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Collection Description

Collection Title
Kathleen Markwell Box 2: London and UK programmes (1907-33)
The second of four boxes of material forming the collection of the English pianist Kathleen Markwell, containing handbills, programmes and programme books for performances given in various English venues between 1907 and 1933.

Programmes are held loosely but are listed here chronologically, divided as follows:
1. Private Houses
2. Greater London
- Wimbledon 'Nine O'Clocks'
- Other concerts
3. UK (outside London)

In a small number of cases, concerts given before 1920 featured Markwell as a vocalist (see below). For the most part, however, she appeared as a pianist and/or accompanist.

1. Private Houses
26 February [no year], Little Missenden House: Kathleen McQuitty (piano) and John Goss (vocal).
Thursday 28 May [no year], 32 Lowndes Square: John Goss and Megan Foster (vocal).
17 November 1917, Leighton House: Society of Women Musicians, with Miss Phyllis Graves (vocal), Miss Emily Daymond (piano) and a string quartet of Emily Daymond, Evelyn Hunter, Susan Spain-Dunk and Miss Dorothy Thuell (handbill, 2 copies, both carrying a printed note detailing the replacement of Graves with Kathleen Markwell).
10 June 1925, 7 Upper Brook Street: Louis Pecksai (violin) and John Goss (vocal).
7 July 1926, 4 Holland Park: Isabel Gray (piano) and John Goss (vocal).
21 June 1927 and 28 June 1928, 3 Grosvenor Place: Miss Nellie Viveash (An Hour-and-a-Half) Music assisted by Mr John Goss (vocal).
12 October 1927, Leighton House: Marion Keighley Snowden and Maurice Cole (piano), John Snowden and Winfired Small (violin) and Megan Foster and Arthur Cranmer (vocal).
23 January 1928, 91 Queen's Gate: Dorothy Silk and Keith Falkner (vocal) (2 copies).
12 July 1928, 1 Belgrave Place: Daisy Kennedy and John Goss (vocal) and the Cathedral Male Voice Quartet (2 copies).
7 July 1930, Rokefield: Tessa Richardson (vocal).

2. Greater London
- Wimbledon 'Nine O'Clock'
Programmes for performances given in King’s College School Hall, Wimbledon Common on: 30 December 1922 (no.4); 26 April 1924 (no. 12); 27 March 1926 (no.11); 4 December 1926 (no. 3); 18 December 1926 (no.4, three copies); 12 February 1927 (no.8, two copies); 26 March 1927 (no.11, two copies); 7 January 1928 (no.5, two copies); 3 March 1928 (no. 9, three copies); 22 December 1928 (no.4); 16 March 1929 (no.10).

- Miscellaneous concerts
[no date], Queen's Theatre, Shaftesbury: Evensong, by Edward Knoblock and Beverley Nichols (with photograph).
[no date], South Hampstead High School: Song Recital by Tessa Richardson, accompanied by Sheila Richardson (with wordbook, 2 copies).
Wednesday 18 April (beginning) [no year], Royalty Theatre, Dean Street, Shaftesbury Avenue: Bird in Hand, a comedy by John Drinkwater, the music directed by Herbert Menges.
Tuesday 23 June [no year], Conway Hall: Special Concert presented by the Guild of Singers and Players and featuring Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson (piano), Anne Thursfield, John Goss and Orrea Pernel (handbill, 2 copies).
16 March 1907, 22 February and 25 April 1908 and 3 April 1909, Public Hall, Croydon: String-Players' Club (season 1 no. 1, seasons 2 nos.3 and 4 and season 3 no.4), conducted by S. Coleridge-Taylor (with words and lists of the orchestral ensemble).
4 July 1917, Hampstead Conservatoire, Eton Avenue: Second Concert.
16 October 1918, St. Paul's Cathedral: Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (1848-1918) (Order of Service).
16 December 1918, Piccadilly Hotel: concert of vocal and instrumental soloists.
16 November 1921, 5d Warwick Avenue: Recital by Elisabeth Ann (3 copies)
29 October [1922], Working Men's College, Crowndale Road: Sunday Evening Concert Society 5th Concert.
8 October 1923, Town Hall, Ilford: Ilford Music Club Symphony Concert by the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and Dorothy Silk and Dan Richards (vocal), accompanied by Donald Ford, conducted by Frank Bonner (with words, notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
30 November and 14 December 1923 and 8 February 1924 (two copies), St. Aubyn's Hall, Upper Norwood: Norwood 'Nine O'Clocks'.
