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Collection Description

Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Box 6 (1960-62)
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Mus. 311 c.1
A miscellaneous collection of handbills and programmes for performances given at a range of venues in Oxford and Oxfordshire – principally at college venues and the Town Hall, Oxford – between 1960 and 1962, held loosely as the sixth of 51 boxes of material relating to musical activity in Oxford from 1832. Also included are programmes for individual performances given at the Westminster Theatre and Guildhall, London in 1962.

In addition to programmes for individual performances, this box also includes prospectuses for Refugee Week (11-20 November 1960), Oxford University Musical Club and Union (Trinity Term 1961) and Week III of the Third Summer School for Singers (2-9 September 1962).

Programmes are listed here alphabetically by venue. Where no other indication is given below, this material consists of handbills/single-sheet programmes.

1. College venues
- Balliol College
- Keble College
- Lincoln College
- Magdalen College Chapel
- Merton College
- New College Chapel
- Pembroke College
- St. John’s College
- University College
- Miscellaneous college venues
2. Gunfield, 19 Norham Gardens
3. Holywell Music Room
4. Town Hall
- Chelsea Opera Group
- Oxford Bach Passion Choir
- Oxford Harmonic Society
- Oxford Orchestral Society
- Oxford University Orchestra
- Miscellaneous Town Hall concerts
5. University Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin
6. Miscellaneous Oxfordshire venues
7. Non-Oxford venues
8. Multiple venues

1. College Venues
- Balliol College
In addition to programmes for individual events (see below), this box includes handbill prospectuses for the Balliol College Musical Society performances of Trinity and Michaelmas Terms 1962.
Sundays 4 and 18 February [1962], Hall: Two Organ Recitals of Music from the 19th and 20th Centuries, given by David Gatehouse (single handbill).
Sunday 4 March [1962], Hall: Bach, Cantatas, given by the Balliol Choir with Mary Stratton, Rosalind Roberts, Stuart Holland and Geoffrey Shaw (vocal), conducted by David Gatehouse.
18 February 1962, Chapel: Recital of 20th Century Organ Works given by David Gatehouse.
10 March and 16 June 1962, Chapel: Clarendon Singers, conducted by H. Diack Johnstone.
Sunday 17 June [1962], Chapel: Choral Works by Vivaldi and Handel, given by Isabel Cheney, Mary Stratton, Janet Edmunds, Stuart Holland and Christopher Storr (vocal) and the Balliol Choir, conducted by Peter Read.
18 November 1962: Balliol College Musical Society concert no. 1273.
Sunday 25 November [1962], Chapel: Buxtehude and Britten given by Balliol Choir, conducted David Gatehouse (two copies).

- Keble College
Sunday 11 March [1962], Chapel: Handel, Messiah, given by Keble College Music Society, conducted by Leonard Atherton.
Sunday 29 April [1962], Chapel: Coalbrookdale Singers, Sine Nomine Singers and a chamber orchestra, with Catharine Robinson and Ivan Richards (vocal) and Sydney Watson (organ), conducted by Christopher Robinson.
Saturday 26 May [1962], Hall: Deller Consort.
Saturday 16 June [1962], Chapel: Choir of Ealing Girls' School, conducted by John Railton.
7 July 1962, Chapel: Festival Evensong (with words).

- Lincoln College
29 January and 29 February 1960, Hall: Two Concert of Music in aid of World Refugee Year (single handbill).
Wednesday 14 June [1961], Chapel: Organ Recital by Christopher Blissard-Barnes.

- Magdalen College Chapel
3 June 1962: Magdalen College Music Club with Christian Hunter and Anthony Holt (vocal), conducted by Robert Vincent.
24 November 1962: Magdalen College Music Club.
9 December 1962: Christmas Music

- Merton College
5 March 1960, Sunday 29 May/5 June [1960], 27 November 1960, and 8 March 1961, Chapel: Kodaly Choir and Collegium Musicum Oxoniense, conducted by Laszlo Heltay.
Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June [1961], Chapel: Beethoven, Mass in C, given by the Kodaly Choir and Orchestra with Ruth Easter, Margaret Berenice-Price, Robert Lowrie and Anthony Holt, conducted by Laszlo Heltay (single document).
Wednesday 29 November [1961], Hall: Kodaly Choir and Orchestra, conducted by Dr F. Li. Harrison (programme).
Saturday 1/Sunday 2 December [1961] and Wednesday 7/Thursday 8 March [1962], Chapel: Kodaly Choir and Orchestra, conducted by Laszlo Heltay/Glynne Stackhouse.

