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Collection Description

Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Box 3 (1940-49)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 311 c.1 (1940s)
A miscellaneous collection of handbills and programmes relating to performances given at various Oxford venues between 1940 and 1949, held loosely as the third of 51 boxes of material relating to musical activity in Oxford from 1831. Also, programmes for individual performances given at the Adelphi Theatre, London, and the Town Hall, Cheltenham in 1946.

This box includes a number of handwritten programme listings and a certain amount of additional printed material (including annual reports) regarding the activity of the Oxford Orchestral Society, as well as one programme of unclear date and venue (listed in "Miscellaneous Oxford Venues").

Programmes are listed here by venue.

1. College Venues
- Balliol College
- Brasenose College
- Lady Margaret Hall
- Miscellaneous college venues
2. Gunfield, 19 Norham Gardens
3. Holywell Music Room
- Oxford University Musical Club and Union
- Oxford Wartime Music Club
4. Sheldonian Theatre
- Hallé Orchestra
- Oxford Bach Choir
- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
5. Town Hall
- Oxford Harmonic Society
- War-Time Concerts
- Miscellaneous Town Hall concerts
6. Miscellaneous Oxford venues
7. Multiple venues
8. Non-Oxford venues.

1. College venues
- Balliol College (handbills)
21 January, 20 October and 1 December 1940, 2 November 1941, 22 February and 18 October 1942, 7 February, 9 May, 20 June and 14 November 1943, 28 May 1944, 21 October 1945, 3 November 1946, 19 October 1947, 25 January 1948 and 20 February and 27 November 1949: Balliol College Musical Society concert nos. 1023, 1030, 1033, 1042, 1047, 1052, 1056, 1059, 1062, 1065, 1073, 1086, 1098, 1108, 1112, 1125 and 1132 (with words).
14 June 1943: Concert of Contemporary Music.
23 May 1949: Concert in Memory of Ernest Walker, given by the Busch Quartet.

- Brasenose College
Concerts were given under the auspices of the Brasenose College Musical Society and were held, unless otherwise stated below, in the college Chapel.
31 October 1946: Recital of Old Music (handbill).
3 December 1946, 28 November 1947, 1 December 1948 and 28 November 1949: Christmas Music (handbills/programmes with words).
5 March 1948, Hall: Leonard Freedman (violin), conducted by Denis Stevens (handbill).
10 June 1948, Hall: Summer Concert.
17 November 1948: Concert of Chamber Music (handbill).
4 March 1949: Secular and Church Music.

- Lady Margaret Hall (handwritten programmes)
19 February 1940: Rosé String Quartet
10 November [1940?]: Catterall Quartet
18 May 1941 and 8 February 1942: Holst Quartet
Sunday 1 November [1942]
23 May 1943:

- Miscellaneous college venues
[no date], University College: University College Musical Society Bach Recital, by James Ching (handbill).
4 December 1941, Queen's College: Eglesfield Musical Society with Margaret Field-Hyde and Maurice Bevan (vocal), conducted by Reginald Jacques.
29 May 1943, Exeter College Hall: Exeter College and Somerville College Musical Societies by the Menges String Quartet (programme card).
4 July 1943, Somerville Hall: Rosé Trio (handwritten).
Thursday 14 June [1945], Keble College Chapel: Jacob Leo Hassler, given by the Oxford Harmonic Society, conducted by George Thewlis.
1 March 1946, New College Chapel: Hugh Percy Allen Memorial Service.
5 June 1946, Keble College Chapel: Motets of the Christian Year, given by the Oxford Madrigal Society, conducted by George Thewlis (with words).
13 March 1947, Great Hall, Christ Church: French Choral Music, given by Les Troubadours du Scoutisme Français for the Oxford University Scout Group (with notes).
25 January 1948, University College Hall: University College Musical Society recital by Naum Sluszny (piano) and Carlo van Neste (violin) (handbill).
17 June 1948, Lincoln College: Mabel Lovering (piano) and Stephen Smith (vocal).
12 December 1948, Magdalen College Chapel: Christmas Music (word sheet).
9 March 1949, Queen's College: Eglesfield Musical Society, conducted by Bernard Rose (with notes).

2. Gunfield, 19 Norham Gardens
Handbills and programme fragments for performances given by the Oxford Ladies’ Musical Society. Many of these documents consist only of handwritten programme listings. The programmes for 20 January and 3 February 1946 and for 13 and 27 October and 10 November 1946 are grouped together in single documents.
The performances on 14 May 1944, 11 November 1945 and 3 February 1946 were given in the Hall of the Taylorian Institute and that on 26 May 1946 in the Chapel of Lady Margaret Hall.
22 February, 26 April, 18 October, 15 November and 6 December 1942.
17 January, 13 June and 7 and 21 November 1943.
16 January, 27 February, 23 April, 14 May, 4 June and 22 October 1944.
11 February, 20 May, 1 July, 14 October, 11 November and 3 December 1945.
20 January, 3 February, 3 March, 12 and 26 May, 13 and 27 October 10 November and 2 December 1946.
26 January, 16 March, 27 April, 1 and 22 June, 26 October and 9 November 1947.
8 and 22 February, 25 April, 4 July, 31 October, 14 and 23 November and 7 December 1948.
12 February and 30 October 1949.

