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Collection Description

Collection Title
Harold Rosenthal collection: Concert Programmes Box 5 (1939-54)
Unique Identifier
Mus 315 c.2
A miscellaneous collection of handbills for performances given at various London venues – predominantly the Royal Albert Hall – between 1939 and 1954, held as the last of five boxes within the Harold Rosenthal collection to contain material relevant to concert performances. Some of these programmes are accompanied by press cuttings and/or tickets.

Unless otherwise stated below, these documents were handbills, some with photographs. Many of the documents do not carry an indication of the year of the performance: seemingly plausible suggestions have been given in [ ] below, based on the day of the performance and placement of the programmes within the collection.

All programmes are held loosely but are listed here by venue. In the case of the Royal Albert Hall, the programmes are further ordered for organization/series.

1. Royal Albert Hall
- Alexandra Choir
- Bach Choir
- Goldsmiths' Choral Union
- London Philharmonic Orchestra
- London Symphony Orchestra
- Opera Promenade Concerts
- Philharmonia Orchestra
- Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
2. Central Hall, Westminster
3. Chelsea Town Hall
4. Cowdray Hall
5. Royal Festival Hall
6. Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
7. Wigmore Hall
8. Miscellaneous venues

1. Royal Albert Hall
- Alexandra Choir
All performances were given with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted, unless otherwise stated below, by Charles Proctor. The vocal soloists are listed below.
12 March 1949: Handel, Messiah with Mary Hamlin, Muriel Gale, William Herbert and Stanley Clarkson.
Sunday 10 April [1949]: Beethoven, Symphony No. 9 with Joan Hammond, Jean Watson, Kenneth Neate and Bernhard Sonnerstedt, conducted by Josef Krips.
24 October 1949: Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius with Muriel Brunskill, Heddle Nash and Owen Brannigan.
18 December 1949: Carols and Other Christmas Music with Robert Easton.
18 April 1950: Tenth Birthday Concert with Muriel Brunskill and Dennis Noble.

- Bach Choir
All concerts were conducted by Reginald Jacques and featured the vocalists listed below. Where no other indication is given, the performances were accompanied by the Jacques Orchestra.
13 January 1945: Vaughan Williams, Sea Symphony and Bach, Magnificat, with Isobel Baillie, Audrey Strange, Eric Greene, Grace Bodey and Henry Cummings.
18 March 1945: Bach, St. Matthew Passion with Margaret Field-Hyde, Kathleen Ferrier, Eric Greene, Henry Cummings, Peter Pears and William Parsons.
16 June 1945: Handel, Judas Maccabaeus with Elsie Suddaby, Gladys Ripley, Walter Widdop and Tom Williams. This concert also featured Solomon (piano).
7 April 1946: Bach, St. Matthew Passion with Elsie Suddaby, Kathleen Ferrier, Eric Greene, Henry Cummings, Peter Pears and William Parsons.
20 June 1946: Bach, Mass in B minor with Elsie Suddaby, Kathleen Ferrier, Eric Greene and Norman Walker.
16 December 1946: Carols, with Nancy Evans, Alfred Hepworth and Bruce Boyce.
8 February 1947: Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius with Gladys Ripley, Parry Jones and Norman Walker and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
23 March 1947: Bach, St. Matthew Passion with Elsie Suddaby, Kathleen Ferrier, Eric Greene, Henry Cummings, Peter Pears and William Parsons.
Wednesday 23 April [1947]: Silveri (baritone), conducted by Walter Goehr (with Press Opinions).
Wednesday 21 May [1947]: Brahms Anniversary Concert, given with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Max Rostal (violin), Ena Mitchell (soprano) and Harold Williams (bass).
18 November 1947: Elsie Suddaby, Roderick Jones and John Hunt with the London Symphony Orchestra.
26 February 1949: Mozart, Requiem/Walton, Belshazzar's Feast with Margaret Field-Hyde, Grace Bodey, Alfred Hepworth and Dennis Noble and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
22 May 1949: Verdi, Requiem with Victoria Sladen, Constance Shacklock, Richard Lewis and David Franklin [corrected to Norman Walker] and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
23 May 1950: Elsie Suddaby and Roderick Jones (vocal) with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
8 February, 23 March and 21 May: (single document).

