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Collection Description

Collection Title
André Mangeot: Box 4 (1925-30)
A miscellaneous collection of handbills and programmes for chamber music concerts given by the violinist André Mangeot at a range of English, Scottish and European venues between 1925 and 1930, held loosely and arranged within the fourth of six boxes of material comprising the André Mangeot collection.

In the majority of cases, programmes relate to performances at which Mangeot appeared as part of the Music Society String Quartet (1925–26) or the International String Quartet (1930). Of those not given with these ensemble, some featured the Music Society Trio (with Kathleen Long, piano) and a number were given with the cellist Georges Pitsch. From 1927, almost all programmes relate to performances given by the Music Society String Quartet (later the International String Quartet), including a number of concerts given at Italian venues with the Quartetto Poltronieri.

The London programmes include a significant number for The Music Society performances, given at St. John's Institute, Westminster: this was an organization founded by Mangeot in 1920. The English provincial programmes include a number from the Informal Music Society of Cambridge.

The majority of these documents are handbills/single-sheet programmes. These are listed here alphabetically by venue, with English programmes, which are divided into London and provincial, followed by Scottish and then European ones.

1. English venues
- London
Aeolian Hall:
Monday 1 November [1926]: (with words and photograph).
6 October 1927:
7 February 1928: Gerald Cooper Chamber Concerts, no. 5, including the first English performance of Leos Janacek, Concertino for Pianoforte, 2 violins, viola, clarinet, horn and bassoon. Also held is a programme for concert no. 6, given at an unspecified venue on 12 February 1929.
11 May 1928:
October-November 1928: Ten Mozart String Quartet (single document with notes for 5 recitals).
Saturday 26 January [1929]: including 'probably the first performance in England' of Caix d'Herveloix, Les petits doigts.
16 May 1929: Bach and Debussy with Lyell Barbour.
Friday 31 May [1929]: Recital of Compositions by Emil Sjögren (handbill and programme with words and photograph).
17, 24 and 31 October 1929: Three Classical Chamber Concerts (single document).
9 December 1929: Piano and Violin Sonata Recital with Lyell Barbour.
21 March 1930:

Burlington Galleries (off New Bond Street)
29 April 1930:

Chelsea, New Chenil Galleries
Monday 8 February [1926]:
3 May 1926: (with notes plus prospectus for the complete series).

Chelsea, Ormonde Gate
22 February 1925:

Great Central Hotel
10 November 1925: (two copies).

Kensington, 22 Kensington Palace Gardens
Sunday 23 February [1930?]:

Kensington, Town Hall
9 February 1925: Kensington Music Club, 3rd season, no. 5

Knightsbridge, Kent House
5 November 1926:

London School of Economics and Political Science
Wednesday 4 November [1925]: (with press cuttings attached).

Marylebone Lane, Court House (The):
20/26 May 1925: (single document, plus separate handbill for the latter).

Palladium, The
15 November 1925: (with notes, photographs and press cuttings).

Royal Holloway College
6 December 1930:

St. John's Institute, Tufton Street, Westminster
10 May, 28 June and 18 October 1927 and 19 February and 12 March 1929: The Music Society.

Twickenham, Town Hall
4 April 1925 and Friday 23 February [1926]:

Unity Hall, Quex Road
4 March 1925:

University of London, University College
30 October 1925:

Victoria and Albert Museum
22 March 1930:

Wigmore Hall
24 March 1925: (with words and some notes).
23 May and 6 and 13 June [1925]: (single document).
30 October 1925: (with photograph, and attached press cuttings).
4 November 1925: (with press cuttings)
10 November 1928: Chamber Music from the works of Bernard van Dieren, conducted by John Barbirolli (handbill and programme with words and notes).
Saturday 17 November [1928]: Violoncello Recital by Jacques Serres.
Wednesday 11 December 1929:

Westminster, Westminster School
5 October 1925: (with notes).

