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Collection Title
Gloucester Musical Festival (1901-31)
A collection of programmes and wordbooks for the Gloucester Musical Festivals, forming part of the Three Choirs Festivals, given in 1901, 1904, 1907, 1910, 1913 and 1931, held as six bound volumes.

Each Festival consisted of a Full Orchestral/Grand Opening Service, four morning and three evening performances. The second evening performance was given in the Shire Hall, Gloucester, with all other performances taking place in the Cathedral. In 1931, an additional (fourth) evening concert was given and this was held in the Shire Hall.

Documentation for each Festival includes a record of the vocal and instrumental soloists engaged (see below) and a list of the orchestral ensemble, led by Mr A. Burnett (1901, 1903), Mr Parker W. Frye (1907) and Mr W. H. Reed (1910, 1913 and 1931) and conducted by Dr A. Herbert Brewer (1901–13) and Mr Herbert W. Sumsion (1931).

The volumes for the seasons 1907, 1913 and 1931 include prospectuses, with lists of the choral ensemble, records of the Patrons and Stewards of the Festival, a seating plan for the Cathedral and General Arrangements for the event.

Programmes include historical and analytical notes, with musical examples.

Individual items within these volumes are given tract numbers. These are given in square brackets. Those pieces marked with a * were conducted by their composers.

Volume 1: 10-13 September 1901
Vocal: Madame Albani, Madame Sobrino and Madame Ella Russell; Miss Hilda Wilson, Miss Muriel Foster and Miss Ada Crossley; Mr Ben Davies, Mr William Green and Mr Andrew Black; and Mr Lane Wilson and Mr Plunket Greene.

Full Orchestral Service: 8 September 1901 [899]

Morning concerts
10 September 1901 [901]: Mendelssohn, Elijah
11 September 1901 [904]: including Charles H. Lloyd, Motet, 'The Righteous Live for Evermore' (composed for this Festival*) and A. C. Mackenzie, The Procession of the Ark*.
12 September 1901 [906]: including C.H.H. Parry, Job*
13 September 1901 [908]: Handel, The Messiah.

Evening concerts
10 September 1901 [903]: including C. Lee Williams, A Harvest Song*.
11 September 1901 [905]: Grand Concert, including the first performance of J. Frederick Bridge, Dramatic Scene, 'The Forging of the Anchor'* and the first public performance of Arthur Hervey, Descriptive Ballade, 'The Gates of Night'. Also, works by W. H. Bell, Edward Elgar, F. H. Cowen and Parry conducted by their composers.
12 September 1901 [907]: including A. Herbert Brewer, Emmaus (composed for this Festival*).

Volume 2: 4-9 September 1904 [909-916]
Vocal: Madame Albani, Madame Emily Squire, Madame Sobrino, Madame Hilda Wilson, Miss Mildred Jones, Miss Muriel Foster, Mr John Coates, Mr William Green, Mr Ffrangcon-Davies, Mr Dalton Baker, Mr Frederic Austin and Mr H. Plunket Greene.

Full Orchestral Service: 4 September 1904, including Ivor A. Atkins, Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis in G and John E. West, A Song of Zion, both composed for the Festival

Morning concerts
6 September 1904: Mendelssohn, Elijah.
7 September 1904: Wagner, Prelude 'Parsifal'; Granville Bantock, The Time-Spirit*; Charles H. Lloyd, Organ Concerto in F Minor*; Parry, The Love that Casteth out Fear (composed for the Festival*); and Brahms, Requiem.
8 September 1904: Elgar, The Apostles*; Beethoven, Symphony in F (No. 8).
9 September 1904: Handel, The Messiah.

Evening concerts
6 September 1904: Elgar, Prelude and Angel's Farewell from Dream of Gerontius*; C. Lee Williams, A Festival Hymn (composed for the Festival*); Stanford, Te Deum*; Handel, Selection.
7 September 1904: Grand Concert
8 September 1904: A. Herbert Brewer, The Holy Innocents (composed for this Festival*); Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise.

Volume 3: 8-13 September 1907
This volume is missing the programme for the first evening performance, given on 10 September 1907.

Vocal: Miss Agnes Nicholls, Madame Emily Squire, Madame de Vere-Sapio, Miss Norah Newport, Miss Gleeson-White, Miss Marie Brema, Madame Ada Crossley and Miss Jessie King; Mr John Coates, Mr Spencer Thomas, Mr Gervase Elwes, Mr Ffrangcon-Davies, Mr Dalton Baker, Mr Paul Edmonds and Mr H. Plunket Greene, with Miss Marie Hall (solo violin).

Grand Opening Service 1907 [943]: 8 September, including J. W. G. Hathaway, In Te, Domine Speravi (composed for the Festival).