9 July 1924, Great George Street, Westminster: Conservazione of the Institution of Civil Engineers, featuring the Band of H.M. Royal Artillery, Sybil Eaton (violin) and Walter Hyde and Megan Foster (vocal) (2 copies).
28 October 1924, Grand Hall, Acton Baths: Third Annual Evening Concert of the 12th Acton Scouts and Cubs (handbill).
19 November 1924, 27 January and 3 March 1925, 22 Hyde Park Square (nos. 1 and 2) and Town Hall, Paddington: Paddington Music Club Chamber Concerts (single document), the first of these being a Song and Oboe Recital by Dorothy Silk and Leon Goossens.
23 October 1925, Seaford House, Belgrave Square: Dramatic Entertainment in aid of the Actors' Church Union and the War Memorial Hostel, given by the Kendall String Quartet with Hilda Bertram (piano), Mr Dettmar Dressel and Miss Lilla McCarthy, Mr Harry Brindle, Miss Megan Foster and Miss Adelaide Gretton (vocal), accompanied by Olga Pasqui.
14 January 1926, Lecture Hall, Woodford Green: Evening of Music given as part of the Woodford Green Subscription Concerts by Megan Foster (vocal) and Gwendolen Mason (harp) with the Kutcher String Quartet (with words and Analytical Notes).
21 January 1926, Grove Hall, Wanstead: Recital by John Goss (vocal), assisted by Desiree MacEwan (piano).
11 March 1926, Lecture Hall, Woodford Green: An Evening of Music given as a Woodford Green Subscription Concert by John Goss and Hetty Bolton with the Brussels String Quartet (with words and Analytical Notes, 2 copies).
15 April 1926, Blackheath Concert Hall: Second Concert of the Dorian Choir (5th season no.2) with Margaret Fairless (violin) (programme and wordbook with a list of the choral ensemble and a record of the Patrons and Subscribers).
8 March 1927, Royal Academy of Music: 4th Chamber Concert of the St. John's Wood and South Hampstead Music Club given by the London Wind Quintet with Dorothy Silk (vocal) (with words).
27 April 1927, Savoy Hotel: Annual Dinner of the Musicians' Benevolent Fund (with a lists of the guests, a seating plan and a Programme of Music).
1 August 1927, Wimbledon Theatre: British National Opera Company production of Barber of Seville with John Barbirolli.
2 October 1927, Working Men's College, Crowndale Road: 162nd Concert of the Sunday Evening Concert Society (handbill).
13 October 1927, Lecture Hall, Woodford Green: An Evening of Music given as part of the Woodford Green Subscription Concerts by Megan Foster, Eric Brough, Samuel Kutcher and Cedric Sharp (with words and Analytical Notes).
7 December 1927, [Lewisham]: Lewisham Chamber Concert given by Megan Foster (vocal) and Eric Brough (piano) (5 copies).
5 February 1928, Palladium: National Sunday League Concert given by the Royal Albert Hall Orchestra with Albert Sammons (violin) and Mark Hambourg (piano), conducted by Henry Wood (with Analytical Notes, 2 copies).
17 February 1928, University of London, University College: University of London Musical Society by Dorothy Silk (soprano), conducted by W.H. Kerridge.
21 October 1928, City of London School, Victoria Embankment: South Place Sunday Popular Concerts (43rd season, no. 3) with the Pirani Trio and John Goss (vocal) (handbill).
10 November 1928, Lyndhurst Hall, Warden Road, Kentish Town: Lyndhurst Hall Chamber Concert, given by John Goss (vocal) and the Cathedral Male Voice Choir with Dorothy Hesse (piano) (handbill).
22 June 1929, Central Hall, Westminster: English String Players and John Goss (vocal), conducted by Margery Hope (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
4 July 1929, Natural History Museum, South Kensington: Conversazione of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, featuring the String Band of the Royal Engineers.
October 1929-March 1930: Northwood Music Club 8th season (prospectus).
6 October 1929, Working Men's College, Crowndale Road: 208th concert of the Sunday Evening Concert Society (handbill).
19 October 1929, Victoria and Albert Museum: League of Arts and featuring John Goss (vocal) (handbill).
14 March 1930, Conway Hall: Free Concerts given by the Guild of Singers and Players (second series, no.10) featuring the Griller String Quartet with Dorothy Silk (vocal), Helen Gaskell (oboe) and Jean Hamilton (piano).