3. Music Room
- Oxford University Musical Club and Union (handbills)
28 November (Rubbra Pianoforte Trio); 11 November (Pauline Juler (clarinet), Helen Just (cello) and Mantle Childe (piano)); 18 November (Lance Dossor, piano); 25 November (David Martin String Quartet); 26 November (concert by members); 20 January (Aeolian String Quartet); 3 February (Brain Wind Quintet); 17 February (Masters Piano Quartet); 9 March (Members' Concert); 1 June (Mozart, Serenade for 13 Winds, conducted by John Coulling); 12 October (Margaret Plummer and Joan Rimmer, pianos); 19 October (Gwyneth George (cello) and Sidney Crooke (piano)); 2 November (Carter String Trio); 18 January (Brain Wind Ensemble); 8 March (Virtuoso String Trio and Raymond O'Connell, piano): meeting no. 1532, 1534-38, 1540, 1542, 1545, 1550, 1553-4, 1556, 1561 and 1568.

- Oxford Wartime Music Club (1940)
16 January (Stratton String Quartet); 23 January (James Ching, piano); 30 January (Cembalo Trio); 6 February (Arthur Cranmer, vocal); 13 February ( Kirby String Quartet); 17 February (Students of the Royal College of Music); 20 February (Norman Tucker, piano); 27 February (Oxford Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Iris Lemare); 23 April (Stratton String Quartet); and 14 May (Whinyates String Quartet): concert nos. 15, 17, 18, 20-24, 27 and 30. The programme for 20 February is handwritten and that for 27 February includes a list of the orchestral ensemble).

4. Sheldonian Theatre
- Hallé Orchestra
Programmes with Analytical Notes, including lists of the orchestral ensemble, for concerts conducted by John Barbirolli.
9 May 1946: Laurance Turner (violin) and Haydn Rogerson (cello).
15 May 1947: (also handwritten record).
10 June 1948: Evelyn Rothwell (oboe).
2 June 1949:

- Oxford Bach Choir
Programme with words for performances given with the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by Thomas Armstrong, and the vocal soloists listed below. The programmes for January 1940, 1944 and 1949 contain brief notes and a number are accompanied by handbills and/or press cuttings.
12 May 1940: Myra Verney (soprano) and Aubyn Raymar (piano).
2 February 1941: Berlioz, L'Enfance du Christ, with Nesta Trueman, Leonard Gowings and Arthur Cranmer.
11 May 1941: Isobel Baillie, Edward Manning and Arthur Cranmer.
22 and 24 May 1942: Bach, Mass in B minor with Sophie Wyss, Anne Wood, Eric Greene and Arthur Cranmer (single document).
16 May 1943: Bach, Handel, Parry with Dame Myra Hess (piano), Sir Hugh P. Allen (additional conductor).
4 and 6 June 1943: Beethoven, Missa Solennis in D with Noel Eadie, Astra Desmond, Eric Greene and Arthur Cranmer (single handbill with words, four copies).
30 January 1944: Mary Lake, Kathleen Ferrier, Eric Greene and William Parson.
25 May 1944: English Music, 1900–30, with Roy Henderson.
10 March 1946: Gwen Catley and Ivor Evans (three copies).
Sunday 7th March, 1948: A Concert of works of Hubert Parry, accompanied by the Oxford Orchestral Society; with Mary Gotch, George Pizzey, Edward Manning, Elizabeth Boyd and Thomas Hemsley.
5 and 8 May 1949: Bach, Mass in B minor, with Elsie Suddaby, Janys Holm, Anne Wood, Richard Lewis and Trevor Anthony (single document).

- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
26 January 1941: Eighteenth-Century Concertos, given by Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Aranyi (violin), conducted by Thomas Armstrong (poster and handbill).
14 February 1943: Bach Concert, given by James Ching (piano), Dr Thomas Armstrong and Betty Reeves, with the Oxford Chamber Orchestra, conducted by John Webster (with words).
31 October 1943: Three Choirs (New College, Magdalen and Christ Church) with Leon Goossens (oboe) and a chamber orchestra, conducted by Hugh Allen, H. K. Andrews, Thomas Armstrong and Philip Taylor (handbill and programme with words and notes).
25 November 1943: London Symphony Orchestra under George Weldon (handwritten).
10 February [1944]: London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Sydney Watson (fragment).
2 March [1944]: London Symphony Orchestra with Sophie Wyss and Amy Vose (vocal) and Angus Morrison (piano), conducted by Thomas Armstrong (fragment).
1 June 1944: Symphony Concert by the Oxford Orchestral Society, with Maurice Cole (piano), conducted by Thomas Armstrong, including the first performance of Christopher le Fleming, Suite No. 1 in G, op. 16, conducted by the composer (with notes, three copies, accompanied by press cuttings).
15 May 1945: Concert de Musique Francaise (handbill).
25 October 1945: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Thomas Beecham (handwritten).
27 January 1946: Oxford Orchestral Society and Oxford Madrigal Society, with Betty Vernon Powell (piano) and George Thewlis (baritone) (with words).
2 February 1946: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Ernest Ansermet (handwritten).
18 October 1948: L'Orchestre des Cadets du Conservatoire de Paris, conducted by Pierre Michel Le Conte (with Analytical and biographical notes and photographs).
18 May 1949: Y.M.C.A. Mass Meeting, including a performance by the Oxford Madrigal Society, conducted by George Thewlis (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

5. Town Hall
- Oxford Harmonic Society
All concerts were conducted by George Thewlis. The vocal soloists are listed below.
6 December 1941: Mozart, Requiem, with Sybilla Marshall, Eileen Pilcher, Jan van der Gucht and Victor Harding and the Jacques String Orchestra (handbill with words and notes).
25 November 1945: Handel, Messiah, with Joyce Gow, Bradbridge White, Gwendoline Hanson and Desmond D'Arcy and the Oxford Orchestral Society (with notes, two copies).
16 October 1949: Bach Recital by James Ching
27 November 1949: Handel, Messiah, with Isobel Baillie, Alfred Hepworth, Monica Sinclair and Ronald Stear and the Oxford Orchestral Society (with press cuttings). Also held is a handbill documenting this performance and a further performance on 9 December.

- War-Time Concerts
In addition to individual handbills (see below), a single document/prospectus is held for the 1941 season (commencing 22 January).
1941: 22 January (Myra Hess (piano) and the Stratton String Quartet); 5 March (Hirsch String Quartet); 26 March (Brahms Concert); 14 May (Angus Morrison (piano) and Thelma Reiss (cello)); 4 June (Elise Suddaby (Soprano), Natasha Litvin (Pianoforte) and Leon Goossens (oboe)), 22 October (Blech String Quartet).
1942: 27 May (Stratton String Quartet); 10 June (Hirsch String Quartet).
1943: 2 June (Blech String Quartet)

- Miscellaneous Town Hall concerts
23 February 1940: Boyd Neel Orchestra with Bratza (violin), conducted by Denis Mulgan (handbill).
Friday 22 March [1940]: Handel, The Messiah, given by Malvern College and the West Oxford Choral Society with May Bartlett, Kathleen Whitlock, Frederick Burton and Howard Fry (vocal) and John A. Davison (handbill).
1 February 1941: Solomon (piano) (handwritten).
24 April and 8 May 1941: Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sidney Beer (single handbill).
21 February 1942: Cherniavsky (cello), Richard Glas (piano) and Emmy Heim (mezzo-soprano), accompanied by Karl Rankl.
31 December 1942 and 7 and 14 January 1943: Menges Chamber Concerts (single handbill).
19 May 1943: Silverman Quartet (handwritten).
Wednesday 23 June [1943]: London Symphony Orchestra with Clifford Curzon (piano), conducted by George Weldon (handbill).
12 August 1943: Blech Quartet with Pauline Juler (clarinet) (handwritten).
7 October 1943: New London Orchestra, conducted by Alec Sherman (handwritten).
Saturday 29 April [1944]: Louis Kentner (piano) (with Analytical Notes).
3 August 1944: London Symphony Orchestra with George Weldon (handwritten).
Sunday 15 October [1944]: Henry Holst (violin) and Frank Merrick (piano) (programme card).
Sunday 19 November [1994]: Ebsworth String Quartet (handbill).
Thursday 14 February [1946]: Oxford Subscription Concert No. 5, being a Pianoforte Recital by Myra Hess (with notes).
17 February 1946: Haydn, The Creation, given by the Oxford Choral Society and Oxford Orchestral Society with Margaret Field-Hyde, Edward Reach and David Franklin (vocal), conducted by Frederick Burton.
6 February 1947: Hungarian String Quartet (handwritten)
21 October 1947: New Oxford Orchestra, conducted by Delves Corlett (with brief notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 February [1947]: Boyd Neel Orchestra, conducted by Neel (single handbill).
6 November [1947?]: New Italian Quartet (handbill).
Sunday 30 November [1947]: Harpsichord Recital by Raymond Russell (handbill with photograph).
21 March 1948: Bach, St. Matthew Passion, given by the Oxford Bach Passion Choir with Mary Linde, Anne Wood, Thomas Helmsley, Eric Greene, Bradbridge White and Trevor Anthony (vocal), conducted by Thomas Armstrong (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
14 October 1948: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (handwritten).
7 November 1948: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Wilhelm Fürtwangler (handbill).
27 January 1949: Hungarian String Quartet (handwritten).
Tuesday February 15th, 1949: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Eduard van Beinum (programme with notes and a list of the ensemble).
9 July 1949: Choirs from Oxfordshire with Eric Greene (vocal), conducted by Thomas Armstrong.
11 October 1949: A Night in Vienna, directed by Marcel Lorber (handbill).
16 October 1949: Bach Recital by James Ching (handbill).
25 October 1949: Chopin Centenary Recital by Alfred Cortot (handbill with photograph).
6 November 1949: Kathleen Ferrier (vocal), accompanied by Phyllis Spurr (handbill with photograph).
Friday 18 November [1949]: Tom Jenkins and his Palm Court Orchestra (first personal appearance), with Teresa Corley (mezzo-soprano) (handbill).