- New College Chapel
4, 18 and 25 February 1962: Organ Recitals by John Dykes Bower and David Lumsden and a Recital by the Chapel Choir, the last including the first performance of Kenneth Leighton, Crucifixus pro nobis (single handbill).
May-June 1962: Special Musical Events (single handbill).
27 May 1962: Britten, St. Nicholas, given by the Oxford Harmonic Society and Oxford Orchestral Society with Gerald English (tenor), conducted by David Lumsden (handbill and programme with words and notes).
28 October and 18 November 1962: Organ Recitals by David Lumsden and Peter Le Huray (single handbill).

- Pembroke College
17 February and 4 November 1962, Master's Music Room: Pembroke College Music Society.
Saturday 10 March [1962], Chapel: Recital of Works by Bach, Campion, Bartlett, Sweelink, Cleramboult, Mozart and Mulet, given by Margaret Thomas (soprano) and Lionel Pike (organ).
Sunday 13 May [1962]: May Concert given by the St. Cecilia Ensemble.
Thursday 29 November [1962], Hall: Oxford University Madrigal Society, conducted by David Lumsden.

- St. John’s College
All concerts were given under the auspices of St. John’s College Musical Society, conducted, unless otherwise stated, by John Byrt.
17 February 1961, Chapel: Nancy Holroyd and Denis Moriarty (vocal), conducted by Andrew Edwards.
2 December 1961, Hall: Baroque Music with Judith Wilkes and Roger Taylor.
10 March 1962, Hall: Bach and Purcell, with Judith Wilkes, James Bowman, John Cox and Peter Reynolds.
28 November 1962, Chapel: English Church Music with James Berry (organ).

- University College
All concerts were given under the auspices of University College Musical Society.
Sunday 14 February [1960]: Graham Battersby (organ).
21 February 1960: Harpsichord Recital by Alan Fen-Taylor.
7 March 1960: Ralph Downes (organ).
30 April 1960: Piano Recital by Richard Burnett.
21 May 1960: Cello Recital given by Rohan de Saram.
12 February 1961: Michael Anderson (organ).
Friday 3 March [1961], University College Choir with Timothy Ganz (organ).
18 November 1961: George Malcolm (harpsichord).
5 December 1961: Tudor Consort, conducted by John Caldwell.
12 May 1962: Pianoforte Recital by Peter Katin (two copies).
4 November 1962: Guitar Recital by John Williams.