Wednesday 19 and 26 March [1930], Conway Hall: Two Extra Concert given by the Guild of Singers and Players (single handbill).
15 May 1930, Drawing Room, The Mansion House: Antonia Butler (cello).
26 June and 3 and 10 July 1930, Lancaster House, St. James's: Three Concerts given as the fourth series of the London Museum Public Concerts (single document), the first featuring Dorothy Silk (vocal) and Donald Tovey (piano).
27 June 1930, Crosby Hall: Henry Wendon (vocal) and Antonia Butler, accompanied by Edith Kirkwood.
10 October 1930, Conway Hall: 10 Free Concerts given by the Guild of Singers and Players and featuring the Stratton String Quartet and John Goss (vocal).
9 November 1930, Working Men's College, Crowndale Road: 237th concert of the Sunday Evening Concert Society.
11 November 1930, Palace Hotel, 99 Lancaster Gate: Paddington Music Club (8th season no.1), given by Dora Labbette (vocal), Antonia Butler (cello) (with words and an insert carry a list of Members).
17 October 1930, Conway Hall: Ten Free Concerts no.2, presented by the Guild of Singers and Players and given by the Bronkhurst Trio with Sylvia York Bowen (vocal) (handbill).
6 December 1930, Caterham: Caterham Chamber Concert (10th series) given by Dorothy Silk (soprano) (handbill, 2 copies).
14 December 1930, Battersea Town Hall: 6th Sunday Evening Concert, given by Fanny Davies and Alice Dessauer (piano), Antonia Butler (cello) and H. Plunket Greene (vocal), accompanied by Samuel Liddle (with words, 2 copies).
16 December 1930, Town Hall, Chelsea: Song Recital given as the 52nd chamber concert of the Chelsea Music Club by John Goss (vocal) with Norman Franklin (piano) (with wordbook).
8 December 1932, Lecture Hall, Woodford Green: Recital given as part of the Woodford Green Subscription Concerts by Megan Foster (vocal) with the Canadian Trio (with words).
28 March 1933, Park Theatre, Hanwell: Hanwell Orchestral Society (12th season, no.20), with Adela Hamaton (piano), Richard Daniels and Marguerite Natalia (vocal) and Thelma Reiss-Smith (cello), conducted by Constance Martin (with a list of the orchestral ensemble and a record of the committee/members).
Also held are copies of Concerts and Recitals for 7 November 1932 (Vol. 2/5 x 2), 21 November 1932 (Vol.2/7) and March 20 1933 (Vol. 3/9).

3. UK (outside London)
With the exception of the concerts given on 3 April [no year], 17 December 1917, 15 December 1918 and 13 November 1919 – in which she appeared as a vocalist – the majority of these concerts featured Markwell as a pianist/accompanist.
Wednesday 3 April [no year], Chatham Empire: Grand Matinee (2 copies).
Thursday 10 April [no year], Christchurch Hall, Sutton: Song Recital given for the Sutton Music Club by Megan Foster (with words).
Saturday 23 April [no year], Winter Gardens, Bournemouth: Sixth Municipal Musical Festival given by the Full Municipal Orchestra with John Goss (vocal) and the Cathedral Quartet, conducted by Capt Charles Hoby and Sir Dan Godfrey, including the first performance of Nicholas Gatty, Suite for Strings. This document also contains a programme (with brief notes) for a programme of British Light Music, given on the same date.
Monday 4 October [no year], Pavilion, Swanage: Benefit to Mr Harry Bartlett.
Saturday 24 October [no year], Literary Institute, Montague Street: British Music Society (Worthing and Littlehampton Branch) with John Goss (vocal) (2 copies).
7 September 1914, Public Hall, Barnsley: Grand Concert given by the Barnsley Symphony Orchestra with Mr William Hayle, Miss Maggie Taylor, Miss Ethel Prescott, Madame Amy Joyner (vocal), Mr Collin Smith (cello)(with words).
17 December 1917, Royal Albert Institute, Windsor: Annual Evening Concert with Rev. E. H. Fellowes (violin) and Miss Kathleen Long (piano) (with words).
