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Ernst Henschel collection: London: miscellaneous venues (1939-66)
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A collection ofprogrammes and handbills for performances given a various venues in London between 1939 and 1966, held loosely and arranged chronologically within the Ernst Henschel collection (1892-1966).

For an introduction to this collection see Ernst Henschel collection: General.

In addition to the concert programmes – listed below alphabetically by venue – the collection includes prospectuses for the Tercentenary Festival of Cathedral Music by John Blow (June 1949, box 30/ii), the London Bruckner Festival (25 April-23 May 1964, box 36/iii), and the London Days of Contemporary Music (given by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2-5December 1965, box 37/i), all of which included events at various London venues. Also held is the prospectus for performances given in London, Oxford and Cambridge to mark the Centenary of the Birth of Gabriel Fauré (May 1945, box 27/ii).

- Academy Hall, 163 Oxford Street
17 February and 2 March 1948: Contemporary Chamber Music concert nos. 1 and 2, presented by the Institute of Contemporary Arts (box 30/i).

- All Saints' Church, Margaret Street
20 October 1945: Choral Recital (box 27/ii).
6 December 1957: Music by Henry Purcell given by the Elizabethan Singers and Chamber Ensemble, with John Birch (organ) (box 34/ii).
13 December 1960: Elizabethan Singers and the Choristers of All Saints' Church, Margaret Street, with Richard Popplewell (organ) (box 35/ii).
15 February 1966: A Century of English Church Music given by the choristers and augmented choir of All Saints' Church, with Steuart Bedford (organ), conducted by Michael Fleming (box 37/ii).

- American Embassy, Upper Brook Street
4 April 1961: New York Wind Quintet (box 35/iii).
14 October 1965: 20th-Century Music Series with Thomas McIntosh (piano) (box 37/i).

- American Women's Club, 49 Upper Brook Street
27 May 1948: Contemporary Music Centre (box 30/i).

- Archway Central Hall
15 December 1945: Archway Choral Society with Ruth Packer, Hindley Taylor and Hervey Alan, conducted by Herbert G. Crellin (box 27/ii).

- Bishopsgate Institute
23 and 30 October and 6 November 1947 (single document) and 13 November 1947: City Music Society Lunchtime Concerts (box 29).

- Camden, [no venue]
15 and 18 October 1963: Music in Our Time given by Trio Gabrieli/Royal College of Music ensemble (box 36/ii).
21 June 1965: Kodaly Choir of Budapest, conducted by Ilona Andor, presented by the Camden Libraries and Arts Committee in association with Youth and Music (box 36/iii).
7, 8 and 9 October 1965: Music in Our Time (box 37/i)
1 December 1965: Haydn, The Return of Tobias, given by the Handel Opera Society Chorus and the Philomusica of London (conducted by Charles Farncombe) in association with the Libraries and Arts Committee of the London Borough of Camden (box 37/i).

- Chenil Gallery, King's Road, Chelsea
4 May 1949: Concerted Music with Harpsichord (box 30/ii).
2 February 1950: Boyd Neel Orchestra concert no. 2 (box 31/i).
29 June 1953 and 13 May 1954: Guildhall Ensemble, conducted by Alan Barlow/Matyas Seiber (box 32/ii and box 33/i).

- Christ Church, Chelsea
9 April 1963: Music for Holy Week given by the Renaissance Singers, directed by Michael Howard (box 36/ii).

- Church of St. Thomas, Tenison Court, Regent Street
10, 17, 24 and 31 March and 7 and 14 April 1946: Six Recitals of Music (single document, box 28).
20 February 1947: Regent Street Music Club, Lunch Hour Concert No. 6 (box 29).
19 and 26 June and 3, 10, 17 and 24 July 1947: Six Thursday Lunch Hour Concerts by Regent Street Music Club (single document, 4 copies, box 29).
18 May 1954: Society for the Promotion of New Music 24th Experimental Rehearsal, given by the Boyd Neel Orchestra, conducted by Norman del Mar (box 33/i).

- Danish Embassy, 1 Cadogan Square
25 June 1947: London Contemporary Music Centre Second Studio Meeting (handwritten programme, box 29).

