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Percy Rideout (1882-1932)
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A collection of handbills and programmes for performances featuring the English pianist, organist and composer Percy Rideout, given at various venues in London and the UK between 1882 and 1932, held across three folders contained within a single box.

The collection also includes a programme for an Organ Recital given by Roland Diggle at St. John's Cathedral, Quincy, Illinois on 12 November 1913, including Rideout, Forest Studies.

Folders 1 and 2 contain programmes for a miscellaneous selection of concerts. Those given in the years 1918 and 1919 are held in folder 2, with the remainder held in folder 1. These items are listed below alphabetically by venue, with the London venues followed by the UK locations.

Folder 3 contains programmes for organ recitals given largely by Rideout between 1897 and 1932, including a large number of programmes from the West London Synagogue, 34 Upper Berkeley Street.

Miscellaneous concert
1. London venues
- 2 Porchester Terrace, Hyde Park
28 May 1931: Organ Recital by Percy Rideout, with Anna Filipova, accompanied by Meta Rogers (handbill).

- 42 Montague Square
28 November 1903: Mr Charles Schilsky (violin), Percy Rideout (piano) with Miss May Coleman (vocal), including recitations by Miss Fanny Mason.

- Aeolian Hall
6 June 1918: Anglo-Finnish Art Song Recital: Bantock-Sibelius, given by George Pawlo, accompanied by Rideout, including the first English performances of a number of songs by both composers (with wordbook).

- Battersea Polytechnic
9 March 1910: Free Popular Organ Recital given by Rideout, with Miss Mabel Craig (violin), accompanied by Miss Ina Lamont (handbill).

- Bechstein Hall
10 May 1904: Vocal Recital by Miss Sibyl Sammis and Mr George Wilber Reed, accompanied by Percy Rideout (handbill).
4 June 1907: Dr Percy Rideout: Concert of his own Compositions, given by Miss Ethel Lister and Mr Charles Bennett (vocal) with Miss Marie Motto (violin) and Rideout (piano) (with words).

- Brondesbury, 11 Callcott Court
2 July 1901: Dr and Mrs Percy Rideout at Home, given by Percy Rideout with Miss Minnie Chamberlain, Mr Henry Beauchamp and Mr Charles Schilsky (handbill, 2 copies).

- Horns Assembly Rooms, Kennington
16 October 1892: Vocal and Instrumental Music which followed a Lecture by Hubert Ward given for the National Sunday League as part of the Sunday Evenings for the People series. The performance featured Miss Jessie Hotine, Miss Marie Hooton and Mr Edward Branscombe (vocal) and was conducted by Mr Percy Rideout.

- Imperial Club, 6 Lexham Gardens
2 and 9 June 1910: Two Studies in Modern British Song, to be given by Miss A. E. Keeton, with vocal illustrations by Miss Grainer-Kerr, accompanied by Miss Marjorie Adam (single document, plus 2 copies of a separate item for 9 June).

- Lancaster Hall, 133 Lancaster Road,
12 July [1883]: Concert by Mr Russell Lochner’s Pupils, assisted by Mr Warden Denniss, including an Organ Solo by Master Rideout.

- London Organ School and International College of Music, Cavendish Square
8 December 1900: Invitation Concert, with Miss Beatrice Rock and Dr Percy Rideout (piano), Miss Martin and Miss Edith Rock (vocal), Mr John Schwiller (cello) and Mr Marshall W. Giselman and Mr Lionel Wiggins (organ), including the first performance of Léon Schlesinger, Cantata, Hymne á la Paix, sung by Mademoiselle E. Rosetti and Senor Antonio Paoli.
8 May 1901: An Evening Concert, with Percy Rideout (piano), Mr Charles Schilsky (violin), Mr Henry Beauchamp (vocal) and Mr Rayner Willis (piano) (handbill).
5, 14 and 28 June [1905]: Character Studies presented by Miss A. E. Keeton, focussing on Rubinstein, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky, with musical illustrations accompanied by Rideout (prospectus and handbills).

