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Queen's Hall Concerts (1896-1904)
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A collection of programmes for concerts organized by Robert Newman and given at the Queen's Hall, London between 1896 and 1904, arranged chronologically and held as three bound volumes.

The collection also includes programmes for a Concert Recital given by Madame Kirkby Lunn (vocal), Mr Hugo Becker (cello) and Mark Hambourg (piano) on 29 November 1901 at The Dome, Brighton (with words, historical and analytical notes and musical examples) and for Newman's Popular Concert given with Madame Ella Russell, Madame Alice Gomez, Mr Joseph O'Mara and Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal), the Westminster Singers, Mark Hambourg (piano) and Mr Edwin H. Lemare (organ) on 7 December 1901 at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Both performances were accompanied by Percy Pitt and both programmes are held in volume 2 of the collection.

Volume 1: 1896-1900
Unless otherwise stated below, all performances involved the Queen's Hall Symphony Orchestra, led by Arthur W. Payne, conducted by Henry J. Wood, and accompanied by Percy Pitt.

1. Mr Robert Newman's Wagner Concerts
All of these programmes include historical and analytical notes (with musical examples) by Edger F. Jacques and provide a list of the orchestral ensemble. All concerts combined a symphony by Beethoven with vocal and orchestral excerpts from Wagnerian operas. The vocal soloists are listed below.
20 June 1897: Mr Louis Frolich.
14 November [1898]: Miss Fillunger, Miss Isabel MacDougall, Mr Lloyd Chandos and Mr Daniel Price, with the Queen's Hall Choral Society.
21 November [1898]: Miss Lillian Blauvelt.
28 November [1898]: Mr Louis Frolich.
20 November [1899]: Miss Lillian Blauvelt and Mr Andrew Black.
27 November [1889]: Madame Lucile Hill, Miss Kirkby Lunn and Mr Philip Brozel.
13 June 1900: with Madame Kirby Lunn.

2. Miscellaneous concerts
The programmes for 23 May 1900 to 14 November 1900 include historical and analytical notes by Edgar F. Jacques and lists of the orchestral ensemble.
25 December [1896]: Grand Christmas Concert, with Madame Belle Cole and Mr Herbert Grover (vocal) and Mr Henry J. Wood (organ), accompanied by Percy Pitt and conducted by Mr Warwick Williams (with wordbook). This concert also featured the London Military Band, the Guildhall Singers (Messrs Arthur Bedford, Frederick Williams, Herbert Simmons and Charles Hinchliff), choristers from the London Training School for Choristers and the Concert Trombone Quartet (Messrs T. Colton, F. W. Davis, F. Atherley, and R. H. Booth).
31 March 1899 and 13 April 1900: Grand Sacred Concerts given by the Sunday Concert Society on Good Friday Evening, with Madame Ella Russell, Miss Hilda Wilson, Madame Belle Cole, Mr Gregory Hast, Mr Herbert Grover and Mr H. Lane Wilson/Miss Lillian Blauvelt, Madame Emily Squire, Mademoiselle Giulia Ravogli, Madame Marie Hooton and Mr Gregory Hast (vocal), Mr Percy Frostick (violin), Mr W. H. Squire (cello), Miss Miriam Timothy (harp) and Mr W. S. Hyote (organ), accompanied by Percy Pitt. Both performances were two-part concerts of vocal and instrumental solos, with recitations. The concert in 1900 also featured the Meister Glee Singers (Messrs W. Sexton, C. Chilley, W. Forington and W. Norcross).
28 February 1900: Mr Robert Newman's Ash Wednesday Afternoon Concert, with Madame Lucile Hill (vocal) (with insert recording that Hill appeared as a replacement for Madame Blanche Marchesi).
23 May 1900: Ysaye Concert with Madame Lillian Blauvelt (vocal), Ysaye (violin) and Mademoiselle Kleeberg (piano), accompanied by Percy Pitt.
20 June 1900: Tchaikovsky Concert, including the B-flat minor piano concerto, performed by Busoni.
14 November 1900 and 19 November 1900: Ysaye Concerts with Miss Florence Schmidt/Miss Jessie Goldsack (vocal) and Signor Busoni (piano).
27 November 1900: Busoni Piano Recital (analytical programme).

Volume 2 (1901)
1. Orchestral Concerts
These were two-part concerts, including solo/concertante music for both voice and instruments. Much of the repertory is from the nineteenth century, with particular emphasis on the music of Wagner and Tchaikovsky.
Unless otherwise stated, all programmes for concerts of this type include historical and analytical notes (with musical examples) by Edgar F. Jacques and provide a list of the Queen's Hall Orchestra, led by Arthur W. Payne, conducted by Henry J. Wood and accompanied by Percy Pitt. .