- Davis Theatre, Croydon
2 November 1947: Music by George Gershwin, given by Geraldo and his Concert Orchestra with Irene Kohler (piano) (box 29).

- Euston Road, Town Hall
3 February 1966: Rutland Boughton, Alkestis, with the London Orpheus Choir, conducted by Alan G. Melville for the Rutland Boughton Trust (box 37/ii).
10 March 1966: Philomusica of London, conducted by Joseph Horowitz (handwritten, box 37/ii).

- Fleur-de-Lis Hall, Fetter Lane
27 October and 15 December 1947 (and the weeks following): Lunch-Hour Concerts (single documents, box 29).

- Goldsmiths' Hall
8 and 10 July 1946: International Society for Contemporary Music Festival, 1st and 2nd Chamber Concerts (announcement, box 28).

- Guild Church of St. Andrew, Holborn Viaduct
14 May 1964: Music for Combined Choirs and Instruments given by the London Bach Society and Elizabethan Singers, conducted by Paul Steinitz and Louis Halsey (box 36/iii).

- Hamilton House, Marbledon Place
14 March 1966: London Soloists Ensemble (handwritten, box 37/ii).

- Hampstead Concert Studio
10 July 1939: Chamber Concert with Marjorie Verney (clarinet), Clayton Hare (violin), Hilda Deas (cello) and Stewart Deas (piano) (box 26).

- Hampstead Heath
20 May 1939: Handel, Music for the Royal Fireworks, conducted by Tom Morgan (newspaper cutting, box 26).

- Hampstead Town Hall
28 January, 3 March and 7 and 28 April 1952: Society for Twentieth Century Music, first season nos. 1 and 3-5 (box 32/i).

- Hinde Street Methodist Hall
27 November 1950: Committee for the Promotion of New Music 20th Experimental Rehearsal, with the Goldsbrough Orchestra (box 31/i).

- Holborn
1/8 April 1949 and 29 April/6 May 1949 : Holborn Borough Council (single documents, box 30/ii).

- Holy Trinity Church, Brompton Road
17 May 1945: Huitième Concert spiritual, XVIth to XXth century French Organ and Vocal Music (box 27/ii).
26 May 1946: A Service of Music by C. V. Stanford (box 28).
10 November 1948: London Choral Society, conducted by John Tobin (box 30/i).

- Holy Trinity Church, Price Consort Road
24 August 1963: Cantilena Choir and Festival Players, conducted by Richard Sinton, as part of the 4th Summer School for Singers (box 36/ii).

- Holy Trinity Church, Kingsway
17 and 24 March 1945: Bach Festival (box 27/ii).

- Holy Trinity Church, St. Marylebone
14 April 1946: Charles Wood, The Passion of Our Lord according to St. Mark (box 28).

- Holy Trinity Church, Tulse Hill
28 March 1945: Handel, The Passion (handwritten programme and printed wordbook, box 27/ii).

- Holy Trinity Church, [no qualifier]
17 October and 27 November 1962: John Alldis Choir, with Simon Preston (organ) (single document, box 36/i).

- Hyde Park Hotel
12 February 1939: Italian Symphonic Society 1st Chamber Concert with Attilio Ranzato (cello), conducted by Livio Mannucci (box 26).

- Iveagh Bequest, Kenwood
10 July 1955: 5th of 6 concerts given for the Boyd Neel Concert Society Ltd by Quintette à Vent Français (box 33/ii)

- Kensington Town Hall
4 November 1963: Verdi Commemoration, being Giovanna d’Arco (first British performance), given by Kensington Choir, Opera Viva Chorus and Kensington Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Leslie Head (box 36/ii).

- King's College Chapel, University of London:
23 and 30 March 1950: Organ Music Society, 36th series nos. 1 and 2, by Denis Vaughan and George Malcolm (box 31/i).

- King's George's Hall, Adeline Place
16 June 1949: A Concert by the Workers' Music Association Singers (box 30/ii).

- King's Theatre
4 March, 1 April, and 13 and 27 May 1946: London Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Bernard (box 28).
11 March 1946: London Harpsichord Ensemble (box 28).