- Goldsmiths' Choral Union and Symphony Orchestra
All performances were conducted by Frederick Haggis and featured the vocalists listed below.
29 March 1947: Margaret Field Hyde, Astra Desmond, Edward Reach and George Pizzey.
31 May 1947: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Sarah Greville, Muriel Gale, Ronald Bristol and Roy Henderson.
9 November and 26 December 1948 and 9 March and 26 April 1949: (single document).

- London Philharmonic Orchestra
18 October 1941: Albert Sammons (violin), conducted by Sidney Beer (with Analytical Notes).
Sunday 9 April [1944/50]: Music from the Ballet, conducted by Basil Cameron.
Sunday 30 April [1944/50]: Popular Sunday Concert, conducted by Basil Cameron.
10, 15 and 21 May; Tuesday 4 June, 6, 14, 21 and 28 June [1946]: Popular Concerts (single document).
Tuesday 12 October [1948]: Pouishnoff (piano), conducted by Jean Martinon.
Thursdays 14, 16, 21 and 28 April [1949]: (single document).
Thursdays 3, 10, 17 and 24 November and 1 and 8 December [1949]: Tchaikovsky Festival, conducted by Nicolai Malko.
22 January 1950: Popular Programme from the Opera and Ballet, conducted by Anthony Collins.
Sunday 5 and 19 February [1950]: Popular Sunday Concerts, conducted by Eduard van Beinum (single document).

- London Symphony Orchestra
Monday 13 October [1941/47]: Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Muir Mathieson.
Monday 27 October [1941/47]: Solomon (piano) and Rudolf Comacho (vocal), conducted by Walter Goehr.
Monday 19 January [1942/48]: Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Muir Mathieson.
Monday 15 March [1943/48]: Pouishnoff (piano), conducted by Walter Goehr.
Saturday 20 November [1943/48]: Luigi Infantino (tenor), conducted by Walter Goehr.
Friday 26 November [1943/48]: Moiseiwitsch (piano), conducted by Malcolm Sargent.
Sunday 23 January [1944/49]: Tchaikovsky Programme/Sunday Evening Pop with Marguerite Wolff (piano) and Ivry Gitlis (violin), conducted by George Weldon.
Sunday 6 February [1944/49]: Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Malcolm Sargent.
Friday 1 November [1944/50]: Michal Hambourg (piano), conducted by Charles Hambourg.
5 February 1946: Concert in aid of the Jewish Marine League given with Gertrude Holt (vocal), Max Rostal (violin) and Anthony Pini (cello), conducted by Fistoulari.
Saturday 9 November [1946]: George Chavchavadze (piano), conducted by Malcolm Sargent.
Saturday 23 November [1946]: Cyril Smith (piano), conducted by Charles Hambourg.
28 April 1948: Payling Musical Society with Doreen Lane and May Askew (vocal) and Maurice Cole (piano), conducted by Stanford Robinson.
30 October 1948: Dora van Doorn, Kathleen Willson, George Chitty and Henry Cummings (vocal), conducted by Willem Wiesehahn and Charles Proctor.
Saturday 4 December [1948]: Colin Horsley (piano), conducted by Basil Cameron.
Saturday 8 March [1949]: Mewton-Wood (piano), conducted by Charles Hambourg, including the first performance of Bela Bartok-Serly, Suite, Mikrokosmos.
Sunday 10 April [1949]: Cyril Smith (piano), conducted by Basil Cameron.
Sunday 17 April [1949]: Tchaikovsky Concert with Pouishnoff (piano), conducted by George Weldon.
20 April 1949: Yehudi Menuhin (violin).
Sunday 24 April [1949]: Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, conducted by George Weldon.
30 September 1949: Payling Musical Society with Sonia Peters (mezzo-soprano) and Geoffrey Philippe (piano), conducted by Victor Olof.
Sunday 16 October [1949]: Sunday Evening Pop given with Bruno Raikin (piano) and Frederic de Zsolnay (bass), conducted by Muir Mathieson.

