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Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Scrapbook 1 (1813-1918)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 1 c.140 (1)
A miscellaneous collection of handbills, programmes and other documentation relating to performances given at a range of Oxford venues between 1813 and 1918, including a significant amount of material relating to the Oxford Choral Society and Oxford Philharmonic Society, held as the first of four such scrapbooks.

Programmes are bound in a miscellaneous fashion and are ordered here by venue (listed alphabetically).

1. British Schoolroom, Cowley Road
2. Constitutional Hall, Cowley Road
3. Corn Exchange, George Street
- Oxford Choral Society
- Miscellaneous Corn Exchange concerts
4. Clarendon Assembly Buildings
5. New Examination Halls
6. Sheldonian Theatre
- Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society.
- Oxford Philharmonic Society
- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
7. Town Hall
8. Miscellaneous venues
9. Unknown venues

1. British Schoolroom, Cowley Road
3 January 1889: Mr J. Holton and Friends (handbill).
28 January 1889: East Oxford Tonic Sol Fa Class.
7 February 1895: Tea and Concert.
14 January 1897: East P.S.A. Oxford.
4 April 1892:

2. Constitutional Hall, Cowley Road
Thursday 21 April [no year]: Cowley St. John Cricket Club Annual Ballad Concert.
30 December 1890: East Ward Conservative Association.
14 March 1891: (two copies).
10 and 17 October 1891: Programme of Popular Entertainment (handbills).
16 November 1891: Mr J. Wright's Evening Concert, featuring Dr C. Harford Lloyd (piano) and the Oxford Apollo Glee Union (handbill, two copies of the programme, and two tickets).
14 December 1891: Mr Brooks' Quadrille Band.
2 February 1892: Magdalen College Choir (handbill).
1 March 1892: Grand Ballad Concert, directed by J. Varley Roberts (plus handbill).
20 November 1894: Grand Evening Concert with Miss Louise Cestria, Julia Hutchings, Mr J. Wright and Mr J. Lomas (vocal) and Basil Harwood (piano) (handbill).

3. Corn Exchange, George Street, Oxford
- Oxford Choral Society
All concerts conducted by Dr J. Varley Roberts, with the vocal soloists listed below. The concerts in 1890 and 1891 were given with the Oxford Philharmonic Society, whose members are listed in the programmes.
Thursday 12 May [no year]: Haydn, Creation, with Mrs Hutchinson, Mr Piercy and Mr D. Sutton Shepley (handbill).
12 November 1886: Miss Hilda Coward, Miss Hilda Wilson, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr D. Sutton Shepley.
12 May 1887: Haydn, The Creation, with Mrs Hutchinson, Mr Piercy and Mr D. Sutton Shepley.
15 November 1888: Handel, Messiah.
6 May 1890: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Miss Montieth, Madame Belle Cole, Mr J. Wright and Mr Watkin Mills.
1 December 1891: Mozart Centenary Concert, with Miss Carrington, Miss Meredyth Elliott, Mr Harper Kearton and Mr Watkin Mills.