15 December 1918, St. Nicholas’ Church, Chislehurst: Organ Recital by Mr S. James Ching (handbill, 2 copies).
13 November 1919, Miners’ Hall, Barnsley: Pianoforte Recital by J. Wilfrid Clayton with Nancy Howe, A. Jones and Dan Gregory (vocal) and Zoe Addy (violin) (with words, brief biographical notes and photographs).
19 December 1920, Town Hall, Maesteg: Fifth Grand Sacred Concert given by Mr Glanville Davies and David Thomas (vocal), Garforth Mortimer (violin) (handbill).
3 November 1922, Music Salon, Wakefield: Wakefield Musical Evenings Second Concert, given by Miss Megan Foster (soprano) and Constance Pinwill (violin), accompanied by Madame Charlotte Davies (2 copies).
11 November 1922, Hall of the City of Cardiff High School of Girls, The Parade: programme for a Cardiff Chamber Music Concert (19th season), given by Dorothy Silk (vocal) and Leonard Borwick (piano).
31 January 1923, Birmingham: Birmingham Orchestral Society Third Annual Concert, with Megan Foster (vocal) and Roland Roberts (piano), conducted by Maurice Unwin (with words, a list of the orchestral ensemble and photographs).
1 February 1923, Municipal Hall, Newcastle: Annual Concert of the Newcastle Male Voice Glee Union (22nd season), given by Miss Megan Foster and Mr Toplis Green (vocal) and Mr Seth Lancaster (cello), accompanied by Mr Frank W. Rushton and conducted by Mr S. E. Lovatt (with words).
14 July 1923, Dane Court: Elisabeth Ann (word pictures) and Kathleen Markwell (improvisations) (handbill, 2 copies).
7 September 1923, College Hall, Worcester: Concert with Small Orchestra given as part of the Worcester Musical Festival with Miss Megan Foster and Mr Norman Allin (vocal) and Miss J. Chevreau (harp), accompanied by Dr P.C. Hull (with wordbook and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
12 December 1923, Grand Hall of the Spa, Scarborough: Carols and Other Christmas Music given for the Scarborough Philharmonic Society by Megan Foster (vocal) and Dorothy Hess (piano), conducted by Thomas Ely (with words, 3 copies).
6 May 1924, Public Hall, Carshalton: Song Recital given by Barbara Clark (with words).
1 November 1924, St. George’s Hall, Bradford: First Concert of the Bradford Permanent Orchestra (33rd season) with Miss Megan Foster (vocal), conducted by Mr Julius Harrison (with words, notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
10 January 1925, Lewes: Third Concert of the Lewes Music Club, being a Song Recital by Megan Foster (with wordbook).
22 September 1925, Assembly Rooms, Lincoln: First Concert of the Lincoln Music Club (3rd season), given by Megan Foster (vocal), Lionel Tertis (viola) and Albert Fransella (flute) (with words).
21 October 1925, Small Town Hall, Reading: Recital given for the Reading Music Club by Dorothy Silk (soprano) and Leon Goossens (oboe) (with words).
22 October and 25 November 1925, Maidenhead Town Hall: Maidenhead Music Club, the first with Dorothy Silk (vocal) and Leon Goossens (oboe) and the second by Irene Sharrer (piano) (single document).
29 October 1925, Great Hall, County Secondary School for Boys, Woking: Woking Music Club (3rd season no.1), given by the Lener Quartet and Miss Megan Foster (vocal) (with words).
15 December 1925, Folkstone: Bouverie Society, Folkstone by Megan Foster (soprano) and Daisy Kennedy (violin)(with wordbook).
23 January 1926, Ditchling: Song Recital for the Ditchling Concert Society by John Goss (handbill).
31 January 1926, Regent Theatre, Birmingham: Vocal Recital given for the Birmingham Music Society by John Goss (3 copies).
3 February 1926, Town Hall, Calne: Song Recital given by Dorothy Silk (with words, 2 copies).
18 February 1926, Weybridge and Walton: Third Concert of the Weybridge and Walton Music Club with Laurance Turner (piano) and Megan Foster (vocal).
25 March 1926, Weybridge and Walton: Fourth Concert of the Weybridge and Walton Music Club with Valentine Orde (cello) and Dorothy Silk (vocal), accompanied by May Walker.