- Pioneer Club
2 February 1904: Rideout (piano), Miss Llewelyn Jones (violin) and Miss Muriel Hansen, Miss Frederika Taylor and Mr Grasett (vocal) with Miss Beatrice Groves (recitation).

- St. George's Church, Bloomsbury
7 and 14 December [1909]: Two Organ Recitals by Percy Rideout (handbill).

- St. James's Hall
29 January 1891: London Symphony Concert (5th season, no. 4), with Madame Albani (vocal), conducted by Mr Henschel, including the first performance of Percy Rideout, Symphonic Poem (after Shelley’s Epipsychidion) (with historical and analytical notes by Joseph Bennett, including musical examples).
12 February 1891: London Symphony Concert (5th season, no. 5) with Mr and Mrs Henschel (vocal), conducted by Henschel (handbill).

- St. Mary Aldermary
28 April 1943 and 25 April 1951: Order of Service, including Rideout, Anthem, 'The Lord is my Shepherd'.

- St. Michael's Church, Highgate
1 June 1901: Wedding Service sheet, including a Programme of Music given by Percy Rideout (organ).

- St. Mildred's Church, Bread Street
7 July 1911: Organ Recital by Percy Rideout with Henry Tolhurst, including Rideout, Forest Studies.

- Steinway Hall
12 February 1901: Mrs Ernest Newton and Miss Minnie Chamberlain’s Concert, given by Mr Henry Beaumont and Mr Charles Tree (vocal), Charles Schilsky (violin), Mr Sydney Brooks (cello) and Mrs Oskar Fux (piano) with Mr Fred J. Nettlefold (reciter), accompanied by Mrs Oskar Fux, Dr Rideout and Mr Ernest Newton.
3 December 1902: Invitation Concert, given by Dr Rideout and Mr Charles Schilsky’s Pupils.

- Wigmore Hall
18 March 1818: George Pawlo (vocal), including the first performance of songs by Rideout, Holst and Granville Bantock, accompanied by Rideout (with wordbook).
8 November 1918: Operatic and Orchestral Concert given by George Pawlo, with the London Symphony Orchestra, conduced by Hamilton Harty, including the first orchestral performance of Holst, Hymns from Rig Veda and the first performance of Rideout, Aria, Oft in my Dreams (from The Cardinal) (with wordbook).

- Wimbledon, Baths Hall
9-13 February 1920: Princess Ida, given by the Wimbledon and District Operatic Society, conducted by Rideout.

- Wimbledon, St. Mark's Hall
25 January 1919: Recital of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, given by Rev. N. Kynaston, preceded by music by Percy Rideout (handbill).

2. English provincial venues
- Bexhill-on-Sea, St. George's Hall
1 November 1910: Programme of Songs, to be sung by Miss Grainger-Kerr to illustrate Miss A. E. Keeton’s Study of Modern British Songs, including Rideout, A Yule Song (handbill).

- Chatham, Admiralty House [Kent]
16 December 1909: Songs to be sung by Miss Grainger-Kerr to illustrate Miss A. E. Keeton’s Study of Modern British Song, including a piece by Rideout, accompanied by Miss Margaret Leigh-Bennett (handbill).

- Egham, Constitutional Hall
3 November 1898: Dr. Rideout's First Annual Grand Concert, with Miss Mabel Ward, Miss Gertrude Adams and Mr Henry Beauchamp (vocal), Charles Schilsky (violin) and Dr. Rideout (piano).

- Leeds, Town Hall
17 January 1914: Organ Recital by Mr H. A. Fricker, including Rideout, Forest Studies (with brief notes).

- Llanfairfechan, Christ Church
28 August 1905: Organ Recital by Dr Percy Rideout with Mr and Mrs Llewelyn Jones (handbill).

- Long Ditton, Parish Hall
21 April 1910: Mr Douglas Scott's Evening Concert, with Miss Maud Hardy, Miss Blanche Miller Hooper, Mr Myles Horsfield and Mr Douglas Scott (vocal), Miss Kathleen Ainge (recitals) and Percy Rideout (piano), accompanied by Mrs J. Greenwood (with words).

