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Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts: Box 1 (1861-71)
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A collection of programme books for the Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts given between 1861 and 1871, including a miscellaneous selection of six items for the concerts of October 1961 to March 1968 and more complete sequences for the seasons 1868–69 (nos. 1-12, 14-15, 17-18, 25-26), 1869–70 (no. 1-2, 7, 13, 17, 21 and 24) and 1870–71 (no.15, 22 and 25), held as individual items within the first of 29 boxes.

This box also includes a wordbook for Handel, Acis and Galatea, given on 17 June 1871 by Miss Blanche Cole, Mr Vernon Rigby, Mr Montem Smith and Mr Aynsley Cooke (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir.

All programmes contain words and historical and analytical notes. From 1869 onwards, the majority of the notes include musical examples and a large number carry handwritten annotations/corrections.

1861–68 concerts
26 October 1861: Grand Concert, with Madame Lemmens Sherrington, Miss Eleanora Wilkinson and Mr Richard Seymour (vocal) and M. Beringer (piano).
28 February 1863: Miss Armytage and Mr George Perren (vocal) with Mr Arthur Matthison (reader), including the first performance of Berlioz, Overture to La Corsaire (3 copies).
14 March 1863: Madame Rudersdorff and Madame Harriet Lee (vocal), including the first performance of A. S. Sullivan, Song, The Bride from the North.
28 February 1865: Christmas Eve, a dramatic cantata or masque … music composed by Charles Deffell, with Miss Fanny Armytage, Miss Emma Heywood, Mr David Miranda and Mr Renwick (vocal).
17 March 1866: Mademoiselle Liebhart and Mr Patey (vocal) with Madame Arabella Goddard (piano).
16 March 1867: Madame Rudersdorff and Mademoiselle Drasdil (vocal) with Herr Joachim (violin).
14 March 1868: Mademoiselle Carola, Miss Sophia Vinta and Mr W. H. Cummings (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir (with a Description of the New Organ, including a stops list).

1868–69 season (nos. 1-12, 14-15, 17-18, 25-26)
3 October 1868: Mademoiselle Sternberg and Mr Vernon Rigby (vocal) with Herr Pauer (piano), including the first performance of R. Volkmann, Fest-Overture in F (op. 50).
10 October 1868: Mademoiselle Enequist and Mr Nelson Varley (vocal) with Mr Carrodus (violin), including the first inclusion of: Wagner, March (Meistersinger); Johannes Hager, Concert Aria, 'Des Seemanns Braut'; and Reinecke, Prelude to the Fifth Act of 'King Manfred'.
17 October 1868: Madame Rudersdorff and Mr Vernon Rigby (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir, including the first performance of A. S. Sullivan, Part Song, Echoes (2 copies).
24 October 1868: Madame Lemmens-Sherrington, Mr Vernon Rigby and Her Angyalfi (vocal).
31 October 1868: Mademoiselle Sternberg and Madame Osborn Williams (vocal) with Mons. Sternberg (violin), including the first English performance of F. Hiller, Concert Overture, No. 2 in A (op. 101).
7 November 1868: Mademoiselle Drasdil, Miss Blanche Reeves and Herr Angyalfi (vocal) with Dr. Stainer (organ).
14 November 1868: Madame Lemmens-Sherrington (vocal) with Mr Charles Hallé (piano) and the Crystal Palace Choir, including the first performance of Schubert, Song of Miriam.
21 November 1868: Miss Edith Wynne and Mr Byron (vocal) with Miss Marian Buels (piano), including the first performance of Schubert, Symphony in C (no. 6).
28 November 1868: Madame Lemmens-Sherrington, Mr W. H. Cummings and Mr Lewis Thomas (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir.
5 December 1868: Mademoiselle Bauermeister, Mademoiselle Scalchi, Mr G. Perren and Herr Wallenreiter (vocal) with Herr Sjöden (harp).
12 December 1868: Madame Eiswaldt and Signor Foli (vocal) with Mr Papé (clarinet) and Mr Maycock (corno di Bassetto).
19 December 1868: Miss Banks, Miss Armytage and Signor Foli (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir and Mr Lin Rayne (reader).
23 January 1869: Madame Lemmens-Sherrington and Mr Cummings (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir and Mr James Coward (organ).
30 January 1869: Mademoiselle Carola and Mademoiselle Drasdil (vocal) with Madame Arabella Goddard (piano).
13 February 1869: Madame Rudersdorff and Mr Cummings (vocal) with Mr Lin Rayne (reader).
20 February 1869: Miss Banks and Mr Lander (vocal) with Madame Schumann (piano).
10 April 1869: Miss Edith Wynne and Mr Edward Murray (vocal) with Mr Charles Hallé (piano), including the first inclusion of Schumann, Overture, 'Hermann and Dorothea'.
17 April 1869: Mademoiselle Regan, Miss Julia Elton, Mr George Perren and Mr Lewis Thomas (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir, Herr Carl Reinecke (piano) and Mr James Coward (organ).

1869–70 season (nos. 1-2, 7, 13, 17, 21 and 24)
2 October 1869: Mademoiselle Vanzini, Mademoiselle Drasdil and Mr Vernon Rigby (vocal).
9 October 1869: Madame Rudersdorf and Mr Edward Connell (vocal) with Mr Charles Hallé (piano), including the first performance of Schubert, Overture, Die Freunde von Salamanka.
13 November: Miss Emily Muir and Mr Vernon Rigby (vocal) with Madame Arabella Goddard (piano).
15 January 1870: Mr Santley (vocal) with Master Arthur Le Jeune and Master Charles Le Jeune (organ).
12 February 1870: Mademoiselle Carola and Signor Foli (vocal) with Mr Carrodus (violin).
12 March 1870: Mademoiselle Enequist and Miss Enriques (vocal) with Madame Norman Neruda (violin), including the first performance of Gade, Overture, Michel Angelo.
2 April 1870: Mademoiselle Olma and Edward Lloyd (vocal) with Madame Augusta Auspitz-Kolar (piano).

1870–71 season (nos.15, 22 and 25)
4 February 1871: Madame Lemmens-Sherrington and Mr Santley (vocal) with Mr Oscar Beringer (piano).
25 March 1871: Madame Lemmens-Sherrington, Miss Ellen Horne and Miss Julia Elton (vocal), with the Crystal Palace Choir and Mr Lin Rayne (reader), featuring the first inclusion of: Gounod, Aria, There is a Green Hill; Schubert, Andante con Moto from the String Quartet in D minor; Mendelssohn, Music to Racine's Athalie.
15 April 1871: Mademoiselle D'Anglecvil, Madame de Gourieff and Signor delle Sedie (vocal) with Mr Dannreuther (piano).

1871-72 season (nos. 2, 4, 6 and 12)
7 October 1871: Madame Cora de Wilhorst and Signor Napoleone Verger (vocal) with Miss Agnes Zimmermann (piano).
21 October 1871: Madame Rudersdorff, Mademoiselle Drasdil, Mr Byron and Mr Whitney (vocal) with the Crystal Palace Choir.
4 November 1871: Mendelssohn concert, with Madame Blanche Cole and Mr Sims Reeves (vocal) and Madame Arabella Goddard (piano).
16 December 1871: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Madame Rudersdorff, Miss Galloway, Miss Alice Fairman, Miss Marion Severn, Mr Nordblom, Mr Percy Rivers, Mr Orlando Christian, Mr Smythson and Herr Stockhausen (vocal) and the Crystal Palace Choir.
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