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Mr Joseph Ivimey´s Chamber Concerts (1889-1903)
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Programmes for the first fourteen seasons of Mr Joseph Ivimey’s Popular Chamber Concerts, given between 1889 and 1903 in the Assembly Rooms, Surbiton, arranged chronologically over two bound volumes.

Eight concerts were given each season between November and February. These were typically in two acts with each part including a small-ensemble chamber pieces (trio, quartet or quintet) and one vocal and one instrumental solo or duet.

The concerts were given by the members of Joseph Ivimey’s quartet, playing both as an ensemble and as soloists. In addition, each concert employed a vocal and instrumental soloist.

Volume 1: 1889-96 (seasons 1-7)
During the first season, Joseph Ivimey’s quartet consisted of Joseph Ivimey, John Saunders, Herr Machtig and Arthur Blagrove. From the second to the seventh season, it consisted of Joseph Ivimey, A. Slocombe, Alfred Hobday and Arthur Blagrove. Where only one name appears below, this is the name of the vocal soloist. Unless otherwise stated, the pianist was Mr John W. Ivimey.

Except during the fifth season, the final concert of each series included a performance of Beethoven, Septet in E flat, op.20, and thus involved a number of additional performers.

First season (1889-90)
2 November: Marian McKenzie
16 November: Mr Iver McKay
30 November: Miss Clara Dowle
14 December: Madame Annie Morley (vocal) and Master Horace Barton (piano)
4 January: Miss Effie Clements
18 January: Madame Annie Morley
1 February: Mrs Helen Trust (vocal) and Mr Orton Bradley (piano)
15 February: Miss Minnie Chamberlain (vocal) and Miss Annie Grimson (piano). Also, John Bishop (double bass), W.H. Hall (clarinet), T.E. Mann (horn) and Edwin Hall (bassoon).

Second season (1890-91)
1 November: Helen Trust
15 November: Miss Susannah Pierce
29 November: Miss Clara Dowle
13 December: Mr Iver McKay (vocal) and Mr Horace Barton (piano), accompanied by George E. Ivimey. This concert featured Mendelssohn, Octette, op.20, for which an additional string quartet of Messrs Hopkins, Kentleton, Kearne and Field was engaged.
3 January: Madame Annie Morley (vocal) and Mr John Francis Barnett (piano)
17 January: Miss Jeannie Rankin, including two new songs by Arnold D. Culley, accompanied by the composer.
31 January: Mrs Helen Trust
14 February: Miss Jose Sherrington (vocal). Also, W.H. Hall (clarinet), Mr E. Hall (bassoon), T.E. Mann (horn) and John Bishop (double bass). This concert included a Trio in D op.1 by John W. Ivimey, who was also at the piano.

Third season (1891-92)
7 November: Mr Iver McKay
21 November: Miss Kate Fusselle
5 December: Mr Reginald White
19 December: Mrs Helen Trust (vocal) and Miss Annie Grimson (piano)
9 January: Miss Mina MacDonnell (vocal) and Mr W.J. Barton (piano)
23 January: Miss Effie Clements
13 February: Miss Russell
20 February: Mrs Helen Trust. Also, Mr J. Bishop (double bass), T.E. Mann (horn), E. Hall (clarinet) and Mr Hall (bassoon).

Fourth season (1892-93)
5 November: Mrs Helen Trust
19 November: Miss Florence Bethell
3 December: Miss Emma Allitsen
17 December: Mr Reginald White (vocal) and Miss Annie Grimson (piano)
21 January: Madame Marian McKenzie (vocal) and Miss Annie Grimson (piano)
4 February: Miss Florence Bethell
18 February: Mrs Helen Trust
11 March: Madame Alice Gomez. Also, Mr Hall (clarinet), Mr E. Hall (bassoon), Mr T.E. Mann (horn), Mr Ernest Carrodus (double bass).

Fifth season (1893-94)
4 November: Mr Iver McKay
18 November: Miss Florence Bethell
2 December: Miss Minnie Chamberlain
16 December: Mrs Helen Trust (vocal) and Miss Annie Grimson (piano), accompanied by Mr F. Peachey.
20 January: Mrs Loxwood King (vocal) and Mr Kearne (viola)
3 February: Madame Alice Gomez
17 February: Madame Clara Samuell
3 March: Madame Alice Gomez (vocal) and Mr Charles Draper (clarinet)

Sixth season (1894-95)
The programme for the first concert of this season is missing.
17 November: Mr Dalgety Henderson
1 December: Miss Helen Pettican
15 December: Madame Marian McKenzie
26 January: Miss Gwladys Wood
9 February: Miss Minnie Chamberlain (vocal) and Mr Charles Draper (clarinet)
23 February: Mrs Helen Trust (vocal), with John W. and Alice Ivimey (piano)
9 March: Madame Alice Gomez. Also, Mr A. Borsdorf (horn), Mr E. Hall (clarinet), Mr W.H. Hall (bassoon) and Mr C. Hobday (double bass).