6. Miscellaneous Oxford venues
25 January 1940, New Theatre: Myra Hess (piano), Lionel Tertis (viola) and Elena Gerhardt (vocal) (handwritten).
28 February 1940, Playhouse: First Orchestral Concert of Light Classical Music given by the Charles Brill Orchestra with Louis Kentner (piano), conducted by Charles Brill (two copies of handbill and programme with notes).
Tuesday 23 April [1940], Playhouse: Concert in aid of the Musicians' Benevolent Fund, given by the Oxford Chamber Orchestra with Dorothy Brook (violin), conducted by Delves Corlett (handbill).
13 November 1940, Rhodes House: Pianoforte Recital by Emily Boettcher (handbill with words and notes).
23 March 1941, Radley College Hall: Radley College Musical Society concert given by Adila Fachiri and Jelly d'Aranyi (violin), conducted by Mr Dussek (handbill).
Saturday 4th October 1941, New Theatre: Le Lac des Cygnes, given by the Sadlers Wells Ballet (programme).
15, 22 and 29 October and 5, 12, 19, 26 and 27 November and 3 December 1942, Taylorian Institute: Complete Pianoforte Sonatas of Beethoven, played by Victor Hely-Hutchinson (single document).
29 July 1943, St. Helen's Church, Abingdon: Handel, The Messiah, given by the Oxford Chamber Orchestra and St. Helen's Musical Society with Dora Ainley, Mary Lilburn, Leonard Gowings and George Thewlis (vocal) and Philip Taylor (organ) (two copies).
9 May 1945, [no venue]: Miss Betty Bannerman and Miss Esther Fisher (handwritten).
4 November 1945, Taylor Institute: Piano Recital by Kathleen Long (handbill).
26 September 1946, New Theatre: Britten, The Rape of Lucretia, presented by Glyndebourne Productions and conducted by Reginald Goodall and Hans Oppenheim (with notes).
[1947?], [no venue]: Piano Recital by Cortot (with Analytical Notes and photograph).
20 May 1947, Boars Hill House: Kathleen Long (piano) and Mr Piet Lentz (cello) (handbill).
Friday 19 March [no year], Cowley Road Methodist Schoolroom: Once Aboard the Lugger, a comic opera by Alec Rowley presented by the 1st Oxford River Scouts (programme card).
12-15 May 1948, Playhouse: Oxford University Opera Club presents The Beggar's Opera in association with the Oxford Festival of Music (programme).
19-22 October 1949, [no venue]: The Yeomen of the Guard, presented by Oxford Operatic Society (programme).
6 December 1949, Summertown Church Hall: Jessie Munro (piano), Toni Booth (violin) and Peggie Sampson (cello) (handbill).
[ ], [ ]: Two-piano recital (third of series) by Winifred Mills & Raymond Wakefield, assisted by Norah Woodgate (soprano) (programme, with additions in pencil).

7. Multiple venues
3-5 January 1941: A Week-end of Music in Oxford (single document).
9-16 May 1948: Oxford Festival of Music (three copies of Festival Brochure and various programmes and handbills for individual performances).
September-December 1949: Taphouse's Concert Bulletin,

8. Non-Oxford
[1946], Adelphi Theatre, The Strand: A. P. Herbert/Vivian Ellis, Big Ben, the music directed by Charles Prentice (with notes).
2 July 1946, Town Hall, Cheltenham: Cheltenham Music Festival of British Contemporary Music concert, given by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Malcolm Sargent, including the presentation of Special Works by Benjamin Britten conducted by the composer (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
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