Westminster, St. John's Institute
13 January, 20 October and 8 December 1925, 19 January 1926, 26 October 1926, 16 November/13 December 1926 and 11 November 1930: handbills for The Music Society meetings nos. 28, 31, 33, 34, 37, 38/39 (single document) and 62, with a prospectus for the 10th season October 1929-March 1930.

- Miscellaneous London venues
Great Central Hotel: 22 February 1927 (King Cole Chamber Music Club, 9th Dinner and Concert, 27th season).
Lindsey Hall, Notting Hill Gate: 19 February 1929 (Chamber Music Club).
Literary Institute, Montague Street: Wednesday 23 October [1929] (British Music Society (Worthing Branch).
Svenska Salen, Harcourt Street: 17 February 1927.
Westminster School: 16 October 1929.

- English Provincial venues
Monday 31 January [1927] and 2 March 1928, High School: Bedford Music Club.
Also held is a prospectus for the 1924–25 season of the Federation of Music Clubs.
12 February 1925, 18 March and 29 October 1926 and 14 March 1930, High School Hall: Federation of Music Clubs. Also, a prospectus for the 1925–26 season.

12 and 26 November 1924 and 18 May 1927, [no venue]: Informal Music Society.
18 February, 13 June and 11 November 1925 and 3 November 1926, no venue/Masonic Hall: Informal Music Society (with prospects for the 1925–26 season.
17 June 1926, Christ's College: Christ's College Musical Society Annual May Term Concert (with words).
19 February 1930, Leys School Hall: with Anne Macnaghten (violin).

Caterham Valley, Surrey
Saturday 23 October [1926]:
6 November 1926:
23 February 1929 (in the Council Hall).

Chester, Town Hall
22 October, 9 and 24 November and 13 December 1926: Chester Chamber Concerts 13th season (single handbill).

20 November 1930, Palette Club:

Hertfordshire, Haileybury College
9 October 1926:

14 January 1926: Leicester Chamber Music Club.

Lincoln, Assembly Rooms
18 November 1930: Lincoln Music Club 2nd Concert (8th season) (with notes).

Liverpool, Rushworth Hall
17 December 1925 and 14 October 1926: British Music Centre

Malvern Wells, The Abbey
4 March 1926:

1 December 1925 and 4 February 1930, Holywell Music Room: Oxford University Musical Club and Union 1213th and 1308th Meeting.
4 December 1925 and 16 May 1930, [no venue]: Oxford Ladies' Musical Society 333rd and 388th concert.

Oxted and Limpsfield, Surrey/Federation of Music Clubs
4 February/11 March 1925 and 12 December 1925/6 February 1926 (two documents, two copies of the latter).

21 February 1925: (with very brief notes).

Radlett, Parish Hall
13 February 1926: Radlett and District Music Club 5th Concert (with words).

Reading, University College
16 February 1925:

Rossett, Darland House
30 May 1925: (with words).

Sevenoaks, Cornwall Hall
20 March 1926: Sevenoaks Chamber Concerts, 4th concert (with notes).

Swanston, Whitchurch, Oxon
Wednesday 26 May [1926]: (with words).

- Miscellaneous provincial venues
Berkhamsted School: 5 February 1927 (Berkhamsted School Social Club).
Birmingham: 18 January 1927 (British Music Society).
Blechingley Hall: 9 October 1918.
Bradford: 8 February 1929 (Bradford Subscription Concerts 64th season, no. 5, with words, notes and musical examples).
Cardiff, Hall of the City of Cardiff High School for Girls: 2 October 1928 (Cardiff Chamber-Music Concerts, 25th season, no. 1).
Ely, Cathedral: 17 May 1928.
Esher: 11/12 October 1921 (Esher Amateur Dramatic Club, single document).
Frinton, 'Homestead' Second Avenue: 12 March 1927 (Frinton Chamber Music Concerts no. 3).
Ipswich, Garrett Memorial Hall: 4 December 1929 (Ipswich Chamber Music Society, 2nd concert given by Lyall Barbour (piano) and Mangeot (violin).
Leys, School: 2 February 1927.
Liverpool, Picton Hall: 9 February 1929 (Liverpool Concerts for Young Folk, with notes and musical examples).
Liverpool, Rushworth Hall: 15 November 1928 (British Music Society Recital of Contemporary Music).
Marlborough College: 27 October 1929.
Newcastle, Grand Assembly Rooms, Barras Bridge: 20 January 1927 (Chamber Music Society 205th concert, 42nd season, with words).
Tenterden, Town Hall: 9 October 1929 (Tenterden Music Club).
Wakefield, Music Saloon: 21 January 1927 (Wakefield Musical Evenings 5th season (7th season).
Woodford Green, Lecture Hall: 10 March 1927 (Woodford Green Subscription Concerts/An Evening of Music, with notes).