- Miscellaneous college venues
Sunday 14 February [1960], Queen's College Chapel: J. S. Bach Organ Recital by James Dalton.
Friday 4 March [1960], Oriel Chapel: Charles Wood, St. Mark Passion, given by Oriel College Music Group.
Monday 2 May [1960], [no venue]: Wadham College Musical Society 6th concert, given by the Gagliano Quartet with Charles Ford (cello).
Wednesday 18 May [1960], St. Peter's Hall: Organ Recital by Francis Jackson.
27 May 1960, St. Peter's Hall: Eights' Week Concert, given by the St. Peter's Hall Orchestra, with Tom Briggs (horn), conducted by George Pratt.
15 June 1960, Christ Church Cathedral: Music in Cathedral, given by Gina Bachauer (piano) (two copies).
Sunday 9 October [1960], Somerville College Hall: Concert of Chamber Music given by the Worcester-Somerville Musical Society.
Wednesday 24 May [1961], Jesus College Hall: Robert Masters Piano Quartet.
7, 15 and 22 February [1962], Worcester College Chapel: Organ Recitals, given by James Dalton, Steuart Bedford and Christopher Dearnley (single document).
Wednesday 21 February [1962], St. Catherine's College: St. Catherine's Music Society Open Concert, by Jack Glatzer and Stewart Bedford.
Saturday 24 February [1962], Jesus College Hall: Consort Music and Songs, given for Jesus-St. Anne's Musical Society by Brian Jeffery (two copies).
Thursday 8 March [1962], Brasenose College Chapel: Brasenose Choir and Orchestra, conducted by Keith Bennett.
15 March [1962], Oriel College Chapel: Oriel College Music Society Choral-Orchestral Concert.
5 May 1962, Trinity College Hall: Louisa Harmer and Eve Barsham (piano) and Adrienne Hall (soprano) (handbill).
Sunday 13 May [1962], Queen's College Chapel: Queen's College Choir with David Johnson (organ), conducted by James Dalton.
19 May 1962, Exeter College Hall: Exeter College Musical Society with the Exonian Singers and Orchestra, conducted by Christopher Herrick.
26 May 1962, Rector's Lodging, Exeter College: English Lyrics, given by Gene Lewis (tenor) and Brian Jeffery (lute).
Thursday 31 May [1962], Jesus College Hall: Jesus College Summer Concert, given by Alfred Deller (counter-tenor) and Maria Donska (piano).
Monday 4 June [1962], Wadham College Hall: Concert of Chamber Music by the Wadham College Music Society.
Thursday 7 June [1962], Arlosh Hall, Mansfield Road: Oxford Beethoven Orchestra with Steuart Bedford (piano), conducted by Trevor Jones.
Friday 8 June [1962], Oriel: Music at Oriel, given by Vanessa Gold (soprano) and Paul Kenyon (organ).
10 June 1962, Mansfield Chapel: Concert of Music by Bach and Stravinsky, given with Roger Abbott (organ), directed by Peter Cutts.
29 October 1962, Wadham College Hall: Wadham College Music Society with the Anthony Ridley String Quartet and Oxford University Brass Ensemble, conducted by Horace Fitzpatrick.
10 November 1962, Exeter College Hall: Lieder Recital given for Exeter College Musical Society by Ilse Wolf, accompanied by Martin Isepp.
22 November 1962, Christ Church Cathedral: Mozart, Requiem, given by Christ Church Musical Society with Janette Buqué, Rosalind Roberts, Roger Lawrence and Anthony Holt (vocal), conducted by Trevor Jones.
Sunday 25 November [1962], St. Peter's Chapel: Organ Recital given for St. Peter's College Music Society by Brian Jackson.

2. Gunfield, 19 Norham Gardens
22 October, 5 and 26 November and 10 December [1961]; Sundays 6 and 13 May and 3 and 17 June [1962]; Sunday 21 October, 4 and 18 November and 2 December [1962]: three handbills for performances by the Oxford Ladies' Musical Society.

