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Collection Description

Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Scrapbook 3 (1808-1908)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 1 c.140 (3)
A miscellaneous collection of handbills, programmes and wordbooks for performances given by local performing organizations at various Oxford venues between 1808 and 1908, held as the third of four scrapbooks.

The material is arranged by organization as follows:

1. Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society
2. Oxford University Glee and Madrigal Society
3. Oxford Orpheus Society
4. Oxford University Amateur Musical Society
5. Oxford Glee Party
6. Oxford Professional Glee Singers
7. Oxford Gleemen
8. Oxford Vocal Union
9. Oxford Vocal Society
10. Examination Acts
11. Miscellaneous concerts

In some cases, programmes are accompanied by a small amount of printed documentation regarding the promoting organization. The volume concludes with documentation of lectures given by the Professor of Music, some of which contained musical illustrations. There is also some material relating to the Oxford (University) Orchestral Society.

1. Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society
The concert on 4 June 1895 was given in the New Examination Schools. The remaining concerts were given at the Sheldonian Theatre (1894–1896) and the Town Hall (1897–1907). Unless otherwise stated below, concerts were conducted by Mr F. Cunningham Woods (1894–96), Mr G. H. Betjemann (1897–1901) and Hugh Allen (1902–07, with the Oxford Bach Choir). The documentation for the concerts consists of handbills, announcements and/or programmes.
18 June 1894: Commemoration Concert, including Edward German, Selections from the Music to Henry VIII (conducted by the composer) (with venue plan).
21 February 1895: Morning Concert/Handel, Messiah.
4 June 1895: Summer Concert.
13 February 1896: Parry, St. Cecilia's Day and Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise, conducted by Parry.
25 November 1897: Handel, Messiah (rehearsal announcement).
8 November 1898: Haydn, Creation.
Tuesday 28 November [1899]: Miscellaneous Concert.
Wednesday 14 March [1900]: Handel, Messiah.
5 March 1901: Sullivan, Martyr of Antioch.
6 March 1902: Bach, St. Matthew Passion.
10 March 1903: Bach, Mass in B minor (first Oxford performance).
17 March 1904: Handel, Israel in Egypt.
8 March 1906: Bach, Passion Music.
14 March 1907: Beethoven, Mass in D and Symphony in E flat, with Dr. Allen's Orchestra (programme with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

2. Oxford University Glee and Madrigal Society
10 December 1885; 5 March and 2 December 1886; 24 February, 6 May and 29 November 1887; and 7 March 1888, Sheldonian Theatre: posters, handbills, programmes and programmes with words, including a number of duplicates.

3. Oxford Orpheus Society
3 February 1858, Town Hall: Grand Evening Concert, accompanied by Mr T. Cooke.
28 February [no year], Music Room: (handbill with words).
19 May 1874 and 30 May 1877, Music Room: Annual Invitation Concert, conducted by W. H. Allchin (with words).
30 June 1879, Wadham College Gardens: (with words).

4. Oxford University Amateur Musical Society
In addition to the material listed below, this section begins with two undated programmes, the second of which was given at Willis's Rooms, London.

27 February 1843 and 14 May 1845 (both Music Room); 3 June 1845 (New College Hall); 12 June 1847 (Magdalen College Hall); 10 November 1847 (Wyatt's Room); 30 November 1847 (Star Assembly Room); 1 July 1848 (Queen's College Hall); 23 May 1849 (Star Hotel); 18 June 1849 (Town Hall); 14 November 1849 (Star Hotel); 13 March and 7 December 1850 and 1 March and 15 November 1851 (all Star Rooms); 30 June 1851 (Town Hall).
Many of these documents carry handwritten corrections/annotations which comment on the nature and standard of the performance, the performance of encores and the nature and extent of the audience.

Programmes with words
Star Assembly Rooms: 8 December 1851; 26 May, 24 November and 9 December 1852; 9 May and 8 December 1853; 27 February 1854; 14 November and 10 December 1857.
Town Hall: 19 June 1852; 4 June 1853; 13 November 1854; 18 June and 19 November 1855; 7 May 1856; 19 March, 20 May and 20 June 1857; 16 March, 16 November and 11 December 1858; 29 March and 1 July (programme only) 1859; 15 March and 16 June 1860; 8 June 1861.
Miscellaneous venues: 31 May 1855 (Wadham College); 22 May and 13 November 1860 and 26 November 1861 (Music Room).

5. Oxford Glee Party
8 August 1878, Middleton Park: (handbill, two copies).
11 September 1880, Holton Cottage: (with words).
18 August 1881, Wallingford Castle: (with words).