2. Scottish venues
Arbroath, Webster Memorial Hall: 7 November 1928 (Arbroath Musical Club chamber Concert).
Elgin, Masonic Hall: 30 March 1928 (with photograph and Press Comments).
Inverness, Wesleyan Central Hall: 6 November 1928 (Miss Sara Walker's Seventh Chamber Concert, with photograph).
Kirkcaldy, Adam Smith Hall: 31 October 1928 (Kirkcaldy Chamber Music Association Franz Schubert Centenary 1st concert, with notes).
Saturday 22 November [1930], Cowdray Hall, Aberdeen: Aberdeen Chamber Music Club.
October 1930-February 1931, Stirling: Bridge of Allan Musical Season Syllabus (single document with photographs). Also, individual programme (with words) for concert given on 21 November 1930 by the International String Quartet with Clara Serena (soprano).

3. European venues
Belgium, Brussels
17 March 1925 [no venue]: Audition de Musique italienne organized by by the Cercle Artistique et Litteraire de Bruxelles.
18 March 1925, Salle du Conservatoire Royal: Séance de Musique Anglaise.
5 June 1925, [no venue]:
7 June 1925, Theatre Royal de la Monnaie:: Concerts Ysaye.
30 November 1925, [Brussels]: Soirée Musicale (handbill and programme with words, with press cuttings).
Salle du Cercle Artistique et Litteraire: 28 March 1927.

Belgium, Charleroi
29 November 1925, Conservatoire de Musique de Charleroi: (with note).

24-26 August 1925, Kurhaus Bad Homburg: Internationale Musiktage (single document)

Holland, Amsterdam
9 March 1926, Concertgebouw (gr. Zaal): (with notes, two copies).
18 December 1927 and 1 June 1928, Hotel Wittebrug, The Hague/[no venue].

Holland, Gravenhage [The Hague]
8 March 1926: Vereeniging voor Kamermuziek, Zesde Abonnements-Concerts

20, 22 and 27 April 1927: Villa Anna Maria, Florence; Teatro del Popolo, Milan; and Sala Filarmonica Fiorentina.
3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 15-21 December 1928: Teatro dei Filodrammatici, Cremona; Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova; [no venue], Ferrara; Teatro del Popolo, Milan; [no venue] Napoli; Liceo Musicale, Bologna; Salone dei Concerti, Ancona; Sala di San Vincenzo, Modena; Teatro Eretenio, Vicenza; Sala Comunale, Mantova; Sala della Musica in Castelvecchio, Verona; and [no venue] Padova

17 February 1926, Teatre Principal, Girona: (with press cuttings).
18 February 1926, Teatre Principal, [Barcelona]: (with press cuttings).
20 February 1926, Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona [Palacio de la Musica Catalana]: Associació de Música 'da camera' de Barcelona (programme with notes plus handbill with biographical note).
22 February 1926, Teatre Fortuny, Reus: (with notes, biographical notes and musical examples).
23 February 1926, Sala Edison, Figueras:
24 February 1926, Salon Novedades, Sant Feliu, Barcelona:
26 February 1926, Salon Teatro del Centro Fraternal, Palafrugell:
27 February 1926, Salo del Centre Agricola del Penedes, Vilafranca: (with notes).

13 December 1926, Salle des Conferences de la Bourse:

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