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Collection Description

Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Box 3 (1951-79)
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OXFO 780.7
A miscellaneous collections of handbills, programmes and prospectuses for performances given at a range of Oxford venues – principally the Sheldonian Theatre, the Town Hall and various college venues – between 1951 and 1979, including extended sequences for the Oxford Bach Choir and the Oxford Subscription Concerts.

All programmes are held loosely within a single box. They are ordered here by venue.

1. Sheldonian Theatre
- Other Bach Choir concerts
- Oxford Subscription Concerts
- Other Sheldonian concerts
2. Town Hall
3. College venues
- Christ Church Cathedral
- Christ Church College
- Merton College
- New College
- Other college venues
4. Holywell Music Room
5. Other venues
6. Prospectuses

1. Sheldonian Theatre
- Oxford Bach Choir.
Programmes with words for concerts given with the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by conducted by Thomas Armstrong (1951–55) and Sydney Watson (1956–68), with the vocal soloists listed below
15/18 February 1951: Beethoven, Missa Solennis, with Marjorie Avis, Anne Wood, William Herbert and Gordon Clinton (single document).
1 February 1953: Jean Mitchell, Richard Gandy, Mary Evers, Esme Sandford and John Dethick (two copies).
31 May 1953: Coronation Concert, with Dennis Noble.
7 June 1953: Coronation Concert, with John Anderson (horn) and Alan Rowlands (piano).
[17 February 1954]: Bach, Mass in B minor, with Elsie Morison, Anne Wood, William Herbert and Norman Walker.
13 February 1955: Handel, Judas Maccabaeus, with Pauline Brockless, Norma Procter, Marion Milford, David Galliver and Hervey Alan.
13 June 1955: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Jennifer Vyvyan, Irene Byatt, Eric Greene and Thomas Hemsley.
19 February 1956: Beethoven, Missa Solennis, with Sheila McShee, Marjorie Thomas, Eric Greene and Norman Walker (two copies).
18 November 1956: Verdi, Requiem, with Sheila McShee, Nancy Evans, David Galliver and Roger Stalman.
10 March 1957: Elgar, The Kingdom, with Isobel Baillie, Anne Wood, William Herbert and Bruce Boyce (two copies).
24 November 1957: with Nancy Evans, Eric Greene and Gordon Clinton.
23 November 1958: with Stella Hichens and John Cameron and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.
8 March 1959: Handel, Solomon with Jennifer Vyvyan, Judith Louis, David Galliver and Hervey Alan.
5 March 1961: Monteverdi, Vespers.
24 November 1968: Handel, Judas Maccabaeus, with Eileen Poulter, Pamela Bowden, Robert Tear and John Noble (vocal) (no words).

Programmes with words for performances given with other orchestral ensembles.
10 March 1973: Bach, Johannes-Passion, with Oxford Pro Musica, conducted by Simon Preston.
9 May 1976: Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius, with Sybil Michelow, Robert Tear and Bryan Rayner Cook (vocal), and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Edward Olleson.
26 November 1978: with the Thames Chamber Orchestra and Choir of Oxford High School for Girls, conducted by Christopher Robinson.
1 December 1978: A Concert of Carols to mark the Quincentenary of Printing in Oxford, with the Oxford Pro Musica Brass Ensemble, conducted by Christopher Robinson.

- Oxford Subscription Concerts (34th-60th seasons)
The majority of these documents include programme notes and some provide biographical notes and/or lists of the orchestral ensemble.
6 May 1954: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham (34/7).
23 October 1954: Hallé Orchestra, conducted by John Barbirolli (35/1).
4 November 1954: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham (35/2).
10 May 1956: London Mozart Players with Eli Goren (violin), conducted by Harry Blech (36/7).
13 November 1958: Hungarian String Quartet (39/2).
14 May 1959: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Leon Goossens (oboe) conducted by William Steinberg (39/7).
24 October 1963: London Symphony Orchestra and Eric Gruenberg (violin), conducted by Gennadi Rozhdestvensky (44/1).
21 November 1963: Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Syzmon Goldberg (44/3).
1 February 1973: Melos Ensemble of London (53/4).
28 February 1974: Song Recital by Janet Baker, accompanied by Geoffrey Parsons (54/6).
1 November 1979: Craig Sheppard (piano) (60/1).
This box also includes programmes (with notes and lists of the orchestral ensemble) for Oxford Subscription Concerts given at the Town Hall on 18 November 1954 ((35/3 with the Amadeus String Quartet), 2 May 1957 (37/7 with the London Mozart Players and flautist Richard Adeney, conducted by Harry Blech), 9 March 1961 (41/6 by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra and violinist Werner Keltsh, conducted by Karl Munchinger), 7 November 1963 (44/2, with Paul Tortelier (cello) and Geoffrey Parsons (piano)).