- Miscellaneous Corn Exchange concerts
[no date]: 2nd Vol. Battalion Oxon Light Infantry Regimental Band Promenade Concert (handbill).
Wednesday 21 January [no year]: Royal Hand-Bell Ringers.
6-11 February [no year]: Blue Hungarian Band (single document, with a separate document containing press opinions).
26 September and 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 October [no year]: Mayor's Saturday Popular Concerts (single document).
Thursday 3 December [no year]: Grand Violin Recital by Senor Sarasate with Madame Berthe Marx (piano).
31 January 1884: Symphony Concert with Mr James Taylor (piano), conducted by Mr C. H. Lloyd (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
1 November 1884: Grand Concert featuring Miss Ella Lemmens, Madame Enrique, Mr Joseph Maas and Mr Thurley Beale (vocal), Mr Harvey Löhr (piano), Mademoiselle Anna Lang (violin) and Signor Bottesini (double bass) (with Press Opinions).
11 February 1885: Oxford Philharmonic Society with Mrs Hutchinson, Mademoiselle Antelli, Mr Boulcoutt Newth and Mr Pyatt (vocal), conducted by Mr Taylor.
21 April 1885: Homes for Little Boys Military Band (invitation card and handbill).
31 October 1885: Grand Concert, featuring Miss Griswold, Madame Antoinette Sterling, Mr J. W. Turner and Mr Maybrick (vocal), Miss Agnes Zimmermann (piano), Signor Papini (violin) and Signor Bottesini (double bass), conducted by Mr Sidney Naylor (two copies).
[no date] [1886]: Grand Concert (wordbook).
22 February 1886: Evening Concert with Miss Anna Williams, Madame Marian McKenzie, Mr Bernard Lane and Mr Barrington Foote (vocal) and Mademoiselle Anna Lane (violin).
23 October 1886: Grand Concert, conducted by Sidney Naylor (with separate wordbook).
28 October 1886, 3 November 1887, 30 October 1888 (poster only), 4 November 1891 and 7 December 1892: Oxford University College Servants' Society Annual Concerts, directed by Dr J. Varley Roberts.
31 January 1887: Grand Evening Concert featuring Mademoiselle Louise Dotti (vocal), conducted by Monsieur Claude Jaquinot.
27 October 1887: Grand Concert.
9 February 1889: Grand Concert given by Madame Minnie Hauk, Madame Belle Cole, Mr Charles Banks and Mr Arthur Oswald (vocal), Mon. Tivadar Nachez (violin) and Herr Schönberger (piano), accompanied by Mr H. Lane Wilson (with biographical notes).
5 November 1891: Oxford Gleemen and the Reading Orpheus Society with Mr W. Anstice (vocal), conducted by Mr H. B. Wilsden.
3 February 1892: Popular Orchestral Concert, conducted by Mr C. M. Taphouse (handbill and programme with list of the orchestral ensemble).
22 February 1892: Mademoiselle Nikita's Grand Evening Concert (two copies).
29 October 1892: Grand Concert, conducted by Mr Sidney Naylor.
30 November 1892: Grand Concert featuring Miss Marguerite Macintyre (vocal) and Master Jean Gerardy (cello), conducted by Mr Waddington Cooke (three copies).
4 February 1893: Grand Ballad Concert with Madame Amy Sherwin, Miss Ada Tomlinson, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Maybrick (vocal), and Senor Arbos (violin) with Martinus Sieveking (piano/conductor).
11 February 1893: Pianoforte and Violin Recital by Berthe Marx and Senor Sarasate.

4. Clarendon Assembly Buildings
Monday 7 May [no year]: Caledonian Society of Oxford Smoking Concert (poster).
Wednesday 25 November [no year]: Grand Evening Concert, accompanied by Mr Ernest Walker.
Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November [no year]: Pierrot Banjo Team (single document).
27 November 1885: Grand Pianoforte and Violin Recital by Charles Hallé and Norman Neruda.
22 June 1889: Vocal Recital by Liza Lehmann and Lena Little, with Miss Geisler-Schubert (piano).
25 October 1889: Recital by Mr Clifford Harrison.
31 October 1889: Pianoforte and Violin Recital by Miss Margaret Wild and Miss Emily Shinner.
16 November 1889: Grand Evening Concert conducted by Mr T. Henry Webb.
27 November 1890: Pianoforte Recital by Mr Leonard Borwick.
28 October 1891: Amateur Theatricals.
31 October 1891, 10 February 1892, and 26 October 1893: Humorous and Musical Recitals by George Grossmith.
8 and 9 December [1892]: Two Pianoforte Recitals by Frederick Dawson (single document).
28 February 1893: Vocal and Violin Recital by Lawrence Kellie and Tivadar Nachez.
16 May 1893: Students' Chamber Concert with Miss Dora Barnard (vocal) (plus ticket).
3 November 1893: Dramatic and Musical Recital by Miss Alice Bateman and Miss E. Matzke.
9 and 10 January 1895: Tableaux and Musical Entertainment (single handbill, 2 copies).
18 and 19 October 1895: Mr Mercer Adam's Grand Variety Entertainment (single document with Press Opinions).
5 December 1895: Musical and Humorous Recital by Miss Fanny Wentworth (handbill with photograph).
1 February 1897: Grand Evening Concert featuring the Shinner Quartet.
22 February 1897: Violin and Vocal Recital by Tivadar Nachez, with Miss Maggie Purvis and Miss Minnie Chamberlain (vocal) and Mr Howard Hadley (piano) (with photograph).

