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Collection of programmes (1860-92)
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A miscellaneous collection of nearly 500 handbills, prospectuses, programmes and wordbooks for performances given at various venues in London – the majority at St. James’s Hall and Princes’ Hall, Piccadilly – between 1860 and 1892, arranged chronologically in a bound volume.

Also, programmes for five concerts given outside of London between 1866 and 1891.

Many of these programmes include historical notes, records of first performances and/or lists of the choral and orchestral ensemble. A large number also carry handwritten annotations and some contain brief examples of correspondence.

The London programmes are listed here alphabetically by venue, divided as follows:
- 12 Orme Square (14 concerts)
- 39 Philimore Gardens (3 concerts)
- Alexandra House: Concert Hall (29 concerts)
- Collard and Collard’s Pianoforte and Concert Rooms, 16 Grosvenor Street (2 concerts)
- Gallery Club (3 concerts)
- Portman Rooms (6 concerts)
- Princes’ Hall, Piccadilly (96 concerts)
- Royal Academy of Music (16 concerts)
- Royal Albert Hall (16 concerts)
- St. Andrew’s Hall, Newman Street (3 concerts)
- St. James’s Hall (121 concerts)
- Steinway Hall (38 concerts)
- Town Hall, Kensington (8 concerts)
- Town Hall, Newby Place, Poplar (4 concerts)
- Town Hall, Westminster (7 concerts)
- Miscellaneous: Houses, Halls, Taverns (16 concerts)
- Miscellaneous: Private address (16 concerts)
- Miscellaneous: Schools (3 concerts)
- Miscellaneous: Theatres (5 concerts)
- Unknown venues (17 concerts)

- 12 Orme Square
All performances were organized and given by Edward Dannreuther (piano), with Miss Annie Williams (vocal). The concerts in 1889 featured a string quartet of Mr Alfred Gibson, Mr S.D.Grimson, Mr Emil Kreuz and Mr Charles Ould, with Mr A.P. Vivian (flute).
21 December 1882: Messrs J. Ludwig, A. Gibson, C. Jung and M.B. Albert (string quartet).
22 November 1883: Mr Henry Holmes, Professor E. Rappoldi and Mr Alfred Gibson (violins), Herr Carl Jung (viola), Mons. Lasserre and Albert (cello) and Miss Annie Butterworth (vocal).
4 and 18 November and 2 and 16 December [no year]: Henry Holmes, Herr R. Gompertz and Mr G. Betjemann (violin), Mr Alfred Gibson (viola), Mr Charles Ould (cello), Mr Joseph Smith (horn) and Miss Damian, Miss Lena Little and Mr Herbert Thorndike (vocal).
17 and 31 January and 14 and 28 February 1889: Herr R. Gompertz (violin) and Miss Lena Little and Madame Marian McKenzie (vocal).
16 and 30 January and 13 and 27 February 1890: Mr W.M. Malsch (oboe) and Mr G.A. Clinton (clarinet).

- 39 Philimore Gardens
All performances were given ‘by permission of Mr and Mrs Fuller Maitland’ and featured Mr J.A. Fuller Maitland (piano)
4 July 1879: Mrs Key (piano), General Cracroft (violin), Miss Florence Hemmings (cello) and Mrs MacGregor, Miss M. Bell, Miss Luard Selby and Rev. J. Graves (vocal).
27 June 1882: Mr A.D. Coleridge, Miss Squire, Mr Squire, Mr Aikin, Miss Wakefield and Mrs C.V. Stanford (vocal), Miss Florence Hemmings (cello) and Mr C. Stanford (piano).
7 December 1882: Concert of Chamber Music, given for the benefit of the Royal College of Music, with Mr William Sutton (violin), Rev. T.P. Hudson (cello), Miss Eva James (piano) and Madame Sophie Lowe (vocal).