- Other Sheldonian concerts
14 June 1952: Oxford Orchestral Society Jubilee Concert (with words, historical notes on the society and photographs).
10 July 1954: Haydn, The Creation given by the Oxfordshire Village Choirs and Oxford Orchestral Society with Margaret Field-Hyde, Maurice Wearmouth and Gordon Clinton (vocal), conducted by Thomas Armstrong (with words).
26 September 1970: Haydn, The Creation, given by the Oxfordshire Choirs and Orchestra with Elisabeth Booth, David Roy and Mark Rowlinson (vocal), conducted by Sydney Watson (with words).

2. Town Hall
- Chelsea Opera Group
Programmes with notes for concert performances conducted, unless otherwise stated, by Colin Davis. With the exception of that for 1958, all programmes include lists of the choral and/or orchestral ensembles. Each of these documents was also used for further performances outside of Oxford (listed in parenthesis below).
2 November 1952: Mozart, Il Seraglio (26 October (Guildhall, Cambridge) and 8 November (Great Hall, Reading University)).
Sunday 18 March [1958?]: Mozart, Seraglio, conducted by Bernard Keefe (11 May, Guildhall, Cambridge).
6 May 1962: Berlioz, The Damnation of Faust (13 May (Guildhall, Cambridge) and 28 May (Lincolns Inn Hall)).
5 May 1963: Berlioz, The Trojans Part 1 (12 May, Guildhall, Cambridge).
17 May 1964: Berlioz, The Trojans Part 2 (10 May (Guildhall, Cambridge) and 13 May (Lincolns Inn Hall)).

- City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
15 December 1951, 11 November 1952 and 3 February and 24 March 1953: programmes with notes (some including lists of the orchestral ensemble) for concerts conducted by Rudolf Schwarz and featuring pianists Kendall Taylor (11 November 1952), Smeterlin (3 February 1953) and Denis Matthews (24 March 1953).

- Oxford Bach Passion Choir
16 March 1952, 15 March 1953, 14 March 1954, 11 March 1956, 17 March 1957, 16 March 1958, 13 March 1960, 12 March 1961, 25 February 1962, 10 March 1963, 16 February 1964, 6 March 1966 (programme only): programmes with words for performances of Bach, St. Matthew Passion, conducted by Thomas Armstrong (including lists of the orchestral ensemble, two copies of 1954, 1958 and 1960).

- Oxford Harmonic Society
Programmes for performances conducted by George Thewlis (1952-November 1960), David Lumsden (1961), Richard Silk (1963 and 1970) and Peter Ward Jones (1974 and 1977), with the vocal soloists listed below. Where no other orchestral/instrumental ensemble is cited, the concerts were given with the Oxford Orchestral Society.
30 November 1952: Handel, Messiah, with Isobel Baillie, Esme Sanford, Alexander Young and Thomas Hemsley and the Kalmar Chamber Orchestra (two copies).
28 February 1953: Coronation Music together with A Rosarie of Royal Rareities in Commendation of Kings (with words and notes, three copies).
29 November 1953: Handel, Messiah, with Ena Mitchell, Alexander Young, Nora Carstairs and Roger Stalman (with press cutting).
7 February 1954: Isobel Baillie, Grace Bodey, Alexander Young and Kenneth Gough (with words and list, three copies).
15 May 1955: Handel, Samson, with Adrienne Russell, Nancy Thomas, William McAlpine and Kenneth Gough.
20 November 1955: Handel, The Messiah, with Isobel Baillie, Jean Allister, James Armstrong and Geoffrey Walls and the Oxford Orchestra (two copies).
12 February 1959: Commemoration Concert, Henry Purcell and G. F. Handel (with words).
20 November 1960: Handel, Messiah, with Iris Kells, Jean Evans, Gerald English and Jeffrey Taylor.
19 November 1961: Handel, Messiah, with Heather Harper, Delia Woolford, Gerald English and John Noble.
24 November 1963: Handel, Messiah, with Heather Harper, Georgina Evenett, Gerald English and Kenneth Gough (two copies).
1 March 1970: Angela Jenkins, Jean Temperley, John Stoddart and John Noble (with notes).
4 March 1974: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Margaret Haggart, Oriel Sutherland, Clifford Hughes and Brian Rayner Cook (with plot synopsis).
27 November 1977: Handel, Messiah, Oxford Pro Musica with Patrizia Kwella, Valerie Baulard, Michael Goldthorpe and Malcolm Singer (with list of the choral ensemble and tickets).