5. New Examination Schools
Thursday 7 February [no year]: Grand Concert with Antoinette Trebelli, Mr Santley and Mr Bernhard M. Carrodus (poster).
Saturday 15 February [no year]: Concert in aid of the Building Fund for the Cowley St. John New School (handbill).
Thursday 9 November [no year]: Grand Evening Concert by the Oxford Gleemen.
21 October 1893: Grand Evening Concert, conducted by Signor Tito Mattei.
6 November 1893: Grand Evening Concert by Senor Sarasate and Madame Berthe Marx (with biographical notes).
18 November 1893: Grand Evening Ballad Concert given by Miss Marian Mackenzie and Miss Clara Samuell (vocal) and the Meister Glee Singers.
19 December 1893: (ticket)
30 January 1894: Grand Evening Concert, being Madame Patey's last appearance in Oxford.
14 August 1894: Conversazione.
9 November 1894: Grand Ballad Concert with Miss Esther Palliser, Miss Meredyth Elliott, Mr Charles Chilley and Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal) and Felix Dreyschock (piano).
10 May 1895: Miss Fanny Davies and Mr David Bispham's Concert (handbill).
4 June 1895: Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society's Summer Concert, conducted by Mr F. Cunningham Woods (handbill).
19 October 1895: Pianoforte and Song Recital by Leonard Borwick and Mr H. Plunket Greene.
26 October 1895: Grand Evening Concert.
2 November 1895: Ballad Concert, with Miss Macintyre, Miss Clara Butt, Mr Herbert Grover and Mr Robert Grice (vocal), Miss Mabel Chaplin (cello) and Miss Chaplin (piano).
26 November 1895: Grand Evening Concert with Mr Carl Armbruster (piano), Herr Wilhelmj (violin), Miss May Taylor (cello) and Miss Pauline Cramer (vocal) (with Press Opinions).
7 January 1896: Grand Evening Concert.
3 February 1896: Grand Evening Concert with Herr Stavenhagen (piano), Miss May Taylor (cello) and Miss Florence Shee (vocal).
8 February 1896: Mr Edward Iles Evening Concert, with Miss Percival Allen, Miss Gartly Wilson, Mr William Shakespeare and Mr Edward Illes (vocal), Mrs Fraser Henry (piano) and Mr Bernhard Carrodus (violin).
14 February 1896: Violin Recital by Herr Willy Burmester, with Ernest Hutcheson (piano).
Wednesday 26 February [1896]: Arthur De Greef (piano) (with photograph).
27 February 1896: Grand Matinee Musicale (programme card).
4 March 1896: Concert-Lecture on Modern Composers of Classical Song, given by Mr Carl Armbruster (with words).
24 October 1896: Ballad Concert featuring Madame Kate Cove and Alice Gomez (vocal), Meister Glee Singers and Monsieur Hollman (cello), conducted by Madame Hast.
7 November 1896: Ballad Concert accompanied by Richard H. Walthew.
10 November 1896: Pianoforte Recital by Emil Sauer.
17 November 1896: Violin Recital by Senor Sarasate, with Dr Otto Neitzel (piano).
1 February 1897: Grand Ballad Concert, conducted by Mr Waddington Cooke.
6 February 1897: Grand Concert (handbill).
15 February 1897: Vocal Recital by Mrs Hutchinson and Mr Plunket Greene.
18 February 1897: Violin Recital by Herr Willy Burmester, with Ernest Hurcheson (piano).

6. Sheldonian Theatre
- Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society
Handbills and programmes (some with lists of the orchestral ensemble) for concerts conducted, unless otherwise stated, by J. Varley Roberts and given with the vocal soloists listed below.
4 March 1890: Organ Recital by Walter Parratt.
15 June 1891: Commemoration Concert, with Mrs Clara Leighton, Miss Mary Tunnicliffe, Mr Hirwen Jones and Mr Watkin Mills (two copies).
20 June 1892: Commemoration Concert, with Mrs Mary Davies, Mr Henry Piercy and Mr Watkin Mills.
9 March 1893: Madrigal Concert.
19 June 1893: Commemoration Concert, with Miss Evangeline Florence, Mr Iver McKay and Mr Watkin Mills.
1 March 1894: Mendelssohn, St. Paul, conducted by Mr F. Cunningham Woods.
18 June 1894: Commemoration Concert.
13 February 1896: Miss Agnes Nicholls, Mr James Leyland and Mr Edward Iles, conducted by C. H. Hubert Parry.

- Oxford Philharmonic Society
Concerts were conducted by Mr Taylor and given with the vocal soloists listed below.
12 June 1882: Commemoration Concert, with Miss Mary Davies and Mr Santley.
3 March 1887: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Miss Anna Williams, Miss Hope Glenn, Mr John Probert and Mr Santley.
9 February 1888: Handel, Judas Maccabaeus, with Miss Mary Bliss, Mademoiselle Antelli, Mr Iver McKay and Mr Watkin Mills.

- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
28 June 1813: Grand Miscellaneous Concert (handbill).
16 May 1882: Orchestral Concert.
18 April 1883: Grand Miscellaneous Concert, featuring Miss Anna Williams and Miss Orridge (vocal), conducted by Dr. Stainer and Mr C. H. Lloyd (with words).
17 May 1883: Gounod, The Redemption, by the Oxford Choral Society with Miss Annie Marriot, Miss Josephine Cravino, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Frederick King, conducted by Mr C. H. Lloyd.
20 January 1885: Concert, conduced by W. Parratt and C. H. Lloyd.
25 April 1885: Grand Richter Concert, with Miss Lena Little (vocal), conducted by Richter.
Monday 18 May [1896]: Pianoforte Recital by Emil Sauer (with photograph).
6 May 1887: Oxford Glee and Madrigal Society, conducted by Dr Varley Roberts (with words).
29 February 1888: Varley Roberts, Jonah, given by the Oxford Choral Society, conducted by the composer (handbill).
26 April 1888: Morning Concert given by the Ladies' String Orchestra, conducted by Rev E. H. Moberly (with list of the orchestral ensemble).
12 March 1889: Choral and Orchestral Concert by the Oxford Choral Society with Mrs Hutchinson, Madame Florence Winn, Mr Harper Kearton and Mr A. F. Ferguson (vocal), conducted by Dr. Roberts, including the first Oxford performance of Dvorak, Stabat Mater (with list of the orchestral ensemble).
23 November 1889: Grand Orchestral Concert by the Oxford Orchestral Association, conducted by C. H. Lloyd (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
4 December 1889: Organ Recital by Mons. A. Guilmant. This document also covers a performance given the previous day in Balliol College Hall.
20 May 1893: Madame Albani's Grand Morning Concert (with ticket).
Monday 10 July [1893]: Come and Hear Oxford Children Sing (handbill).
30 April 1894: Pianoforte Recital by Mr Paderewski (programme card, two copies).
21 November 1894: Illustrations to a Lecture on Early English Dramatic Music, given by Dr J. F. Bridge.
25 May 1895: Grand Morning Concert with Mrs Hutchinson, Miss Frida Scotta and M. Slivinski (programme card).
19 November 1895: Lecture on Purcell (with words).
11 March 1896: Lecture on Dr Christopher Tye's 'Mass to Six Voices Euge Bone'.
22 June 1896: Grand Morning Concert with Bertha Moore, Rosa Green, Edward Lloyd and Mr Plunket Greene (vocal), the Schartau Part Singers and Miss Louise Nanney (piano), conducted by Mr Arthur Somervell (handbill).
31 October 1896: Pianoforte Recital by Eugen d'Albert.
6 February 1918: Pianoforte and Vocal Recital by Solomon and Miss Olga Haley (with words).

