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Newbury Choral Society (1884-1921)
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N/D 85/1
A largely complete set of programmes for performances given by the Newbury Choral Society between 1885 and 1921, arranged chronologically in a single scrapbook.

The society was conducted throughout by Mr J. S. Liddle, organist of Newbury Parish Church. The volume begins with a photograph of Liddle and concludes with press announcements of his death, various tributes to him, and a programme with words for a commemorative performance of Brahms, Requiem, given with the Newbury Amateur Orchestral Union at Newbury Parish Church on 20 April 1921.

The performances were given principally at either the Town Hall or Corn Exchange in Newbury: unless otherwise stated below, concerts between 1884 and April 1905 were held in the Town Hall and those from December 1905 onwards at the Corn Exchange.

A number of programmes for the early years reveal that the same performance was given twice on one day.

The majority of programmes are accompanied by press cuttings. Those for 27 January 1885 confirm that this was the first concert of the Society and lament the late withdrawal of Marian Fenna (soprano).

The majority of programmes also include a list of the orchestral ensemble. Some also contain words, notes and a record of the choral group. Certain programmes are accompanied by information regarding Subscribers and/or Members of the Society.

Where no other indication is given, it is the vocal performances that are listed below.

27 January 1885: [W. Sterndale Bennett], May Queen and [Schubert], Song of Miriam, with Miss Marianna Fenna, Mrs Blunt, Mr Albert Joll and Mr Robert Grice.

21 April 1885, Corn Exchange: Handel and Bach Bi-Centenary, with Miss Annie Marriott and Rev. C. A. Treherne, conducted by Sir Geo. Elvey and J. S. Liddle.

29 December 1885: Morning and Evening Concerts, including Schumann, Advent Hymn and Mendelssohn, 2nd Psalm, with Miss Fanny Moody (vocal), Mr H. M. Dowson (viola), Mr W. C. Hann (cello) and Miss F. Hoskyns and Liddle (piano).

2 March 1886: Handel, Messiah with Miss Ada Patterson, Miss Marian Ellis, Mr Sidney Tower and Mr Thurley Beale.

28 December1886: Mendelssohn, Athalie, with Miss Mary Appach, Mrs Morrell and Miss Hatt.

19 April 1887: Haydn, Creation, with Miss M. Appach, Mr Harper Kearton and Mr Stanley Smith.

3 January 1888: C. H. Lloyd, Gade and Goetz, with Miss Mary Bliss, Miss Arkwright and Mr Robert Grice.

17 April 1888: Handel, Judas Maccabaeus, with Miss M. Appach, Mrs Blunt, Mr Harper Kearton and Rev. John Watson and the Newbury Amateur Orchestral Union.

1 January 1889: Miss Mary Appach, Mrs Camp and Major Colebrooke Carter.

11 February: including Purcell, King Arthur and Handel, Acis and Galatea, with Miss Mary Appach, Miss Margaret Stiles and Mr Jackson (with plot synopsis).

29 April 1889, Corn Exchange: Mendelssohn, Elijah given by the Newbury and Hungerford Choral Societies and Newbury Amateur Orchestral Union with Miss Mary Bliss, Miss Emily Taylor, Mrs Camp, Mr Iver Mc Kay and Mr Sutton Shepley.

8 April 1890: Mrs Clare Wright, Miss Minnie F. Chamberlain, Mr W. Fell and Mr G. Gardner-Leader, including C. Harford Lloyd, Hero and Leander, conducted by the composer.

9 December 1890: Mendelssohn, Midsummer Night's Dream and Barnett, Ancient Mariner with Miss Eveleen Carlton, Miss Emily Taylor, Mr E. L. Staples and Mr Stuart Higgs.

14 April 1891: Mendelssohn, St. Paul with Miss Eveleen Carlton, Miss Rosa Hatt, Mr J. Wright and Mr Henry Sunman.

23 November 1891: Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise and Parry, Blest Pair of Sirens with Miss Julia Jones and Mr J. Allan Acott.

30 December 1891: Handel, Messiah, with solos by members of the Society.

26 April 1892: Part-Songs and Miscellaneous Music, with Madame Kate Ralph and Master Horace Ralph (piano) and Henry Bouchier (vocal).