- Oxford Choral Society
Programmes for performances conducted by Edward Manning with the vocal soloists cited below.
16 April 1954: Handel, The Messiah.
4 March 1955: Ena Mitchell, Elizabeth Butler, Rene Soames and Bruce Boyce.
26 February 1956: Haydn, The Creation, with Pauline Brockless, Wilfred Brown and Hervey Alan.
30 March 1956: Handel, The Messiah, with Pamela Woolmore, Elizabeth Butler, Clarence Roberts and Peter Reynolds (vocal).

- Oxford University Opera Club
Programmes with notes (including lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles) for productions given with the Oxford University Orchestra, conducted by Jack Westrup (1955–61) and John Byrt (1963–64).
Michaelmas Term 1951: Egon Wellesz, Incognita (first production).
Michaelmas Term 1952: Mozart, La Clemenza di Tito.
30 November–3 December 1955: Bizet, The Fair Maid of Perth.
Wednesday 5 December–Saturday 8 December [1958?]: Smetana, The Secret (first English performance).
[1958?]: Stravinsky, Oedipus Rex/Ravel, L'Enfant et les Sortileges.
30 November–3 December 1960: Alan Bush, Men of Blackmoor.
6–9 December 1961: Alessandro Scarlatti, Il Mitridate Eupatore.
4–7 December 1963: Verdi, The Sicilian Vespers.
2–5 December 1964: Otto Nicolai, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

- Other Town Hall concerts
4 March 1951: Piano Recital, Cyril Smith (with Historical and Descriptive Notes and photograph).
21 June 1954: Oxford University Orchestra with Martin Isepp (piano), conducted by J. A. Westrup (with notes and list).
29 October 1954: Piano Recital, Myra Hess (with notes, some handwritten annotations, and a ticket stub).
4 June 1956: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Peter Katin (piano), conducted by Hugo Rignold (with Analytical Notes including musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
Thursday 28 November [1957?]: Piano Recital, Myra Hess (with notes, including a biographical note and photograph).
22 December 1957: Mayor of Oxford's Christmas Carols (with words and music).
1 February 1959: Fifth Popular Evening Concert given by the Oxford Orchestral Society with Ralph Holmes (violin) and Rohan de Saram (cello), conducted by Sydney Watson (with notes and list of the orchestral ensemble).
19 March 1963: Hallé Orchestra conducted by Lawrence Leonard (with Analytical Notes, biographical notes with photograph and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
25 November 1963: Celebrity Concert with Gervase de Peyer (clarinet), Emanuel Hurwitz (violin) and Cecil Aronowitz (viola) and the English Chamber Orchestra (with notes, including biographical notes with photograph).
20 December 1964 and 21 December 1969: Lord Mayor of Oxford's Christmas Carols, conducted by Sydney Watson (words and music).
23 May 1965: Bach and Stravinsky Concert by the Eglesfield Musical Society, conducted by James Dalton (with list of the orchestral ensemble and with inserted word sheet with notes). The concert was also given on 20 May at Queen's College.
10 May 1969: Amadeus String Quartet for the Exeter College Musical Society (with notes).
23 January 1973: Guitar Recital by Julian Bream (with biographical note).
3 February 1973: Allegri String Quartet (with notes).
Thursday 20 January [no year]: The King's Singers (A4 poster with photograph).
26 January 1977: Milton Keynes Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton (handbill).
19 February 1977: Black Dyke Mills Band, conducted by Roy Newsome and Major Peter Parkes (with biographical note on the band).
9 September 1978: County Youth Orchestra, conducted by Michael Evans (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

3. College venues
- Christ Church Cathedral (handbills with words)
2 August 1953 (Anthems and Organ Music of Four Centuries); 25 July 1954; 1 August 1954 (two copies); 31 July 1955; 9 December 1971; 14 December 1972 (Schola Cantorum of Oxford with Stephen Darlington (organ), conducted by Robert Hammersley); 24 December 1976 (Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols).

- Christ Church College (Hall Staircase) (handbills with words)
21 June 1953; 20 June 1954; 19 June 1955; 3 August and 17 December 1958; and 16 December 1959.

