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Collection of programmes: William Edmonds (1894-1913)
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A miscellaneous collection of handbills, programmes and wordbooks for concert, operatic and theatrical performances given at various venues in London between 1894 and 1914, compiled by William Edmonds and arranged chronologically as a single bound volume.

The collection also includes a handbill for Songs of the West (as given in character at the Crystal Palace), given on 24 August 1894 in the Assembly Rooms, Seaton by Miss Mary Richardson, Miss Gage Goodfellow, Miss Bussell, Mr Frank Pemberton, Mr Ernest Trowbridge and Mr Isidor Marcil (vocal), directed by Mr Frank Pemberton [3].

In addition to items listed below, the volume includes various materials documenting other forms of entertainment, including cinema screenings and circus performances.

Items are listed here chronologically but divided into 1) Concerts and 2) Other performances including music. Tract numbers are provided in square brackets.

1. Concerts
The majority of these events were two-part performances of vocal and instrumental solos, given by the performers cited below.

10 June 1896, 40 Prince's Gate: Lady William Lennox's Ladies' Amateur Orchestra, with Senor Guetary and Madame Alexa (vocal), Senor Rubio (cello) and Miss Juxon-Jones (violin), conducted by Lady William Lennox (with a list of the orchestral ensemble) [4].

30 March 1897, St. George's Club, Hanover Square: Smoking Concert, with Miss E. Maude Clough, Signor Giuseppe Maggi, Mr H.W. Schartau and Miss Jessie Kosminski (vocal), Mr Paul Stoeving (violin) and the Meisterin Mandoline Trio (Mademoiselle Blanche Walker, Jeanette Molenkamp and Ida Duff), directed by Chevalier Wilhelm Ganz [6].

10 May 1897, Portman Rooms, Baker Street: St. John's Wood Grand Annual Concert, under the direction of Mr Santley, with Miss Emily Danby, Miss Elma Leicester, Mrs Machell, Mr Charles Chilley, Mr Edwin Webster and Mr Santley (vocal) and Miss Edith O. Greenhill (piano), conducted by Henry R. Bird (with words) [7].

15 May [1899], Great Hall/Victoria Hall: two Matinees and two evening performances given by the Hotel Cecil Café Chantant in aid of the Royal British Nurses' Association, with the Band of the Royal Engineers, directed by Mesdames Mitchell Cohen and Lily Cove and Messrs Bemberg, H. Bird, Bisaccio, Carlo Ducci, Mervyn Dene, Wilhelm Ganz, W. Robins and J.A. Sewell (double-sided handbill) [18.]. A matinee and evening performance was given in each venue. The programmes list the following performers. Matinee: Miss Devlin, Miss Connie Ediss, Miss Letty Lind, Miss Kitty Loftus, Miss Edna May, Miss Julia Neilson, Miss Marie Tempest, Mr Frank Book, Mr C. Hayden Coffin, Mr George Giddens, Mr Richard Green and Mr Cosmo Stuart (vocal), Miss Anna Stern, Miss Kate Bramsen and Mr F. Bartlet (violin) and Mr Henry Bransom (cello). Evening: Miss Clara Butt, Miss Ada Crossley, Miss Louise Dale, Miss Connie Ediss, Miss Evangeline Florence, Misses Muriel and Hilda Foster, Miss Hortense Paulsen, Miss Ella Russell, Miss Ellen Beach Yaw, Mademoiselle Andray, Mademoiselles Guilia and Sofia Ravogli, Madame Kate Cove, Madame Alice Gomez, Madame Marian Mackenzie, Madame Blanche Marchesi, Madame Norcrosse, Mr Charles Copland, Mr Hammett Drake, Mr Gregory Hast, Mr Denham Price, Mr Jack Robertson and Mr Kennerley Rumford, (vocal), the The Meister Glee Singers (William Sexton, Charles Chilley, William Forington and Webster Norcross), Vladimir de Pachman (piano), Mr Johannes Wolff (violin) and Messrs J. Hollman and Leo Stern (cello).