Seventh season (1895-96)
2 November: Madame Clara Samuell (vocal) and Miss Alice Ivimey (piano)
16 November: 50th concert with Madame Marian McKenzie
30 November: Miss Louise Phillips (vocal), with J.W. Ivimey and Miss Annie Grimson (piano)
14 December: Mrs Helen Trust. Also, Mr A. Borsdorf (horn) and Mr C.W. Nightingale (oboe)
25 January: Madame Alice Gomez (vocal) and Alice Ivimey (piano)
8 February: Miss Constance Barber
22 February: Miss Minnie Chamberlain
7 March: Miss Mabel Berrey. Also, J. Bishop (double bass), A. Borsdorf (horn), E. Hall (clarinet) and W.H. Hall (bassoon)

Volume 2: 1896-1903 (seasons 8-14)
Concerts given during these seasons differed from those described above only in the tendency to include an additional vocal solo in the second act. During the eighth, ninth, tenth and thirteenth seasons, the practice of including Beethoven, Septet in E flat, op. 20 in the last concert was retained.

The make up of Ivimey’s string quartet was more varied during the seasons documented in this volume: information is given below in respect of individual seasons. As above, where only one soloist is listed, this is the vocalist.

From the eleventh season onwards, these programmes also began to include the words for the vocal pieces.

Eighth Season (1896-97)
Quartet: Joseph Ivimey, A.T. Mole, Alfred Hobday and Arthur Blagrove. Unless otherwise stated below, the pianist for these concerts was John W. Ivimey.
7 November: Ada Crossley
21 November: Mabel Berrey
5 December: Katharine Fisk (vocal) and Alice Ivimey (piano)
19 December: Madame Alice Gomes
30 January: Mrs Helen Trust (vocal) and Maud Rihll (piano)
13 February: Mabel Berrey
27 February: Madame Belle Cole
13 March: Miss Thudichum. Also, Alfred Borsdorf (horn), John Bishop (double bass), W.H. Hall (clarinet) and E. Hall (bassoon).

Ninth season (1897-98)
Quartet: Joseph Ivimey, Alfred T. Kentleton, Mr T. Batty and Mr Arthur Blagrove. With the exception of that on 29 December, each concert featured John W. Ivimey, sometimes as a second pianist.
6 November: Mr Herbert Grover (vocal) and Miss Maud Rihll (piano)
20 November: Madame Clara Samuell
4 December: Mr Braxton Smith (vocal) and Mrs Arthur Blagrove (piano)
18 December: Mr Samuel Masters
29 December: Miss Lucie Johnstone (vocal) and W.H. Hall (clarinet)
12 February: Miss Ada Crossley
26 February: Mr Albert Archdeacon (vocal) and Mrs Arthur Blagrove (piano), including three New Pieces (MS) by J.W. Iviney, accompanied by the composer.
12 March: Miss Helen Trust (vocal), Alfred Borsdorf (horn), W.H. Hall (clarinet), and E. Hall (bassoon).
Bound with these programmes is a ticket for Mr Joseph Ivimey’s Second Annual Grand Orchestral Concert, held in the Assembly Rooms, Surbiton on 30 April, with Madame Alice Gomez and Jones Hewson and a grand orchestra of eighty performers.

Tenth season (1898-99)
Quartet: Joseph Ivimey and Alfred Kentleton, Alfred Hobday and Arthur Blagrove. With the exception of that on 11 February, every concert involved J.W. Ivimey, sometimes as a second pianist.
5 November: Mabel Berrey and Mr Braxton Smith (vocal)
19 November: William Nicholl (vocal) and Albert Fransella (flute)
3 December: Helen Trust (vocal) and Mrs Arthur Blagrove (piano)
17 December: Marian McKenzie (vocal) and Ernest Shelton (viola)
28 January: Miss Ada Crossley
11 February: Kate Cove (vocal) and Ethel Sharpe (piano)
25 February: Miss Laura Eagland and William Nicholl (vocal)
11 March: Madame Alice Gomes (vocal) with Ernest Yonge (viola), John Bishop (double bass), Messrs Thornton (horn), W.H. Hall (clarinet) and E. Hall (bassoon).
Bound with these programmes is a ticket for Mr Joseph Ivimey’s Third Grand Orchestral Concert, given on 29 April in the Assembly Rooms, Surbiton, with Muriel Foster and Mr Louis Frolich. This was a performance of nineteenth-century orchestral repertory, given by a Grand Orchestra of eighty performers, comprising Mr Joseph Ivimey’s combined Orchestras of Surbiton and Weybridge.