- Alexandra House: Concert Hall (entrance through Royal College of Music)
Handbills and programmes for concerts given by the students of the Royal College of Music, conducted by C.V. Stanford (nos. 55, 63, 69, 81, 88, 94, 100, 105, 115, 129 and 134), Henry Holmes (nos. 96, 111, 125, 133 and 136) and Walter Parratt (nos.128 and 137). Where no conductor is listed, the performances were of chamber or non-orchestral music.
14 July and 21 December 1887 (nos. 55 and 63); 26 March, 29 November and 21 December 1888 (nos. 69, 78 and 81); 4 April and 24 July, 17 and 31 October and 12 December 1889 (nos. 88, 94-96 and 100); 27 February, 12 and 26 June, 3, 10 and 24 July, 16 October and 20 and 29 November 1890 (nos. 105, 111-116, 119 and 129); 22 and 29 January, 12 February, 4 and 25 March, 16 and 24 July, 11, 18 and 26 November 1891 (nos. 123-125, 128, 129, 133, 134, 136 and 137).

- Collard and Collard’s Pianoforte and Concert Rooms, 16 Grosvenor Street
3 July 1889: Matinée Musicale by Miss von Brunn, with Miss Curran and Mr Oscar Niemann (vocal), Miss Dora Bright (piano) and Mr H. Wessely (violin), conducted by Mr J.G. Callcott.
4 July 1890: Vocal and Pianoforte Recital by the Sisters, the Countesses Augusta and Ernesta Ferrari D’Occhieppo, with Miss Blanche Leigh and Signor Carlo Ducci.

- Gallery Club
18 June 1887:
24 November 1899: Vocal and Instrumental Concert with Signor Simonetti (violin), Mr Laurence Kellie and Mr Plunkett Greene (vocal) and C. Hopkins Ould (piano).
1 December 1889: Mr Hirwen Jones and Mr W.H. Brereton (vocal) and Signor Albanesi

- Portman Rooms, Baker Street
29 June 1889: Miss Adela Vernon and Mademoiselle Gabrielle Vaillant’s Matinée Musicale, with Adela Vernon, Hilda Wilson, Bernard Lane and Ragnar Grevillius (vocal), Gabrielle Vaillant and Monsieur Szczepanowski (violin), Mr Ellis Roberts (viola), Monsieur Albert (cello) and Mr Stephen Kemp (piano), accompanied by Frauline Hufeland, Mr Windeyer Clark and Mr H. Lane Wilson.
28 and 31 January and 4 February 1889: Mr Carl Armbruster’s Recitals of Tristan, with Miss Pauline Cramer, Miss Margaret Hoare, Mr William Nicholl, Mr Wilfred Cunliffe, Mr B.H. Grove and Mr Henry Phillips (vocal).
14 April 1891: Mademoiselle Rosina Isidor’s Grand Evening Concert, conducted by Signors Bisaccia, Palmieri and Romili.
6 July 1891: Mademoiselle Gwynedd Valling’s Evening Concert, conducted by Dr. Collisson and Mr Spencer Lorraine.

