. R. R. Terry (with an extended list of instrumental soloists).

- Women's Institute, 92 Victoria Street
20 July 1912: First Anniversary, featuring Madame Beatrice Langley (violin), Herr Alexander Reschofsky (piano), Miss Agnes Christa (vocal) and Miss Frances Davidson (piano) with the Langley-Mukle Quartet. There are two copies of this document, each listing a different opening work.
4 March 1913: Members' Music Meeting, given by a string quartet of Miss Sidney Bostock, Miss Frances Perkins, Miss Helen Gough and Miss Stella Fife, with Miss Pattie Hornsbuy (vocal) and Mr M. Montau-Nathan (violin).
18 March 1916: All British Programme, arranged by Gertrude Eaton and Harold E. Darke and featuring the Lucas Quartet (Miss Miran Lucas, Miss Patience Lucas, Miss Elsie Avril and Miss Maud Lucas) with Miss Agnes Christa (vocal) and Mr Harold Darke (piano).
24 April 1918: Invitation Concert in aid of the musicians’ appeal for the Y.M.C.A, featuring Mr William Ackroyd, Mr George Baker, Mr Harold E. Darke, Mr Charles Draper, Mme Amina Goodwin, Miss Olga Haley, Mme Lily Henkel, Miss Grainger Kerr and Mr W. E. Whitehouse with the choristers of the Temple Church (with wordbook and brief biographical notes).

- Unknown venue
14 October 1912: Miss Ethel Nettleship (cello), Mrs Bard (vocal), Miss Augusta Chetham Strobe (piano) and Miss Rhoda Thomas (violin). This performance included pieces for Clarinet and Pianoforte by Cecile Hartog (performed by Miss Frances Thomas and accompanied by the composer) and vocal pieces by Muriel Overton, accompanied by the composer.
16 January 1915: Madame Elsie Horne (piano), with Ethel Bilsland (soprano) and Ethel Ullhorn-Zillhardt (cello), accompanied by Marjorie Hermon.
12 November 1932: afternoon and evening sessions of the Chamber Music Rally (second year) (single document).
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