- Opera Promenade Concerts
All performances were given on Saturdays by the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted Walter Goehr. The vocal soloists are listed below.
7 February [1942/48]: Tito Gobbi, Doris Doree, Irene Fratiza and James Johnston.
6 March [1943/48]: Walter Midgley, Victoria Sladen, Richard Lewis, Roderick Jones and Constance Shacklock.
17 April [1943/48]: Joan Hammond, Luigi Infantino, Redvers Llewellyn and Shiela de Haan.
9 October [1943/48]: Joan Hammond and Marko Rothmuller with the Alexandra Choir.
22 May [1943/48]: Silveri, Christina Carroll and Gladys Ripley.
8 October [1944/50]: Janet Howe and Marko Rothmuller with the Alexandra Choir.

- Philharmonia Orchestra
Sunday 15 February [1942/48]: Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Royalton-Kisch.
Sunday 4 April [1943/48]: Handel, Messiah with Nancy Evans, Constance Pemberton, Norman Walker and Julius Patzak (vocal) and the Luton Choir, conducted by Basil Cameron.
Sunday 9 May [1943/48]: Grand Tchaikovsky Concert with Louis Kentner and Yfrah Neaman, conducted by Muir Mathieson.
Tuesday 25 May [1943/48]: Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Igor Markevitch.
Sunday 21 November [1943/48]: Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Walter Susskind.
Tuesday 21 December [1943/48]: Handel, Messiah with the BBC Choral Society, conducted by Leslie Woodgate.
Sunday 30 January [1944/49]: Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Walter Susskind.
Monday 31 January [1944/49]: conducted by Pierino Gamba (with notes, biographical notes and photographs).
Wednesday 30 April [1947]: Josephine Strey (vocal), conducted by Bonifanti.
Sunday 8 June [1947]: Beethoven Programme with Artur Schnabel (piano), conducted by Adrian Boult.
8 February 1948: Grand Tchaikovsky Evening given by Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Muir Mathieson.
Sunday 29 February [1948]: Tito Schipa (vocal), conducted by Fistoulari.
Sunday 11 April [1948]: Dinu Lipatti (piano), conducted by Karajan.
Sunday 27 March [1949]: Tchaikovsky Programme with Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Fistoulari.
Sunday 17 April [1949]: Handel, Messiah, with the BBC Choral Society, conducted by Leslie Woodgate.
Sunday 29 May [1949]: Rudolf Serkin (piano), conducted by Issay Dobrowen (with biographical notes).
11 October 1949-28 March 1950: New Era Concert Society 3rd season (single document).
19 March, 30 April and 22 May 1950: 1949-50 Subscription Series (with words and notes, including musical examples, photographs and a list of the orchestral ensemble). The concert on 19 March was of Schubert, Winterreise (Hans Hotter and Gerald Moore). That on 30 April was a Beethoven Recital by Rudolf Serkin and that on 22 May featured Kirsten Flagstad (vocal), including the 'world's first performance' of Strauss, Four Last Songs, conducted by Wilhelm Fürtwangler.
Sunday 7 May [1950]: Tchaikovsky Commemoration Concert, with Manoug Parikian (violin) and Shulamith Shafir (piano), conducted by Fistoulari.
9 March and 9 and 30 April 1951: Mysore Concerts presented by the Philharmonia Concert Society and conducted by Wilhelm Fürtwangler (9 March) and Paul Kletzi (9 April) (with words and notes, including musical examples). The concert on 9 March was a Wagner Programme given by Hilde Konetzni, Ludwig Suthaus and Josef Greindel (vocal). That on 9 April featured Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (vocal) and included the 'first performance in England of Scenes from Richard Struass's Operas Dafne and Capriccio'. That on 30 April was a Song Recital by Gerald Moore.

- Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Monday 17 March [1941/47]: Harriet Cohen (piano), conducted by George Weldon.
Friday 21 May [1943/48]: British Music, conducted by Thomas Beecham.
14 December 1946: Beethoven-Mozart Concert with Betty Humby Beecham (piano), conducted by Thomas Beecham.
Sunday 30 November [1947]: Beethoven Concert with Doris Doreé, Muriel Brunskill, Trefor Jones and Harold Williams (vocal) and the Alexndra Choir, conducted by Thomas Beecham.
Tuesday 4 November [1947]: Jascha Heifetz (violin), conducted by Malcolm Sargent (with biographical notes).
Sunday 25 January [1948]: Tito Gobbi (vocal) and Marguerite Wolff (piano), conducted by Muir Mathieson (with press comments).
Monday 25 April [1948]: Joan Hammond (vocal) and Louis Kentner (piano), conducted by Muir Mathieson.
9 June 1948: Dame Myra Hess (piano), conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent.
19 October 1949: Royal Philharmonic Society concert (138th season, no. 1), with Anthony Pini (cello), conducted by Thomas Beecham.
Wednesday 21 December [1949]: Edith Farnadi (piano), conducted by Basil Cameron.
Tuesday 31 May [1949]: Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by Celibidache.

- Miscellaneous Royal Albert Hall concerts
28 September-6 October [no year]: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with Yehudi Menuhin (violin), conducted by Wilhelm Furtwangler and Bruno Walter (single document).
Monday 9 June [1941/47]: Lawrence Tibbett (vocal) with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Adrian Boult.
Monday 15 September [1941/47]: Joint Recital by Francois d'Albert and Wilfred Worden, accompanied by Ernest Lush.
Sunday 21 September [1941/47]: Lotte Lehmann (soprano), accompanied by Paul Ulanowsky. A handwritten annotation suggests that this performance cancelled.
Monday 22 September [1941/47]: Jussi Björling (tenor), accompanied by Ivor Newton.
Monday 10 November [194147]: Jose Iturbi (piano).
Friday 21 November [1941/47]: Todd Duncan (baritone), accompanied by William Allen (with biographical notes).
Tuesday 27 April [1943/48]: Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha, given by the Coleridge-Taylor Symphony Orchestra, Alexandra Choir, Westminster Choral Society and Brighton and Hove Harmonic Society, conducted by Avril Coleridge-Taylor.
Tuesday 5 October [1943/48]: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with Elisabeth Hoengen (vocal), conducted by Josef Krips (with words, notes and photographs).
Sunday 5 December [1943/48]: Chopin Recital by Eileen Joyce (piano).
Monday 19 November [1945]: Joint Recital by Elisabeth Schumann (vocal) and Benno Moiseiwitsch (piano).
Monday 15 April [1946]: Moiseiwitsch (piano).
Sunday 30 June [1946]: Song Recital by Jeanette MacDonald (with biographical notes and photographs).
Monday 9 December [1946]: London International Orchestra with Moura Lympany (piano) and Grimiaux (violin), conducted by Fistoulari, including the first performance of Bernard Stevens, Eclogue.
Wednesday 29 January [1947]: Toti dal Monte and Augusto Beuf (vocal) with the London International Orchestra, conducted by Fistoulari.
Sunday 11 May [1947]: Song Recital by Silveri, accompanied by Ivor Newton.
Friday 30 January [1948]: Hallé Orchestra, conducted by John Barbirolli.
Tuesday 16 March [1948]: Recital of Works for Two Pianos given by Ampara and Jose Iturbi.
Monday 23 February [1948]: City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (first London appearance) with Eileen Joyce (piano), conducted by George Weldon.
Tuesday 6 April [1948]: Hallé Orchestra, conducted by John Barbirolli
1949–50 season: BBC Symphony Orchestra (single document).
Sunday 27 March, 17 and 24 April and 8 and 15 May [1949]: (single document).
Monday 23 May [1949]: Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, conducted by Eduard van Beinum.
Friday 18 November [1949]: Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra with Myra Hess (piano), conducted by Hugo Rignold, including the first London performance of Prokofieff, Cinderella (Ballet Suite, no. 1) (with biographical notes).
Friday 16 December 1949: Hallé Orchestra with Edwin Fischer (piano), conducted by John Barbirolli (handbill plus analytical programme,including a list of the orchestral ensemble).
28 May 1950: Marian Anderson (vocal), accompanied by Franz Rupp (with photographs and biographical notes).