- Princes’ Hall, Piccadilly
17 June 1886: Madame Frickenhaus and Herr Josef Ludwig’s Fourth Chamber Concert, conducted by Oliver King.
18 and 19 November 1886: Two Grand Amateur Concerts given by Viscountess Folkestone.
28 January 1889: Jerome Hopkins, Samuel, preceded by a short concert, directed by the composer.
13 February 1889: Morning Concert of Schubert’s Compositions, given by Caroline Geisler-Schubert (piano), with Marie Fillunger (vocal) and Messrs Ludwig Straus (violin) and E. Howell (cello).
14 February 1889: Schumann and Brahms Recital, given by Mademoiselle Jeanne Douste (piano) with Oscar Niemann (vocal).
20 March 1889: Margaret Wild Pianoforte Recital.
27 March 1889: Third and Last Piano Recital given by Miss Dora Bright, with Miss Eleanor Rees (vocal), accompanied by Mr C.S. Macpherson.
17 April 1889: J.H. Bonawitz, Requiem, preceded by a miscellaneous act selected from works by Astorga, Handel, Haydn, Rossini, etc, given by Miss Alice Steel, Miss Louise Bourne, Mr Charles Karlyle and Max Heinrich (vocal), Mr Charles Karlyle’s Ladies Choir and the Islington German Orchestral Society, conducted by Bonawitz.
30 April, 28 May and 11 June 1889: Chamber Concerts given by Josef Ludwig (violin) and W.E. Whitehouse (cello).
2 May 1889: Grand Evening Concert, in aid of the funds of the East London Hospital, Shadwell, under the direction of Miss Isabel Godfrey, with Madame Osborne Williams, Madame de Fontblanque, Madame Frances Brooke, Mr Lawrence Kellie, Mademoiselle Marie de Lido, Madame Evans Warwick, Miss Isabel Godfrey, Mr Sinclair Dunn and Mr John Bridson (vocal), with Misses Agnes Zimmermann and Jessie Kosminski (piano), Herr Carl Oberthür (harp) and Misses Nellie, Kate and Mabel Chaplin (violin), accompanied by Mary Carmichael and Signor Odoardo Barri.
4 May 1889: Madame Frickenhaus Pianoforte Recital.
4 May 1889: Mrs Orton Bradley’s Concert of Brahms’ Chamber Music, with Signor Achille Simonetti (violin), Miss Cecilia Gates (viola), Mr Charles Ould (cello), Mr Orton Bradley (piano) and Madame Agnes Larkcom, Miss Hilda Wilson, Mr Bernard Lane, and Mr Wilfrid Cunliffe (vocal).
7 May 1889: Mr Ernest Kiver’s Fifth Annual Evening Concert of Chamber Music, with Madame Ambler-Brereton (vocal), Messrs L. Szczepanowski and George H. Wilby (violin), Mr Ellis Roberts (viola), Mr Charles Ould (cello) and Mr Ernest Kiver (piano).
15 May [1889]: Miss Dora Schirmacher Pianoforte Recital.
15 May 1889: Evening Concert given by the Shinner Quartet (Misses Emily Shinner, Lucy H. Stone, Cecilia Gates and Florence Hemmings), with Agnes Zimmermann (piano).
16 May 1889: Evening Concert given by Madame Haas (piano), with Messrs Robert Heckmann (violin), E. Howell (cello), Paersch (horn) and Liza Lehmann (vocal).
31 May 1889: Miss Winifred Robinson’s Morning Concert, with Mr Arthur Thompson (vocal), Miss Winifred Robinson (violin), Mr C.H. Allen Gill (cello) and Miss Fanny Davies (piano), accompanied by Arthur E. Godfrey.
6 June [1889]: Morning Concert given by Signorina Teresina Tua (violin), with Mademoiselle Termelli (vocal) and Mademoiselle Marie Wonsowska (piano).
12 June [1889]: J. Albeniz Pianoforte Recital.
13 June [1889]: Fraulein Hermine Spies Vocal Recital, with Miss Ethel Bauer, accompanied by Mr Theodor Frantzen.
24 June 1889: Mrs M.A. Carlisle-Carr’s Afternoon Concert.
26 June 1889: A Grand Evening Concert, with Signora Sara Palma, Miss Carrie Pringle, Miss Clara Myers, Senor Guatary, Monsieur Döme, Mr Tietkens and Mr Alexander (vocal) and Johannes Wolff (violin), accompanied by Miss Florence Phillips, Miss Cappy, Mrs Pringle and Raphael Roche.
29 June and 6 July 1889: Morning Concerts, given by Max Heinrich, with Miss Lena Little (vocal), Benno Schönberger (piano) and Willy Hess (violin).
