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Miscellaneous Concerts (1856-1906)
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A miscellaneous collection of programmes for performances given in Birmingham - the majority at the Masonic Hall - between 1856 and 1906, held as two bound volumes. Also, the prospectus and programmes for the Tenth Triennial Handel Festival, given at the Crystal Palace, London in 1891 and for the Second Provincial Tour undertaken by Messrs Boosey's London Ballad Concert Party in October/November 1892, held within the second volume.

Volume 1
Programmes and wordbooks for concerts given at the Masonic Hall in Birmingham between 1877 and 1894, held with a prospectus/announcement for Two Grand Concerts given by Monsieur Jullien and his orchestra at the Town Hall, Birmingham on 1 and 31 January 1856.

The Jullien concerts were orchestral performances given with Mademoiselle Gassier (soprano), Herr Reichert (flute) and Mr Lazarus (clarinet), including Jullien’s new work, The Fall of Sebastopol Quadrille. The programmes for the Masonic Hall concerts are bound in a miscellaneous fashion but are grouped here according to patron/principal performer.

- Miss Fanny Davies's Annual Concerts
26 February 1890, 18 February 1891, 22 February 1893 and 20 February 1894: concerts of nineteenth-century Germanic repertory, given by Davies (piano), Joachim (violin) and Piatti (cello, 1893 and 1894 only). With the exception of that for 1890, all programmes carry handwritten annotations. Those for 1890, 1893 and 1894 include historical notes.

- Mr and Madame Oscar Pollack’s Annual Vocal and Instrumental Concerts nos.2, 3, 4 and 7.
Programmes and wordbooks for two-part concerts of vocal and instrumental solos, incorporating larger ensemble pieces, typically piano-duet arrangements, at the beginning and end of each half. All programmes provide detailed information regarding the vocal and instrumental soloists and all concerts featured Madame Oscar Pollack (vocal) and Mr Oscar Pollack (piano/conductor).
23 November 1887: Mrs Mason, Mr H. Partridge and Mr Gervas Cooper (vocal), Signorina Adelina Martinengo (violin), Mr J. Owen (cello) and Mr T. Troman and Signorina Flora Martinengo (piano) (handbill only). Although no full programme is given here, the following claim is made about the concert: ‘For the first time in Birmingham Liszt’s “Les Préludes” from his “Poems Symphoniques”, for two pianos; and by Special desire the Grand Concertante Duo, for Two Pianos, on “Faust” which was so well received last year’.
20 November 1888: Mr E. Levetus and Mr H. Peacock (vocal), with Herr Sück (violin), Mr A J. Priestley (cello), Mr T E. Pountney (clarinet) and Miss Hiley, Miss Hargreave, Dr C. Swinnerton Heap and Mr T Troman (piano).
21 November 1889: Mr Rechab Tandy and Mr Gervas Cooper (vocal), with Mr F. Ward (violin), Mr Joseph Owen (cello) and Misses Jessie M. Hiley, Nellie Hargreave, Marian Hulley, Effie Short and Mr George Halford (piano).
26 January 1893: Mr Hamlyn Crimp and Mr A.J.B. Rankin (vocal), with Miss Ethel Barns (violin), Mr Herbert Grice (cello), the Birmingham Flute Society (Messrs Langston, Huxley, Hughes and Cochrane) and Mr G.H. Manton (piano) (with some extensive handwritten annotations).