6 February and 6 March 1901, St. James's Hall: Ballad Concerts, with Miss Florence Schmidt, Madame Alice Gomez, Mr Kennerley Rumford, Mr Lawrence Rea, Mr Denham Price, Mr William Green and Maurice Farkoa (vocal) and Johannes Wolff (violin), accompanied by Henry Bird and George Clutsam. Also, Miss Perceval Allen, Miss Muriel Foster, Signorina Guilia Ravogli and Mr Richard Thomas (6 February) and Miss Helen Pettican, Miss Hortense Paulsen, Miss Helene Valma and Mr Ben Davies (6 March) [20-21].

26 May 1903, Grafton Galleries: Grand Afternoon Concert, given by Mr Edward Raikes in aid of the Cornwall Club, Lambeth, with Madame Hortense Paulsen, Miss Marie Narelle, Miss Muriel Foster, Mr Maurice Farkoa, Mr Pedro de Zulueta and Mr Arnold Hall (vocal), Monsieur Tivadar Nachez (violin), Miss Clara Eissler (harp), Mr J. Munro Coward (Mustel organ) and Miss Eadie and Mr F.A. Sewell (piano) (handbill, biographical material and programme) [23-25].

16 June [1903], 68 Great Cumberland Place: Lucie von [van] Hulst's Violoncello Recital, given with the assistance of Lucie Coenen (vocal) and the Von Hulst Trio of Madame von Hulst (piano), Herr Johan von Hulst (violin) and Lucie von Hulst (cello), including the first London performance of C. Coenen, Tarantelle (for cello solo) (with wordbook) [26].

15 June [1903], Pfeiffer Hall, Queen's College, Harley Street: Evening Concert, given by the Queen's College Old Girl's Society, with Mrs Taylor Sang, Miss Isobel Norma and Mr Edward Iles (vocal), Miss Mary Law (violin) and Miss Eleanor Shuttleworth and Miss Christian Carpenter (piano) [27].

15 December 1904 [no venue]: Madame Clara Butt, Mr Kennerley Rumford and Misses Pauline and Ethel Hook (vocal), with Monsieur Tivadar Nachez (violin), Mr W.H. Squire (cello) and Mr Frank Merrick (piano), conducted by Mr S. Liddle (with wordbook) [30].

12 January 1905, Salle Erard, 18 Great Marlborough Street: Moore and Moore's Simplex Concert, with Mr Harry P. Moore, Mr Ernest Seaward and Mr Ernest J. Moore (Simplex Pianists), Mr Sydney Brooks (cello) and Miss Fredrica Richardson (vocal) (with a text description and a photograph of the Simplex, along with some press observations on the instrument) [31].

26 June [1907], Bechstein Hall: Vocal Recital given by Miss Louise Dale, assisted by Madame Ada Crossley and Mr Paul Reimers (vocal) and Mr Leonard Borwick (piano), accompanied by Hamilton Harty (handbill and programme) [41-42].

17 March 1910, Royal Albert Hall: Grand Irish Festival, conducted by William Carter, Mr F.A. Sewell, Mr Eduard Parlovitz and Mr C.H. Hassell, with Dr Churchill Sibley (organ), Miss Marta Cunningham, Miss Grace Kenza, Madame Ada Crossley, Madame Adelaide Mullen, Madame Maggie Purvis, Mr Henry Beaumont, Mr Iver McKay, Mr Watkin Mills and Mr H. Lane Wilson (vocal), Michael Zacharewitsch (violin), band of H.M. Irish Guards and Mr William Carter's Choir (with words and photographs) [47].

5 February 1914, Kensington Town Hall: Grand Café Chantant (afternoon and evening performances), organized by the Conservative and Unionist Women’s Franchise Association (Kensington Branch), with music arranged by Miss Manuelle and Miss A. Croft, given by Madame Ada Davies, Miss Eugenie Croft, Miss Doris Manuelle, Mr Harry Welchman, Mr Arthur Whelpdale, Mr Cecil R. Kellock and Mr Hubert Bromilow and Mrs Everitt (vocal), Mr V. di Ravelli (piano), Miss Winifred Felkin (violin) and Margaret Bernard (cello) [50 and 51].