1 July 1889: Monsieur Tivadar Nachez and Herr Arthur Friedheim Violin and Pianoforte Recital, accompanied by Mr Frederic Cliffe.
4 July 1889: Mr F. Barrington Foote Grand Morning Concert, with Madame Alwina Valleria, Miss Alice Gomes and Mrs Mary Davies, Madame Antoinette Sterling, Mr Henry Piercy and Signor Warmuth and Signor Foli and Mr Arthur Wills (vocal). Also, Mrs Kendal (recitation), Tivadar Nachez and Achille Simonetti (violin), Signors Tito Mattei and Bisaccia (piano) and Mr W. L. Barrett (flute), accompanied by Messrs Sidney Naylor, W. Kuhe, Wilfred Bendall, Signor D’Havet Zuccardi and Signor Bevignani.
13 July 1889: Madame Backer-Gröndahl Morning Concert, with Miss Louise Phillips and Johannes Wolff (violin).
22 July 1889: The London Military Band’s First Matinee Musicale, with Sir Arthur Sullivan (President), Mr John Hill (director/conductor), Dan Godfrey (Honorary conductor) and Mr Bantock Pierpoint (vocal).
4 and 11 December 1889: Mr and Mrs Henschel’s Vocal Recitals.
12 and 26 February 1890: Misses Geisler-Schubert and Fillunger’s Chamber Concerts, with Herr Straus (violin) and Mr Whitehouse (cello).
5 March 1890: Anton Hartvigson Pianoforte Recital, with Frits Hartvigson (piano).
10 March 1890: Royal College of Music Orchestral Concert, conducted by C.V. Stanford.
26 March 1890: Mr Stephen Kemp Chamber Concert, with Mademoiselle Gabrielle Vaillant (violin), W. E. Whitehouse (cello), Stephen Kemp (piano) and Miss Annie Marriott (vocal), accompanied by Mr Thomas Pettit.
31 March 1890: Trinity College Students’ Orchestral Concert, conducted by Frederick Corder, accompanied by F.G. Cole.
19 and 21 April 1890: Pianoforte Recitals by Madame Frickenhaus and Mr Frederic Lamond.
23 April 1890: Miss Dora Bright Chamber Concert, with Miss Clara Samuell and Mr Arthur Thompson (vocal), Mr J.T. Carrodus (violin), Miss Cecilia Gates (viola), Mr Whitehouse (cello) and Dora Bright (piano).
23 April 1890: Mr John St. O. Dykes Pianoforte Recital, with Miss Helen Trust (vocal) and Willy Hess (violin).
28 April 1890: Miss Winifred Robinson Morning Concert, with Misses Hilda Wilson (vocal), Dora Bright (piano) and Winifred Robinson and Mr Gerald Walenn (violin), Miss Cecilia Gates (viola) and Mr Whitehouse (cello), accompanied by Mr H. Lane Wilson.
30 April 1890: Signor V. Galiero First Grand Evening Concert, with Mademoiselle Leila Dufour (vocal) and Achille Simonetti (violin), conducted by Signor L. Denza.
6 May 1890: Mademoiselle Ida Henry’s Evening Concert, with Mrs Henschel (vocal), Joseph Ludwig (violin), Mr A. P. Vivian (flute), with Mademoiselle Ida Henry (piano), accompanied by Mr Frantzen.
14 May 1890: Mr Ernest Kiver’s Sixth Annual Concert, with Miss Marguerite Hall (vocal), Mr J. T. Carrodus (violin), Mr Bernhard Carrodus (violin), Mr J. H. Carrodus (cello) and Mr Ernest Kiver (piano).
28 May 1890: Monsieur Pierre-René Hirsch Pianoforte Recital.
28 May 1890: First of four Chamber Concerts by Josef Ludwig and W.E. Whitehouse.
2 June 1890: Madame Florence Campbell-Perugini and Miss Mary Hutton Vocal Recital, with Johannes Wolff (violin).
3 June 1890: Willy Hess Morning Concert, with Mr and Mrs Henschel, accompanied by Theodor Frantzen.
7 and 14 June 1890: Two Pianoforte Recitals by Mademoiselle Clotilde Kleeberg.
7 June 1890: Lombard Amateur Musical Society Concert, with Mrs Hutchinson, Mr Prosper Burnett and Mr F. Peachey, jun.
10 June 1890: Madame Roger-Miclos Pianoforte Recital, with Johannes Wolff (violin).
11 June 1890: Miss Fanny Davies Grand Morning Concert, with Herr Strauss (violin), Signor Piatti (cello) and Fraulein Fillunger (vocal), the programme selected from the works of Robert and Clara Schumann.