3. Holywell Music Room
Saturday 30 January [1960]: Verdi, Aida, presented by Apollo Recorded Productions.
31 January 1960: chamber ensemble from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, with Noelle Barker (soprano) and Colin Graham (reciter), conducted by John Woolf.
Tuesday 26 April [1960]: Oxford University Musical Club and Union Open Meeting.
Saturday 30 April [1960]: Concert of Brazilian Popular Music with the Sexteto Gnatalli Bandeira (vocal) and Edú (harmonica), under the direction of Radamés Gnatalli.
Tuesday 11 and 18 October [1960]: Oxford University Musical Club and Union Open Meetings (single document).
15 October 1960: Claire Fullalove (piano)
19 November 1960: Oxford Medieval Singers, directed by John Caldwell, with Edward Olleson (organ)
Sunday 11 December [1960]: Mr Oxley's Farewell Concert, given by Oxford Orchestral Society with Dorothy Tanton (violin), conducted by F. Harrison Oxley.
Tuesday 17 January, 25 April and 17/24 October [1961]: Oxford University Musical Club and Union Open Concerts.
12 February 1961: Orchestral Concert by the O. U. Ensemble Club with Ralph Leavis (piano), conducted by John Geddes.
29 April 1961: Piano Recital by Claire Fullalove (three copies, with a separate sheet containing biographical notes/press comments).
18 May 1961: Oxford Harmonic Society and Kirby String Trio with Anthony Crossland (piano), conducted by George Thewlis (with words, three copies).
3 June 1961: Schubert, Die Schöne Müllerin, given by Stuart Holland and Brian Barlow (with annotation suggesting that the performance was postponed to 9 June).
20 July 1961: Informal Concert in aid of Oxfam, given by Graham Kinsman (flute) and Meredith Moon (harpsichord).
Saturday 18 November [1961]: Music by Oxford Composers, performed by Edmund Rubbra (piano), Christopher Field (violin), Anthony Holt (baritone) and the Bateman String Trio.
Wednesday 29 November [1961]: Recital of Music for Clarinet and Piano, performed by Colin Touchin (clarinet) and Margaret Browne (piano) (handwritten).
[1962?]: Britten, The Little Sweep and Purcell, Dido and Aeneas, presented by the Oxford Operatic Society with the London String Ensemble, conducted by Bryan Kelly (with detailed information regarding the solo and ensemble performers).
Saturday 3 February [1962]: Recital given for the Jesus-St. Anne's Musical Society by Alice Hutchinson (piano) and Isabel Cheney (soprano) (two copies).
Saturday 17 February [1962]: The English Consort of Viols.
Sunday 25 February [1962]: Orchestral Concert by the O. U. Orchestral Ensemble with John Geddes (horn), conducted by Frederic Goodwin (two copies).
1 March 1962: Eduard Melkus (violin) and Rosemarie Wright (piano).
Saturday 3 March [1962]: Collegium Musicum Oxoniense, with Brian Jeffery (lute), conducted by Laszlo Heltay.
4 March 1962: Handel, Jephtha, given by the New College Music Society with Christian Hunter, Elizabeth Butler, James Bowman, John Cox and Glyn Price (vocal), conducted by Anthony Magness.
10 March 1962: Renaissance Part Songs and Madrigals, sung by the Tudor Consort with Brian Jeffrey (lute), conducted by John Caldwell (two copies).
Thursday 17 May [1962]: Vienna String Trio with members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (two copies).
15 March 1962: Recital of Works by Mozart and J. C. Bach, given by Kato Havas (violin) and Joan Rimmer and Frank Harrison (fortepiano).
20 May 1962: An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell, performance by Alastair Rattray and Roger Job (vocal) and Margaret Donington and Bruce Knox (recorders), directed by David Wulstan.
Saturday 9 June [1962]: Handel, Acis and Galatea, conducted by David Stancliffe.
Sunday 14 October [1962]: Chamber Concert given by the Oxford Mozart Singers and Orchestra.
20 October 1962: Pianoforte Recital by Claire Fullalove.
18 November 1962: The Handel String Orchestra with Brigid Ranger (violin), conducted by Bernard Rose.
Saturday 1 December [1962]: Oxford Chamber Orchestra with Bernard Rose (bass), conducted by John Lambert (two copies).

4. Town Hall
- Chelsea Opera Group
Unless otherwise stated below, these documents include words and/or notes and lists of the choral and/or orchestral ensembles. With the exception of that for 12 February 1961, these documents were also used for performances given at the Guildhall, Cambridge, on 5 June 1960, 4 June 1961, 13 May and 21 October 1962. The production of The Damnation of Faust was also given at Lincolns Inn Hall on 28 May 1962.
22 May 1960: Summer Concert, with April Cantelo, Bryan Corrie, John Amis and Norman Platt, conducted by Colin Davis
Sunday 12 February [1961]: Bizet, Carmen, conducted by Maurits Sillem (two copies).
28 May 1961: Berlioz, Romeo and Juliet, with Noreen Willett, Roger Norrington and John Shirley-Quirk (vocal), conducted by Colin Davis.
6 May 1962: Berlioz, The Damnation of Faust, conducted by Colin Davis.
28 October 1962: Mozart, Idomeneo, conducted by Meredith Davies. .

- Oxford Bach Passion Choir
Handbills and programmes with words (including lists of the orchestral ensemble) for the annual performance of the Bach, St. Matthew Passion, conducted by Thomas Armstrong, with the vocal soloists listed below.
13 March 1960: Marion Milford, Jean Allister, Eric Greene, Edgar Fleet, Bruce Boyce and Ranken Bushby (two copies).
12 March 1961: Elizabeth Simon, Kathleen Joyce, David Galliver, John Wakefield, William McCue and Trevor Anthony (two copies of handbill).
25 February 1962: Elizabeth Simon, Marjorie Biggar, David Galliver, John Wakefield, Bruce Boyce and Laurence Neely (3 copies of handbill).

