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Collection Description

Collection Title
Oxford Concert Programmes: Box 1 (1831-1928)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 311 c.1 (1800-1929)
A miscellaneous collection of handbills and programmes for performances given at various Oxford venues – principally the Sheldonian Theatre and the Town Hall – between 1831 and 1928, held loosely as the first of 51 boxes of material relating to musical performances in Oxford from 1831. Also included are programmes for six performances given in the Hall of the University of Reading (1909-14) and a programme for a performance at the People's Palace Theatre, London (1910).

Material is listed here by venue with the Oxford venues followed by the non-Oxford ones.

1. Sheldonian Theatre
- Doctoral Exercises
- Oxford Bach Choral and Oxford Orchestral Society
- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
2. Town Hall
- Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society
- Miscellaneous Town Hall concerts
3. Corn Exchange
4. College venues
- Exeter College
- Keble College
- New College
- Miscellaneous college concerts
5. Miscellaneous Oxford venues

Non-Oxford venues
1. Hall, University of Reading
2. People's Palace Theatre, London

Oxford venues
1. Sheldonian Theatre
- Doctoral Exercises
Programmes with words, some including lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles, for performances of works written as the Exercise for the Doctorate in Music.
5 December 1883: E. W. Taylor, St. Stephen.
Friday 6 November [1885]: Henry J. Edwards, The Ascension, with Mrs Hutchinson, Miss Hilda Wilson, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Frederic King (vocal).
6 March 1888: Mark J. Monk, Te Deum Laudamus, with Miss Jessie Griffin and Mr J. Wright (vocal).
23 October 1889: John Greig, Zion, with Miss Julia Jones, Miss Maude Hayter, Mr Bailey and Mr Sunman.

- Oxford Bach Choir and Oxford Orchestral Society
Programmes with words for concerts conducted by Hugh Allen and Maurice Besly (1919–24) and Dr W. H. Harris (1927–28), with the vocal soloists listed below.
19 June 1919: 250th Anniversary of the Opening of the Theatre, with Ethel McLelland and Mr Topliss Green (two copies).
12 June 1921:
4 December 1921: Vivienne Chatterton, Ursula Gale, Sydney Northcote and Mr Keith Falkner.
12 November 1922: Verdi, Requiem, with Flora Mann, Lillian Berger, Steuart Wilson and Clive Carey.
9 March 1924: Muriel Nixon, John Dean and Keith Falkner.
30 November 1924: Brahms, Requiem, with Dorothy Silk and Frederick Ranalow.
13 March 1927: Stanford, Stabat Mater/Bach, O Light Everlasting, with Marie Howes, Denne Parker, Frederick Burton and A. Louis Smith.
11 March 1928: Bach, The Passion of our Lord, with Dorothy Silk, Muriel Brunskill, Steuart Wilson and Stuart Robertson.

- Miscellaneous Sheldonian concerts
26 November [no year]: Music to be Played at a Lecture on Viol Music (with brief notes).
22 November 1882: Subscription Concert in aid of the Foundation and Endowment of the Royal College of Music, given by the Brinsmead Concert Company.
26 April 1888: Morning Concert given by the Ladies' String Orchestra with Liza Lehmann and Rose Price (vocal) and Miss Curzon (piano), conducted by Rev E. H. Moberly (with a list of the string ensemble).
4 March 1890: Organ Recital given by Mr Walter Parratt for the Ouseley Memorial Fund, including parts songs sung by the Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society, conducted by Dr. J. V. Roberts (with words and brief notes).
20 May 1893: Madame Albani's Grand Morning Concert, with Madame Albani, Mademoiselle Landi, Mr Charles Chilley and Signor Foli (vocal), Mademoiselle Frickenhaus (piano) and Mr J. T. Carrodus (violin), conducted by Mr H. Lane Wilson.
29 November 1893: Lecture of Song and Dance (with words).
21 and 23 July 1902: Children's Concert presented by the Oxford Elementary Schools' Musical Association, conducted by Mr J. R. Benson (with words).
17 March 1927: Brahms, Requiem, given by the choral societies of Bradfield College, Radley College and Wellington College, with Bertha Steventon (soprano) and Joseph Farrington (baritone), conducted by W. K. Stanton. (with Analytical Notes by D. F. Tovey, musical examples and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).

