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Collection Description

Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Box 2 (1931-39)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 311 c.1 (1930s)
A miscellaneous collection of handbills and programmes relating to performances given at various Oxford venues – principally college venues, the Holywell Music Room, the Sheldonian Theatre and the Town Hall – between 1931 and 1939, held loosely as the second of 51 boxes of material containing material relating to musical activity in Oxford from 1831. Also, individual programmes for performances given at the Royal Albert Hall (1933) and Queen’s Hall, London (1938) and at Glyndebourne (1939).

Programmes are ordered here by venues.

1. College Venues
- Balliol College
- New College
- Miscellaneous college venues
2. Holywell Music Room
- Oxford University Musical Club and Union
- Oxford Wartime Music Club
- Miscellaneous Holywell concerts
3. Sheldonian Theatre
- Oxford Bach Choir
- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
4. Town Hall, Oxford
5. Miscellaneous Oxford venues
6. Multiple venues/Festival brochures
- Oxford Musical Festival
- Miscellaneous events
7. Non-Oxford venues

1. College Venues
- Balliol College/Balliol College Musical Society
4 and 18 November 1934 and 19 November 1939: concert nos. 965, 966 and 1021 (handbills).
28 November 1937: 1000th concert, given by Ernest Walker, William H. Harris, Victor Hely-Huchinson and Sydney Watson with the Oxford Chamber Orchestra and Balliol Choral Society, conduced by E. R. G. Heath (with words).

- New College
Saturday 19 March [no year]: Alice Ehlers (harpsichord) and Felkamp (flute), with a chamber orchestra conducted by Trevor Harvey (handbill).
15 June 1932: Organ Recital by Dr Albert Schweitzer, with Marie Soldat (violin) and New College Choir (with words and notes, eight copies).
11 February 1934, Chapel: Oxford Harmonic Society with John Williams (vocal), conducted by Dr Sydney Watson (with words).
9 June 1934, Gardens: Folk Dances Festival, presented by the English Folk Dance and Song Society (with notes).

- Miscellaneous college venues
5 May 1935, Christ Church Cathedral: Choirs of Christ Church, New College and Magdalen, conducted by Dr. H. Campbell Stewart (with words, two copies).
26 May 1935, Magdalen College: Singing by the Choir in the Cloisters (with words).
8 November 1936, Somerville: Piano Recital given for Somerville College Musical Society by Lance Dossor (handbill).
Hilary 1937, St. Peter's Hall: St. Peter's Hall Music Club with Arthur Cranmer (vocal), the St. Peter's Male Voice Choir and Oxford Chamber Orchestra.
27 May and 25 November 1937 and 26 May 1938, Queen's College: Eglesfield Musical Society and Oxford Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Bernard Naylor.
[1938], University College: Bach Recital given for University College Musical Society by James Ching (keyboard) (handbill).
25 May 1938, Keble: Eights' Week Concert, conducted by George H. Brough (with wordbook and a list of the choral ensemble).
19 January 1939, Lady Margaret Hall: Busch Quartet (handbill).

2. Holywell Music Room
- Oxford University Musical Club and Union
Handbills for meeting nos. 1369-70, 1377, 1389-90, 1393, 1401, 1408, 1414-15, 1418, 1423, 1507 and 1525-26, given by the following performers.
11 October 1932: Weiss String Quartet.
18 October 1932: Miss Harriet Cohen (piano).
17 January 1933: English Singers, with Eileen Ralph (piano).
30 May 1933: Friedrich Wührer (piano).
6 June 1933: The Harpsichord Trio.
17 October 1933: Ethel Barlett and Rae Robertson (pianos).
23 January 1934: Antonia Butler (cello).
24 April 1934: London Senior Orchestra, conducted by Ernest Read.
12 June 1934: Kathleen Long (piano).
16 October 1934: Alexander Borovsky (piano).
6 November 1934: Le Quintette Instrumental de Paris.
22 January 1935: Pougnet-Morrison-Pini Trio.
11 October 1938: Leon Goossens (oboe) and Natasha Litvin (piano).
9 May 1939: New Hungarian String Quartet.
16 May 1939: Reginald Paul Pianoforte Quartet.