1 January 1901: New Year's Day Afternoon Concert, with Madame Blanche Marchesi (vocal).
26 January 1901: 'In Memoriam' Concert, with Madame Lillian Blauvelt (vocal) and Hans Wessely (violin) (including an essay 'Musical Development during the Victorian Era').
20 February 1901: Ash Wednesday Afternoon Concert, with Madame Kirby Lunn (vocal) and Monsieur Ysaye (violin), including the first London performance of Elgar, Prelude and Angel's Farewell (The Dream of Gerontius).
30 March 1901: Wagner Concert.
5 April 1901 (Good Friday Afternoon): Grand Orchestral Concert, given by the Sunday Concert Society, with Philip Brozel (vocal).
18 May 1901: Ysaye Orchestral Concert, with Ysaye (violin), including the first English performance of Ysaye, Violin Solo 'Chant d'Hiver' and the first London performance of Saint-Saens-Ysaye, Violin Solo 'Caprice sur l'etude en forme de Valse'.
11 June 1901: Beethoven Concert, with Monsieur Ysaye (violin) and Signor Busoni (piano).
18 June 1901: Tchaikovsky Concert, with Monsieur Ysaye (violin) and Mrs Henry J. Wood (vocal).
16 November 1901: Newman's First Festival Orchestral Concert, given by Newman's Festival Orchestra, conducted by Henry J. Wood, with vocalists Mrs Henry J. Wood and Philip Brozel.
22 November 1901: 'Sullivan Concert', on the anniversary of Sir Arthur Sullivan's death, with Madame Lillian Blauvelt, Madame Sobrino, Madame Kirkby Lunn, Mr John Coates, Mr F. B. Ranalow and Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal) and the Wolverhampton Festival Choral Society, including Sullivan, The Golden Legend.
30 November 1901: Newman's Second Festival Orchestral Concert (Wagner), with Miss Marie Brema (vocal) (with insert detailing the replacement of Madame Brema by Ffrangcon-Davies and outlining the consequent alterations to the programme).
14 December 1901: Newman's Last Festival Orchestra Concert, with the Newman Festival Orchestra and Madame Kirkby Lunn and Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal).

2. Ysaye-Busoni recitals
All programmes contain historical and analytical notes, with musical examples.
23 May, and 6, 13 and 20 June 1901: Ysaye and Busoni Violin and Pianoforte Recitals. With the exception of that on 13 June, each recital included three sonatas for violin and piano, the majority by Austro-Germanic composers. That on 13 June included two such pieces, either side of solo works of the individual instruments.
14, 21 and 27 November 1901: Ysaye-Becker-Busoni Recitals. Each performance opened and closed with a piano trio and included solos given by each of the three instrumentalists, accompanied by Percy Pitt.

3. Organ Recitals
All performances of this kind included a vocal soloist (listed below) accompanied by Percy Pitt. All programmes include historical notes, with the texts for the vocal pieces. With the exception of the programme for 13 November, these notes also include an article entitled 'The Organ (Historical Retrospective)'.
13 November 1901: Henry J. Wood with Mrs Henry J. Wood.
20 and 28 November and 4 and 11 December 1901: Edwin H. Lemare with Mr Ffrangcon-Davies/Madame Kirby Lunn/Miss Jessie Golsack/Miss Florence Schmidt.

4. Miscellaneous concerts
Unless otherwise stated below, these were two-part concerts of vocal and instrumental solos.
5 April 1901: Grand Sacred Concert, given by the Sunday Concert Society, with Miss Florence Schmidt, Madame Kirkby Lunn, Miss Jessie Goldsack, Mr Gregory Hast, Mr William Ludwig, Mr Denham Price and Mrs Brown Potter (vocal), Mr W. H. Squire (cello), Miss Miriam Timothy (harp), the Misses Cerasoli (pianos) and Mr W. S. Hoyte (organ), accompanied by Percy Pitt and Alfred H. West (with wordbook).
23 November 1901: Newman's Popular Concerts, with Madame Blauvelt, Miss Florence Schmidt, Madame Kirby Lunn, Miss Jessie Goldsack and Mr Samuel Masters (vocal), Monsieur Ysaye (violin), Mr Mark Hambourg (piano) and Mr Edwin H. Lemare (organ), accompanied by Percy Pitt.
12 December 1901: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Madame Lillian Blauvelt, Miss Fanny Chetham, Miss Ada Crossley, Miss Edith Leslie, Mr Lloyd Chandos, Mr H. Plevy, Mr Ffrangcon-Davies and Mr G. Stubbs (vocal), the Queen's Hall Orchestra and the Nottingham Sacred Harmonic Society (with wordbook).