12 June 1890: Herr Felix Berber Grand Evening Concert, with string quartet of Messrs Sapellnikoff, A. Kummer, Ludwig Strauss and Piatti.
25 June 1890: Ernst Denhof Pianoforte Recital with Max Reichel (violin) and Charles Copland (baritone), accompanied by George Clutsam.
7 July 1890: Vocal and instrumental concert given by Herr Ernst Denhof (piano) with Madame Amy Sherwin (vocal), Emile de Mlynarski (violin) and Herr H. Bast (cello).
12 July and 27 October 1890: Pianoforte Recitals by Max Hambourg and Brahm van den Berg.
30 October 1890: Evening Concert given by the Shinner Quartet (see above) with Miss Fanny Davies (piano) and Marie Fillunger (vocal).
14 November 1890: Mademoiselle Jeanne Douste Ninth Recital, with Mademoiselle L. Douste de Fortis (piano) and Réné Ortmans (violin).
22 January 1891: Evening Concert by the Shinner Quartet (see above), with Fraulein Geisler-Schubert (piano) and Mrs Hutchinson (vocal).
4 and 7 February 1891: Miss Adelaide Detchon’s two Musical and Lyrical Recitals, with Mr Robert Newman (bass) and Mr Arthur L’Estrange (piano/accompanist).
18 Februry, 12 and 23 March and 2 and 4 May 1891: Pianoforte Recitals by Max Pauer, Agnes Zimmermann, Dora Bright, Eugène Holliday and Margaret Wild (with Carlotta Elliot, vocal).
5 May 1891: Madame Sophie Lowe Morning Concert, with Miss Agnes Zimmermann (piano), accompanied by Henry Bird.
5 May 1891: Mr Ernest Kiver’s Seventh Annual Concert, with Madame Clara Samuell (vocal), Arthur Payne (violin), Emil Kreuz (viola) and W. E. Whitehouse (cello).
7 May 1891: Madame A. de Swiatlovsky and Monsieur Max Reichel Grand Morning Concert, with Miss Fischer and Mr Wilfred Cunliffe (vocal) and Mademoiselle Janotha (piano).
11 and 15 May 1891: Pianoforte Recitals by Madame Burmeister-Petersen and Mademoiselle Ilona Eibenschutz, the second with Madame Torricelli (piano) and Signor Piatti (cello).
25 May 1891: Miss Rose Lynton’s Violin Recital, with Madame Adeline Paget (vocal), conducted by Frank Abernethy.
26 May 1891: Magpie Minstrels (Madrigal Society), conducted by Lionel S. Benson.
27 May 1891: Mademoiselle Marianne and Clara Eissler Evening Concert, accompanied by Mademoiselle Emmy Eissler and conducted by Wilhelm Ganz.
29 May 1891: Mr Frank Howgrave Pianoforte Recital
1 June 1891: Mr Charles A. Trew and Monsieur René Ortmans Afternoon Concert, with Miss Marguerite MacIntyre (vocal), Mrs Trew (piano) and Mr W. E. Whitehouse (cello), accompanied by Sydney R. Cole.
3 June 1891: Carl Fuchs Violoncello Recital, with Amy Sherwin (vocal), Willy Hess (violin) and Leonard Borwick (piano), accompanied by George Clutsam.
18 June 1891: Miss Agnes Zimmermann’s Evening Concert, assisted by Miss Marguerite Hall and accompanied by Miss Carmichael.
18 June 1891: Signor Sgambati’s Chamber Music Concert, with Mr and Mrs Henschel, Signor Franceschetti, Monsieur Sauret, Mr Gibson, M. van Waefelghem and Signor Piatti.
1 and 8 July 1891: Pianoforte Recitals by Monsieur Stojowski and Signor Michael [Michele] Esposito (with Signor Papini, violin).
17 July 1891: African Native Choir (second concert in England)
3 November 1891: Mr Steward Macpherson Pianoforte Recital, with Miss Helen Saunders (vocal) and Mr Charles Griffiths (violin), accompanied by Herbert Lake.
5 November 1891: Miss Ethel Sharpe Evening Concert, accompanied by F. Sewell.
11 and 25 November and 9 December1891: three Chamber Concerts given by Messrs Josef Ludwig (violin) and W. E. Whitehouse (cello).
25 November and 2 December 1891: Mademoiselle Clotilde Kleeberg Pianoforte Recitals.
1 December 1891: first of three Chamber Concerts given by Mademoiselle Louise Douste de Fortis.
10 December 1891: Mademoiselle Yrrac Morning Concert, assisted by Mademoiselle Gherlsen (vocal) and Benno Schönberger (piano)