- Penmaenmawr, St. Seiriol's Church
24 August 1905: Organ Recitals, given by Percy Rideout (3pm) and Llewelyn Jones (8pm), the latter assisted by the Penmaenmawr Male Voice Choir (single document).

- Redhill, St. John's
2 November 1904:

- Unknown venue
16 December 1882: Mr Russell Lochner's Pupils’ Concert, being a performance of vocal and instrumental solos, including an Organ Solo by Master Rideout.

Parcel 3: Organ recitals, 1897–1932
A volume of handbills and programmes for Organ Recitals given, unless otherwise stated below, by Percy Rideout, including handbills for 34 performances given at the West London Synagogue between 1920 and 1931, where Rideout was resident organist.

In addition to the programmes listed below, the collection includes a programme with historical and descriptive notes for a Grand Organ Recital given by Francesco Ticciati with Frida Dancyger (vocal) on 18 September 1933 at St. Peter's Church, Elgin Avenue.

- West London Synagogue, 34 Upper Berkeley Street
With the exception of those given on 9 December 1923 (Mr R. S. Elkin) and 6 January 1924 (G. D. Cunningham), all performances featured Percy Rideout, typically with one or more additional musicians, notably the organist R. S. Elkin and vocalists Miss Frida Dancyger, Philip Ritte, Anna Filipova and Maurice Rais.
12 and 19 December 1920.
9 January, 6 February, 6 March, 3 April, 6 November and 4 December 1921.
5 February, 5 March, 2 April, 5 November and 3 December 1922.
7 January, 4 February, 4 March, 8 April and 9 December 1923.
6 January (with brief notes), 3 February, 2 March, 6 April, 2 November and 7 December 1924.
1 February, 1 March (with words), 1 November and 6 December 1925.
7 February, 7 March and 12 December 1926.
6 February and 6 March (with words) 1927.
2 December 1931 (with words).
The concert on 4 December 1921 included the first English performance of Rhea Silberta, Songs, 'Consolation' and 'Yom Kippur', the texts of which are provided on the reverse of the handbill.

- Miscellaneous venues
London venues
2 Porchester Terrace, Clifford Johnston's: 28 May 1931 (with Anna Filipova (vocal), accompanied by Meta Rogers).
All Soul's, Langham Place: 10 March 1914 (with Mr Geoffrey George, vocal).
Battersea Polytechnic: 9 March 1910 (with violinist Miss Mabel Craig, accompanied by Miss Ina Lamont).
St. George's Church, Bloomsbury: 7 and 14 December 1909 (single document).
St. Giles, Cripplegate: 3 June and 11 November 1915, 27 April 1916 and 11 and 25 January 1917. In addition to the Programme of Music, each of these documents includes the words for a prayer and a hymn, and an indication of the person responsible for the Address.
St. John the Baptist, Spencer Hill, Wimbledon: 15 January 1921 (with Mr George Shrive, vocal).
St. Laurence Jewry, Gresham Street: 16 February 1915.
St Margaret's Church, Leigham Court: 13 December 1900 (with St. Margaret's Ladies' Choral Society and the Church Choir).
St. Michael and All Angels, Stoke Newington Common: 7 October 1909.
St. Mildred, Bread Street: 7 July 1911 (with Mr Henry Tolhurst), 3 July 1931 and 6 May 1932.
St. Paul's Church: 25 December 1897 (Organ Recital and Carols).

U.K. venues
Aylesbury, Church of St. John the Evangelist: 8 November 1922.
Llanfairfechan, Parish Church: 28 August 1905 (Mr and Mrs Llewelyn Jones, vocal).
Penmaenmawr, St. Seiriol's Church: 24 August 1905 (second copy of the above).
Tendring, Parish Church of Saint Edmund, King and Martyr: 25 September 1913 (Order of Service for the Dedication of the New Organ, including the programme for a Recital by Rideout).
Whiteley Village, St. Mark's Church: 18 June 1931.
Wycombe, Union Baptist Chapel, Easton Street: 8 March 1911 (with Mr Stanley M. A. Galpin (violin). Held with this programme are press cuttings/reviews of the concert taken from the South Bucks Standard.
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1882 - 1932
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