2. Town Hall
- Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society
Programmes for performances given with the Oxford Bach Choir, conducted by Hugh Allen. The vocal soloists are listed below).
10 March 1903: Bach, Mass in B minor with Miss Gertrude Sichel, Norah Dawnay, Joseph Reed and Mr J. Campbell McInnes (with words, brief notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
17 March 1904: Handel, Israel in Egypt, with Miss Grahame Ashton, Miss Sarah Davies, Miss Sara Silvers, Mr Gervase Elwes, Mr John Lomas and Mr Henry Sunman (handbill with words).
1 March 1906: Bach, St. Matthew Passion Music, with Gertrude Sichel, Phyllis Lett, Charles Child and Mr Sunman (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
14 March 1907: Beethoven, Mass in D/Symphony in E flat, with Dr. Allen's Orchestra and Miss Jennie Taggart, Miss Phyllis Lett, Mr Roland Jackson and Mr Francis Harford (title page only).

- Miscellaneous Town Hall concerts
Wednesday 23 October [no year]: Orchestral Concert, Dr. Allen's Orchestra (with notes).
Saturday 29 November [no year]: First Town Hall Promenade Concert with, Dr. Allen's Orchestra, conducted by Hugh Allen (handbill).
26 January 1899: Mayor's Reception of the members of the local musical societies.
9 June 1900: English Ladies' Orchestral Society with Valda Gleichen (vocal) and Leila Bull (hautboy), conducted by J. S. Liddle (with a list of the orchestral ensemble, two copies).
5-7 May 1904: Berks, Bucks and Oxon Competitive Musical Festival (single document/brochure, with additional prospectuses/entry forms for 1910 and 1913).
Wednesday 23 November [1904]: Grand Pianoforte Recital by Miss Marie Schwerer with Mr Plunket Greene (vocal), accompanied by Ernest Walker (two copies).
1 December 1904: Arthur Sullivan, The Golden Legend and S. Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha, given by the Oxford Vocal Society with Miss Gleeson-White, Miss Mabel M. Price, Mr Harold Wilde and Mr Charles Tree, conducted by Mr Henry B. Wilsdon (handbill).
7 December 1905: Oxford Free Church Choir Union with Madame Siviter, Mrs H. M. Turner, Mr C. M. Child and Mr Greeves Johnson, conducted by Mr A. F. Kerry (handbill).
30 May 1906: Oxford City Football Club Smoking Concert, in commemoration of the 'winning of the Amateur Cup' (with photographs).
Saturday 11 March [1912]: In aid of the Titanic Relief Fund, with Mr Gervase Elwes.
3 February 1914: Oxford University Musical Club 1000th Meeting.
13-15 May 1914: Oxford Bach Festival (four performances), directed by Hugh Allen (handbill prospectus, with two copies of the Festival Brochure and a separate programme with words for the first performance, held at New College Chapel).
10 May [1922]: Festival of Music Orchestral Concert, by the Oxford Orchestral Society with Myra Hess (piano), conducted by Maurice Besly.
Saturday 10 March [1923]: Lecture on Folk Music, Cecil J. Sharp with musical illustrations by Miss Elsie Avril (handbill).
3 June 1923: Symphony Concert by the Oxford Orchestral Society and New Oxford Orchestra, with Margaret Fairless (violin) and F. H. Grisewood (vocal), conducted by Maurice Besly (with words).
26 February 1929: International Celebrity Concert: Lionel Powell presents Paul Robeson with Lawrence Brown (piano), and Wolfi Scheniderhan with Percy Kahn (piano) (with words)

3. Corn Exchange
Saturday 22 May [no year]: Hubert Parry and Hugh P. Allen (with words).
Thursday 26 November [no year]: Mr Sims Reeves Ballad Concert with Miss Banks, Madame Patey Whytock, Mr Patey and Mr Sims Reeve, accompanied/conducted by Herr Wilhelm Coenen.
29 January 1891: Parry, Judith, given by the Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society with Miss Anna Williams, Miss Florence Hoskins, Mr Edwin Houghton and Mr Charles J. Macgrath, conducted by the composer (with list of orchestral ensemble).
28 November 1914 [incorrectly labelled 1915]: Second Orchestral Promenade Concert, conducted by Hugh Allen (handbill, plus a single document with programmes for the 4 Promenade Concerts (orchestral) given on 31 October and 28 November 1914 and 30 January and 11 March 1915).
11-13 May 1922: Three Historical Ballets, conducted by Hugh Allen (with notes).

4. College Venues
- Exeter College
30 May 1911 and 20 May 1913: Exeter College Musical Society, conducted by Mr L. A. Collingwood/Mr H. S. Price (with words and lists of the choral ensembles).