- Oxford Wartime Music Club
Handbills for meetings 3-6, 8 and 11-12, given in 1939 by the following performers. 24 October 1939: Anatole Melzak (violin) and Percival Garratt (piano).
28 October 1939: Antonia Butler (cello) and Kathleen Markwell (piano).
31 October 1939: Stratton String Quartet.
7 November 1939: George Brough and Ivor Keys (piano)
14 November 1939: Stratton String Quartet
25 November 1939: Leighton String Quartet
28 November 1939: Cyril Smith (piano)

- Miscellaneous Holywell concerts
27 November 1939: Peter Stadlen (piano) (typed sheet).

3. Sheldonian Theatre
Oxford Bach Choir
Programmes with words for performances given with the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by W. H. Harris (1931–33) and Thomas Armstrong (1938–39), with the vocal soloists listed below.
29 November 1931: Verdi, Requiem, with Dorothy Silk, Olga Haley, Frank Titterton and Stuart Robertson.
27 November 1932: Bach Concert, with Hylda Garnette, Edward Manning and Stuart Robertson (with handbill).
5 March 1933: Concert to Commemorate the Centenary of the birth of Johannes Brahms, with Dorothy Silk and Keith Falkner.
1 March 1936: Haydn, The Seasons, with Joan Coxon, Edward Manning and Arthur Cranmer.
12 May 1938: Vaughan Williams Concert, Oxford Harmonic Society with Joan Coxon, Frederick Burton and Roy Henderson (with press cuttings). The concert also featured Mary Gotch (violin) and Sydney Watson (additional conductor).
27 November 1938: Margaret Godley, Anne Wood, George Armitage and David Franklin.
Sunday 7 May [1939]: Isobel Baillie, Mary Jarred and Steuart Wilson.

- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
8-10 May 1932: Three Festival Concerts in commemoration of the bicentenary of the birth of Joseph Haydn (brochure containing programmes with words and notes).
24 May 1936: Oxford Harmonic Society and Oxford Orchestral Society with Marjorie Avis, Kathleen Whitlock, Reginald Forwood and Victor Evans (vocal), conducted by Sydney Watson (with words, two copies).
Saturday 7 February [1942?]: Symphony Concert by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir Adrian Boult (with Analytical Notes).

4. Town Hall
Unless otherwise stated below, documentation consists of a handbill. Many of these include photographs of the performers and some included printed Press Opinions.
12 February 1931: Oxford Orchestral Society with Leyland White (vocal), conducted by Reginald Jacques.
4 May 1934: Light Popular Programme given by Paul Robeson with Lawrence Brown.
13 May 1934: Oxford Orchestral Society with Stuart Robertson (vocal), conducted by Reginald Jacques (two copies).
Wednesday 16 May [1934]: Pianoforte Recital by Edwin Fischer.
Friday 25 May [1934]: Concert of his own Compositions, by Roger Sacheverell Coke with the Brosa String Quartet.
17 June 1934: London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Michael Scott.
October 1934-March 1935: Imperial Subscription Concerts Second Season (prospectus with programmes and photographs).
23rd December 1934: The Mayor's Christmas Carols conducted by Sir Hugh Allen, organist Dr Thomas Armstrong. (Word book with some music, and pencil annotations)
10 March 1935: Handel, Saul, given by the combined choirs of Exeter, St. John's and Worcester Colleges, conducted by Kenneth Malcolmson (programme with words and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
30 October [1935]: Lieder Recital by Elena Gerhardt, accompanied by Ivor Newton (programme with words).
22 February 1936: Master Pianoforte Recital given by Arthur Rubinstein.
29 February 1936: Country Dance Party.
Thursday 5 March [1936]: Piano Recital by Rachmaninoff.
Saturday 17 October [1936]: Curtis String Quartet (first English appearance).
Friday 23 October [1936]: Iturbi (piano).
30 January 1937: Grand Pianoforte Recital by Jessie Munro.
10 February 1937 and Wednesday 9 February [1938]: Oxford University and College Servants' Sports Club Annual Concert, given by Alice Moxon and Stuart Robertson (vocal), Leonard Henry (The Inimitable Humorist), conducted by Reginald Jacques/Sydney Watson. The concert in 1937 featured Watson as a pianist and that in 1938 included F. Burton (vocal) and the Oxford Chamber Orchestra.
3 March 1937: Lener String Quartet.
Thursday 4 March [1937]: Violin and Pianoforte Recital by Harold Fielding and Percival Garratt.
[26 March] 1937: Handel, The Messiah given by the West Oxford Choral Society with Ruth Carter, Lilian Powell, Horace Allen and George Thewlis (vocal), conducted by Frederick Burton (programme).
23 May 1937: Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius, given by the Oxford Harmonic Society, Abingdon Madrigal Society and Oxford Orchestral Society with Astra Desmond, Steuart Wilson and Arthur Cranmer (vocal), conducted by Sydney Watson (handbill and two copies of a programme with words).
29 May 1937: Chamber Music Concert given by Jessie Munro (piano), Leonard Carrodus (violin) and Edith Vance (cello).
1 May 1938: Oxford Madrigal Society and Oxford Chamber Orchestra (programme with words).