- Leighton House Art Gallery
25 January and 1 February 1955: Musical Panorama (box 33/ii).
14 March 1964: New Music Group (box 36/iii)

- London Philharmonic Arts Club
20 August 1946: An evening devoted to the works of Alan Rawsthorne (box 28)

- Marble Arch Pavilion
11 August 1945: William Walton, Henry V, with the London Symphony Orchestra (handwritten programme, box 27/ii).

- Mahatma Gandhi Hall, 41 Fitzroy Square
24 March and 21 April 1955: First and Second Concert of Polish Music given by Amaryllis Fleming (cello), Alan Loveday (violin) and Leonard Cassini (piano) (box 33/ii).
14 March 1956: S. Cecilia Chamber Music Society Recital by Sandro Materassi (violin) and Luigi Dallapiccola (piano) (box 34/i).
25 October 1963: Benjamin Britten 50th Birthday Concert presented by the Macnaghten Concerts (box 36/ii).
15 February 1964: Macnaghten Concert with the Italian Institute, conducted by Luciano Berio (box 36/iii).
6 March 1964: Macnaghten Concerts, No. 6 (box 36/iii)

- Mercury Theatre
[12 November and 10 December 1950], 14 January and 11 February 1951: Four Chamber Concerts featuring the Macnaghten String Quartet (single document, box 31/ii).
15 and 29 January and 12 February 1952: Macnaghten String Quartet (box 32/i).

- National Film Theatre
6 April 1964: Historical anthology of musically outstanding films, presented by the Macnaghten Concerts in collaboration with the British Film Industry (box 36/iii).

- Notre-Dame de France, Leicester Square
16 June 1948: Onzième Concert Spirituel, XVth, XVIth and XXth Century French Choral Music (box 30/i).

- Odeon Theatre, Swiss Cottage
24 January 1965: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Walter Susskind (box 36/iii).
22 March 1966: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (handwritten, box 37/ii).

- Oratory, Brompton Road
21 and 28 May and 11 June 1947: Three Organ Recitals by Ralph Downes (single document, 2 copies, box 29).
4 December 1960: A. Scarlatti, San Filippo Neri, given by the Neri Orchestra, conducted by Michael Bush (box 35/ii)

- Palace Theatre
16 November 1952: London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Robert Irving and Humphrey Searle (box 32/i)

- Park Lane House
14 April 1957: Works by William Baines, given by Maureen Guy (alto), Rowland Carr (cello), Albert Curran (violin) and Robert Keys (piano) (box 34/ii).
30 June 1957: Susan Bradshaw and Cornelius Cardew (piano), Georgina Dobrée (clarinet) and Joseph Nendick (soprano) (programme and separate notes, box 34/ii).

- Queensberry Place, South Kensington
7, 13 and 21 February 1958: Heure Musicale (box 34/iii).

- Regent's Park, Open Air Theatre
6 June 1961: Massed Bands of the Brigade of Guards conducted by Colin Davis, Lt Col D. A. Pope and Major C. H. Jaeger for the Martini International Club (box 35/iii).

- Royal Exchange/City Lunch-Time Concerts
7 September 1942: John Francis (flute) and Millicent Silver (piano) (box 27/i)
8 September 1942: Esther Salaman (soprano) and the Ebsworth String Quartet (box 27/i).
28 September 1943: Margaret and May Harrison (violin), Beatrice Harrison (cello) and Gerald Moore (piano) (box 27/i)

- Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours, Conduit Street
18 and 25 January 1946: Concert of Dutch and British Music given by Kathleen Long (piano) and the Hirsch String Quartet (box 28).

- Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, Barker Street
1 March 1942: An Hour of Music, under the direction of Margaret Mims (box 27/i)

- St. Gabriel's Church, Cricklewood
11 November 1953: the Organ Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with Alan Harverson (organ) (box 32/ii).

- St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe
28 February 1962: Contemporary English Choral Music, given by the Tilford Bach Festival Choir, conducted by Denys Darlow (box 36/i).

- St. Clement Danes Church, Strand
All concerts featured the Elizabethan Singers
26 October 1962: Contemporary Church and Organ Music, presented by the Macnaghten Concerts, with Allan Wicks (organ) (box 36/i).
16 December 1964: Sing Nowell, with Barbara Elsy (soprano) and Simon Preston (organ), conducted by Louis Halsey (box 36/iii).
14 December 1965: Christmas Concert, conducted by Louis Halsey (box 37/i).

