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Collection Description

Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Box 4 (1950-54)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 311 c.1
A miscellaneous collection of handbills and programmes for performances given at a range of venues in Oxford and Oxfordshire, between 1950 and 1955, held loosely as two boxes of material, split into 1950-51 and 1952-54. Venues are principally the colleges, the Sheldonian Theatre and the Town Hall. Also held are programmes for three performances given outside of Oxfordshire during the same period.

In addition to the programmes for specific performances (see below), this box contains a number of term cards, leaflets and flyers.

Programmes are listed here alphabetically by venue.

1. College venues
- Balliol College
- Christ Church College
- Exeter College
- Keble College
- New College
- Somerville College
- Worcester College
- Miscellaneous college venues
2. Holywell Music Room
- Oxford Madrigal Society
- Miscellaneous Holywell concerts
3. New Theatre
4. Sheldonian Theatre
- Oxford Bach Choir
- Oxfordshire Village Choirs
- Miscellaneous Sheldonian Concerts
5. Taylorian Institute
6. Town Hall
- Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
- Oxford Bach Passion Choir
- Oxford Choral Society
- Oxford Harmonic Society
- Miscellaneous Town Hall concerts
7. University Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin
8. Miscellaneous Oxfordshire venues
9. Non-Oxfordshire venues.

1. College venues
- Balliol College
5 March 1950 and 24 February 1952: Balliol College Musical Society nos. 1136 and 1157.

- Christ Church
18 June 1950 and 17 June 1951: Hall Staircase (with words).
8 July and 5 August 1951: Cathedral (handbills with words).

- Exeter College Chapel
All concerts were conducted by Jared Armstrong
25 February 1951: Handel, The Passion of Christ, given by the combined choirs of Worcester and Exeter Colleges with Marita Quelch, Douglas Smith and Bernard Rose (vocal).
2 March 1952: Exeter College Choir and Orchestra with vocalists Marion Milford and Nigel Goodin (with words).
31 May 1952: Exeter College Musical Society Eights' Week Concert by the Exonian Singers and Exeter Orchestra (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble)

- Keble College
14 May 1950, 4 and 11 November 1951 and 4 March and 14 June 1953: Organ Recitals by Anthony Cooke, Anthony Cooke, Meredith Davies, Francis Jackson and Anthony Cooke (handbills).
6 March and 13 June 1953: Music for Piano/Music for String Quartet, by Joseph Cooper/Martin String Quartet.

- New College Chapel (handbills)
3 and 10 December 1950 (Carols and Motets); 15 February 1952 (Evensong); 29 June 1952 (Recital of Motets by William Byrd); 26 October 1952 (Bach Recital by Dr. Harold Darke, programme with notes).

- Somerville College Hall (handbills)
All concerts were given under the auspices of the Worcester-Somerville Musical Society.
25 November 1951: Maria Boesch (piano).
Saturday 13 February [1954]: Pianoforte Recital by Valda Aveling.
Saturday 20 November [1954]: Lecture Recital by Archie Camden (bassoon) and Jan Kerrison (piano).

- Worcester College (handbills)
All concerts were given by the Worcester-Somerville Musical Society and held, unless otherwise stated, in the college chapel.
13 June 1953: Concert of 18th-Century Instrumental Music.
Saturday 31 October [1953]: Recital by Antonia Butler (cello) and Norman Greenwood (piano) (with poster).
24 October and 14 November 1953: Organ Recitals by James Dalton and James Lockhart (single document).
Saturday 29 May [1954]: 17th and 18th-Century Church Music, by Day McAusland and John Wellingham (vocal) and Michael Howard (organ).
Thursday 3 June [1954], Hall: Wilfrid Brown (tenor) and Margaret McNamee (piano).

