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Collection of programmes formed by W.S. Gilbert (1891-93)
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A miscellaneous collection of 39 handbills and programmes for performances given at various venues in the United Kingdom – the majority in London – between 1891 and 1893, many featuring the vocalist Miss Nancy McIntosh, arranged by Sir W. S. Gilbert in a single scrapbook.

Items are listed here by venue with the London venues followed by the English provincial ones. Tract numbers are preserved in square brackets.

1. London venues
- 35 Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square
10 May [1892]: Concert in Aid of Miss Kenway's Home for the Orphans of Musicians, with Signorina Elvira Gambogi, Madame Sebon, Miss Nancy McIntosh and Mr Herbert Thorndike (vocal), Miss Cecile Elieson (violin), Signor Piatti (cello) and Miss Fanny Davies (piano), accompanied by Mr Landon Ronald. [30]
2 May 1893: concert of vocal and instrumental solos given by the Miss Annie Wignall (violin), Miss Lily Wignall (cello), Mr Hayden Bailey, Miss Evangeline Florence and Miss Nancy McIntosh (vocal), and Fraulein Eussert, Miss Emily Gilloch and Miss Wignall (piano). [15]

- 45 Bedford Garden
18 February 1893: Selections from the Comic Opera, A Sea Change or Love's Stowaway, in two acts and an epilogue, conducted by Mr Emil Kreuz (with wordbook, a list of the Cast of Characters (being 'pupils of the composer') and a list of the orchestral ensemble). [5]. A second copy of this programme, with signatures, is held at [33].

- 9 Chester Street, Belgrave Square
8 March 1893: vocal and instrumental solos, given by Miss Elsie Holme, Miss Alice Gruner and Miss Nancy McIntosh (vocal), Miss Eldina Bligh (violin) and Miss Florence Hemmings (cello). [32]

- All Saints' School, 206 Kensington Road
30 January 1892: 5th Winter Entertainment, given by Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Alice Gruner, Miss Kate Trask, Mr Charles Shortt and Mr H. J. Dunn (vocal) with Miss Eldina Bligh (violin), Miss Elieson (cello) and Miss Trask (piano). [8]

- Bow and Bromley Institute
8 February 1893: 2nd Annual Grand Scotch Concert in aid of local charities, with Miss Nancy McIntosh, Madame Belle Cole, Mr Charles Ellison, Mr Andrew Black and Mr Dickson Moffat (vocal), accompanied by Mr Lloyd Edwards [20]. A wordbook for this event is held at [29].

- Conduit Lodge, Fitzjohn's Avenue
16 March [no year]: vocal and instrumental solos, given by Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss May Pinney and Mr Charles Ellison (vocal), Miss Olga Racster (violin), and Mr Charles F. Reddie and Mrs De Burgh Adams (piano). [22]

- Crystal Palace
22 April 1893: 20th Saturday Concert (37th season), with Miss Liza Lehmann [replaced by Nancy McIntosh] (vocal), Gabriele Wietrowetz (violin) and the Crystal Palace Saturday Orchestra, conducted by August Manns (with historical and analytical notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble). [18]

- Grafton Galleries, 8 Grafton Street
28 May 1893: vocal and instrumental solos, given for the Gallery Club by Miss Nancy McIntosh (vocal), Miss Frida Scotta (violin) and Mademoiselle Helene Soriani and Olga de Mohl (piano), accompanied by George Clutsam. [25]

- Inner Temple Hall
13 May 1893: London Working Girls' Club Union 6th Singing Competition (with words). [19]

- Kensington, Town Hall
With the exception of that on 27 May 1892, all of these concerts formed part of a series of Four Concerts of Chamber Music presented by the Musical Guild and all the programmes include words.
1 December 1891: 6th series no.3, given by a string quintet of Messrs. Arthur Bent, William Stephenson, Emil Kreuz, Alfred Hobday and W. H. Squire, with Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Agnes Hart, Mr John Probert and Mr Hayden G. Bailey (vocal) and Miss Annie Grimson and Mr Frederic Sewell (piano). [1]
27 May 1892: Kensington Church Education Board Distribution of Certificates, with music by Henry R. Bird (piano), Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss A. M. Wakefueld and Mr J. C.. Joy (vocal) and Herr Willie Woltman (violin). [31]
30 May 1893: 9th series no.3, with a pianoforte quintet of Dr. C. V. Stanford, Miss Isabella Donkersley, Mr Wallace Sutcliffe, Mr Alfred Hobday and Mr Paul Ludwig. Also, a vocal quartet of Miss Nancy McIntosh, Mrs Lee, Mr H. McKinley, Mr Kennerley Rumford and Miss Beatrice Hallett, with Miss Ethel Sharpe (piano) and Mr Edward Ingram (flute). [26].
13 June 1893: 9th series no. 4, with Miss Nancy McIntosh (handbill and programme, both with words and information regarding an extended ensemble of instrumental performers) [27] and [28].

