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Collection Description

Collection Title
Cyril Eland collection: Royal Festival Hall 1 (1958-86)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 316 c.7
A miscellaneous collection of programme books for performances given at the Royal Festival Hall, London, between 1958 and 1986, held loosely as the seventh box of the Cyril Eland collection (the first of two boxes to contain material relevant to this venue).

The majority of these programmes include words (where appropriate) and historical and descriptive/analytical notes (many with musical examples). Many also provide photographs of the principal performers and lists of the choral and/or orchestral ensembles.

Programmes are ordered by performing body/series.

1. Philharmonia Concert Society Ltd/Philharmonia Orchestra (1958–62)
2. New Philharmonia (1967-71)
3. BBC Symphony Orchestra (1958-69)
4. International Celebrity Concert/Harold Holt Ltd (1958-59)
5. Haydn-Mozart Society/London Mozart Players (1958-86)
6. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1958-59)
7. London Choral Society (1959)

1. Philharmonia Concert Society Ltd (1958–62)
22 October 1958: Christa Ludwig (vocal), conducted by André Cluytens.
7 March 1959: Herbert von Karajan (conductor).
9 March 1959: Schumann Song Cycles (op. 35 and 39), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau with Gerald Moore.
3, 6 and 9 April 1959: Mozart concerts with Clara Haskil (piano), conducted by André Vandernoot (3 and 9 April) and Colin Davis (6 April).
17 and 20 April 1959: Brahms concerts with Annie Fischer (piano)/Yehudi Menuhin (violin), conducted by Rudolf Kempe.
1 May 1959: Hans Richter-Haaser (piano), conducted by Jascha Horenstein.
27 April 1959: Mozart/Strauss with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (vocal), conducted by Heinz Wallberg.
7 June 1959: Clara Haskil (piano), conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini.
21 January 1962: Verdi, Requiem, with the Philharmonia Chorus and Elinor Ross, Rita Gorr, Nicolaï Gedda and Nicolaï Ghiaurov, conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini.
25 February 1962: Bach, St. Matthew Passion, with the Philharmonia Choir and Peter Pears, Franz Crass, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Christa Ludwig, Nicolai Gedda, Walter Berry and Roger Stalman, conducted by Otto Klemperer.

2. New Philharmonia Orchestra (1967–71)
Where no other indication is given, these concerts were conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini. The majority of the performances also featured the New Philharmonia Chorus.
The programmes for operatic performances included a plot synopsis.
27 April 1967: Michael Roll (piano).
4 May 1967: Ingrid Bjoner (vocal).
13 June 1967: Helen Donath, Rohtraud Hansmann and Waldemar Kmentt (vocal), conducted by Wolfgang Sawallisch.
15 October 1967: Heather Harper, Janet Baker, Peter Schreier and Theo Adam (vocal), conducted by Wilhelm Pitz.
16 January 1968: Luisa Bosabalian, Tatiana Troyanos, Aldo Bottion and Robert El Hage (vocal), including the first London performance of Britten, Overture, The Building of the House.
21 January 1968:
19 March 1968: Wagner, Der fliegende Hollander, with the BBC Chorus, conducted by Otto Klemperer.
21 and 25 April 1968: Brahms Concert with Clifford Curzon (piano) (single document).
7 May 1968: Christa Ludwig and Ragnar Ulfung (vocal), conducted by Georg Solti.
30 June 1968: Mendelssohn, Elijah with Gwyneth Jones, Janet Baker, Nicolai Gedda, D. Fischer-Dieskau, Alfreda Hodgson and Simon Woolf (vocal), conducted by Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos.
10 April 1969: Rafael Orozco (piano) and Robert Tear (vocal).
25 May 1969: Jennifer Vyvyan (vocal) (two copies).
3 February 1970: Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro, with the John Alldis Choir, conducted by Otto Klemperer.
20 September 1970: Elly Ameling, Janet Baker, Theo Altmeyer and Marius Rintzler (vocal) and Emanuel Hurwitz (violin).
6 December 1970: Jenny Hill (vocal).
13 December 1970: Janet Baker (vocal).
6 April 1971: Dvorak, Requiem, with Ava June, Barbara Robotham, William McAlpine and Don Garrard (vocal), conducted by Istvan Kertesz.

3. BBC Symphony Orchestra (1958-69)
Programmes for the season 1958–59 provide biographical notes (with photograph) on a long-standing member of the orchestra. Those for the remaining seasons carry biographical notes on the principal solo performers or conductor.
1958–59 (conducted by Rudolf Schwarz)
29 October 1958: Monteverdi, Vespers (1610), with Jennifer Vyvyan, Heather Harper, Alfred Deller, Alexander Young, John Mitchinson, Bruce Boyce and Richard Standen, with the BBC Chorus and Choral Society.
10 December 1958: Stravinsky Concert (conducted by the composer).
21 January 1959: Charles Craig (vocal) and the BBC Chorus and Choral Society.
18 March 1959: Clifford Curzon (piano).

