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Collection Description

Collection Title
André Mangeot: Box 3 (1904-24)
A miscellaneous collection of handbills and programmes for performances given by the violinist André Mangeot (1883–1970) at various European venues – the majority in England – between 1904 and 1924, held loosely and arranged chronologically over two folders (1904–19 and 1920–24) within the third of six boxes of programmes contained in the André Mangeot collection.

The majority of the performances are solo recitals/chamber music performances. From 1920, there are a large number of programmes for performances given at St. John's Institute, Tufton Road, Westminster by The Music Society (a chamber music organization established by Mangeot in 1920).

The majority of the documents are handbills/single-sheet programmes, many with photographs. They are listed here alphabetically by venue and divided as follows:

1. London venues
2. English provincial venues
3. Scottish venues
4. European venues
5. Unknown venues

In addition to the programmes listed below, the collection also includes 15 handbills for which no venue is given. Those for 11 November 1917, 7 February 1918, 1 June 1919, 19 March and 3 December 1922, 30 September 1923 and 2 November 1924 are for Organ Recitals. One is undated and the remainder relate to concers on 22 April 1909, 16 May 1917, 12 February 1918, 9 July 1921 and 19 January, [no date] May and 24 June 1924.

1. London venues
- Aeolian Hall
Friday 18 February [1910]: Violin Recital, accompanied by Fredk. B. Kiddle, including the first English performance of Chr. Sinding, Sonate im Alten Stil (for violin and piano) (with words).
Wednesday 9 April [1924]: Goossens Chamber Concerts no. 4, including the first performance of E. Goossens, Three Preludes for Pianoforte, Ships (with words).
12 May 1924: Dance Recital.

- Bechstein Hall
22 February 1911, 14 February 1913 and 15 May 1914: Société des Concerts Français 3rd season no. 12, 5th season no. 20 and 6th season no. 25 (with words).
Tuesday 9 June [1914]: Violin Recital by Jacques Thibaud (handbill and poster).

- Steinway Hall
9 November 1908: Violin and Pianoforte Sonata Recital with Mons. Pierre Augiéras.
13 November 1913: Société des Concerts Francais (22nd concert).

- St. John's Institute, Tufton Street, Westminster
18 January, 18 March, 11 October and 13 December 1921; 14 February, 14 March 2/16/30 May (single document) and 12 December 1922, 6 March and 23 October/20 November/11 December (single document) 1923; 23 June 1924

- Wigmore Hall
30 April 1920: Yvonne Arnaud.
Wednesday 14 November [1923]: Vocal Recital by Jeanne Jouve.
Monday 24 March [1924]: Flute and Oboe Recital by Albert Fransella and Leon Goossens with the Music Society String Quartet, including the first performance of Eugene Goossens, A Miniature Fantasy (with words).

- Miscellaneous London venues
10 Tor Gardens, Campden Hill, [Kensington]: 11 March 1919 (Informal Piano Recital by Nancy Fiori).
12 Upper Brook Street: 14 July 1919 (with Yvonne Arnaud, Helen Henschel and Murray Davey).
13 Lansdowne Road: Sunday 9 and 19 November [1919]
139 Piccadilly: Thursday 20 December [1923] (An Hour of Music by Poldowski).
2 Swan Walk, Chelsea: Tuesday 4 November [1924] (Piano and Violin Recital with Bienvenido Socias).
28 Eaton Terrace: 24 November 1924.
3 Hall Road, St. John's Wood: 17 July 1924 (Serenade Concert by M. Louis Fleury, including the first London performance of flute solos by P. O. Ferroud).
31 Roland Gardens [Kensington]: 9 February 1915.
34-35 Bedford Square: 13 December 1923 (Architectural Association Conversazione).
44 Gloucester Square: Monday 18 February [1929] (An Evening of Music).
48 Glebe Place, Chelsea: 15 December 1918 (Nancy Fiori, piano).
5 Hartswood Road: 3 January 1913 (handwritten).
6 Gloucester Square: 6 March 1923 (Drawing Room Concert Society, handwritten).
6 Scarsdale Villas, Kensington: Saturdays 16, 23 and 30 November [1912] (Matinees Intimes of Old and Modern Music, single document).
6 William Street, Knightsbridge: 14 May and 5 and 12 June 1923 (single document, Concerts Intimes de Music de Chambre) and Tuesday 5 and 12 June [1923] (Piano and Violin Sonata Recitals, with Kathleen Long and Yvonne Arnaud, single document, 2 copies).
67 Finchley Road: 25 March 1919 (Chamber Music Concert with Herbert Fryer (piano) and Georges Pitsch (cello)).
7 Ormonde Gate, Chelsea: 6 March 1912 (with Ethel Robinson, piano, and Miss Henschel, vocal).
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea: 7 November 1911 and 14 December 1915.
'Domovina', 76 Avenue Road: 7 December 1911.
Harrow, Boy's County School: 17 March 1923.
Queen's Hotel Restaurant: 20 and 21 April 1904 (directed by Mr L.
R.B.A. Galleries, Pall Mall: 22 November 1911 (Shropshire Society Annual Bohemian Concert).
Sapphire Lodge, 86 Vincent Square, Westminster: 4 December 1921.
The Limes, Holland Park Gardens: 14 March 1913 (with Senor Bienvenido Socias, piano).
Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel: 16 April 1916 (Sunday Afternoon Concerts, 372nd Concert.
Westminster Abbey: 19 June 1922 (Westminster Abbey Special Choir, with words).