- Miscellaneous concerts
20 February 1893: Mr and Mrs Henschel Vocal Recital. This was a concert of vocal solos and duets, including a number of works by Henschel (unbound handbill with handwritten annotations which provide corrections to the printed programme and offer additional historical information, largely in the form of dates, for the featured composers).
18 April 1885: Dr Swinnerton Heap’s Chamber Concerts no.3, given by the string quartet of Messrs Carrodus, Speelman, Bernardt and Vieuxtemps, with Charles Swinnerton Heap (piano), including sonatas for piano, violin and cello, with a string quartet at the opening and a piano quartet at the close (with extensive historical notes).
24 June 1875: Master R.H. Rickard’s Pianoforte Recital, assisted by Emily Allely, Mr Monteith Randell and Dr. Swinnerton Heap, being a two-part concert of predominantly nineteenth-century piano repertory.
25 October 1877: Mr C.J. Duchemin’s Popular Chamber Concert of Classical Music, with a string quartet of Messrs Carrodus, Val. Nicholson, Doyle and Edward Howell, Miss Emma Beasley (vocal) and Mr C. J. Duchemin (piano). This was a concert of vocal and instrumental solos, with two string quartets and a string quintet (programme and wordbook with historical notes and some very brief handwritten annotations).
28 May 1879: Mr Alfred J. Sutton’s Choir (last concert of the season), being a performance of vocal and instrumental music given by professional and amateur members of the choir, including a cantata by Sutton for female voices (‘Sage Advice’) (programme and wordbook with brief historical notes and minor handwritten annotations).
20 February 1893: Mr and Mrs Henschel’s Vocal Recital (wordbook, including very extensive handwritten annotations which comment, largely very favourably, on the nature and standard of the performance).
1 March 1894: Miss Adelina de Lara’s Pianoforte Recital, with Edward Howell (cello) and Mr Arthur Oswald (vocal) (with extensive handwritten annotations, including an additional insert, which provides historical information about the works performed).

Volume 2
The prospectus, with programmes and wordbooks, for the Tenth Triennial Handel Festival, held at the Crystal Palace in June 1891, consisting of The Messiah (22 June), Selections from various sacred and secular works (24 June) and Israel in Egypt (26 June). Also, the programme from the Second Provincial Tour undertaken by Messrs Boosey’s London Ballad Concert Party in October/November 1892, and programmes and wordbooks for four performances given at the Masonic Hall, Birmingham between November 1889 and March 1906.

These documents are bound chronologically but are listed below according to organisation.

- Tenth Triennial Handel Festival
This document includes a complete list of both the choral and instrumental ensembles, with A.J. Eyre (organ), conducted by August Manns. It also lists the following vocal soloists: Madame Albani, Miss Macintyre, Madame Emily Squire, Madame Nordica, Miss Marian McKenzie, Madame Belle Cole, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Barton McGuckin, Mr Santley, Mr Bridson and Mr W.H. Brereton.

There is also a historical introduction (tracing the origins of the Handel Festivals back to the Commemoration Concerts of 1784) and a list of the committee and Stewards for the Festival. The programmes for individual concerts are supplemented with historical notes.

- London Ballad Concert Party
The programme and wordbook for a two-act concert of vocal and instrumental solos (with largely ensemble pieces at the beginning and end of each half), given by Mrs Mary Davies and Madame Clara Samuell, Madame Antoinette Sterling, Mr Durward Lely, Mr Plunket Greene and Mr Santley (vocal), with Senor Albeniz (piano), conducted by Sidney Naylor.

- Miscellaneous Concerts, Masonic Hall, Birmingham
21 November 1889 and 26 January 1893: Mr and Madame Oscar Pollack’s Grand Concert nos.4 and 7 (see above).
19 March 1891: Mr and Madame Oscar Pollack’s Fifth Annual Grand Concert, with Madame Marie D’Alcourt, Madame Oscar Pollack, Mr Edward Arthur and Mr Edward Griffin (vocal), Herr Heinrich Sück (violin), Carl Gumprich (cello), Miss Louie Maidment and Mr Oscar Pollack (piano), accompanied by Mr Henry Taylor.
20 March 1906: Song Recital, given by Miss Clara Winwood (mezzo-contralto), with Miss Muriel Warwood (violin) and Mr Josef Holbrooke (piano), accompanied by Miss Beatrice Hewitt and Mr G.A. Russell.
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