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Collection Description

Collection Title
Dohnányi Supplementary Collections (1904-31)
Unique Identifier
Add. 51067, vol. II
A collection of programmes and handbills for performances featuring Ernst von Dohnányi as composer, performer or conductor, held at various venues in Europe and America between 1904 and 1931, arranged in a chronological fashion and held as a single bound volume.

The majority of the performances were piano recitals given by Dohnányi and the majority of the programmes consist of a handbill/single-sheet item. Certain exceptions are noted below.

Items are listed here by venue, divided as follows:
1. UK venues
2. European venues
3. American venues

1. UK venues
- Edinburgh, Music Hall: 11 February 1905 (including the first performance of Dohnányi, Four Rhapsodies, Op. 11).
- Harrogate, Kursaal and Royal Spa Café: 23 May 1908.
- Haslemere Hall: 19 January 1929 (Haslemere Chamber Music Concerts no. 5).
- London, Aeolian Hall: 17 February [1905] and 7 and 14 June [1913] (single document).
- London, Queen's Hall: 15 and 18 June 1928 (single document for the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra of Budapest, with violinist Emil Telmanyi, conducted by Dohnányi).
- London, Wigmore Hall: 31 October and 7 November [1924] (single document).
- Manchester, Memorial Hall: 5 November 1924 (Catterall Quartet Chamber Concerts with Catterall String Quartet of Arthur Catterall, John S. Bridge, Frank S. Park and Johan C. Hock, with notes).
- Oxford, Town Hall: 19 February 1931 (Oxford Subscription Concerts 11th season, with brief notes).

2. European venues
- Austria, Salzburg
1931: Salzburger Festspiele (prospectus) including Orchestral Concerts given on 27 and 29 July in the Festspielhaus, directed by Dohnányi.

- Austria, Vienna
17 and 29 November 1904, 10 November 1905, 17 and 27 November 1909 (single document) and 1 December 1910: Bösendorfer-Saale.
29 November 1904, 12 November 1916, 20 May 1921 and 11 November 1927: Grossen Musikvereins-Saale. The concert in 1904 featured Emma Calvé (vocal) with the Orchester des Wiener Konzert-Vereines, directed by Gustav Gutheil.

- Bratislava, Pressburg
11 May 1922.

- Croatia, Zagreb
11 December 1905, 26 November 1906 and 6 February 1915.

- Denmark, Copenhagen, Odd-Fellow-Palaeets Stroe Sal
22 and 27 March 1905 and 12 and 15 February 1910 (single document). The concerts in 1910 were given by Henri Marteau (violin), the former with Dohnányi and the latter with Max Reger (piano).

Denmark, Randers
14 February [1908]: (two copies)

- Germany, Berlin
13 and 20 December 1904 (single document): Saal Bechstein.
8 and 17 February 1906 (single document) and 12 and 16 March 1926: Beethoven Saal.
13 and 28 January 1908, 12 November 1914 and 11 October 1926: Singakademie.
19 January and 16 February 1909, Mozart-Saal:

- Germany, miscellaneous venues
24 November 1905, Museumssaale, Freiburg: Vier Abonnementskonzerte des Musikhauses Max Liebers, No. 2.
30 January 1906, Museumssaale, Marburg: Fünftes Concert, Academischer Concert-Verein, Marburg.
17 November 1906 and 11 January 1907, Konzertsaal 'Jahreszeiten', [Munchen]:
22 November 1906, Großen Festsaale, Brünn: Verein 'Deutsches Haus'.
12 March 1907, Saale des Viktoria-Hôtels, [Wiesbaden]: Neuntes (letztes) Konzert, Verein der Künstler und Kunstfreunde
18 November 1908, Paulus-Saal, Freiburg
28 January 1912, Turnhalle zu Reichenberg: III. ordentl. Konzert, Verein der Musikfreunde für Reichenberg und Umgebung

- Hungary, Budapest
3 March 1905
25 January 1918 (Beethoven programme with the Fuvós-Quintett, Emil Baré, Sándor Köszegi, Imre Hartmann and Schmitz Robert)
3 June 1921 (with Emil Lichtenberg, with words) and 4 November 1921
6 and 10 January 1922, 23 March 1922 16 and 22 November 1922 and 5 and 17 December 1922
3 January 1923 (with Imre Waldbauer, Egon Kornstein and Jeno Kerpely), 3 and 18 November 1923
15 May 1924, 26 September 1924,
18 May 1926, 5 October 1926, 8 October 1926
30 March 1927, 1 April 1927, 22 April 1927 (Beethoven Concert, with Emil Telmanyi, violin), 24 October 1927 (Filharmoniai Hangverseny with Imre Stefániai and Ferenc Székelyhidy and a Palestrina-Kórus), 10 October 1927, 15 November 1927 (with Emil Telmanyi (violin))
5 January 1928, 13 January and 18 March 1928
[no date] 1930.