- Oxford Harmonic Society
Handbills and programmes with words and notes (including some multiple copies) for performances given with the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by George Thewlis (1960-February 1961) and David Lumsden (November 1961-1962), with the vocal soloists listed below.
28 February 1960: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Stella Hichens, Elizabeth Butler, Andrew Gold and Owen Grundy.
20 November 1960: Handel, Messiah, with Iris Kells, Jean Evans, Gerald English and Jeffrey Taylor.
26 February 1961: Heather Harper, Elizabeth Butler, Duncan Robertson and Malcolm Shaw.
19 November 1961: Handel, Messiah, with Heather Harper, Delia Woolford, Gerald English and John Noble.
11 March 1962: Bach, St. John Passion, with Hazel Schmid, Heather Cox, Allan Medforth and Geoffrey Shaw.
25 November 1962: Handel, Messiah, with Heather Harper, Ruth Little, Wilfred Brown and John Noble.

- Oxford Orchestral Society
Popular Sunday Evening Concerts, conducted by Sydney Watson.
Sunday 31 January [1960]: Joseph Cooper (piano) (three copies).
15 May 1960:
Sunday 29 January [1961]: Rohan de Saram (cello).
Sunday 4 February [1962]: Frederick Riddle (viola) (four copies).

- Oxford University Orchestra
All concerts were conducted by Jack Westrup.
Monday 7 May [1960]: including Shostakovich, Symphony No. 9 (first Oxford performance).
Sunday 7 May [1961]: Jean Le Tourneux (piano).
Saturday 26 May [1962]: Noelle Barker (soprano) and Horace Fitzpatrick (horn).

- Miscellaneous Town Hall concerts
Tuesday 2 February [1960]: Vienna Octet (three copies).
Thursday 3 March [1960]: Chopin Recital by Weingarten (piano) (with photographs, two copies).
10 March [1960]: Leon Goossens (oboe).
Monday 2 May [1960] and 28 May 1962: Hallé Orchestra, presented by Associated-Rediffusion in association with the Hallé Concert Society, conducted by Sir John Barbirolli (two copies for 1962).
Wednesday 11 May [1960]: Piano Recital by Iso Elinson (two copies).
1 November 1960: Philomusica of London, with Granville Jones (violin), Frederick Riddle (viola) and Celia Arieli (piano), directed by Granville Jones (two copies).
30 November–3 December 1960: Alan Bush, Men of Blackmoor (first British production), given by the Oxford University Opera Club, conducted by J. A. Westrup (single document with notes, cast lists and lists of the orchestral ensemble).
22 January 1961: Mozart, Cosi Fan Tutte, given by Opera L.S. Group with Jean Buck, Celia Antrobus, Marion Lodder, Edward Byles, Richard Wood and Kenneth Trenberth (vocal) and Colin Sherratt (piano) (two copies).
22 February 1961: Vienna Boys Choir (with photograph).
6 March 1961: Bach, Mass in B minor, given for the Jesus-St. Anne's Musical Society by the Oxford Mozart Singers and Orchestra with Susan Longfield, Helen Watts, Roger Lawrence and John Carol Case (vocal), conducted by Robert Stewart.
14 November 1961: Manoug Parikian (violin) and Lamar Crowson (piano) (programme with Analytical Notes; handbill with biographical notes; and plain handbill).
21 January 1962: Verdi, La Traviata, given by the London Opera Group (three copies).
Saturday 3 February [1962]: Oxford Mozart Singers and Orchestra, with Susan Longfield and Graham Sorrell (vocal) and Steuart Bedford (piano), conducted by Robert Stewart.
20 February 1962: London Mozart Players, conducted by Harry Blech (3 copies).
6 March 1962: Recital by Louis Kentner (piano) (with photograph).
13 May 1962: Puccini, La Boheme, given by the London Opera Group (two copies).
Monday 11 June [1962]: Brahms/Schubert, given by the Oxford Mozart Singers and Orchestra, conducted by Robert Stewart (handbill and programme with notes).
29 October 1962: Father Mario Borrelli.
Friday 2 November [1962]: Gina Bachauer (piano) (with notes).
Saturday 3 November [1962]: Violin Recital by Manoug Parikian, accompanied by Geoffrey Parsons.