7. Town Hall
[no date]: Prof. Andre's Alpine Choir (programme card).
Tuesday 31 January [no year] (commencing): The Waldford Family (handbill).
Tuesday 14 June [no year]: Sophocles … Oedipus at Colonos, preceded by Beethoven, Grand Symphony in B flat, conducted by Dr Corfe (handbill).
8 and 9 January 1850: Two Lectures on the Music of Wales, with vocal illustrations by Miss Vaughan (single handbill).
24 October 1888: Oxford Professional Glee Singers Smoking Concert (poster and two copies of handbill).
6 December 1878: Evening Concert, conducted by Signor Randegger.
19 November 1878: Pianoforte and Violin Recital by Charles Hallé and Norman Neruda.
22 February 1888: Grand Pianoforte Recital by M. Vladimir de Pachmann.
25 May 1892: Grand Pianoforte Recital by Otto Hegner (handbill with photograph).
1 June 1882: Amateur Concert.
11 January 1883: Handel, The Messiah, given by Oxford Musical Society with Miss Fraser Brunner, Miss Eliza Thomas, Mr A. L. Fryer and Mr Charles Bonell (vocal), conducted by Mr R. Horsley (with words).
26 April 1883 and 18 February 1884: Oxford University College Servants' Society Annual Concerts, directed by Mr Roberts.
13 November 1883: Pianoforte Recital by Mr Vladimir de Pachmann (with Press Opinions).
24 October 1884: Grand Concert, conducted by Mr Sidney Naylor.
17 February 1885: Matinee Musicale, given by Mr A. W. Whitehead with Mademoiselle Antelli (vocal) (ticket and handbill).
22 April 1885: Recital by Mademoiselle Adelina de Lara with Miss Tiny White (vocal) (with Press Opinions).
9 November 1887: Grand Concert conducted by Herr Volkmer.
15 November 1887: First and Only Pianoforte Recital by Josef Hofmann (with photograph and biographical note).
22 November 1887: Oxford Glee Party Smoking Concert with Herr Slapoffski (piano) (with words).
17 February 1888: Aptommas' Harp Recitals (afternoon and evening) (handbill).
10 and 11 April 1888: Two Entertainments, given by the Abingdon Amateur Minstrel Society (single document, with lists of the choral and orchestral ensemble).
15 January 1889: Smoking Concert.
28 and 29 November 1889: Humorous and Musical Recitals by Mr George Grossmith (single document).
23 October: Pianoforte and Violin Recital by Charles and Lady Hallé.
24 October 1891: Musical and Dialogues and Monologues, given by Miss Jessie Bond and Mr Rutland Barrington.
7 November 1891: Grand Concert featuring Mademoiselle Victoria de Bunsen (vocal).
19 November 1891: Grand Concert, directed by Dr J. Varley Roberts (two copies, with poster).
5 December 1891: Grand Orchestral Popular Concert, conducted by C. H. Steel.
13 February 1892: Grand Evening Concert featuring Mrs Alice Shaw, accompanied by Miss Florence Phillips (two copies).
5 March 1892: Grand Concert by Mrs Alice Shaw (two copies).
17 March 1892 and 27 January 1893: Pianoforte and Violin Recital by Sir Charles and Lady Hallé.
4 May 1892: Caledonian Society of Oxford Grand Scottish Concert (with poster).
30 May 1892: Oxford City Cricket Club Annual Smoking Concert.
3 and 4 November 1892: Miss Jennie Franklin (single document).
24 November 1892: Grand Concert by the Oxford Gleemen (three copies, plus separate handbill).
31 January and 20 April 1893: Unionist Entertainment.
14 February 1893: Oxford Gleemen Invitation Concert (with words and list of the choral ensemble).
7 October 1902: Music to be Sung at the Coronation Choir Concert (handwritten).

