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Collection Description

Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Scrapbook 4 (1843-1929)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 1 c.140 (4)
A miscellaneous collection of material relating to musical activity in Oxford, including handbills, posters and programmes for concert performances given at various Oxford venues between 1843 and 1929, held as the last of four scrapbooks.

Many of the concerts were given under the auspices of Sydney Acott, Harris and Co, for which a number of term cards and brochures/prospectuses are held. The volume also includes handbills, announcements and tickets relating to performance organizations such as the Oxford and Cambridge Musical Club, the Oxford Bach Choir and the Oxford Ladies' Musical Society.

Programmes are ordered in a miscellaneous fashion but are listed here alphabetically by venue/organization.

1. Assembly Rooms, City Buildings
2. New Examination Schools
3. Oxford Ladies' Musical Society
4. Sheldonian Theatre
- Hymn Singing
- Oxford Bach Choir and Choral Society
- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
5. Town Hall
6. Miscellaneous venues

1. Assembly Rooms, City Building
4 November [no year]: Ancient Music and Dances, with Miss N. W. Taphouse and Miss Nellie Chaplin (handbill).
Saturday 8 and 22 November and 6 December [1884]: Three Lectures on the Songs of Schubert, Schumann and Brahms, given by Mr Walter Ford, accompanied by Ernest Walker (single handbill).
10 November 1898: Grand Concert by The Recital Trio of Ethel Barns (violin), Mary Olson (piano) and Charles Phillips (baritone) (with biographical notes).
2 December 1911: Four Chamber Concerts, no, 2 presented by Mr A. J. Slocombe and Mr B. Patterson Parker (handbill).

2. New Examination Schools
Wednesday 2 May [1894]: Lecture on Scientific Voice Culture in Song and Speech, given by Miss Marian Veltrino (handbill).
5 May 1894: Grand Concert with Master Cyril Tyler (soprano) and Miss Nettie Carpenter (violin), conducted by Mr van Vleet.
3 November 1894: Ballad Concert by the Meister Glee Singers with Miss Mabel Berrey and Madame Alice Gomez (vocal) and Mr Leo Stern (cello), accompanied by Madame Hast.
10 November 1894: Ballad Concert, with Clara Samuell, Mr Henry Piercy, Mr Ffrangcon Davies and Miss Jeanie Rankin (vocal), Mr Philip Cathie (violin) and Mr Clement Locknane (piano).
12 November 1894: Pianoforte and Violoncello Recital by Mademoiselle Therese and Master Jean Gerardy.
22 November 1894: Oxford University Musical Club and Oxford University Musical Union Grand Chamber Concert, given by a string quartet of Lady Hallé, Monsieur Ries, Mr Gibson and Mr Whitehouse, with Helen Trust (vocal) and Mr Schönberger (piano), accompanied by Henry Bird.
22 November 1894: Grand Chamber Concert (with Analytical Remarks, including musical examples).
28 November 1894: Pianoforte and Vocal Recital by Leonard Borwick and Mr Plunket Greene.
26 January 1895: Mr Sims Reeves' Concert Party, with Miss Louise Nanney (violin) and Signor Bisaccia (piano).
8 February 1895: Grand Concert, with Mademoiselle Landi, Mr Landi and Mademoiselle Chaminade, with Monsieur Achille Rivarde (violin).
2 March 1895: Evening Concert, featuring Mademoiselle Janotha (piano).
20 May 1895: Lecture on the Precursors to the Piano, with illustrations by Miss N. W. Taphouse (handbill).

3. Oxford Ladies' Musical Society
A miscellaneous selection of handbills and programmes, some with words. None of these items cite a specific venue, although other sources would suggest that the regular meeting place of the Society was Gunfield, 19 Norham Gardens. Also, included is a programme with words for a Concert for Children given on 13 December 1899 at the Town Hall.
8 March and 11 and 25 November 1898: nos. 3, 8 and 9.
31 January 1902: no. 46.
3 June 1904: no. 76.
8 December 1905: no. 93
2 March, 26 October and 23 November 1906: nos. 96, 102 and 104.
25 October and 22 November 1907: nos. 114 and 116.
22 May 1908: no. 123.
12 March, 22 October and 5 November 1909: nos. 133, 138 and 139.
11 March, 25 November and 9 December: nos. 145, 152 and 153.
3 February and 24 November 1911: nos. 154 and 164.
2 and 16 February, 15 March and 8 November 1912: nos. 166, 167, 169 and 175.
21 February, 7 March, 16 and 30 May and 24 October 1913: nos. 180, 181, 183, 184 and 186.
13 February 1914: no. 191.
18 March 1927: no. 350.
1 February 1929: no number.