- St. George's Church, Bloomsbury Way
25 November 1961: Concert of Tudor Church Music given by Pro Musica Sacra, conducted by Bruno Turner (box 35/iii).

- St. George's Church, Hanover Square
17 March 1965: London Chamber Orchestra with Leonard Friedman (violin), conducted by Wyn Morris (box 36/iii).

- St. George-the-Martyr
22 December 1953: London Bach Group (box 32/ii).

- St. James's Square
12 March 1958: The New English Consort (box 34/iii)

- St. Luke's Church, Sydney Street, Chelsea
13 and 27 February and 13 March 1947: Organ Music Society Recitals, by Fernando Germani, William H. Harris and Jeanne Demessieux (box 29).
10 and 24 March and 7 April 1949: Organ Music Society, 33rd series nos. 1-3, by Denis Vaughan, Arnold Richardson and Purcell J. Mansfield (box 30/ii).

- St. Mark's Church, North Audley Street
20 December 1945: Huitième Concert Spirituel/Olivier Messiaen (box 27/ii).
15 May 1946: Organ Recital by Léonce de Saint-Martin (box 28).
23 May and 4 July 1946: Organ Music Society Recitals, by Maurice Vinden and Geraint Jones (box 28).

- St. Michael's Hall, Graham Terrace, Sloane Square
31 May 1959: Orchestra of the Wind Music Society, conducted by Bryan Fairfax (box 35/i).

- [St Pancras/St. Pancras Arts Festival]
3 March 1958: Wind Music Society, with Jack Brymer (clarinet), conducted by Bryan Fairfax, presented by St Pancras Public Libraries Committee (box 34/iii).
11 March 1961: Three Musical Morality Plays by Carissimi (first stage performance in England) (box 35/iii).
13 March 1961: Schoenberg, Gurrelieder, conducted by Leslie Head (box 35/iii).
17 March 1962: Francis Chagrin Ensemble (box 36/i).
15 and 22 March 1963, [St. Pancras]: Park Lane Ensemble/Polyphonia Symphony Orchestra (box 36/ii).
10 and 13 March 1964: 10th Festival (box 36/iii).
1, 12 and 18 March 1965: 11th Festival (Box 36/iii)

- St. Paul's Cathedral
23 May 1939: Recital of English Church Music by the Choir of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and the Chapel Royal (box 26)
7 July 1946: Service Sheet for the Third Sunday after Trinity (box 28).
30 June 1947: Recital of Music by Elgar given by a string quartet of May Harrison, Charles Meinardi, Bernard Shore and Cedric Sharpe. Also, Astra Desmond (vocal) and Dr J. Dykes Bower (organ) (box 29).
28 April 1948 and 31 May 1949: Festival of the Sons of the Clergy nos. 294 and 295 (box 30/I and box 30/ii).

- St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden
All concerts featured the Renaissance Singers, directed by John Whitworth
14 April 1965: Music for Lent and Holy Week (box 36/iii).
15 December 1965: Music for Christmas (box 37/i).
6 April 1966: Music for Lent and Holy Week (box 37/ii)

- St. Paul's, Knightsbridge/St. Paul's Festival Choir
18, 19 and 22 July 1939: Festival of Church Music (box 26).
19 February 1948: Motets with organ solos by Harold Darke, conducted by Richard Latham (box 30/i).

- St. Paul's, Portman Square
1 July 1948: Organ Music Society, 31st series no. 3, by Robert Noehren (box 30/i).
4 and 18 November and 2 December 1948: Organ Music Society 32nd series nos. 1-3, by Susi Jeans, F. C. J. Swanton and Ralph Downes (box 30/i).

- St Peter's, Cranley Gardens
4 December 1950: Organ Music Society, 38th series no. 3, by Frank Wright (box 31/i).

- St. Peter-upon-Cornhill
27 September-1 October 1943: Mendelssohn Week (single document, box 27/i).

- St. Thomas, Regent Street
1 April 1950: Recital of [J.S. Bach] Organ Music by Michael Howard (box 31/i).

- Tavistock Theatre, Russell Square
8 March 1951: Pianoforte Recital by Joyce Riddell (box 31/ii).