28 May 1926 [Datchelor]: Recital by Dorothy Silk (vocal) given for the Datchelor Old Girls’ Club (handbill).
9 March 1927, Hinckley Theatre: Second Concert of the Hinckley and District Amateur Orchestral Society with Dorothy Silk (vocal) (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
8 October 1927, County and Borough Hall, Guildford: Four Orchestral Subscription Concerts no.1 (18th series, 69th concert), presented by the County School of Music, Guildford Ltd, and given by Dorothy Silk (vocal) (with words, 2 copies).
30 November 1927, Hinckley Theatre: Hinkley and District Amateur Orchestral Society no.1, with John Goss (vocal) (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
9 December 1927, Central Hall, Derby: Vocal Recital given as part of the Derby Municipal and County Chamber Concerts (12th series) by John Goss with William Primrose (violin) (handbill and 2 copies of a programme with words, notes, musical examples and photographs).
28 January 1928, Free Church Hall, Letchworth: Letchworth Free Church Choir with Miss B. D. Copland, Mr Arthur Cranmer and Miss Dorothy Silk (vocal), conducted by Mr W. B. Wilgar.
29 March 1928, Temple Speech Room, Rugby: Rugby Philharmonic Society by Mr Horace Stevens (vocal), conducted by Kenneth A. Stubbs (with words and a list of the members of the Society).
30 March 1928 [Maidstone Corn Exchange?]: Symphony Concert given by the Maidstone Amateur Orchestra assisted by members of the London Symphony Orchestra with Megan Foster (vocal), conducted by Mr F. Wilson Parish (with words and notes).
19 April 1928, Drill Hall, Dorking: Children’s Day Concert given as part of the 19th Leith Hill Musical Festival by Megan Foster (vocal) and Thelma Reiss-Smith (cello), accompanied by Arnold Goldsbrough, conducted by Herbert Wiseman (with words, 2 copies).
28 November 1928, University College, Bangor: Ninth Lady Reichel Concert given by the Lener String Quartet with Dorothy Silk (vocal) (with words and notes, including musical examples).
1 February 1929, [Oxford]: Oxford Ladies Musical Society concert no.371, given by Dorothy Silk (vocal), accompanied by Miss Kathleen Coleridge-Taylor (handbill and programme with words, 2 copies of each).
23 February 1929, Sherbourne: Recital given for Sherbourne Girls’ School Musical Society (16th season) by Dorothy Silk (vocal) (handbill).
20 March 1929, Regent Theatre: Hinckley and District Amateur Orchestral Society, with Noel Eadie (vocal) and Robert Silvester (piano) (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
24 May 1929, Municipal Secondary School for Girls, Ipswich: Recital by Tessa Richardson (vocal) (with words).
21 March 1930, Whitehall Theatre, East Grinstead: Gala Performance.
2 May 1930 [Oxford]: 387th concert of the Oxford Ladies’ Musical Society (2 copies).
4 October 1930, Lewes Corn Exchange: Song and Oboe Recital given for the Lewes Music Club by Dorothy Silk and Leon Goossens, including the first English performance of York Bowen, Sonata for Oboe and Pianoforte (with words).
10 December 1930, Albert Hall, Colchester: afternoon and evening Recital by Guilhermina Suggia (handbills, two copies for each performance).
17 December 1930, St. John’s Room, Windermere: Violoncello Recital given for the Windermere Chamber Concerts by Antonia Butler (handbill, 2 copies).
3 February 1931, Assembly Rooms, Lincoln: Third Concert of the Lincoln Music Club (8th season), given by Dora Labbette (soprano) and Antonia Butler (cello) (with words).
12 March 1931, University College, Bangor: 10th Lady Reichel Concert with the Pro-Arte String Quartet and Dorothy Silk (vocal) (with words and notes, including musical examples).
31 March 1931 (week commencing), Guildhall, Plymouth: S. Coleridge-Taylor, The Atonement (first dramatic staged performance), given by the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Choral Society, Plymouth (handbill with notes).
8 October 1932-25 February 1933, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool: Six Promenade Concerts given by the Philharmonic Light Orchestra, conducted by Alfred Barker (single handbill).
15 October 1932, Painswick: Violin and Piano Recital given for Painswick Music Club by Orrea Pernel (handbill with brief note).
8 February 1933, Rugby: Violin and Pianoforte Recital given for the Rugby Music Club by Orrea Pernel (2 copies).
18 February 1933, Salisbury: British Music Society (Salisbury Centre), by Antonia Butler (cello) and Hugh Campbell (baritone) (with words).
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