- Miscellaneous college venues
15 June 1950 and 19 June 1952, Queen's College: Eglesfield Musical Society with Kenneth Leighton (1950) and Kenneth Leighton (1952), conducted by Bernard Rose (both programmes include a list of the orchestral ensemble and there is a separate word sheet for the 1952 concert, which included the first performance of Vaughan Williams, An Oxford Elegy).
9 December 1951, Magdalen College Chapel: Christmas Music (handbill). Also programme booklet for Christmas Eve 1951.
15 May 1952, Brasenose College Chapel: Brasenose Choir and Orchestra, conducted by David Wells.
12 June 1952 and 27 May [1954], Merton College Chapel: Oxford Harmonic Society and Chamber Orchestra, conducted by George Thewlis (with words, two copies for 1952).
26 November 1952, Manchester College Chapel: Concert of the works of Purcell, Bach and Handel, conducted by Frank Sutcliffe.
Thursday 18 December [1952], Helwys Hall, Regent's Park College: Oxford Chamber Orchestra, conducted Herbert Withers (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
14 March 1953, Merton College Chapel: Coronation Music, together with A Rosarie of Royal Rareities in Commendation of Kings, given by the Oxford Harmonic Society, conducted by George Thewlis (handbill and programme with words and notes).
24-28 November 1953, Marston Hall: The Pirates of Penzance, presented by the Exeter College Operatic Society (single handbill).
Saturday 8 May and 12 June [1954], [no venue]: Organ Recitals given for Worcester-Somerville Musical Society by Susi Jeans and James Dalton (single document).

2. Holywell Music Room
- Oxford Madrigal Society
All programmes include words and lists of the choral/orchestral ensembles. All concerts were conducted by George Thewlis.
31 May [1951]: Festival of Britain Concert given with members of the Oxford University Club and Union.
8 June 1952:
5 July 1951: Music by Oxford Composers of the Seventeenth Century
27 June 1954:

- Miscellaneous Holywell concerts (handbills)
There are two copies for all concerts from 1953.
7 April 1951: O.F.W.I. Music Day
17 October 1953 and 1 May and 16 October 1954: The Munro Ensemble
18 February 1954: Bach Concert, presented by the Orpheus Society and given by John Francis (flute) and Millicent Silver (harpsichord)

3. New Theatre
8 May 1950, 26 March 1951 and 12 May 1952: D'Oyly Carte Opera.
22 May 1950, 20 October 1952, 29 June and 1-3 July 1953, and 15 November 1954: Sadler's Wells Opera/Ballet.
6 November 1950: Carl Rosa Opera (conducted by Arthur Hammond and David Andrews).
5 November 1951: Original Ballet Ruse.
20 January 1953: Hallé Orchestra, conducted by Sir John Barbirolli (with notes, musical examples and photograph).
23 February 1953: Maurice Chevalier.

4. Sheldonian Theatre
- Oxford Bach Choir
Programmes with words/notes for performances conducted by Thomas Armstrong (two copies of each).
31 May 1953: Coronation Concert with Dennis Noble (vocal).
7 June 1953: with John Anderson (horn) and Alan Rowlands (piano) (with list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Oxfordshire Village Choirs
Programmes with words for performances given with the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by Thomas Armstrong, and the vocal soloists listed below.
10 June 1950: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Stella Hitchins, Hazel Reader, David Galliver and Ivor Evans.
16 June 1951: Haydn, The Seasons, with Dora Ainley, David Galliver and Maurice Bevan.
30 June 1951: Elizabeth Boyd and David Galliver.
28 June 1952: Handel, Samson, with Isabel Sage, Elizabeth Butler, Eric Greene and George Prangnell.
12 July 1952: Fred Everington (bass) and Ivy Bennett (piano).
7 November 1953: Handel, Judas Maccabaeus, with Pauline Brockless, Dorothy Byrt, Eric Greene and Roger Stalman.
10 July 1954: Haydn, The Creation, with Margaret Field-Hyde, Maurice Wearmouth and Gordon Clinton.

- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
1 April 1950: Oxfordshire Music Festival, including a concert with Astra Desmond and Thomas Armstrong, conducted by Ronald Biggs.
3 July 1951: Concert of English Music of the Seventeenth Century, given as part of the Festival of Britain by the combined choirs of New College, Magdalen College and Christ Church Cathedral, with the Oxford Orchestral Society (with wordbook and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles, two copies).
25 November 1951: Oxford Committee for Famine Relief: A concert by Frederick Thurston in aid of relief work (programme).
14 June 1952: Jubilee Concert of the Oxford Orchestral Society (with words, notes, lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles and photographs, three copies).
25 October [1953?]: A United Service of Intercession and Thanksgiving for the Truce in Korea (handbill).

5. Taylorian Institute
16 November 1950: Piano Recital by Pauline Maze (handbill with programme).
8 January 1951: Holiday Concert for Children, given by the Oxford Chamber Orchestra (with words).
1 November 1951: Piano Recital by Helena Venables (with notes).
11 June 1952: Piano Recital given for the Oxford University French Club by Elizabeth Powell (handbill).

6. Town Hall
- Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
4 and 18 July: First and Third Promenade Concerts, conducted by George Weldon. The first features Valda Aveling (piano) and the third features Kendall Taylor (piano) and T. W. North (Organ).
29 January (x2), 5 March, 6 May and 10 June 1952 and 3 February, 24 March, 30 September and 11 November 1953: conducted by Rudolf Schwarz (programmes and handbills, some with notes).

- London Philharmonic Orchestra
Programmes with notes and lists of the orchestral ensembles, except April 1950, which is a handbill.
17 January (x2), 16 March and 27 April 1950: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Eduard van Beinum.
15 December 1950 and 27 September 1951: Conducted by Sir Adrian Boult.
27 June 1952: Conducted by Norman del Mar, with Kyla Greenbaum (Solo Pianoforte).

- Oxford Bach Passion Choir and Orchestra
Programmes with wordbooks, including lists of the orchestral ensemble, for the annual performance of Bach, St. Matthew Passion, conducted by Thomas Armstrong and given with the vocal soloists listed below. Many of these programmes are accompanied by additional handbills and/or press cuttings.
12 March 1950: Margaret Field-Hyde, Barbara Wells, Thomas Helmsley, Eric Greene, David Galliver and Trevor Anthony.
11 March 1951: Margaret Field-Hyde, Anne Wood, Arthur Cranmer, Peter Pears, David Galliver and Trevor Anthony.
16 March 1952: Stella Hichens, Anne Wood, Bruce Boyce, Eric Greene, David Galliver and Thomas Hemsley.
15 March 1953: Stella Hichens, Anne Wood, Eric Greene, David Galliver, Arthur Cranmer and Thomas Hemsley.
14 March 1954: Pauline Brockless, Anne Wood, Eric Greene, David Galliver, Gordon Clinton and Stanley Clarkson (handbill, four copies).

- Oxford Choral Society and Oxford Orchestral Society
Programmes for Handel, Messiah, conducted by Edward Manning and given with the vocal soloists listed below.
Friday 23 March [1951]: Lois Vale, Lois Watts, Ronald Peacock and Frederick Everington.
3 April 1953: Ann Carrington, Lois Watts, Ronald Peacock and Frederick Everington.
16 April 1954: Rachel Berkeley, Elizabeth Butler, David Heelas and Kenneth Gough.