2. Other performances with music
[no dates], Egyptian Hall ('England's Home of Mystery'): Messrs Maskelyne and Cooke's Entertainments (2 performances), the first incorporating an Overture, Pianoforte, by Mr Charles Mellon and the second including a Mimetic and Musical Interlude by Mr R.A. Roberts, part 2 of which consisted of a Short Sketch at the Piano, written and composed by himself and entitled 'Society at Shrimpot Sands'. This performance also featured Mr Maskelyne's Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra, controlled by Mr Franz Cramer [2 and 14].

6 December 1897, Whitehall Rooms, Hotel Métropole: Actors' Benevolent Fund Seventh Dinner, featuring The Meister Glee Singers (Messrs Sexton, Hast, Forington and Norcross), with Tivadar Nachez (violin) and Mr Ben Davies and Madame Zippora Monteith (vocal), directed by Mr Maunder (Report of the Proceedings, seating plan and menu card) [8-10].

5 May [1898], Queen's College, Harley Street: Aminta, a Pastoral Play by Torquato Tasso, with incidental music composed by Professor Henry Gadsby [12].

7 December [1898], 19 Park Crescent: three comedies, with incidental music performed by Miss Wyllie and Miss O. Maclead (piano) and Miss H. Kekewich (violin) [15].

23 and 24 February [no year], Queen's Gate Hall, Harrington Road: 'Weather or No', A Dramatic Entertainment, with music by Luard Selby, performed by Miss Rita Milman, Miss Ina Pelly, Miss Upton, Miss Mary Frere, Mr and Mrs Jack O'Brien, Mr Edmond O'Brien and Mr R. Jennings (vocal), accompanied by Mss D. Auriol Jones and Miss Bacon's Ladies' Band (handbill) [19].

9 July 1904, Earl's Court: Italian Exhibition, including the Programmes of Music to be given by the Band of H.M. Grenadier Guards (conducted by Mr A. Williams), the Exhibition Bersaglieri Band (conducted by Signor A. Venanzi) and the Band of 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers (conducted by Edmund Hinton) [28].

10 July 1906, Royal Botanic Gardens: Garden Fete in aid of the organization fund of The Legion of Frontiersmen, including programmes for the following performances: Band of the 2nd County of London (Westminster Dragons); Open-Air Concert No. 1 with Angelo Asher's Cadogan String Band (conducted by Mr J. Alexandra), the Alexandra Quartette and Robb Harwood and Miss Mabilia Daniell (vocal); Angelo Asher's Cadogan String Band; Conservatory Theatre Concert, including Mr Stanley Hawley (piano) and Mr Franklin Clive, Mr Denis O'Sullivan and Miss Ethal Bevans (vocal), accompanied by Mr Stanley Hawley and Mr Alfred West; Pastoral Performances of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act V, with incidental music by Mendelssohn; Open Air Concert II with Mr Sydney Stoeger (piano) and Miss Helene Garland, Mr Conway Dixon, Miss Decima Moore, Mr Leslie Stiles, Miss Marion Cecil Marler, Mr Arthur Royd and Miss Laura Field (vocal), accompanied by Mr Sydney Stoeger [32]. The collection also includes a separate programme for the Bivouac Concert, with Mr Reynolds Denniston, Mr Arthur Royd and Mr Burnage (vocal) [33].

14 May [1908], St. Mary's Institute, Bryanston Square: Dramatic Entertainment, including music given by Miss Muriel Elliot, Mr E.F. Haarbleicher (violin), Miss Wakefield (vocal) and Miss Maud Bell (cello) [38].

30 June 1909, Royal Agricultural Hall: 'Africa and the East: Great Missionary Exhibition', organized by the Church Missionary Society (daily programme giving notice of an Organ Recital by Mr Wilfred Davies) [43].
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