- Italy, miscellaneous theatres
17 March 1927, Salone-Teatro 'G. Raiberti', Monza: Societa del Quartetto, Monza (with biographical notes).
18 March 1927, Teatro Nazionale, Piazza S. Agostino, Genova: with Enrico Mainardi (cello) and presented by the Societa del Quartetto Genova. 1 Concerto della Commemorazione del Centenario Beethoveniano (with biographical notes).
3 May 1928, Teatro Sociale, Treviso: Societa Filarmonica Orchestrale del Reale Teatro dell'Opera di Budapest, directed by Dohnányi, given by the Societa degli Amici della Musica, Treviso (with notes).
4 May 1928, Teatro Comunale, Bologna: Concerto della Societa Filarmonica di Budapest, directed by Dohnányi (piano), given by the Societa del Quartetto in Bologna.
11 May 1928, Teatro Storchi, Modena: Orchestra Filarmonica di Budapest, directed by Dohnanyi, presented by the Societa degle Amici della Musica in Modena (with notes). 12 May 1928, Teatro Comunale G. Verdi, Trieste: Grande Concerto Sinfonico sostenuto dalla Orchrestra Filarmonica di Budapest, directed by Dohnányi.

- Norway
19 October 1907: Logens store Sal, Kristiania
19 September [1909]: Galleri Staaende, Bergen.

- Pannonia
21 March 1908, 19 February and 24 October 1916 and 17 May 1927.

- Serbia and Montenegro
9 March 1910: Újvidék [Novi Sad]

- Slovakia, Kosice
3 May 1926 (Grand Bio Universum) and 24 May 1927.

- Sweden, Stockholm, Kungl. Musikaliska Akademiens Stora Sal.
1 and 4 November 1907 and 28 February 1908.

- [No venue]
23 September 1909.
[no date] 1926 (with extended biographical note)
25 November 1927 and 12 December 1927
2 February 1929: Abonnements-Concert [orchestral] directed by Dohnányi with Alexander Schmuller (violin).

3. American venues
22 February 1921, Academy of Music Foyer, Philadelphia: Vasa Prihoda (violin).
27 February 1921, Masonic Hall [Cleveland]: Christine Langenhan (soprano).
2 March 1921, Morristown High School: Vasa Prihoda (violin).
14 March 1921, Academy of Music, Philadelphia: Fifth Concert of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, with Dohnányi (piano), conducted by Pierre Monteux.
21 March 1921, Virginia High School Auditorium, Bristol, Virginia:
3 April 1921, De Witt Clinton Hall, Manhattan: Charles D. Isaacson and Miss Brock (vocal), for the Globe Music Club (1318th concert).
8 April 1921, Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore, Conservatory of Music
10 January 1924, Elks Auditorium, New York: Rhode Island Federation of Women's Clubs.
14 January 1924, Lyric Theatre, Baltimore: (with biographical note).
25 January 1924, [no venue]: Piano Teachers' Educational Association of St. Louis.
28 January [1924], Empire Theatre, [Quincy]: Quincy Music Club (with list of Patrons).
11 February 1924, [Chicago]: University Musical Society Choral Union Series 6th concert (44th season).
8 March 1924, University Music Hall, Minnesota: University of Minnesota Chamber Music Course given by Dohnáyni with the Lenox String Quartet
12 April 1924, Carnegie Hall, New York: Recital of Compositions by Dohnányi preceding a reception tendered … Mr and Mrs Dohnányi by the Director and Faculty of the Granberry Piano School … The Performance is by the composer and artists who wish to honour him.
1 November 1924, Bowdon Assembly Rooms: Bowdon Chamber Concerts Society 1st concert (17th season), given with Miss Dora Labbette (vocal) and accompanied by John Wills (with words).
11 and 17 February 1925, Carnegie Hall, New York: State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ignatz Waghalter, the first with Rosalie Miller (soprano) and the second with Dohnányi (single document, plus separate handbill for the second).
10 March 1925, Scottish Rite Auditorium, San Francisco: Chamber Music Society of San Francisco, with Dohnányi and a string quartet of Louis Persinger, Louis Ford, Nathan Firestone and Walter Ferner.
5 December 1925, Carnegie Hall, New York: State Symphony Orchestra with Yale University Glee Club, conducted by Dohnányi.
8 November 1926, Symphony Hall, Boston
18 November 1926, Pittsburgh: Second Reception of the Fifty-Fourth Season of the Art Society of Pittsburgh
29 November 1926, South Side High School, Newark, N.J.: Composer-Pianist in Recital (with biographical note).
11 December 1926, Carnegie Hall
14 December 1926, Leon Mandel Assembly Hall, Chicago: University Orchestral Association/University of Chicago
16 December and 17 December 1926, Detroit: Seventh Pair of Symphony Concerts, with Dohnányi (piano) and conducted by Ossip Gabrilowitsch, including the first Detroit performance of Dohnányi, Ruralia Hungarica, op. 32b (conducted by the composer).
10 January 1927, Oakland Auditorium: Elywn Artist Series
1 February 1927, Scottish Rite Hall, San Francisco: Persinger String Quartet (Louis Persinger, Louis Ford, Nathan Firestone and Walter Ferner) with Dohnányi, presented by the Chamber Music Society of San Francisco.
3 February 1927, Godard Theatre [California]
14 February 1927, Orchestra Hall, Chicago: Dohnányi with Leo Sowerby, Carl Beecher, Edna Richolson Sollitt and George Dasch and a String Ensemble from the Little Symphony Orchestra of Chicago, as part of the seventh season of Mrs. Sollitt’s Series (with a list of Patrons).
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1904 - 1931
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