- Royal Albert Hall
a) Royal Choral Society: 9 performances. Unless otherwise stated, all performances featured W. Hodge (organ) and were conducted by Mr Barnby. All programmes provide details regarding the vocal soloists.
15 December 1873: J. S. Bach, The Christmas Oratorio (first English performance), with Dr Stainer (organ).
6 November 1879: Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Dr Stainer (organ).
20 February 1889: Barnby, The Lord is King, and Luigi Mancinelli, Isaias (sacred cantata).
22 January 1890: Mendelssohn, Elijah
19 February 1890: Gounod, Redemption
26 March 1890: Handel, Israel in Egypt.
11 February 1891: Gounod, Redemption.
15 April 1891: Gounod, Mors et Vita, conducted by A. C. Mackenzie (conductor)
6 May 1891: Sullivan, The Golden Legend

b) miscellaneous Albert Hall concerts
[Passion week, no year]: J S. Bach, St. Matthew Passion, with Mr Cummings, Mr Thurley Beale and Signor Foli, Miss Donnes and Madame Otto-Alvsleben (vocal), conducted by Mr Barnby.
14 April 1871: Sacred Harmonic Society performance of Mendelssohn, Elijah, with Mr Thomas, Mrs Sidney Smith, Madame Patey, Mr Vernon Rigby, Madame L. Sherrinton, Miss Julia Derby, Mr Carter, Mr C. Henry and Mr Smythson (vocal), conducted by Michael Costa.
12 December 1872: Mendelssohn, Athalie and Hymn of Praise, with Madame Lemmens-Sherrington, Miss Julian, Madame Patey and Mr J. H. Pearson (vocal) and Mr William Carter’s Choir, conducted by Carter.
27 October 1886: Grand Vocal and Orchestral Concert to mark the final appearance of Adalina Patti, with Miss Hilda Wilson, Mr Sims Reeves, Signor Nicolini and Mr Henschel (vocal), Mr Carrodus (violin) and Mr Engel (harmonium), conducted by Mr W. G. Cusins.
5 March 1890: A.C. Mackenzie, The Cotter’s Saturday Night and The Dream of Jubal (first London performances), conducted by the composer, with Miss Macintyre, Miss Hannah Jones, Mr Barton McGuckin, and Mr John McB. Gibson (vocal).
10 May 1890: Concert to be given by 500 students of the Guildhall School of Music, Royal Artillery Band, with Dr Bridge, Monsieur Tivadar Nachez and Miss Augarde.
11 May 1891: Mr Sims Reeves’s Farewell Concert, accompanied by Signor Arditi, Mr Ganz, Mr Maunders and Mr Kuhe.