1967–68 (with the BBC Chorus and BBC Choral Society)
1 November 1967: Stephen Bishop (piano) and Heather Harper, Ava June, Alexander Young and Colin Wheatley (vocal), conducted by Colin Davis.
29 November 1967: Berlioz, Romeo and Juliet with Josephine Veasey, Jean Bonhomme and Guus Hoekman (vocal), conducted by Colin Davis.
3 April 1968: Beethoven, Mass in D major with Pilar Lorengar, Marga Höffgen, Peter Schreier and Victor Godfrey (vocal), conducted by Lorin Maazel.
17 April 1968: Haydn concert with Heather Harper, Jean Allister, John Mitchinson and Colin Wheatley (vocal), Philip Jones (trumpet), conducted by Mario Rossi.
8 May 1968: Mozart, Idomeneo, with Gundula Janowitz, Pauline Tinsley, Ronald Dowd, John Kentish, Thomas Hemsley and Forbes Robinson (vocal), conducted by Colin Davis.

11 December 1968: Berlioz, The Damnation of Faust, with Josephine Veasey, Ronald Dowd, John Shirley-Quirk and Stafford Dean (vocal), the BBC Chorus and BBC Choral Society, conducted by Colin Davis.
9 April 1969: Josephine Veasey (soprano), John Ogdon (piano) and Jeanne Loriod (ondes martenot), conducted by Charles Groves.
7 May 1969: Halina Lukomska (soprano) and Maria Bergmann (piano), conducted by Pierre Boulez.

4. International Celebrity Concert/Harold Holt Ltd (1958–59)
5 and 6 November 1958: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Herbert von Karajan.
29 January 1959: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Annie Fischer (piano), conducted by William Steinberg.
12 March 1959: London Philharmonic Orchestra with Hephzibah Menuhin (piano), conducted by Constantin Silverstri.
30 April 1959: London Philharmonic Orchestra, with Hilde Gueden (soprano), conducted by Massimo Freccia.
7 May 1959: Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, conducted by Eugen Jochum.
5 and 7 July 1959: J. S. Bach concerts with the Festival Chamber Orchestra and Yehudi Menuhin (violin).

5. Haydn-Mozart Society/London Mozart Players (1958-86)
Unless otherwise stated below, these concerts were conducted by Harry Blech. Programmes for 1967 and 1986 include a list of the orchestral ensemble and that for 1986 provides detailed biographical notes on the vocal soloists. In addition to the programmes (see below), this box also includes a prospectus for the London Mozart Festival given between 3 and 10 July 1970 as part of the 21st Anniversary Season of the Haydn-Mozart Society.
16 October 1958: Myra Hess (piano).
13 November 1958: Vitya Vronsky and Victor Babin (pianos), conducted by John Prichard.
18 December 1958: Szymon Goldberg (violin) and Lionel Salter (harpsichord).
22 January 1959: Denis Matthews (piano).
19 March 1959: Lilian Kallir (piano) and Gervase de Peyer (clarinet).
23 April 1959: Nina Milkina (piano) and Richard Adeney (flute).
28 May 1959: Haydn 150th Anniversary Concert with Jennifer Vyvyan, Maureen Guy, David Galliver and John Cameron (vocal) and Bram Gay (trumpet).
18 June 1959: Clifford Curzon (piano).
19 April 1967: Youra Guller (piano), Neil Black (oboe), Thea King (clarinet), Archie Camden (bassoon) and Colin Horton (horn).
2 July 1986: Haydn, The Seasons with Elizabeth Hale, Maldwyn Davies and Stephen Roberts (vocal) and the London Choral Society, conducted by Jane Glover.

6. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1958–59)
Where no other indication is given below, the concerts were conducted by Thomas Beecham.
16 November 1958: Mozart Programme with Jack Brymer (clarinet).
29 November 1958:
12 December 1958: Steven Staryk (violin).
17 November 1958:
8 March 1959: Geza Anda (piano), conducted by André Vandernoot.

7. London Choral Society (1959)
Both concerts were given with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by John Tobin, and the vocal soloists listed below.
17 January: Handel, Messiah, with April Cantelo, Nancy Evans, Grayston Burgess, David Galliver and John Carol Case.
28 February: Handel, Samson with John Mitchinson, Adele Leigh, Monica Sinclair, Norman Tattersall, James Pease and Jennifer Vyvyan.
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