4. Town Hall
Thursday 23 February [no year]: Special Piano Recital by Moiseiwitsch (handbill with photograph).
Thursday 5-14 March [no year]: daily performances by Moritz Wurm (violin) (single document with photographs).
Saturday 8 May [no year]: Concert by Elsie Webb.
Saturday 29 October [no year]: Grand Concert under the direction of Mr James Falkland (programme card).
Friday 12 December [no year]: Lecture on French Folk-Songs, with musical illustrations (handbill).
6 February 1843: Mr Sharp's Annual Concert (with words).
23 and 24 May 1849: Lectures by the Rev. W. H. Cope on the Church Choral Service, with illustrations performed by the Oxford University Motett [sic] and Madrigal Society (single document).
12 February 1887: Grand Evening Concert with Madame Valleria, Miss Ada Doyle, Mr Charles Ellison and Signor Foli (vocal) and Mons. Tivadar Nachez (violin), Mr J. Hollman (cello) and Signor Biasaccia (piano).
23 November 1892: Mr J. Wright's Annual Grand Evening Concert.
30 September 1897: Popular Concert with Mr Mel B. Spurr and the Magdalen Glee Singers.
7 November 1898: Third Matinee Musicale, with Miss Edna May.
11 November 1898: St. James's Hall Ballad Concert.
12 November 1898: Two Grand Military Concerts by the band of H. M. Royal Horse Guards, with Miss Edith Serpell (vocal), conducted by Mr Charles Godfrey.
26 January 1899: Mayor's Reception of members of the local musical societies.
6 February 1899: St. James's Hall Ballad Concert with Miss Marie Tempest (handbill).
4 March 1899: Humorous Recital by Mr George Grossmith.
Monday 13 November [1899]: Grand Matinee Musicale.
27 January 1900: Grand Ballad Concert by Mr Cyril Streatfeild.
23 February 1900: Clara Butt's Grand Evening Concert (with photograph).
17 November 1900 and 30/31 October 1906: Children's Concerts, given by the Oxford Elementary Schools' Musical Society, conducted by Mr J. R. Benson (with words).
14 March 1901: Brahms, Requiem, given by the Oxford Bach Choir, conducted by Hugh Allen (handbill).
Thursday 21 November [1901]: Souza and his Band (with historical and biographical notes and photographs).
Thursday 26 April [1906]: Mr George Grossmith's Last Two-Hour Recital (handbill with photograph).
8 March 1909: Recitals by Blind Organists No. 4 (and last), given by Mr W. Wolstenholme with Miss Adeline Cocker (alto) (with biographical notes).
28 February 1914: Town Hall Promenade Concert No.2, given by Dr. Allen's Orchestra (conducted by Hugh Allen), including the first performance of George Butterworth, Idyll, for Orchestra (handbill).
28 October 1919: Clara Butt and the Massed Bands of H. M. Guards, with Mr Kennerley Rumford (vocal) (handbill with photographs).
27 October, 24 November and 8 December 1921 and 2 and 16 February, 2 March, 4 May and 8 June 1922: Oxford Subscription Concerts (single handbill, with an individual handbill for the 5th concert, given by the Czecho-Slovak String Quartet).
17 February 1922: Song Recital by Paul Dalmas (tenor), accompanied by Miss Winifred Hazel (handbill).
1 April 1928: Orchestral Concert given as part of the National Union of Students Fourth Universities Congress by the Congress String Orchestra with Nellie Meyrat (soprano) and Leonard Isaacs (piano), conducted by Christopher Mayson (handbill).

3. Sheldonian Theatre
- Hymn Singing and Songs for Choir and Audience (conducted by Hugh Allen)
17 February 1918 and 12 March 1922: (posters).
24 November 1918 and 16 November 1919: (handbills with words).

- Oxford Bach Choir and Choral Society
Where no other indication is given below, these concerts were conducted by Hugh Allen and given with the vocal soloists listed below.
Sunday 1 December [1918]: Bach, Magnificat/Sleepers, Wake (poster).
7 December 1919: Bach, Mass in B minor, with Miss Ethel McLelland, Miss Sibyl Cropper, Mr John Adams and Mr Topliss Green (with words).
Sunday 12 March [1916]: Handel, Messiah, with Miss Ada Forrest, Miss Sara Silvers, Mr John Adams and Mr Frederick Ranalow (handbill).
10 March 1918: Haydn, Creation, with Miss Ethel McLelland, Mr Charles Child and Mr Frederick Taylor.
13 June 1920: Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius/Holst, The Hymn of Jesus, with Mr Gervase Elwes, Mr Dorothy Smithard and Mr Walter Clapperton (with words).
Sunday 1 and 8 March [1925?]: Bach, St. Matthew Passion, with Dorothy Silk, Margaret Balfour, Archibald Winter, Stuart Robertson and Keith Falkner (handbill and programme with words).
11 March 1928: Bach, St. John Passion, with Dorothy Silk, Steuart Wilson, Muriel Brunskill and Stuart Robertson, conducted by W. H. Harris (handbill).

- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
18 June 1860: Oxford Commemoration Grand Morning Concert (with words).
7 May 1868: Grand Morning Concert of Classical Vocal and Instrumental Music, conducted by Dr Corfe (with words).
16 May 1882: (handbill).
2 March 1887: Hezekiah, conducted by T. W. Dodds (with words and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
14 June 1887: Richter Concert, given by the Richter Orchestra, conducted by Hans Richter.
9 November 1888: John H. Mee, Missa Solennis in B flat, given by Miss Anna Williams, Miss Hilda Wilson, Mr Harper Kearton and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal) with Mr Alfred Broughton's Leeds Choir, conducted by the composer (with words).
4 March 1890: Organ Recital given by Mr Walter Parratt for the Ouseley Memorial Fund, including part songs given by the Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society, conducted by Dr J. V. Roberts (with notes).
7 and 9 July 1897: Grand Children's Concert given by the Oxford Elementary Schools Musical Society (handbill).
17 December 1918: In Honour of Belgium, with Monsieur Arthur de Greef (piano) and Hugh Percy Allen's Orchestra (handbill).
29 May 1926: Invitation Concert given by Mrs Frederic Shurtleff Coolidge (with words).

6. Miscellaneous venues
[no date], [no venue]: Mr W. Pyatt's Grand Ballad Concerts (two programmes with words).
[no date], [no venue]: Joint Recital by Madame Carreño and Mischa Elman (with notes and photographs).
[no date], Constitutional Hall, Cowley Road: Mr Arthur Brogden's Swiss Choir Entertainments (handbill).
Saturday 22 January [no year], Lyric Hall, Cowley Road: Mr A. L. Baron's First Grand Smoking Concert (handbill).
Thursday 26 February [no year], Taphouse Concert Room, 3 Magdalen Street: Pianoforte Recital by Ruby Holland.
Wednesday/Thursday 17/18 October [no year], Y.M.C.A.: Grand Musical and Literary Entertainment by the Sherwood Orphan School Band (single handbill/poster).
Tuesday 23 October [no year], Constitutional Hall, Cowley Road: Oxford City Lawn Tennis Club Ballad Concert, with Mr Reginald Clarke (piano) (handbill/poster).
Saturday 17 November [no year], Assembly Rooms, Randolph Hotel: Songs of the West (handbill).
Saturday 22 November [no year], Taphouse's New Concert Room: Grand Pianoforte Recital by Mr Brewerton, assisted by Miss Juanita Aitken (soprano) (handbill).
10 November 1864, Corn Exchange: Mr James Russell's Grand Evening Concert, conducted by Signor Arditi (with words).
30 November 1846, Star Assembly Room: Mr Sharp's Annual Concert (with words).
1 December 1853, New College Chapel: District Choral Festival with the Choir Benevolent Fund (handbill).
10 December 1869 [no venue]: Harmonomaniacs (handbill, with an annotation indication that 'this was their first concert').
9 February 1871, Music Room, Holywell Street: Private Concert.
Saturday 2 December [1882], St. George's Church: First Evensong of Advent Sunday, given by the Oxford Gregorian Choral Association (handbill).
17 March 1886, Oxford Institute for Working Men, 30, St. Aldate's:
3/4 December 1889, Balliol College Hall/Sheldonian Theatre: Two Organ Recitals given by Mons. A. Guilmant for the Ousely Memorial Fund (single document).
27 November 1890, St. Paul's School-Room: Selection of Music given by Mr C. M. and Miss N. W. Taphouse in conjunction with an exhibition of Keyboard Stringed Instruments (with notes).
8 December 1891, Randolph Assembly Room: Pianoforte and Vocal Recital to be given by Count Gaston de Mérindol and Mr W. Alison Phillips (with separate wordbook).
3 November 1893, Assembly Rooms, Clarendon Hotel: Dramatic and Musical Recital given by Mr Arthur M. Heathcote, with Miss Alice Bateman and Miss E. Matzke.
27 November 1894, Kettle Hall: Chamber Concert.
25 January 1895, Clarendon Assembly Rooms: Mr Mercer Adam's Grand Entertainment.
14 December 1897, 91 High Street:
2 July 1903, Sir Joshua Reynolds' House, London: Oxford and Cambridge Musical Club, programme no. 82 (handbill).
6 June [1904], 16, St. Giles': (handbill).
29 November 1904, Police Drill Hall: Variety Concert given by the Oxford City Police.
1 December 1904, North Oxford School of Music, 65 Banbury Road: Recital by H. C. Warrilow (organ) with Annie Midgley (vocal) and Mary Warrilow (piano) (handbill).
23 February 1914, Assembly Rooms: Pianoforte Recital by pupils of Mr George Woodhouse (with photograph and brief biographical note).
29 June 1918, Balliol Hall: Lecture on English Folk Songs with musical illustrations, given by Mr Frederick Keel for the Oxford Folk Music Society, accompanied by Ernest Walker (poster).
Sunday 18 November [1923], Balliol College Hall: Piano and Violin Recital given by Helena Morsztyn and Mr Loris Blofield, accompanied by Ernest Walker (handbill).
Sunday 22 June [1924], Playhouse: Special Commemoration Concert given by the Elizabethan Singers (handbill).
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