- Oxford Harmonic Society
All concerts were conducted by George Thewlis and given, where no other ensemble is cited, with the Oxford Orchestral Society. The vocal soloists are cited below.
19 February 1950: Thomas Arne, Judith, with Tara Barry, Thetis Blacker, Eileen Pilcher and Philip Hattey (with words, notes and press cuttings).
14 May 1950: Bach Commemoration Concert, with the Oxford Chamber Orchestra and Ena Mitchell, Eric Greene and Ruth Carter, Eileen Pilcher and Thomas Hemsley (with words).
26 November 1950: Handel, the Messiah, with Isobel Baillie, Eileen Pilcher, Alfred Hepworth and Kenneth Gough (three copies, one with press cuttings).
18 November 1951: Handel, The Messiah, with Isobel Baillie, Janet Fraser, Max Worthley and Thomas Hemsley.
25 February 1951: Bruckner, Mass in E minor (first Oxford performance), with the Kalmar Orchestra (with words and brief notes).
12 July 1951: Vocal Music of the Seventeenth Century, given as part of the University Festival with the Kalmar Orchestra (with words and notes, two copies).
24 February 1952: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Isobel Baillie, Eileen Pilcher, Alexander Young and Dennis Noble (with synopsis and press cuttings, 6 copies).
30 November 1952: Handel, The Messiah, with the Kalmar Chamber Orchestra and Isobel Baillie, Esme Sanford, Alexander Young and Thomas Hemsley.
28 February 1953: Coronation Music, together with A Rosarie of Royal Rareities in Commendation of Kings (with words, notes and press cuttings, 3 copies). .
29 November 1953: Handel, The Messiah, with Ena Mitchell, Nora Carstairs, Alexander Young and Roger Stalman..
7 February 1954: Isobel Baillie, Grace Bodey, Alexander Young and Kenneth Gough, including the first English performance of Bruckner, Requiem in D minor (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
28 November 1954: Handel, The Messiah, with the Oxford Orchestra with Isobel Baillie, Grace Bodey, Tom Purvis and Roger Stalman (two copies).

- Miscellaneous Town Hall concerts
2 March 1950: Oxford Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Armstrong (handwritten).
29 April 1950: Youth Choral Music Festival.
11 May 1950: Bach Festival, given by the Jacques Orchestra (handwritten).
4 June 1950: Oxford Madrigal Society and Oxford Orchestral Society, with Stella Hichens, Tom Purvis and Kenneth Gough, conducted George Thewlis (with words and press cuttings).
22 October and 19 November 1950: Oxford Master Pianoforte Series: Cortot and Moisewitch.
18 July 1951: Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Promenade Concert no. 3, with Kendall Taylor (piano), conducted by George Weldon (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
18 October 1951: Pouishnoff (piano) (handbill with photograph).
22 and 29 October and 9 November [1951]: Menges Quartet (single document).
Wednesday 7 May [1952]: Joerg Demus (piano) (handbill with Press Opinions).
19 October 1952: An Evening with Lehar and Strauss, given by the Viennese Opera Ensemble (handbill).
Friday 1 May [1953]: Piano Recital by Pouishnoff (handbill, two copies).
10 May 1953: Piano Recital by Alfred Cortot (two copies).
18 July 1953: City of Oxford Youth Choir, assisted by the Temple Cowley School Choir and David Galliver (tenor), conducted by Peter E. Peacock (with words).
29 October 1953: Pouishnoff (piano) (handbill with photographs, two copies).
23 November 1953 (x2): Vitebsky (piano) (handbill with biographical note and photograph).
2-5 December 1953: Marschner, Hans Heiling, given by the Oxford University Opera Club (single handbill).
20 December 1953 and 19 December 1954: The Mayor of Oxford's Christmas Carols, conducted by Thomas Armstrong (with words, plus ticket for 1953).
Monday 1 March [1954]: Eileen Joyce (piano) (handbill with photograph, two copies).
7 March 1954: Oxford University Orchestra, with Hannah Wishart (violin), conducted by J. A. Westrup (3 handbills and a programme with notes and list of the orchestral ensemble). The programme carries an annotation claiming that this was the 'first performance by this newly formed orch.'
Thursday 8 April [1954]: J. Strauss, Die Fledermaus (handbill, two copies).
9 May 1954: Bronislav Gimpel (violin), accompanied by Adela Kotowska (handbill).
Friday 21 May [1954]: Liverpool Philharmonic Mozart Orchestra with Denis Matthews (piano), conducted by John Pritchard (handbill with photographs, two copies).
7 March 1955: Oxford University Orchestra with Neil Black (oboe), conducted by J. A. Westrup (handbill).

