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Saturday Popular Concerts (1873-1887)
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Music Programmes: Chamber and Solo Music at the Saturday Popular Concerts, St. James’s Hall, London, finely annotated and musically illustrated, March 29th 1873 to April 9th 1887, being a collection of 26 programmes books, arranged chronologically as two volumes.

All programmes include wordbooks and extensive analytical notes (with musical examples). They also record the number of times that each instrumental work has previously been performed at the series.

Each volume begins with a handwritten index of the works performed. Volume 1 also carries the following handwritten comment: ‘a fine and very useful collection of 26 programmes. Not complete but an exceptionally useful collection’.

These were concerts of chamber music with vocal and piano solos. Each performance featured a string quartet (or quintet/sextet) with at least one vocal and one piano soloist. In the entries below, the members of the string ensemble are listed first.

Up to the end of the 1876 season, the concerts are noted to have been ‘conducted’ by Sir Julius Benedict. Thereafter Mr Zerbini (1881-82) and Signor Romili (1884 and 1886) are cited as accompanists.

The concerts given on 24 January 1874 and 13 March 1875 were devoted entirely to the music of Beethoven. The remainder claim to feature the music of ‘Various Masters’.

Volume 1: 15th-23rd seasons (14 concerts)
29 March 1873: Joachim/L. Ries/Straus/Zerbini/Daubert. Miss Whinery (vocal) and Charles Hallé (piano).
24 January 1874: Madame Norman-Néruda/Ries/Strauss/Piatti. Miss Edith Wynne (vocal) and Mr Charles Hallé (piano).
13 March 1875: Messrs Straus (violin), Zerbini (viola), Lazarus (clarinet), C. Harper (horn), Winterbottom (bassoon), Reynolds (cello) and Piatti (double bass). Mr Bentham (vocal) and Hans von Bülow (piano).
29 January 1876: Madame Norman-Néruda/Ries/Straus/Piatti. Miss Anna Williams (vocal) and Mr Charles Hallé (piano).
26 February 1876: Joachim/Ries/Zerbini/Piatti. Miss Jennie Meenan (vocal) and Mademoiselle Krebs (piano).
25 March 1876: Joachim/Ries/Straus/Zerbini/Piatti. Miss Catherine Penna (vocal) and Madame Schumann (piano).
24 January 1881: Madame Norman-Néruda/Ries/Straus/Piatti. Mr Frank Boyle (vocal) and Miss Dora Schirmacher (piano).
12 February 1881: Jean Becker/Ries/Zerbini/Piatti. Mr Edward Lloyd (vocal) and Miss Dora Schirmacher (piano).
26 February 1881: Joachim/Ries/Straus/Zerbini/Pezze/Piatti. Mr Abercrombie (vocal) and Herr Ignaz Brüll (piano).
12 March 1881: Joachim/Ries/Zerbini/Piatti. Mr Frederick King (vocal) and Madame Schumann (piano).
19 March 1881: Joachim/Ries/Straus/Piatti. Mr P. Hayes (vocal) and Madame Schumann and Eugen d’Albert (piano).
26 March 1881: Joachim/Ries/Zerbini/Straus/Piatti. Miss Santley (vocal) and Madame Schumann (piano).
2 April 1881: Straus/Ries/Zerbini/Piatti. Madame Lavrovska (vocal) and Madame Schumann (piano).
9 April 1881: Joachim/Ries/Straus/Piatti. Herr von zur Mühlen (vocal) and Madame Schumann (piano).

Volume 2: 24th, 26th and 28th seasons (11 concerts)
14 January 1882: Straus/Ries/Hollander/Zerbini/Piatti. Mr Santley (vocal) and Mr Charles Halle (piano).
21 January 1882: Straus/Ries/Hollander/Zerbini/Piatti/White. Mr Barrington Foote (vocal) and Mademoiselle Marie Krebs (piano).
28 January 1882: Madame Norman-Néruda /Ries/Hollander/Zerbini/Piatti. Miss Carlotta Elliot (vocal) and Miss Emma Barnett (piano).
4 February 1882: Madame Norman-Néruda/ Ries/Straus/Zerbini/Piatti. Mr Santley (vocal) and Miss Agnes Zimmermann (piano).
11 February 1882: Hollander/Ries/Zerbini/Piatti. Mademoiselle Friedlander, Madame Isabel Fassett, Mr Shakespeare and Mr Pyatt (vocal) and Miss Agnes Zimmermann (piano).
25 February 1882: Joachim/Ries/Hollander/Zerbini/Piatti. Miss Santley (vocal) and Mademoiselle Marie Krebs (piano).
4 March 1882: Joachim/Ries/Straus/Zerbini/Piatti. Mr Harper Kearton (vocal) and Miss Agnes Zimmermann (piano).
25 March 1882: Joachim/Ries/Straus/Piatti. Herr von zur Mühlen (vocal) and Madame Schumann (piano).
1 April 1882: Joachim/Ries/Straus/Piatti. Miss Spenser Jones (vocal) and Madame Schumann (piano).
5 April 1884: Joachim/Ries/Straus/Piatti. Miss Carlotta Elliot (vocal) and Madame Schumann (piano).
6 March 1886: Joachim/Ries/Hollander/Howell. Mr Hirwen Jones (vocal) and Miss Agnes Zimmermann (piano)
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1873 - 1887
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