6. Oxford Professional Glee Singers
1 October 1888, Balliol College Hall: Grand Evening Concert, conducted by John Farmer (poster).
Wednesday 24 October [1888], Town Hall: Smoking Concert (poster and handbill).

7. Oxford Gleemen (est. 1886)
All concerts were conducted by Henry B. Wilsdon. The concert in 1891 was held at the Corn Exchange, George Street. The remainder were given at the Town Hall.
5 November 1891: Dr J. H. Mee, Horatius, with the Reading Orpheus Society (handbill).
3 November 1897: Reading Orpheus Society (with words, notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
24 November 1898: Mr and Mrs Henschel (vocal) and Sir Walter Parratt (organ).
20 April and 24 November 1898: 1st and 2nd Subscribers' Concerts (with words, the first including a list of the orchestral ensemble).
13 April 1899: 1st Subscribers' Concert (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
19 February 1900: (with words and additional handbill).
22 November 1900: Subscribers' Concert (handbill).
19 December 1901: Subscribers' Concert (with words).
9 December 1903: Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha (first Oxford performance), with Cowley St. John Vocal Society (handbill).
28 November 1905: (programme and programme with words and notes, the former including a list of the orchestral ensemble and the latter listing both choral and orchestral ensembles).
Thursday 28 June [no year], Wadham College Gardens: (poster).

8. Oxford Vocal Union
Tuesday 30 November [1869?], Holywell Music Room: Grand Evening Concert, with Otto Booth (violin), conducted by Mr Hamilton Clarke (with words and a list of the choral ensemble).
7 June 1870, Holywell Music Room: Grand Evening Concert, conducted by Dr Corfe (with list of the orchestral ensemble).
9 November 1881, Corn Exchange: Haydn, The Creation, given by the Oxford Musical Society with Miss Nelly McEwen, Mr d'Arcy Ferris and Mr Charles Bonell (vocal), conducted by Mr R. Horsley.

9. Oxford Vocal Society
This organization was established in 1885 and prior to 1904 was known as the Cowley St. John Vocal Society.
1 December 1904, Town Hall: Arthur Sullivan, The Golden Legend and Coleridge-Taylor, Scenes from Hiawatha, with Miss Gleeson-White, Miss Mabel M. Price, Mr Harold Wilde, Mr Charles Tree and Mr W. Weston (vocal) (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
28 June 1906, New College Gardens: Sterndale Bennett, The May Queen, conducted by H. B. Wilsdon (with words).
24 January 1907, Town Hall: Elgar, Dream of Gerontius, given with Miss Edna Thornton, Mr Lloyd Chandos and Mr Albert Garcia, conducted by H. B. Wilsdon (with notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
9 July 1908, Wadham College Gardens: Stanford, The Revenge, conducted by H. B. Wilsdon (with words).
22 October 1908, Town Hall: Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha, with Miss Ethel Lister, Mr Charles Child and Mr Greeves Johnson (vocal), conducted by H. B. Wilsdon (with a list of the orchestral ensemble, two copies).

10. Examination Acts
Handbills and programmes with words for the performances of compositions written for the degrees of Bachelor or Doctor in Music.

- Music School
Unless otherwise stated below, these were handbills with words and were given for the degree of Bachelor in Music
26 January 1808: William Russell
26 January 1808: Joseph Pring (for Doctorate)
1 December 1812: William Henry Cutler
1 December 1812: T. Essex (for Doctorate)
16 June 1869: Henry G. Trembath
16 June 1869: W. Creser (programme with words)
18 May 1870: Sydney H. Williams
29 June 1870: Walter H. Sangster
29 June 1870: B. Agutter
29 June 1870: Albert Lister Peace

- Sheldonian
Programmes with words (from 1879 including lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles) for Doctoral exercises:
5 June 1872: W. T. Belcher.
6 May 1874: John Abram.
16 June 1875: Albert Lister Peace.
16 June 1875: Roland Rogers.
16 December 1878: Jacob Bradford and Joseph Gordon Saunders.
7 February 1879: Frederick Iliffe.
6 December 1882: H. A. Harding
5 December 1883: Rowland Mellor Winn.
8 March 1884: Frank Joseph Sawyer.
16 October 1885: Henry T. Pringuer (no lists)
17 October 1885: Charles J. Vincent
17 October 1885: Henry Walmsley Little

11. Miscellaneous concerts
2 March 1887: Hezekiah, conducted by T. W. Dodds (with lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
8 December 1881, [no venue]: Words of the Songs, sung in illustration of the lectures given by the Professor of Music.
Tuesday 19 February [no year], Sheldonian Theatre: Lecture by the Professor of Music on Handel's Oratorio, The Messiah.
26 June 1827, The Theatre: William Crotch, Palestine (with wordbook).
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1808 - 1908
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