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Collection Title
Eglesfield Musical Society: Envelope 3 (1936-48)
A collection of programmes for concerts given at Queen's College, University of Oxford, between 1936 and 1948, under the auspices of the Eglesfield Musical Society, held loosely as the third of four envelopes. Also, a programme for a Recital by Lewis Bruce (violin) and James Ching (piano) given on 7 March 1940 at Worcester College Hall and a handwritten note stating that there was 'No concert' in March 1941, 'owing to financial reasons'.

The majority of these programmes include words and provide information about the Committee of the Society. Many also include a list of the orchestral ensemble. There are two copies of the programme for the performances of 28 May 1936 and 4 March 1937 to 25 May 1939.

The concerts were conducted by Bernard Naylor (28 May 1936–25 May 1939), Reginald Jacques (12 March 1936 and 5 December 1940–12 March 1942), Fergus O'Connor (18 June 1942–21 June 1945) and Bernard Rose (7 December 1939, 13 June 1940 and 6 December 1945–15 May 1948).

The concerts given between 27 May 1937 and 13 June 1940 featured the Oxford Chamber Orchestra. The remainder were given with ensembles run under the auspices of the Eglesfield Musical Society, principally a chamber orchestra and choral society.

Where no other indication is given, the performers listed below were vocalists.

12 March 1936: including Mozart, Requiem, with Alice Armstrong, Rita Carter, Leslie Stevens and Victor Evans (with words).

28 May 1936: Nesta Trueman (soprano), John Francis (flute), Madge Dugarde (violin) and Ross Pratt (piano).

3 December 1936: Nesta Trueman, Edwin H. W. Hetterley, John H. G. Hall, Clarence Roberts and Frederick Wade (with words).

4 March 1937: Nesta Trueman, Eric Greene and Frederick Wade.

27 May 1937:

25 November 1937:

10 March 1938: (with words and brief notes).

26 May 1938:

1 December 1938:

25 May 1939: Mary Ross McDougall, Anne Wood, Jan van der Gucht and Richard Wood (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).

7 December 1939: Maurice Bevan (bass), Theodore Cortazzi (flute) and William McKie and Bernard Rose (piano).

13 June 1940, Chapel: Rose Godfrey, Yvonne Bacon, Peggy Hurd, Thomas Rignall and Maurice Bevan.

5 December 1940: Yvonne Bacon, Leonard Gowings and William Parsons.

19 June 1941: Bach, Mass in B minor, with Rita Vernon, Peggy Heard, Thomas Rignall and Maurice Bevan.

4 December 1941: Margaret Field-Hyde and Maurice Bevan.

12 March 1942: Peggy Hurd (vocal) and John Francis (flute) (handbill only).

18 June 1942: Eric Greene (vocal) and Jean Pougnet (violin) (with words).

3 December 1942: Bach, Christmas Oratorio, with Mary MacDougall, Tessa Richardson, Leonard Gowings and Arthur Cranmer.

11 March 1943: Concert of Early and Modern English Music with Frederick Grinke (violin) and Denis Matthews (piano) (with words).

24 June 1943: Haydn, The Creation, with Margaret Field-Hyde, Jan van der Gucht and William Parsons.

2 December 1943: Leon Goossens (oboe) and Gerald Moore (piano) (with words).

9 March 1944: Bach, St. John Passion, with Elsie Suddaby, Kathleen Ferrier, Bradbridge White and William Parsons.

15 June 1944: John Francis (flute) and Dennis Barker (piano) (with words).

7 December 1944: including Mozart, Requiem, with Margaret Field-Hyde, Astra Desmond, Bradbridge White and Henry Cummings (with words).

15 March 1945: Diana Forty (piano) and Dorothy Byrt and Clarence Roberts (vocal).

20 June 1945: Bach, Mass in B minor, with Anthea Guillaume, Dorothy Byrt, Clarence Roberts, Oliver West and Willoughby Pountney.

21 June 1945: Bach, Mass in B minor, with Isobel Baillie, Mary Jarred, Bradbridge White and William Parsons.

6 December 1945: George Loughlin and Bernard Rose (pianos) (with words).

14 March 1946: Judy Hill (violin) and Anthea Guillaume (piano).

20 June 1946: Mary Hamlin (with words).

16 May 1947: Ivor Keys, Anthea Guillaume, Edwin Hetterley, Thomas Rignall and Thomas Hemsley (with handwritten annotation recording that the concert was postponed until May because of illness in Hilary Term).

19 June 1947: Peter Gibbs (violin), Geoffrey Bush (piano) and Alfred Deller, Eric Greene, Gordon Clinton, Anthea Guillaume and Mary Evers (with list of orchestra).

27 November 1947: Handel, Alexander's Feast, with Mary Linde, Rene Soames and Frederick Sharp.

11 March 1948: Thelma Weeks, Monica Sinclair and Thomas Hemsley (with list of orchestra).

15 May 1948, Hall: Ena Mitchell, Richard Lewis, Alfred Deller, Duncan Thomas, Thomas Hemsley (vocal), Dennis Brain (horn) and Russell King (flute) and the Riddick String Orchestra, as part of the Oxford Music Festival (with words).
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1936 - 1948
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