Volume 3: 1902-04
In addition to the programmes listed below, this volume includes prospectuses for Newman's Concerts of January to March 1902 (containing programmes for 4 symphony concerts) and for the 3 Pugno Concerts given on 3, 10 and 13 June 1902, the first two being piano recitals and the last being an orchestra concert given by the Queen's Hall orchestra, led by Monsieur Colonne. There are also handbills for performances on 28 October 1902 (Orchestral Concert), 4 May 1903 (Parsifal Concert with Lloyd Chandos and Mr Francis Braun, vocal), 26 May 1903 (Tchaikovsky Concert with Miss Marie Hall, violin) and 31 October 1903 (Symphony Concert with Miss Adela Verne, piano). All four of these performances featured the Queen's Hall Orchestra, conducted by Emil Paur (1902) and Henry Wood (1903).

1. Orchestral concerts
Where no other indication is given below, these concerts were given by the Queen's Hall Orchestra, led by Arthur W. Payne and conducted by Henry Wood. Unless otherwise stated, all programmes include words, historical and analytical notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble.
1 January 1902: New Year's Day Afternoon Concert/Tchaikovsky concert, with Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal), including the first London performance of 'The Pilgrim's Song'.
22 January 1902: 'In Memoriam' Concert given on the first anniversary of the death of Queen Victoria, with Miss Florence Schmidt and Madame Kirkby Lunn (vocal), and Madame Beatrice Langley (violin), including a recitation by Mr Murray Carson.
12 February 1902: Ash Wednesday Afternoon Concert, given by Newman's Symphony Orchestra (led by Arthur W. Payne and conducted by Henry Wood) with Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal, accompanied by Landon Ronald, including a number of extracts from Wagner, Parsifal and Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6.
22 March 1902: Wagner Concert, with Miss Alice Nielsen and Madame Clara Butt (vocal).
28 March 1902: Good Friday Afternoon Concert, with Miss Alice Nielsen (vocal), including Wagnerian operatic excerpts, Beethoven, Symphony No. 6 and vocal music by Mendelssohn and Bach-Gounod.
29 May 1902: Wagner Concert, led by E. Kosman.
12 June 1902: Tchaikovsky Concert, including Symphony No. 6, led by Kosman.
16 and 20 June 1902: Nikisch Concerts, led by Kosman and conducted by Arthur Nikisch.
12 November 1903: Professor Johann Kruse Concert/Berlioz Centenary Concert, led by W. Frye Parker and conducted by Felix Weingartner, with Mademoiselle Palasara (vocal), including the first performance of Berlioz, Cleopatre, Scene Lyrique for Soprano and Orchestra (with historical and analytical notes by Ernest Walker and photographs of Berlioz and Weingartner).
2 December 1903: Testimonial Concert to Robert Newman, including music by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Wagner (with a photograph of Henry Wood and an introductory note regarding Newman's achievements/contribution to London concert life).
23 February 1904: Fritz Kreisler's Orchestral Concert, including concertos by Brahms, F. d'Erlanger and Vieuxtemps (with analytical notes by Percy Pitt and A. Kalisch).
7 March 1904: Catholic Choirs' Festival, organized by the Catholic Association and given by Miss Helen Jaxon, Miss Kate Rooney, Mr Joseph O'Mara, Mr John Lacey and Mr Walter Dolphin (vocal) with Mr E. d'Evry (organ), Miss Adelaide Schonberg (accompanist) and a full orchestra and choir of 300 voices, conducted by Arthur Barclay.

2. Miscellaneous concerts
15 February 1902: Ysaye-Busoni Recital, accompanied by Percy Pitt.
28 March 1902: Grand Sacred Concert, including vocal and instrumental solos by Miss Louise Dale, Miss Florence Schmidt, Miss Jessie Goldsack, Mr Joseph O'Mara, Mr William Ludwig, Mr Ffrangcon-Davies and Mrs Brown Potter (vocal), Mr H. Lyell-Tayler (violin), Mr J. Renard (cello), Mr Miriam Timothy (harp) and Mr H. C. Tonking (organ), accompanied by Percy Pitt and Mr F. B. Kiddle.
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