- Leighton Hall, Leighton Crescent
8 January 1893: 14th Neighbourhood Guild Sunday Concert (3rd season), with Miss Nancy McIntosh and Miss Evangeline Florence (vocal), Mr Alfred Weissman (piano) and Miss Amabel F. Marshall (violin) (with words). [12]

- London Coliseum
23 April 1917 (week beginning): including Miss Mary Anderson in Pygmalion and Galatea by W. S. Gilbert. [37]

- Lyric Club
29 June [1892]: Mrs Alice Shaw's Farewell Concert, with Madame Blanche Stone-Barton, Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Angela Vanbrugh, Miss Elita Proctor Otis, Mr Charles Chilley, Mr Carl E. Duffet and Mr Edgar Hulland (vocal), the Eagle Quartette and Ashton’s Blue Hungarian Band, conducted by Mr Wilhelm Ganz, Mr George Clutson and Miss Florence Phillips (with wordbook). [38]

- St. James's Hall
5 November 1892: Saturday Popular Concert (35th season), given by a string quartet of Mademoiselle Wietrowetz and Messrs Ries, Straus and Popper, with Miss Nancy McIntosh (vocal) and Mr Leonard Borwick (piano), accompanied by Mr Henry Bird (with Analytical Remarks and musical examples). [2]
16 February 1893: 6th London Symphony Concert (seventh season), with Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Marie Brema, Mr J. Henry McKinley and Mr Kennerley Rumford (vocal), conducted by Mr Henschel (with words and historical and analytical notes with musical examples by Joseph Bennett). [3]
7 November 1892: Monday Popular Concert, given by a string quartet of Lady Halle and Messrs Ries, Straus and Popper, with Miss Liza Lehmann (vocal) and Miss Adelina de Lara (piano) [14]
28 November 1892: Monday Popular Concert (35th season), given by a string quartet of Lady Halle and Messrs Ries, Straus and Piatti, with Miss Nancy McIntosh (vocal) and Miss Fanny Davies (piano) (with Analytical Remarks and musical examples) [4]. An additional copy of this document is held at [16] with an abbreviated programme for the same event held at [9].
9 March 1893: Philharmonic Society (81st season no.1), with M. Slivinski (piano) and Miss Margaret Macintyre (vocal), conducted by Dr A. C. Mackenzie (with historical and analytical notes including musical examples by Joseph Bennett, a list of the Members and Associates of the Philharmonic Society, a list of the orchestral ensemble and a short history of the Philharmonic). [6] An insert documents the fact that Macintyre was replaced by Nancy McIntosh.
14 March 1893: Mr Daniel Mayer's Grand Wagner Concert, with Miss Margeurite Macintyre, Miss Evangeline Florence, Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Marie Brema and Miss Esther Palliser, Mr J. Henry McKinley, Mr C. Karlyle and Mr Kennerley Rumford (vocal) and the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mr Henschel (with words). [17]
23 June 1893: Recital of Song in English given by Mrs Henschel with the assistance of Mr Henschel's Choir, under the direction of Daniel Mayer (with words). [35]

2. Provincial venues
- Dover, Town Hall
6 April 1893: Grand Performance of Sir W. Sterndale Bennett's Pastoral Cantata, The May Queen, and a miscellaneous selection, with Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Dora Barnard, Mr C. W. Frederick and Mr Henry Sunman (vocal) and a 'band and chorus numbering upwards of one hundred', conducted by Mr H. J. Taylor (with a list of the principal instrumental performers). [23]

- Helensburgh, Victoria Hall
11 January 1893: Helensburgh Subscription Concert no.2, with Miss Gabriele Wietrowetz (violin), Mr Philip E. Halstead (piano) and Miss Nancy McIntosh (soprano) (with words) [13].

- Holyhead, Town Hall
22 May 1893: Grand Ballad and Instrumental Evening Concert, with Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Evangeline Florence and Mr Haydn G. Bailey (vocal) and Miss Lillian Griffiths (violin).[24]

- Manchester, Free Trade Hall
23 February 1893: Sir Charles Hallé's Grand Concerts no.18 (35th season), with Miss Nancy McIntosh (vocal) and Herr Joachim (violin), led by Willy Hess and conduced by Sir Charles Hallé (with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble). [7]

- [Rochester]
17 December 1892: Handel, Messiah, given by the Rochester, Strood and Chatham Choral Society (20th season), with Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Minnie Chamberlain, Mr W. Fell and Mr R. E. Miles (vocal), conducted by Rev G. M. Livett. [11]

- [Sedbergh]
18 May 1892: Sedbergh Musical Society no.2, with Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Greenbank, Mr R. Greenback and Mr W. Hatton, conducted by Mr P. A. Thomas (with words and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles). [34]

- [Windermere]
22 December 1892: Handel, The Messiah, given by Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Wakefield, Mr James Leyland and Mr John Coates for the Windermere Choral Society, conducted by Mr F. Barton (handbill).[39]

3. Unknown venues
3 July 1891: Mr and Mrs Henschel's Vocal Recital no.3 (with words). [36]
1 December 1892: Gluck, Orpheus, prefaced by Mendelssohn, Hear My Prayer, given by Miss Nancy McIntosh, Miss Kate Trask, Miss Robinson and Miss Grace Robinson (vocal) and Mr Louis N. Parker (piano), conducted by Miss Trask. [10]
[no date]: vocal and instrumental solos given by Mr Shuster (piano), Miss McIntosh (vocal) and Mr Carl Derenburg (violin) (handbill). [21]
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