2. Central Hall, Westminster:
Thursday 2 October [1941/47]: Moiseiwitsch (piano).
Wednesday 7 July [1943/48]: Kirsten Flagstad (soprano), accompanied by Ivor Newton.
12 December 1947: Edna Iles (piano) with the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by George Weldon.
Wednesday 25 February [1948]: Rosina Raisbeck (mezzo-soprano) with Peter Gellhorn (piano) (with biographical notes, photographs and press opinions).
Tuesday 26 October 1948: Recital of Songs by Elisabeth Schumann, accompanied by Gerald Moore.

3. Chelsea Town Hall
April-May 1948: Busch Concerts 10th season (single document). This series also included performances at the Kingsway Hall.
Thursday 13 October [1949]: Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten, including the first London performance of Arthur Oldham, Five Chinese Lyrics.
17 October, 14 November and 12 December 1949 and 23 January, 20 February and 20 March 1950: Six Concerts by the Boyd Neel Orchestra, conducted by Neel (single document).
Thursday 17 November [1949]: Beethoven Recital presented by the London Music Circle and given by Franz Osborn.
18 January 1950: Le Quintette de l'Atelier.
Tuesday 31 January [1950]: Raymond Russell (harpsichord) with the Boyd Neel Orchestra, conducted by Neel.
Wednesday 8 February [1950]: Haydn-Mozart Society concert given by the London Mozart Players with Dennis Brain, Norbert Brainin and Peter Schidlof, conducted by Harry Blech.
25 April 1950: Haydn-Mozart Society (last concert) given by the London Mozart Players with Denis Matthews (piano), conducted by Harry Blech.

4. Cowdray Hall
Monday 15 May [1944/50]: Song and Pianoforte Recital by Joyce and Helen Gow.
Monday 10 October [1949]: Song Recital by Cragg Sinkinson (tenor), accompanied by Dorothy Manley.
Tuesday 25 October [1949]: Pianoforte Recital by Rosa Dennis.

5. Royal Festival Hall
Saturday 26 September-19 December [1953]: Orpheus Society Saturday Recitals (single document).
8 October, 12 November and 10 December 1953 and 14 January, 11 February, 11 March, 8 April, 13 May and 17 June 1954: London Mozart Players, conducted by Harry Blech (single document).
Thursday 17 September [1953]: Song Recital by Tito Schipa, accompanied by Hubert Greenslade.
Friday 9 October [1953]: Jacques Orchestra with Campoli, conducted by Reginald Jacques, including the first British performance of Eugene Goossens, Pastoral.
Monday 12 October [1953]: Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra with Marie-Thèrése Fourneau (piano), conducted by Eduard van Remoortel.
Tuesday 20 October [1953]: Pierre Fournier (cello), accompanied by Ernest Lush.
Sunday 6 December [1953]: Song Recital by Suzanne Danco, accompanied by Ernest Lush.
Saturday 12 December [1953]: Song Recital by Joan Hammond, accompanied by Walter Susskind.
Sunday 3 January [1954]: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (vocal), accompanied by Gerald Moore.
24 January, 7 and 21 February, 7 and 21 March and 4 April 1954: London Symphony Orchestra 40th series (single document).
Friday 2 April [1954]: Rias Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ferenc Fricsay (with notes, biographical notes, photographs and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

6. Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Sunday 18 May [1941/47]: Milstein (violin), accompanied by Alexander Labinsky.
Sunday 14 March [1943/48]: Eileen Joyce (piano).
Sunday 24 October [1943/48]: Isaac Stern (violin), accompanied by Alexander Zakin.
11 July 1948: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (vocal) with the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Richard Austin.
Sunday 15 May [1949]: Jennie Tourel (vocal), accompanied by Gerald Moore (two handbills, the first with a biographical note and the second with programme).

7. Wigmore Hall
Thursday 15 October [1942]: Adele Leigh (vocal), accompanied by Peter Gellhorn (with wordbook and photograph).
Monday 19 October [1942]: Song Recital by Sarabeth Murphy, accompanied by Ivor Newton (with brief biographical notes).
Thursday 29 October [1942]: Song Recital by Anne Jamison, accompanied by Ivor Newton (with brief biographical notes).
Friday 5 May [1944/50]: Song Recital by Ann Livermore, accompanied by Ivor Newton.
1 June 1944: Pianoforte Recital by Eric Hope, including the first public performance of Elizabeth Machonchy, Impromptu, A Country Town.
Thursday 8 June [1944/50]: Sybil Scanes (vocal), conducted by Gerald Moore.
Wednesday 14 June [1944/50]: Recital of Works for Two Pianos by Bach, Brahms, Bax, Somervell and Milhaud, given by Adele Franklin and Genia Rosenthal.
Wednesday 14 June [1944/50]: Pianoforte Recital by Robin Harrison.
Wednesday 21 June [1944/50]: Song Recital by Dorea Raye, accompanied by David Money.
Monday 26 June [1944/50]: Piano Recital by Margalit Vogel.
Thursday 29 June [1944/50]: Pianoforte Recital by Giovanni Minotti.
1949-50 season: Philharmonia Concert Society (single document, with further handbills covering the performances of 19 and 26 March and 25 and 26 May [no year] and Feb-May [no year]).
Wednesday 7 June 1950: Marika Papaioanou (piano), including the first performances of Charles Spinks, Sonatina and Scalcottas, Suite.
Friday 9 June 1950: Pianoforte Recital by Ruth Harte (two copies).
13 October 1953: Song Recital by Helen Lanier, with Felix de Nobel (piano) (with brief biographical notes).

8. Miscellaneous venues
17 December 1939, Queen's Hall: Beecham Sunday Concert given by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham, including the first English performance of Weinberger, Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree, Variations and Fugue on an old English Tune (with Analytical Notes, photograph and a list of orchestral ensemble).
29 March 1940, Town Hall, Worthing: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Noel Mewton-Wood, conducted by Thomas Beecham (with notes).
Sunday 18 April [1943/48], Theatre Royal, Drury Lane: Beethoven-Tchaikovsky Concert given by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham.
Sunday 17 October [1943/48], His Majesty's Theatre: Anglo-Austrian Music Society.
Thursday 21 and 28 March and 3 and 18 April [1946], [no venue]: London Philharmonic Orchestra Popular Concerts (single document).
Sunday 23 January [1944/49], Empress Hall, Earls Court: Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Pierino Gamba.
6 June-4 July 1948, Harringay Indoor Arena: London Music Festival (prospectus).
Sunday 19 June [1949], Empress Hall, Earl’s Court: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Kirsten Flagstad, conducted by George Sebastian.
Saturday 19 November [1949], Cambridge Theatre: Hallé Orchestra, conducted by John Barbirolli.
13 December 1949 and 2 February 1950, Chenil Gallery: Two Concerts by Members of the Boyd Neel Orchestra (single document).
27 July and 2, 9, 16 and 23 August 1952, Glyndebourne: Series of Concerts given by Glyndebourne Opera (single document).
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