8. Miscellaneous venues
Tuesday 3 March [no year], St. Peter-le-Bailey Church [later the chapel of St. Peter's College]: Organ Recital by Basil Harwood (poster).
27/28 April [no year], Holywell Music Room: (handbill)
10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 May [no year], Oxford Institute, 29-30 St. Aldate's: Judah (ticket).
Saturday 9 June [no year], Balliol College Hall: Oxford Orchestral Association Concert, conducted by Mr Basil Harwood (handbill).
Friday 26 June [no year], Oxford High School: Concert in aid of the School Decoration Fund (handwritten).
Monday 27 June [no year], Balliol College Hall: Oxford City Male Voice Union, conducted by Mr H. B. Wilsden.
Wednesday 23 October [no year], YMCA Hall, George Street: YMCA Cricket Club Concert, given by Mrs Stringer and pupils (poster).
Tuesday 10 November [no year], St. Barnabas Church: Organ Recital by C. H. Lloyd (with notes).
Saturday 18 November [no year]: Private Concert (two copies).
4, 11 and 18 December [no year], St. Michael at the North Gate: Organ Recitals (single document).
23 January 1854, Star Assembly Room: Musical Lecture by Mr George Buckland and Miss Annie Buckland.
19 June 1855, 3 June 1856 and 5 June 1859, Radcliffe Infirmary: Meetings of the Governors of the Radcliffe Infirmary (service sheets).
3 June 1871, Cowley House: Gluck, Orfeo.
29 May 1880, Headington Hill Hall: Oxford Glee Union.
9 and 10 October 1882, Parish Room of St. Aloysius: Concert (single document).
2 December 1882 and 10 March 1883, Holywell Music Room: [Mr Gibson's] Orchestral Class Open Nights (with lists of the orchestral ensemble).
2 June and 1 December 1883, 14 June 1884 and 7 March and 13 June 1885: Holywell Music Room: Oxford Orchestral Association Open Nights (with lists of the orchestral ensemble).
Tuesday 30 January [1883] and 19 June 1883, St. Paul's: Parochial Tea and Concert (handbills).
6 February and 29 March 1883, Boy's School Room, Cowley Road:
15 April 1884, Oriel College Hall: choir of St. Mary the Virgin Church.
27 November 1884, Cathedral Church of Christ: Organ Recital by A. H. Brewer (handbill).
13 January 1885, 11 January 1887 and 6 January 1890, St. John's College Hall: SS. Philip and James' Church Choir (handbills and programmes).
8 January 1885 and 14 April 1887, Balliol College Hall: St Mary Magdalene Concerts, conducted by H. B. Wilsdon (with words and a list of orchestral ensemble).
22 June 1886, Fyfield House: Glees (programme card).
3 November 1887, Parochial Schoolroom, Summertown: Kcotsdoow Nigger Minstrels.
20 December 1887, Hall of St. John's College:
24 April and 19 November 1888, St. Philip and James' Schoolroom: Concerts
23 and 24 November 1888, New Theatre: Tilley Banjo Band (single document).
11 December 1888, Infant School, Leckford Road: St. Margaret's Choir, conducted by Rev. C. P. Male.
25 June 1890, Gardens of Worcester College: Musical Fete, given by the Apollo University Lodge of Freemasons (ticket).
16 January 1891, Upper School-Room, Gloucester Green: Band of Hope Annual Entertainment, given by the George Street Congregational Sunday School (handbill).
8 April 1891, Penson's Gardens School-Room: New Road Chapel Young Men's Bible Class (handbill).
Tuesday 8 December [1891?], Mission Hall, Magdalen Road: (handbill).
8 December 1891, Randolph Assembly Room: Pianoforte and Vocal Recital by Count Gaston de Merindol and Mr W. Alison Phillips.
18 and 19 December 1891, New Theatre: Oxford Diamond Minstrels (single document).
22 December 1891, St. Giles' Church: Recital by J. Varley Roberts, to mark the opening of the organ.
Christmas 1891, New College School: Entertainment
21 March 1892, Kettel Hall: chamber concert.
28 and 29 October 1892, New Theatre: Grand Musical Chess Tournament (handbill, poster and programme).
1 December 1892, Oxford High School for Boys:
26 and 27 December 1892: Parochial Hall: Mr John Gale's Co. in Poor Pillicoddy (single document).
7 February 1893, Hall of the Young Men's Christian Association, George Street: Mansfield College Musical Society (handbill).
6 May 1893, New Schools, Oxford: Grand Ballad Concert, featuring Madame Clara Leighton (vocal), Miss Kate Chaplin (violin) and Miss Nellie Chaplin (piano) (two copies).
10 July 1893, New College Gardens: 2nd Vol. Battalion Oxon Light Infantry Regimental Band Promenade Concert (handbill).
[29 June and 17 July 1893], Worcester College Gardens: Regimental Band Promenade Concert, given by the 2nd Vol. Battalion Oxon Light Infantry (handbills).
26 February 1894, Constitutional Hall: Mr J. Wright's Grand Evening Concert (programme card, two copies).
28 May 1894, Randolph Assembly Room: Oxford City Cricket Club Annual Smoking Concert (ticket).
11 October and 6 December 1894, St. Peter-le-Bailey: Organ Recitals, with the vocalist Miss Edith Pierce (posters, with handbill with words for the second).
12 January 1895, Clarendon Press Institute: (handbill).
26 and 27 May 1896: Pierrot Banjo Team (single document).
14 October 1896, Blenheim Palace: Two Grand Concerts (handbill).
16 December 1896, Oxford City Technical School: Conversazione.
20 March 1897, St. George's Hall, YMCA, George Street: Oxford Orchestral Association (handbill).
7 and 8 January 1903, Infants' School, Leckford Road: Dramatic Entertainment given by S. Philip and S. James and S. Margaret's Working Men's Club (plus 4 tickets).
28 February 1906, The Warneford: Nigger Entertainment.

9. Unknown venues
Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 November [no year]: Programme of Entertainment given by the Oxford Churchmen's Union (handbill).
18 June 1870: Harmonomaniacs.
[March 1885]: Richter Orchestra from St. James's Hall, London (Provincial Tour), conducted by Hans Richter (handbill plus booklet containing Extracts from the London Press).
23 April 1888: Summertown Parochial Schools.
12 November 1892: Illustrations to a Lecture on Lute, Viol and Voice (handbill).
2 November 1893:
8 December 1908: Concert by the East Oxford Co-operative Guild Choir and Friends.
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