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Orchestral Concerts: Miscellaneous London venues (1886-96)
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A collection of analytical programmes for 20 orchestral concerts given at the Crystal Palace, St. James's Hall and the Queen's Hall, London between 1886 and 1896, arranged chronologically in a bound volume.

Also included is a programme for the Royal Academy of Music dated 28 July 1891. This includes extensive lists of the management, teaching staff and Fellows/Associates of the Academy, as well as lists of the Choir and Orchestra and detailed information about the organizational structure, scholarships and examinations.

This volume begins with a handwritten index/contents, from which the dates provided in […] below are derived.

All programmes contain a list of the orchestral ensemble and, with the exception of that for the Royal Academy of Music Concert, carry extensive historical and analytical notes, with wordbooks and musical examples. For the Crystal Palace and Richter Concerts, the majority of the notes are signed by either 'C.A.B.' [Charles Ainslie Barry] or 'G.'. [George Grove]. For the Queen's Hall performances, notes were provided by Edgar F. Jacques.

Programmes are listed here by series, divided as follows:
1. Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts (5 concerts, 1886–93)
2. Richter Concerts (12 concerts, 1888-96)
3. Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts (2 concerts, 1896)

1. Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts
All concerts were conducted by August Manns and, unless otherwise stated below, led by Mr C. Jung. Many of these programmes include a large number of advertisements for other concerts at the Crystal Palace and/or for other musically-related items.
[6 March 1886]: including Beethoven, Symphony No. 9, with Miss Amy Sherwin, Miss Annie Layton, Mr Harper Kearton and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal) and the Crystal Palace Choir.
[25 October 1890]: Miss Thudichum (vocal) and Monsieur Emile Sauret (violin), including the first performances of Claudius H. Couldery, Romance from Suite in C minor and Raff, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, No. 2 (op. 206). One of the notes for this performance is signed 'P.R.'.
[6 December 1890]: Madame Amy Sherwin and Mr Henschel (vocal), including the first English performance of Hamish MacCunn, The Cameronian's Dream (Ballad for Baritone Solo, Chorus and Orchestra) and the first London performance of Charles Parry, L'Allegro ed il Pensieroso. Among the notes for this performance are some contributed by 'J.B.' [Joseph Bennett].
3 December 1892: Mr Henry Piercy, Mr Norman Salmond and Mr Albert Fairbairn (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir.
21 October 1893: In Memoriam Charles Francois Gounod, including the first performance of W. Wallace, Orchestral Prelude, The Eumenides, with Miss Emma Juch and Mr David Bispham (vocal) and Mademoiselle Frida Scotta (violin). The orchestra for this performance was led by Mr H. Celis.

2. Richter Concerts
Unless otherwise stated below, these concerts were held at St. James's Hall (1888-92) and the Queen's Hall (1896), were led by Ernst Schiever and conducted by Hans Richter. A number of the concerts also involved the Richter Choir/Chorus, under the direction of Theodor Frantzen. Those performances given in 1891formed part of the 19th series of Richter Concerts, a complete set of programmes for which can be found in the second volume of X.439/1271.

4 June 1888: Henri Marteau (violin), including the first performance of A. C. Mackenzie, An Overture to Shakespeare's Comedy 'Twelfth Night' and the first English performance of Liszt, Legend, St Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds, transcribed for orchestra by Felix Mottl.
2 June 1890: Miss Lena Little and Mr Max Heinrich (vocal) with the gentlemen of the Richter Choir.
14 July 1890: Miss Fillunger, Miss Lena Little, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Max Heinrich (vocal), with the Richter Choir. This was a concert of Wagnerian operatic excerpts with Beethoven, Symphony No. 9. Among the notes for this performance are reproductions of an essay on the Beethoven symphony by Richard Wagner.
1 June 1891: Miss Anna Williams, Mrs Moore Lawson and Mr Barton McGuckin (vocal), with Mr Francis Moser (harp), including the first London performance of Cornelius, Overture, Der Barbier von Bagdad and the first English performance of Wagner, Second Scene from Tannhäuser (New Version).
8 June 1891: Messrs Max Heinrich, Edward Lloyd and William Nicholl (vocal).
22 June 1891: Miss Alice Esty, Mrs Henschel, Miss Marie Groebl and Mr Henschel (vocal) and Monsieur Paderewski (piano).
6 July 1891: Mademoiselle Clementine de Vere and Mr Max Heinrich (vocal), with the Richter Choir.
13 July 1891: Madame Katherine van Arnhem (vocal)
20 July 1891: Miss Alice Esty, Miss Damian, Mr Barton McGuckin and Mr Watkin Mills (vocal) and the Richter Choir, including the first performance of Parry, The Battle for the Baltic (op. 41).
27 June 1892: Mr Santley (vocal) and the Richter Choir
26 October 1896: including the first performance of Dvorak, Symphonic Poem, Das goldene Spinnrad.
2 November 1896: Madame Medora Henson, Mrs Katharine Fisk, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Watkin Mills, with the Richter Choir.

3. Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
16 April 1896: Monsieur Lacroix (organ) and Monsieur Bailly (violin), including the first English performances of Vincent d'Indy, Wallenstein's Camp and G. Charpentier, Serenade (Impressions d’Italie), conducted by Charles Lamoureux (with an introductory statement entitled 'A few words about M. Lamoureux and his orchestra', including a photograph of Lamoureux).
12 October 1896: Colonne Orchestra, led by Monsieur Oberdoerffer and conducted by Edouard Colonne.
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1886 - 1896
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