- Temple Church, Fleet Street
[no date] 1938: The Service (prospectus, box 25).
17 November 1955: Organ Music Society 53rd series no. 1, by Henry G. Ley (box 33/ii).

- Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
11 May and 1 June 1947: Beecham-Mozart Festival concerts nos. 1 and 3, presented by the Thomas Beecham Concerts Society and given by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (box 29).
7 December 1947, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with E. Dohnanyi (piano), conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham (box 29).
9 October 1949: Claudio Arrau (piano) (box 30/ii).
5 February 1950: Sonata Recital by Yehudi Menuhin (violin) and Louis Kentner (piano), including the world premiere of William Walton, Sonata (box 31/i).

- Trinity College of Music
3, 10 and 17 September 1945: Four Organ Recitals by Alfred Wilson, nos. 1-3 (box 27/ii).

- University of London Union Assembly Hall
25 March 1958: Music of the Twentieth Century, given by the Philomusica of London, conducted by Brian Priestman (box 34/iii).

- Wembley Town Hall
22 October 1944: Pinner Orchestra with Liza Fuchsova (piano), conducted by Kenneth Tucker (box 27/i).

- Whitehall Theatre, Trafalgar Square
21 October, 4 and 25 November, and 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 December 1945: Sunday Evening Concerts by the Jacques String Orchestra (single document, box 27/ii).

- Winter Garden Theatre, Drury Lane
23 May, 20 June and 25 July 1948: London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Charles Brill and Constant Lambert (25 July only) (box 30/i).

- Unknown venue
16 May 1939: Festival of English Church Music/London Music Festival (box 26).
21 May 1939: Recital of English Church Music, given as part of the London Musical Festival by the Choir of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, conducted by Dr. W. H. Harris (with prospectus, box 26).
10 May 1945: Sophie Wyss (vocal) and Antony Hopkins (piano) (handwritten programme, box 27/ii).
21 December 1946: Recital of Christmas Music by The Renaissance Society (wordbook, box 28).
7 March 1948: Mozart, Idomeneo, given by the London Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Bernard (newspaper cutting, box 30/i).
4 April 1950: The Consort of Viols of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (box 31/i).
[no date] 1952: Recital of Twentieth-Century Chamber Music, presented by the Mime Theatre Company Ltd (box 32/i).
25 March 1952: BBC Chamber Orchestral Concert, in co-operation with the London Contemporary Music Centre, featuring the London Classical Orchestra, conducted by Trevor Harvey (box 32/i).
13 May 1952: BBC Orchestral Concert in co-operation with the London Contemporary Music Group with William Pleeth (cello) and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Goffredo Petrassi and John Pritchard (box 32/i).
24 March and 12 May 1953: Concerts of Contemporary Music (newspaper cuttings, box 32/ii)
14 December 1954: Elizabethan Singers, with Julian Bream (guitar), conducted by Louis Halsey (box 33/i).
25 April 1955: Vocal and instrumental music (box 33/ii)
29 January 1957: Orchestral Concert given by the Institute of Contemporary Arts with Claire Watson (soprano) and the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Norman del Mar (programme notes and newspaper cuttings, box 34/ii).
1 December 1957, [no venue/broadcast]: first English broadcast of Buxtehude, The Last Judgement, with the English Opera Group Singers and the Aldeburgh Festival Orchestra, conducted by Charles Mackerras (newspaper cutting, box 34/ii).
4 October 1960, [no venue]: Society for the Promotion of New Music (box 35/ii).
April 1961, [no venue]: special bulletin of the London Symphony Orchestra Club, including a programme for a concert given on 29 April by the Polyphonia Orchestra in association with the Wind Music Society, conducted by Bryan Fairfax (box 35/iii).
22 October, 19 November and 17 December 1961: Three Sunday Concerts, introduced and conducted by Denis Stevens (single document, box 35/iii).
30 November 1962: Non-Broadcast Concert of New Music, with Malcolm Williamson (piano) and the Melos Ensemble, conducted by John Carewe (box 36/i).
12 May 1964, no venue: University of Maryland Singers, conducted by Rose Marie Grentzer, presented by the American Embassy in co-operation with the Park Lane Group (box 36/iii).
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