5. University Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin
Saturday 27 February [1960]: Bach, St. John Passion, given by Hertford College Musical Society with Kenneth Gough, Christopher Bacon and Anthony Bacon (vocal), conducted by Edward Olleson.
29 May 1960: Festal Evensong to celebrate the Tercentenary of the Restoration of the Monarchy.
13 May 1961: Mozart, Mass in C minor, given by the St. John's College Musical Society Choir and Orchestra with Ruth Easter, Judith Wilkes, Roger Lawrence and Anthony Holt (vocal), conducted by John Byrt (two copies).
October-November [1962]: 14 Organ Recitals by Fernando Germani (two copies).
2 December 1962: Advent Carol Service (with words)

6. Miscellaneous Oxfordshire venues
Tuesday 23 February [1960], St. Aldate's Church: Haydn, Creation, given for Jesus-St. Anne's Musical Society by the Oxford Mozart Singers and Orchestra with Susan Longfield, Michael Watts and Richard Standen (vocal), conducted by Michael Nicholas.
6 May 1960, St. Columba's Hall, Alfred Street: Recital of Lieder, given by Nigel Wickens (vocal) and Margaret Saban (piano).
1-3 June [1960], St. Barnabus Church, Cardigan Street: The Play of Daniel, a XIIth Century Musical Play presented by the New York Pro Music.
16 December 1960, St. Michael's Church, Cumnor: Handel, Messiah, with Dora Ainley, Janet Edmunds, Christopher Bacon and Kenneth Gough and Cumnor Choral Society, conducted by Edward Olleson (with a list of the choral ensemble).
23 February 1961, Sheldonian Theatre: David and Igor Oistrakh, with the English Chamber Orchestra and Raymond Leppard (harpsichord) (handbill and programme with notes, three copies).
8 July 1961, Dorchester Abbey: Oxfordshire Choirs with Marion Milford, Elizabeth Butler, Clarence Roberts, Michael Gillions and Peter Reynolds, conducted by Sydney Watson (with words).
Saturday 11 November [1961], Faculty of Music: Lecture Recital of Modern Piano Music, given by Friedrich Schery.
1 December 1961 and 12 December 1962, Cumnor Primary School: Cumnor Choral Society Mary Stratton, John Cox and Anthony Holt/Janette Buqúe and Anthony Holt (vocal), conducted by Peter Clulow/John Byrt (with press cuttings/words)
17 December 1961, St. Michael at the Northgate: Organ Recital by Kenneth Goodman ('The first Negro Organist to Tour Europe').
26 February, 25 June and 10 September 1962, New Theatre: Sadler's Wells Opera.
16/17 March 1962, Matthew Arnold School, Cumnor/Prior's Court School, Chieveley: programme for Haydn, The Creation, with Mary Stratton, John Cox and Anthony Holt (vocal), Cumnor Choral Society and Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by Peter Clulow.
15 May 1962, St. Barnabas' Church: Music for Eastertide, given by the Radcliffe Singers and St. Barnabas Choir with Colin Gordon (organ) and Robert Lowrie (tenor), directed by Michael Broadway (with words and notes).
Thursday 4 October [1962], St. Michael's Infant School, Summertown: Summertown Choral Society.
Wednesday 31 October [1962], Church of St. Mary Magdalen: Rossini, Messe Solennelle, given by Oxford Operatic Society with Christian Hunter, Elizabeth Butler, Peter Reynolds and Stuart Holland, conducted by Bryan Kelly.
Sunday 18 November [1962], St. Peter-in-the-East: University College Choir and Chamber Orchestra with Steuart Bedford (organ), conducted by Michael Anderson.
13 December 1962, St. Michael's Church, Summertown: Christmas Music given by the Summertown Choral Society.

7. Non-Oxford venues
[1962], Westminster Theatre, London: Music at Midnight, a new play by Peter Howard and Alan Thornhill.
1 March 1962, Guildhall, London: Oxford Bach Choir and London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sydney Watson.
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