- Merton College Chapel (programmes with words)
11 June 1951: Oxford Bach Choir and Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted Thomas Armstrong.
14 May 1953: Coronation Music together with A Rosarie of Royal Rareities in Commendation of Kings, by the Oxford Harmonic Society, conducted by George Thewlis (with notes, two copies).
3 May 1955: Oxford Madrigal Society (20th season), conducted by George Thewlis (with a list of the choral ensemble).
28 May 1959: Palestrina, Missa Breva, with the Oxford Harmonic Society and Stella Hichens (soprano), conducted by George Thewlis.
12 March 1968: Concert of Music by Mozart and Haydn given by the Kodaly Choir and Music Club, conducted by David Lindley.
11 May 1968: Programme of the Opening Recital on the New Organ and the XVIIIth Century Chamber Organ, given by Andrew Parrott and John Webster.
15 October 1969: Oxford Operatic Society and Summertown Choral Society, conducted by Glynne Stackhouse.
26 May 1972: Merton College Music Club and the Kodaly Choir and Orchestra, conducted by Edward Lambert (with notes).
Friday 11 June [1976]: Music at Merton (with notes).
7 December 1976: Christmas Music given by Schola Cantorum of Oxford, conducted by Roger Wibberley, including the first public performance of Rory Boyle, Three Carols.

- New College Chapel
14 December 1952 (with words)
12 December 1954 (handbill)
6 December [1959?] (with words)
Friday 19 March [1971]: Handel, Messiah, given by Oxford Pro Musica and Chorus with Marion Milford, David James, Paul Elliott and Peter Reynolds (vocal), conducted by Anthony Sargent (with list of orchestra).
1-6 August 1977: Cambridge Medieval Players (Cloisters).

- Other college venues
10 June 1951, Magdalen College: Singing by the Choir in the Cloisters (with words).
30 April, 21 May and 4 June 1955, Keble College Chapel: Organ Recitals (single document).
21 May 1955, [University College]: University College Musical Society concert given by the New London String Orchestra with James Ching (piano), conducted by Bryan Kelly (handbill).
22 May 1955, Keble College Chapel: Keble Cantata Singers, conducted by Alan J.
Taylor (handbill).
1 December 1956, University College Hall: Piano Recital given for University College Musical Society by Peter Katin (typed handbill).
15 June 1961, Queen's College: Eglesfield Musical Society, conducted by James Dalton.
Sunday 25 February [no year], Wadham College Chapel: Bach and Purcell, given by Wadham College Music Society, directed by Richard Jones and John Dexter (typed programme with notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
10 December 1978, Magdalen College: Music for Advent and Christmas.

4. Holywell Music Room
31 May and 5 July 1951, 8 June 1952, 17 May 1953 (two copies plus handbill), 27 June 1954: Oxford Madrigal Society, conducted by George Thewlis (with words and list of the choral ensemble).
28 January 1973: Rohan de Saram (cello) and Michael Hill (piano). Also used for 24 January 1973 in the University Music School, Cambridge.
19 February 1975: Allegri String Quartet (with notes and a ticket).
11 April 1975: Recital of Songs and Piano Music by Peter Reynolds and Christopher Headington (handbill).

5. Other venues
18 June 1953, Ripon Hall: Madrigal Recital by the Oxford Harmonic Society, conducted by George Thewlis (typed sheet).
Sundays 15 November [1953], Playhouse: John Francis (flute) and Millicent Silver (harpsichord) (handbill, two copies).
Sunday 21 November [1953], Playhouse Theatre: Milicent Silver (harpsichord) and John Francis (flute) (with notes).
20 May 1955, St. Peter-in-the-East: Jesus College Musical Society (typed handbill).
28 November 1955, New Theatre: London's Festival Ballet.
9 June 1956, The Abbey, Tewkebury: Oxford Bach Choir, conducted by Sydney Watson (with words).
11 June 1958, [no venue]: A Concert of Music by J. S. Bach given by the Oxford Bach Group, conducted by Christopher Robinson (with notes).
29 November 1958, St. Michael at the North Gate: Balliol Choir and Orchestra, conducted by H. Diack Johnstone (with words and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
February 1971, University Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin: A Play of our Lady at Candlemas (with notes)
Friday 22 June [?], University Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin: Oxford Chamber Orchestra, conducted by John Riley (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
10 June 1976, Church of St. Philip and St. James: Oxford Harmonic Society, conducted by David Pritchard (with notes).
24 November 1979, [no venue]: The Clerkes of Oxenford, directed by David Wulstan (with notes and a list of the choral ensemble).
Saturday 15 December [1979], St. Michael at the Northgate: Concert of Christmas Carols and Motets, given by the Oxford Pro Musica Chorus, conducted by Michael Smedley (with words).

6. Prospectuses
21 March 1953: Oxfordshire Musical Festival
1969-70, 1975-76 and 1976-77: Oxford Subscription Concerts, Jubilee, 56th and 57th seasons, including concerts at the Sheldonian Theatre, Town Hall and New Theatre (two copies for 1976-77).
1975 Summer Season, 1975-76 and 1976-77: Oxford Pro Musica.
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