- Keble College
1 June 1905, 29 May 1907, 27 May 1908, 26 May 1909, 29 May 1912 and 27 May 1914: Keble College Musical Society, conducted by Mr H. G. Ley (with wordbooks, notes and lists of the choral ensemble).

- New College (unless otherwise stated in the College Hall)
18 June 1904: New College Musical Society (with wordbook).
16 June 1906: Summer Concert, including Parry, Ballad for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra, The Pied Piper of Hamlin, conducted by the composer (with list of orchestral ensemble).
22 June 1907: Summer Concert (Choral and Orchestral) (with wordbook).
19 June 1909 and 22 June 1912: Commemoration Concerts (with words)
15 December 1912, Chapel: Carols (handbill).
2 June [1923], Garden: Folk Dancing presented by the English Folk Dance Society, chaired by Hugh Allen (handbill).

- Miscellaneous college venues (with words)
13 January 1873, St. John's Hall: St Giles' Choir.
14 February 1887, Balliol: Balliol College Musical Society.
16 March 1905, Merton College Chapel: Schütz, St. Matthew Passion (with notes, three copies).

5. Miscellaneous Oxford venues
[no date], University Church of St. Mary the Virgin: Quatford Singers (handbill).
Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 December [no year], Victoria Concert Room: Mr Fleming Norton's Musical and Mimetic Entertainment entitled Mr Perkins's Picnic (single document).
12 and 13 October 1831, Great Room, Chequers Inn, High Street: Vocal Entertainment given by Mr, Mrs and Miss Williams, the celebrated Devonshire Family (single handbill).
16 November 1874, Theatre Royal: Nature's Mirror, or Reflections Past and Present given by Mr Arthur D'Esterre, Mr Alfred Rousby and Madame Germain.
Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 May [1883], Theatre Royal: Oxford Amateur Diamond Minstrels (handbill).
[28 February 1893, Clarendon Room]: Vocal and Violin Recital by Mr Lawrence Kellie and Mons. Tivadar Nachez (with wordbook).
29 November 1904, Assembly Rooms, City Buildings: Vocal Recital by J. Campbell McInnes, accompanied by Dr Ernest Walker and Graham Peel.
9 February 1905, Congregational Church, Cowley Road: Organ Recital by Mr H. J. Franklin, to mark the Opening of the 3-Manual Organ (with list of organ specifications).
26-29 February and 2-3 March 1908, New Theatre: A Midsummer Night's Dream, presented by Oxford University Dramatic Society and given by the New London Orchestra, conducted by Hugh Allen (single document with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
1 February 1910, Assembly Room, City Buildings: Mr Harrison Hill's Humorous and Dramatic Recital.
9-11 June 1910 and 15-17 June 1911, New Theatre: Beethoven, Fidelio/Weber, Der Freischütz, conducted by Hugh Allen. (two documents, both including brief notes, lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles, and signatures of a large number of the performers).
Michaelmas Term 1924, [various]: English Folk Dance Society, chaired by Hugh Allen (List of Classes).
2-8 May 1926, [various]: Oxford Festival of Music in commemoration of the tercentenary of the foundation of the Heather Chair of Music, directed by Hugh Allen (assorted material, including a prospectus with programmes, a Festival Brochure containing programmes with words and notes, and individual programmes).
22/23 June 1926 and 20/21 June 1928, St. Edward's School: Summer Concerts, conducted by Mr L. H. Ovenden (single programmes for each year, with words and lists of the Choral Society).
13-18 December 1926, The Playhouse: The Cradle King, by Rev C. Beverly Davies (with words and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).

Non-Oxford venues
1. College Hall, University of Reading
16 June 1909, 22 June 1910, 19 February and 4 June 1913 and 4 March 1914: handbills and programmes with words and notes for performances given by the University College Choral Society and Orchestra, conducted by Hugh Allen. The concert on 22 June 1910 also featured Parry (conductor). The programmes for 1913 include lists of the orchestral ensemble.
21 October 1908: Bach, Mass in B minor given by the Oxford Bach Choir and the Oxford Choral and Philharmonic Society, with Miss Ruth Freeman, Miss Edith Clegg, Mr Gervase Elwes and Mr J. Campbell McInnes, conducted by Hugh Allen (with notes and photographs).

2. People's Palace, Mile End Road, London
17 March 1910: Bach, B minor Mass given by the Bach Choir with Miss Ruth Freeman, Norah Dawnay, Charles Child and Mr J. Campbell McInnes, conducted by Hugh P. Allen (with notes).
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