2. English provincial venues
- Bedford
22 February 1923 and 9 October 1924, High School: Music Society String Quartet.

- Cambridge
29 April 1919, [no venue]: Programme of Modern French Music.
19 November 1919, [no venue]: Cambridge University Musical Society Chamber concert, conducted by Cyril Rootham (with notes).
19 July 1923, Sidney Sussex College Chapel:
26 October and 28 November 1923 and 14 May 1924, Trinity College, Old Combination Room/Masonic Hall/[no venue], Cambridge: Informal Music Society, 4th season.

- Caterham
24 October 1918 and 27 October 1923.

- Knutsford
28 November 1913, Town Hall: with Mademoiselle Tosta de Benici (piano) and Miss Dilys Jones (vocal) (with words).
29 January 1915, Ivy Cottage: (with signatures).
28 January and 15 March 1916 and 7 February 1917, Town Hall: Knutsford Subscription Concerts (with words).
4 April 1919, Royal George Hotel: with George Pitsch (cello) and Madame Blanche Marchesi (vocal).

- Oxford
Saturday 29 February [1908], Library of Christ Church College: Recital of XVIIth and XVIIIth Century Chamber Music no. 2
Tuesday 7 March [1922], St. Hilda's Hall:
6 December 1921, 16 October 1923 and 29 January 1924, Holywell Music Room: Oxford University Musical Club and Union meeting nos. 1121, 1160 and 1169, with the Music Society Quartet.

- Reading
19 January 1921 and 7 February 1923, St. John's Hall, Fatherson Road: St. John's Musical Society Annual Concert nos. 1 and 3, conducted by Mr W. Probert Jones.
27 October 1921, Reading University: Chamber Music Concert.
24 October 1923, 11 February and 29 October 1924, Small Town Hall: Reading Music Club Chamber Concerts.

- Miscellaneous provincial venues
Bexhill-on-Sea, Pavilion: 4/5 October [1910] (Entertainment in aid of Little Folks' Home, single document).
Bristol, Victoria Rooms, Clifton: Saturday 5 October [1918] (Grand Gala Concert in aid of the Flying Services Fund).
Bury St. Edmunds, Guildhall: 25 October 1923 and 22 November 1924.
Catford, St. Andrew's Hall: 29 October 1919 (Hilda Filkins, alto).
Croydon, Large Public Hall: 29 April 1905 (Grantham Habitation Juvenile Branch).
Helensburgh, Victoria Hall: 7 February 1913 (Helensburgh Subscription Concerts, 25th season, no. 4, given with the Parisian String Quartet, with notes).
Helston, Godolphin Hall: 25 August 1924 (Penare House Party).
Limpsfield, Surrey: 2 February and 16 March 1918.
Manchester, Midland Hall, Windmill Street: 2 April 1919 (Trio Concert, handbill and poster).
Norwich, Assembly Rooms, High School: 13 October 1919 (Chamber Music with Walter Ivimey, vocal).
Norwich, Maddermarket Theatre: Tuesday 10 April [1923] and Tuesday 2 December [1924] (Norfolk String Quartet).
Norwich, St. Andrew's Hall: 22 October 1921 (Norfolk String Quartet).
Oswestry, Moreton Hall/Girls' High School: 5 April 1923 (Moreton Hall Music Society 4th concert, single document for 2 performances).
Oxted, Church Room: Monday 15 April [1912] (Piano and Violin Recital with Bienvenido Socias, with photographs).
Southport, Cambridge Hall: 13 February 1913 (Southport Chamber Concerts 9th season no. 4 with the Parisian String Quartet (with notes and photograph).
Surbiton, 'Plaisance': 7 February 1914 (Images Populaires Scandinaves, Portugaises et Francaises, with words).
Tandridge Motor Hall, Surrey: 19 November 1909.
Wanstead, Grove Hall: 18 October 1923 (Philharmonic Quartet).

3. Scottish venues
Edinburgh, Music Hall: 8 February and 2 December 1913 (Edinburgh Classical Concerts, with words, analytical notes, musical examples and photographs).
Penrith, Drill Hall: 7/8 December 1910 (Penrith Musical Festival, prospectus with notes, biographical notes and photographs plus a second document containing programmes with words).

4. Foreign venues
- Belgium
Brussels, Salle de L'Union Coloniale Belge, 34 Rue de Stassart: 30 January 1920 (Séance de Musique Anglaise).
Mons, Salle des Concerts et Redoutes: 31 January 1920 (Musique Anglaise Ancienne et Moderne).

- France
Paris, La Boîte à Fursy, 27 Boulebard des Italiens: 6 February 1920.
Paris, Salle des Concerts du Conservatoire: 10 March 1923 (Société Nationale de Musique 458me Concert, with some words).
Paris, Salle Erard, 13 Rue du Mail: 20 March 1924 (Société Francaise de Musique de Chambre, handbill).
Paris, Salle des Agriculteurs, Rue d'Athènes: 3 February 1920 and 13 January 1922.
Paris, Salons de l'Hotel: 5 August 1905 (Grande Matinée Artistique).
Val-André, Casino: 23 August 1912.

- Germany, Kursaal, Berlin
16 July 1907: Matinée de l'Orchestre philharmonique de Berlin/Concert par la famille vom Scheidt (single document).

- Sweden
9 November 1904, Vetenskaps Akademiens hörsal: En time musik with Wilhelm Stenhammar and Märtha Ohlson (piano) and Ebba Björkbom (vocal) (handbill).
15 February 1905, Göteborgs Konserthus: Emil Sjögrens Konsert (handbill).
8 March 1905, [no venue]: Matiné, Emil Sjögren (with photograph).

6. Unknown venues.
Fonthill: 21 March 1918.
Malting House Play Room: 18 January 1919.
Midland Hotel: 23 May 1919.
Les Salons de Mme du Cros [no city]: 17 April 1916.

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