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Royal Albert Hall Programmes (1873-1901)
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A collection of programmes and wordbooks for fifteen performances given under the direction of Mr William Carter at the Royal Albert Hall, London between 1873 and 1901, arranged chronologically in a single bound volume.

Items are divided into the following series:
1. Oratorio concerts: 1873–75 (2 programmes and wordbooks)
2. Grand Scotch Festivals: 1894–97 (4 wordbooks)
3. Grand Irish Festivals: 1896–1901 (3 programmes)
4. Messrs Harrisons Morning/Evening Concerts: 1896–99 (5 programmes and wordbooks)

The Oratorio concerts were given by the William Carter’s Choir, directed by Carter with Mr Edward Bending (organ).
The Grand Scotch and Irish Festivals were two-part performances of vocal and choral music, featuring the William Carter Choir and the Band of the Scots Guards, conducted by William Carter and H.T. Dunkerton with Wilhelm Ganz (from 1896).
Messrs Harrisons’s concerts were two-part concerts of vocal and instrumental solos, typically with a solo piece for organ at the start, featuring Madame Adelina Patti (vocal).

1. Oratorio concerts
6 March 1873: Handel, Samson, with Miss Edith Wynne, Madame Patey, Mr W.H. Cummings, Mr H. Pyatt, and Mr Lewis Thomas (vocal).
15 April [1875]: Dr Bexfield, Israel Restored, with Miss Anna Williams, Madame Mary Cummings, Mr Vernon Rigby and Mr Robert Hilton (vocal). This piece was first performed at the Norwich Festival on 22 September 1852 and the programme concludes with reproductions of newspaper reviews of that performance.

2. Grand Scotch Festivals
30 November 1894: Mademoiselle Nuola, Mademoiselle Antoniette Trebelli, Miss Clara Butt, Madame Belle Cole, Mr Iver McKay, Mr Dalgety Henderson, Mr Charles Constable and Signor Foli (vocal); Miss Ethel Spiller (violin); and Mr Raphael Roche, Mr Spencer Lorraine and Mr H.O. Lee Davies (conductors).
25 January 1895: Madame Amy Sherwin, Miss Clara Butt, Miss Grace Damian, Mr Iver McKay, Mr Mandeno Jackson, Mr Charles Copland and Signor Foli (vocal); Miss Ethel Spiller (violin); and Dr Churchill Sibley and Mr Raphael Roche (conductors). There is a handwritten correction to this programme, noting that Spiller’s violin solo was actually replaced by a piece for cello.
30 November 1896: Mrs Mary Davies, Madame Belle Cole, Mr Iver McKay, Signor Foli, Mr Dalgety Henderson, Mr Watkins Mills, Madame Zippora Monteith and Mr Mandeno Jackson (vocal); Mademoiselle Henriette Murkens (violin); Dr Churchill Sibley (organ); and Mr Arthur Fagge (conductor).
30 November 1897: Mr Dalgety Henderson, Miss Grace Oakley, Madame Belle Cole, Mr Watkin Mills, Madame Alice Gomez, Mr Iver McKay, Madame Clara Samuell, Miss Lucy Clarke and Miss Grace Oakley (vocal) with Mademoiselle Henriette Murkens (violin) and Mr Churchill Sibley (organ).

3. Grand Irish Festivals
Madame Belle Cole (vocal) and Henriette Murkens (violin) appeared in all three of these concerts.
17 March 1896: Mr Charles Kelly, Mr Lloyd Chandos, Mr David Bispham, Miss Esther Palliser, Mr Edward Branscombe, Miss Marie Hooton and Mr Douglas Powell (vocal). This document includes a number of handwritten annotations. They offer comments on the standard of the performance and include an indication of one encore.
17 March 1898: Miss Grace Oakley, Mr Iver McKay, Madame Alice Gomez, Signor Foli, Miss Lucie Johnstone, Miss Gwen Davies, Miss Lucy Clarke and Mr Edmund Faber (vocal) (with photographs of the principal performers).
16 March 1901: Miss Grace Oakley, Mr Iver McKay, Mr Watkin Mills, Mr Griffith Percy, Miss Lucie Johnstone and Mr Walter Grant (vocal), Miss Winnie Hemming (harp), Mr J. Kolni Balozky (cello) and Churchill Sibley (organ). H.T. Dunkerton was replaced by Fred W. Wood as a conductor for this performance (with photographs of the solo performers and a selection of Press Notices regarding Miss Grace Oakley).

4. Messrs Harrisons’ Concerts
Programmes for all but the third (26 May 1898) of these concerts include handwritten annotations. These provide personal observations on the performance and indicate the nature and extent of the encores performed.
21 November 1896: Grand Morning Concert, with Miss Ada Crossley, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Santley and Mr Norman Salmond (vocal), Johannes Wolff (violin), Katie Goodson (piano) and Edwin H. Lemare (organ), accompanied by Wilhelm Ganz and F.T. Watkis.
29 June 1897: Grand Evening Concert, with Miss Ada Crossley, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Santley (vocal), Miss Adela Verne (piano), Monsieur Marix Loevensohn (cello) and Mr H.L. Balfour (organ), accompanied by Wilhelm Ganz. This performance opened with an arrangement of the National Anthem in which solos by Patti were supplemented by a double quartet of vocalists drawn from the students of the Royal College of Music.
26 May 1898: Grand Morning Concert, with Miss Ada Crossley, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Herbert Grover and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal), Miss Gertrude Collins (violin), Monsieur Hollman (cello), Mr Mathilde Verne (piano) and Mr H.L. Balfour (organ), accompanied by Mr Wilhelm Ganz (with an insert documenting the replacement of Hollmann with Mr Sydney Brooks).
18 May 1899: Grand Evening Concert, with Miss Maud Santley, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Herbert Grover (vocal), Miss Leonora Jackson (violin), Mr H.C. Tonking (organ) and Miss Adela Verne (piano).
6 June 1899: Grand Morning Concert, with Miss Clara Butt, Miss Edith Breakspear, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Kennerley Rumford (vocal), Mr William Henley (violin), Herr Rudolf Zwintscher (piano) and H.L. Balfour (organ), accompanied by Frank T. Watkis.
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