5. Miscellaneous Oxford venues
23 February 1933, Carfax Assembly Rooms: Concert by Rudolph (harpsichord, treble viol), Millicent (viola da gamba), Nathalie (lyra viol, alto viol) and Carl Dolmetsch (recorder, tenor viol) (programme).
14 November 1933, Carfax Assembly Room: Piano Recital by Fröken Ingebjörg Gresvik (handbill).
7 June 1934, Wesley Memorial Church Hall: Oxford Harmonic Society with Thomas Armstrong and Sydney Watson (piano), conducted by Sydney Watson (with words).
[1934?], [Headington]: Headington Musical Society with Doreen Baskerville, Rosemary Spencer, William Beament and Ronald Tandy (vocal), conducted by Leslie Pimm (handbill).
26 April 1936, St. Andrew's Church, Linton Road: Recital of Music by the Choir of St. Andrew's Church with Edward Manning (tenor) and Thomas Armstrong (organ) (with words).
2 July 1936, Rhodes House: Unaccompanied Music by The Bodley Singers (handbill).
18 October 1936, St. Andrew's Church, Linton Road: Bach Recital by Vera Canning (cello), Denis Mulgan (oboe) and Leslie Betteridge (organ) with the choir of St. Andrew's Church and the Oxford String Players.
25 May 1937, Clarendon Press Institute: University Press Musical Society, conducted by Clarence H. Roberts.
7 March 1939, New Theatre: Rachmaninoff (with Analytical Notes and photograph).
Thursday 2 March [1939], Carfax Assembly Rooms: John Goss (baritone) with Bernard Naylor (piano) (handbill with photograph).
18 May 1939, Playhouse: Yvette Guilbert (vocal), accompanied by Irene Aitoff (handbill with photograph).

6. Multiple venues/Festival Prospectuses
- Oxford Musical Festival
4-10 May 1930 and 5-12 May 1935: Oxford Musical Festival (prospectuses with preliminary programmes and Festival Brochures containing words and notes). Also held are individual programmes as follows
4 May 1930, New College Chapel: Unaccompanied Choral Music given by the choirs of New College and Magdalen College, conducted by Mr J. Dykes Bower and Dr H. C. Stewart
5 May 1935, Town Hall: Choral Concert with Miss Dorothy Silk, Miss Mabel Ritchie, Miss Kathleen Whitlock, Mr Eric Greene and Mr William Parsons with the West Oxford Choral Society, Oxford Harmonic Society, and members of the Oxford Orchestral Society and Chamber Orchestra of Professional Players, conducted by Dr Sydney Watson and Frederick Burton (with words).
6 May 1935, Sheldonian Theatre: Concert in Honour of the 25th Anniversary of the Accesion of His Majesty the King, with Miss Mabel Ritchie and Mr Eric Greeene, the Oxford Bach Choir and the Oxford Orchestral Society, conducted by Thomas Armstrong (with words, two copies).
9–11 May 1935, Town Hall: Three Ballets (single document).

- Miscellaneous events
21-28 July 1931: International Society for Contemporary Music Ninth Annual Festival (leaflet, prospectus and Festival Brochure). This event also included performances in London.
Michaelmas Terms 1933, 1934 and 1936 and Hilary and Summer Terms 1937: Music in Oxford.
Summer 1935, Worcester College Gardens/Playhouse: Oxford Festival of Drama (prospectus).

7. Non-Oxford venues
7 May 1933, Royal Albert Hall: Concert to Commemorate the Centenary of the Birth of Johannes Brahms, given by the Oxford Bach Choir and Cambridge University Musical Society with Bessie Rawlins (violin) and Dorothy Silk and Keith Falkner (vocal), conducted by Cyril Rootham and Hugh Allen (handbill and programme with words and notes).
23 November 1938, Queen Hall: BBC Symphony Orchestra with Mary Jarred and Walter Widdop (vocal), conducted by Adrian Boult (handbill).
27 June 1939, Glyndebourne: Mozart, Le Nozze di Figaro, conducted by Fritz Busch.
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