4 January 1893: Mackenzie, Dream of Jubal with Miss Amy Wells, Miss Jessie Long, Mr Herbert Clinch and Mr Alfred Camp.

19 April 1893: Barnett, Ancient Mariner and Hiller, Song of Victory with Miss Eveleen Carlton, Miss Andrews, Mr T. Hawkins and Mr Stuart-Higgs (vocal) (with a handwritten list of the orchestral ensemble).

24 January 1894: Parry, Job with Master W. Judd, Mr E. L. Staples, Mr A. H. Simcox and Mr Daniel Price.

24 April 1894: Mendelssohn, Elijah with Miss Appach, Miss Ethel Lowe, Mr Harper Kearton and Mr Charles Ackerman.

7 May 1895, Corn Exchange: Parry, Judith with Miss Agnes Nicholls, Miss L. Lunn, Mr Edward Branscombe and Mr G. Gardner Leader, conducted by Parry.

29 January 1896:

29 April 1896: Grand Operatic Concert including Gounod, Faust, with Mr Henry Beaumont, Madame Adelaide Mullen, Mr Harold Charles, Mr Walter Davies, Miss Ethel Lowe and Mr Alfred Camp.

6 January 1897: Unaccompanied Vocal Music with Miss Bertha Wise and Mr Thomas Meux.

21 April 1897: Schubert Centenary Concert with Miss Lucy Broadwood.

5 January 1898: Part Songs and Madrigals with Mr Thomas Meux (Vocal) and Miss Alice Elieson (cello).

18 April 1898, Corn Exchange: Festival Concert of works by Parry, with Miss Agnes Nicholls, Mr Francis Harford and Mr William Green, conducted by the composer.

5 December 1899: including Sterndale Bennett, The Woman of Samaria, with Miss Lenora Sparkes, Miss Isabel Wells, Mr Horace Lott and Mr W. Milborrow.

19 April 1899: Alexander Mackenzie, The Rose of Sharon with Miss Florence Cromey, Miss Anita Sutherland, Mr Horace Lott and Mr J. Percival.

4 January 1899: Haydn, Creation with Mrs Kyd, Mr H. D. Hughes and Mr G. Gardner Leader.

18 April 1900: Dvorak, The Spectre's Bride and Elgar, The Banner of St. George with Ethel Beetlestone, Mr Avalon Collard and Mr Arthur Strugnell.

5 December 1900: Mendelssohn, Elijah with Miss Lucy Broadwood, Miss Isabel Wells, Mr W. H. Wilder and Mr James McInnes.

24 April 1901: Spring Concert with Miss Sichel and Mr John Talbot (vocal).

10 December 1901: Weber, Oberon and Stanford, Phaudrig Crohoore, with Miss Viola Salvin, Miss Mary Rice, Master F. Skinner, Mrs Arkwright, Mr W. Fell and Mr W. Milborrow.

16 April 1902: Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha with Ethel Lowe, Mr Walter Hyde and Mr G. Gardner Leader, conducted by the composer.

3 December 1902: Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha and Commemoration March with Miss Viola Salvin, Mr Harold Wilde and Mr G. Gardner Leader, conducted by the composer.

21 April 1903: Max Bruch, Odysseus with Mr Thomas Meux and Miss Violet Banks.

9 December 1903: Handel, Hercules with Madame Kaufmann Ebeling, Miss Gertrude Sichel, Miss Alice von Gelder, Mr Wilfred Kearton, Mr Bell Kempton, Mr Ward and Mr Giffard Wells.

13 April 1904: Humperdinck and Dvorak with Mrs Alison-Johnson, Miss Amy Wells, Mr Henry Beaumont and Mr Thomas Meux.

1 December 1904: Schubert and Mendelssohn with Miss Gertrude Sichel, Miss Margaret Freeman and Miss Kathleen Howse.

26 April 1905: Parry, Judith with Madame Le Mer, Miss Sara Silvers and Mr J. P. Prior.

11 December 1905: Mendelssohn and Stanford with Mrs Alison Johnson, Miss Margaret Freeman and Mr Herbert Saunders (plus handbill).

26 March 1906: Handel, Messiah with Miss Gertrude Sichel, Miss Gertrude Hall, Mr H. S. Couch-Jones and Mr Rowland Hughes and the Newbury Amateur Orchestral Union.

24 April 1906: Schumann and Parry with Mrs Lovell-Hewitt, Miss Gertrude Hall, Mr Herbert Thompson and Mr Frederick Ranalow.