7. University Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin
14 June 1950: Oxford Madrigal Society, conducted by George Thewlis (with words and a list of choral ensemble).
7 November 1951: Organ Recital by Hans Vollenweider (handbill).
14 November 1951: Organ Recital by Thomas Armstrong (handbill).

8. Miscellaneous Oxfordshire venues
Sunday 5th March [1950], The Ritz Cinema: A Piano Recital by Jan Smeterlin, in aid of the National Campaign Fund of the United Nations Association. Interval speech by the Duchess of Marlborough.
Wednesday 24 May [1950], St. Clement's Church: Organ Recital by John Langdon (handbill).
Sunday 7 and 28 May [1950] and 19 October/2, 16 and 30 November 1952, Gunfield: Oxford Ladies' Musical Society (single document for dates in 1952)
7 December 1950, Corn Exchange, Abingdon: Abingdon and District Musical Society, with Isabell Sage and Norman Tattersall, conducted by Mary C. Shott (with words and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
Sunday 15th July 1951, Oxford Playhouse: Recital for Two Pianos given by Jessie Munro and Mabel Lovering for the Festival of Britain (with notes)
3 December 1951, St. Peter-in-the-East: A Christmas Service sung by the Musical Society of St. Edmund Hall.
30 December 1951 and 28 December 1952, Marlborough Road Hall, Banbury: Handel, Messiah, given by Banbury Co-operative Choral Society, conducted by Geoffrey Furnish (programme with words/handbill).
24 April 1952, Witney Social Centre: Witney Social Centre Choral Society and Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by George Thewlis (handbill).
13 May 1952, Parish Church, Wantage: Concert of Church Music presented by the Wantage Choral Society and the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by Eric King (handbill). .
Friday 9 January [1953], Rhodes House: Oxford Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Herbert Withers (handbill with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
14 June 1953, Blockley: Coronation Concert given by the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by Thomas Armstrong (with words).
Sunday 15 November [1953], Playhouse: John Francis (flute) and Millicent Silver (harpsichord) (handbill, two copies).
1 December 1953, Corn Exchange, Abingdon: Abingdon and District Musical Society 17th Choral and Orchestral Concert, conducted by Mary Shott (with words).
8 December 1953, Wantage Parish Church: Bach, Christmas Oratorio given by the Wantage Choral Society, conducted by Eric King.
21 January 1954, Parish Church Room, Goring: Goring and District Musical Society.
25 April 1954, Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, Kidmore End: Haydn, The Creation, given by the South Chiltern Choral Society and Oxford Orchestral Society with Pauline Brockless, Eric Greene and Roger Stalman (vocal), conducted by Michael Pelloe (with words).
26 November 1954, St. Peter-in-the-East: Bach, Christmas Oratorio, given by the Music Society of St. Edmund Hall (handbill).
Advent 1954, Combe Parish Church: A Nativity Mime.
1957: Vienna Boys Choir, presented by the Anglo-Austrian Music Society and directed by Gerhard Lang (with words and photographs).
29 and 30 November 1951 [no venue]: Christmas Music given by the Oxford Choral Society, conducted by Edward Manning (with words).

9. Non-Oxford venues
11 and 25 October, 8 and 22 November and 6, 13 and 20 December 1950, City Memorial Hall, Sheffield: Thirty-Two Pianoforte Sonatas of Beethoven, given in seven recitals by Iso Elinson (single handbill).
27 June 1951, Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon: Arne, Judith, with Margaret Ritchie, Dorothy Bond, Margaret McArthur and Philip Hattey, conducted by John Cook.
6 April 1954, Royal Festival Hall: Schubert Concert presented by the BBC Third Programme (with words, notes and press cuttings).
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