Morning concerts
10 September 1907 [944]: Mendelssohn, Elijah.
11 September 1907 [945]: Elgar, The Kingdom*; Granville Bantock, Christ in the Wilderness (composed for the Festival*); Glazounow, Symphony in C minor (no. 6).
12 September 1907 [948]: Horatio Parker, Organ Concerto; Parry, Sinfonia Sacra, The Love that Casteth out Fear*; Verdi, Requiem.
13 September 1907 [950]: Handel, The Messiah.

Evening concerts
11 September 1907 [947]: including F. H. Cowen, Orchestral Poem, 'A Phantasy of Life and Love'*; W. H. Reed, Scherzo Fantastique, ‘Calibran’ (first performance*).
12 September 1907 [949]: Brahms, Variations (on the Chorale 'St. Antoni'); A. Herbert Brewer, Emmaus; Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise.

Volume 4: 4–9 September 1910
Vocal: Madame Agnes Nicholls, Madame de Vere-Sapio, Madame Amy Simpson, Madame Gleeson-White, Madame Ada Crossley, Miss Edith Clegg, Miss Mildred Jones and Miss Phyllis Lett; Mr John Coates, Mr Gervase Elwes, Mr Plunket Greene, Mr Frederic Austin, Mr William Highley and Mr Robert Radford, with Herr Fritz Kreisler and Miss Muriel Pickupp (violin).

Grand Opening Service: 4 September 1910 [951]

Morning concerts
6 September 1910 [952]: Sullivan, 'In Memoriam' Overture; Mendelssohn, Elijah.
7 September 1910 [955]: Parry, Beyond these Voices there is Peace*; Elgar, Symphony in A Flat*; Basil Harwood, Concerto for Organ and Orchestra in D major (composed for the Festival*); Brahms, Rhapsodie; C. Lee Williams, The Lord's Prayer (composed for the Festival*); Goetz, By the Waters of Babylon.
8 September 1910 [957]: R. Strauss, Tod und Verklärung; Verdi, Requiem; Beethoven, Symphony in E flat; Charles H. Lloyd, Motet, 'The Righteous Live for Evermore'*.
9 September 1910 [959]: Handel, The Messiah.

Evening concerts
6 September 1910 [953]: Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis (composed for the Festival*); Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius*.
7 September 1910 [956]: including Parry, Ode to Music* and A. Herbert Brewer, Summer Sports (composed for the Festival).
8 September 1910 [958]: Granville Bantock, Gethsemane (composed for the Festival*); Bach, Violin Concerto in E major; Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise.

Volume 5: 7-12 September 1913 [960-67]
Vocal: Madame Aïno Ackté, Madame Gleeson-White, Miss Dorothy Silk, Miss Ruth Vincent, Madame Ada Crossley, Miss Mildred Jones, Miss Alys Gear and Miss Phyllis Lett; Mr John Coates, Mr John Booth, Mr Gervase Elwes, Mr Dalton Baker, Mr Harry Dearth and Mr Robert Radford, with Dr Camille Saint-Saens (piano).

Great Opening Service: 7 September 1913.

Morning concerts
9 September 1913: Mendelssohn, Elijah.
10 September 1913: Bach, St. Matthew Passion.
11 September 1913: C. Saint-Seans, New Oratorio, 'The Promised Land' (first performance*). Parry, Te Deum*; Stanford, New Motet, 'Ye Holy Angels Bright' (first performance*); Elgar, Symphony in E flat*.
12 September: Handel, The Messiah.

Evening concerts:
9 September 1913: Brahms, Symphony No. 2 in D; Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius*.
10 September 1913: including first performance of Sibelius, New Scena for Soprano and Orchestra.
11 September 1913: Verdi, Requiem; Wagner, Prelude, Parsifal; Handel, Israel in Egypt (selections).

Volume 6: 8-11 September 1931
Vocal: Miss Isobel Baillie, Miss Dorothy Silk and Miss Elsie Suddaby; Miss Muriel Brunskill, Miss Astra Desmond and Miss Margaret Severn; Mr Heddle Nash, Mr Francis Russell and Mr Steuart Wilson; Mr Keith Falkner, Mr Dennis Noble, Mr Frank Phillips, Mr Horace Stevens and Mr Harold Williams, with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Opening Service: 6 September 1931 [970]

Morning, Cathedral
8 September 1931 [972]: Mendelssohn, Elijah.
9 September 1931 [977]: Bach, Mass in B minor.
10 September 1931 [979]: Robin Milford, New Work – A Prophet in the Lane; Bach, Cantata, 'Sleepers, Wake!' and Elgar, Violin Concerto*.
11 September 1931 [981]: Handel, The Messiah.

8 September 1931 [973]: Holst, New Work, Choral Fantasia; Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius*.
9 September 1931 [978]: including Vaughan Williams, Orchestral Work, 'Job'* and Herbert Howells, Song Cycle, 'In Green Ways'*.
10 September 1931 [980]: including Vaughan Williams, Lark Ascending*.
11 September 1931 [982]: Concert of Chamber Music, given by the Kutcher String Quartet with Leon Goossens (oboe) and Mr Steuart Wilson (vocal).
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