3 December 1906: Parry, Gade and Mendelssohn with Miss Margaret Barter, Mrs Walter Leaf and Mr Thomas Meux.

8 April 1907: Brahms and Mendelssohn, with Miss Betty Booker and Mr Francis Harford.

9 December 1907: Schumann, Bach and Handel with Miss Sichel and Mr Frederick Ranalow.

28 April 1908: Verdi, Requiem with Miss Gertrude Sichel, Miss Sara Silvers, Mr J. P. Prior and Mr Thomas Meux.

7 December 1908: Elgar and Parry, with Mr Charles Child and Mr F. W. Harvey.

30 March 1909: Mendelssohn, St. Paul with Miss Madeleine Applegate, Miss Dod, Mr Charles Child and Mr Barry Coney (the last in hand).

13 December 1909: Concert of Unaccompanied Vocal Music with Mrs William Arkwright (vocal) and Miss Elsie Wild (flute).

13 April 1910: C. H. Lloyd and Max Bruch, with Miss Viola Salvin, Mr Montague Borwell and Mr J. L. Ward.

14 December 1910: Madrigals and Part Songs, with Mrs Lovell Hewitt and Miss M. Kemp.

19 April 1911: Max Bruch, The Lay of the Bell with Miss Mabel Dalby, Miss Gertrude Hall, Mr T. R. Moore and Hon. Stuart Bouverie.

13 December 1911: Grand Concert with Lady Sybil Smith (vocal) and Miss Grace Triggs (violin) and the English Ladies' Orchestral Society.

24 April 1912: Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius, with Norah Dawney, Mr Charles Childs and Mr John Talbot.

4 December 1912: Schumann and Gade, with Miss Gertrude Sichel, Miss Winifred Bowden Smith, Miss Gertrude Hall, Mr T. R. Moore, Mr Graham Smart and Mr J. L. Ward.

30 April 1913: Bach, Mass in B minor, with Madame Alice Phillips, Valda Gleichen, Mr T. R. Moore and Mr George Baker.

19 November 1913: Newbury Amateur Orchestral Union and Newbury Choral Society Commemoration Concert, being Mendelssohn, Elijah with Alice Phillips, Margaret Kemp, Roland Jackson and George Baker (with photographs).

10 December 1913: Parry, Stanford and Elgar.

29 April 1914: Max Bruch, Odysseus, with Mr Samuel Mann and Miss Ida Kiddier.

21 April 1915: Miss Gladys Moger and Mr Samuel Mann, including the first performance of Marian Arkwright, Requiem Mass, conducted by the composer.

15 December 1915, Lecture Hall: Bach and Handel with Miss Grace Staples, Miss Lillian Berger, Mr P. Lindley and Mr John Talbot.

26 April 1916, Lecture Hall: Mozart, Palestrina and Beethoven with Mrs Mallett, Miss Sara Silvers, Mr W. H. Bentley and Mr J. L. Ward (plus handbill only).

31 January 1917, Girls' Council School: Madrigals and Part Songs, with cello solos by Miss Phyllis Hasluck [corrected to Miss M Liddle].

11 April 1917, Lecture Hall [corrected to Girls' Council School]: Barnett, Ancient Mariner/Purcell, King Arthur with Miss Dorothy Wentworth, Miss Norah Camp, Mr Prior and Mr John Talbot.

24 April 1918, Lecture Hall: Unaccompanied Vocal Music with Miss Gladys Applegate (viola).

18 December 1918: Haydn, The Creation with Miss Viola Salvin, Mrs Staples, Mr Charles Child and Mr Gardner Leader [corrected to Joseph Farrington].

Wednesday 19 December [1917, sic], Lecture Hall: Handel, Samson with Grace Staples, Lucy Bingham, Mr J. L. Prior and George Baker.

30 April 1919: Spohr, Parry and Hillier, with Miss Grace Staples, Sara Silvers [corrected to Gertrude Higgs], Mr W. Bentley and Mr J. L. Ward.

17 December 1919: Brahms and Dvorak.

28 April 1920: Mendelssohn, Elijah with Nora Delmarr, Mary Clarke, T. R. Moore and Joseph Farrington.

8 December 1920: Elgar, Dream of Gerontius with Lillian Borger, Charles Childs and Henry Badham.
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1884 - 1921
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