Eleventh season (1899-1900)
Quartet: Henry Such, Alfred Ballin, Alfred Hobday and Arthur Blagrove. Ballin was replaced by Edgar Shelton from the third concert and Such by Joseph Ivimey from the 5th. All concerts featured John W. Ivimey (piano), who is listed as ‘conductor’ for the first time during this season.
4 November: Mrs Helen Trust
18 November: Miss Percival Allen and Mr William Nicholl (vocal) and Herr Georg Liebling (piano)
2 December: Madame Marian McKenzie
16 December: Madame Alice Gomes (vocal) and Mrs Arthur Blagrove (piano)
27 January: Ethel Bevans and F. Franklin Clive (vocal)
10 February: Grand Concert of Vocal Music with Mrs Percival Allen, Mr Samuel Masters, Miss Grainger Kerr and Mr Arthur Walenn
24 February: Miss Ida Mann (vocal) and Herr Georg Liebling (piano)
10 March: Madame Alice Gomez (vocal) and W.H. Hall (clarinet)
Bound with these concerts is a ticket for Mr Joseph Ivimey's Fourth Annual Grand Orchestral Concert, given on 28 April 1900, with Miss Leonora Sparkes and Mr Albert Archdeacon (vocal) and Miss Ella Ivimey (piano). This was a concert of nineteenth-century orchestral repertory, given a 'Grand Orchestra of eighty performers, comprising Mr Joseph Ivimey's combined orchestras of Surbiton and Weybridge'.

Twelfth season (1900-01)
Quartet: Joseph Ivimey, Edgar Shelton, Alfred Hobday and Arthur Blagrove, with J. Edward Hambleton replacing Blagrove as cellist from the fifth concert onwards. John W. Ivimey (piano) appeared at the first three concerts only.
3 November: Mr Louis Fröhlich (with an insert detailing the necessary replacement of Shelton with Walter Hann, viola)).
17 November: Miss Grainger Kerr (vocal) and Miss Elsie Horne (piano)
1 December: Amy Sargent and Muriel S. Bowick (vocal), including Recitations by Ellen Bowick.
15 December: Ethel Bevans, Lena Maitland, Mr F. Franklin Clive and Mr. W.R. Maxwell (vocal), including Liza Lehmann, Song Cycle ‘In a Persian Garden’.
9 February: John Coates (vocal) and Joseph Speight and Rayner Willis (piano).
23 February: Mr Herbert Grover (vocal) and Joseph Speight (piano)
9 March: Helen Trust
16 March: Madame Marie Hooton (vocal) and Walter Hann (viola)

Thirteenth season (1901-02)
Quartet: Joseph Ivimey, Edgar Shelton, Alfred Hobday and J. Edward Hambleton. With the exception of those on 14 December and 25 January, every concert featured Joseph Speaight (piano).
2 November: Mr Samuel Masters
16 November: Miss Florence Oliver
30 November: Mr William Nicholl (vocal), accompanied by Miss Ella Ivimey.
14 December (the 100th Chamber Concert): Madame Marian McKenzie (vocal), Miss Fanny Davies (piano) and H. Trust (cello), accompanied by Miss Dora Robinson.
25 January: Madame Medora Henson (vocal) Mr Waddington Cooke (piano), accompanied by Ella Ivimey
8 February: Miss Ida Mann
22 February: Miss Ada Phillips
8 March: Mrs Helen Trust (vocal), C. Hobday (double bass), H. Hambleton (horn), W.H. Hall (clarinet) and E. Hall (bassoon).

Fourteenth Season (1902-03)
Quartet: Joseph and Ella Ivimey, Alfred Hobday and J. Edward Hambleton. With the exception of that on 28 February, all concerts featured Joseph Speaight (piano).
8 November: Miss Edith Kirkwood
22 November: Walter Ivimey
6 December: Miss Ethel Bevans
20 December: Miss Gwendolen Maude
31 January: Miss Alice Davies
14 February: Mr Walter Ivimey
28 February: Madame Medora Henson (vocal) and Mr Waddington Cooke (piano), including two songs by Waddington Cooke, accompanied by the composer.
14 March: Mr Arthur Walenn (vocal) and Mr Withers (cello).
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