- Royal Academy of Music, Tenterden Street
22 March, 5 April and 3 May 1889, 28 February, 28 March, 11 April, 21 May and 12 December 1890, and 23 January, 17 April and 20 November 1891: Wind Instrument Chamber Music Society (with detailed information regarding the performers, including G.A. Clinton’s Wind Quintet).
14 March 1883: last of five ‘Musical Evenings’, given by Henry Holmes and Mr W. Frye (violin), Mr A. Gibson and W. Henry Hill (viola), Mr E. Howell (cello) and Madame Haas (piano).
19 April 1883: Miss Agnes Zimmermann’s First Chamber Concert.
24 February 1891: Miss Florence May Private Concert, with Miss Emily Shinner (violin) and Mr William Nicholl (vocal), accompanied by Mr Stephen Kemp and Mr Septimus Webbe.
27 May 1891: Invitation Concert, with Emile Sauret (violin), Mr Barton McGuckin and Mr Max Heinrich (vocal) and Mr Leonard Borwick (piano).
16 February 1892: Invitation Flute Recital by Mr Frederic Griffiths (flute) with Miss Lucile Hill and William Nicholl (vocal) and Mr Septimus Webbe (piano), with a Musical Sketch by Mr Corney Grain, accompanied by Mr Wilson.

- St Andrew’s Hall, Newman Street
14 March 1886: People’s Concert Society, with Mademoiselle Dinelli (violin), Mr Dinelli (cello), Miss Richter (piano) and Mrs Godfrey Pearse, Mrs Henry Harrison, Miss Evelyn Spring-Rice, Mr Squire and Mr W.H. Wing (vocal), accompanied by Mr C. Imhof.
9 June 1886: Miss Madeline Hardy’s Morning Concert, with Madame de Fonblanque, Miss Madeline Hardy, Madame Isabel Fassett, Miss Eleanor Rees, Miss Rhoda Sutherland, Miss Isidore de Lara, Mr Orlando Harley, Mr Arthur Thompson, Mr Richard Temple and Mr Maybrick (vocal), Mr John Cheshire (harp) and Miss Kate Cheyne (piano), conducted by Sidney Naylor, Miss Mary Carmichael, and Mr Albert H. Fox.
6 November 1887: People’s Concert Society with Mademoiselle Bertha Brousil (violin), Mr Herbert Bowman (cello), Mr Algernon Ashton and Mr W. Barclay Squire (piano) and Madame Isabel Fassett and Mr Savage Cooper (vocal).

- St. James’s Hall
13 May 1871: Monsieur Delaborde’s Grand Orchestral Concert with Monsieur Sainton (violin) and Monsieur Delaborde (piano), conducted by Charles Gounod.
18 February 1873: Civil Service Musical Society Private Concert (ninth season, no.1), conducted by John Foster with Henry Bird (piano).
22 October 1879: Mr Walter Bache’s Pianoforte Recital of music by Liszt, with Mr Santley (vocal).
12 February, 5 March, 7 May and 2 and 19 June 1880: Mr Henry Leslie’s Choir (25th and last season), with Mr J.G. Callcott (piano) and Mr John C. Ward (organ), conducted by Mr Henry Leslie (prospectus with programmes).
22 June 1882: Vladimir de Pachmann Pianoforte Recital.
5 March 1883: Oscar Beringer’s Sixth Annual Piano Recital.
27 April 1883: Schubert, Mass in E flat and Mendelssohn, Lobgesang, given by the Sacred Harmonic Society, with Misses Annie Marriot, M. Hancock and Messrs Edward Lloyd, Boulcott Newth and Robert Hilton (vocal), conducted by Charles Hallé.
11 June 1886: Anton Rubinstein Farewell Recital.
7 December 1886: London Symphony Concert, conducted by Mr Henschel and C.H.H. Parry.
19 April 1888: Philharmonic Society (76th season, no.3), conducted by Frederic H. Cowen.
5, 19 and 26 May and 2 June 1888: Sarasate Concerts (orchestral), conducted by Mr W.G. Cusins.
9 June 1888: Sarasate Farewell Concert, conducted by W.G. Cusins.
20 November 1888: London Symphony Concerts (third season, no.1), conducted by Mr Henschel.
16 January 1889: London Ballad Concert (23rd season, no.6), with Mrs Mary Davies, Madame Bertha Moore, Madame Antoinette Sterling, Miss Eleanor Rees, Mr Sims Reeves, Mr Edward Lloyd, Mr Santley and Mr Maybrick (vocal) and Mr Eaton Faning’s Select Choir, conducted by Sidney Naylor.
18 February 1889: 25th Monday Popular Concert, featuring Fanny Davies (piano), Madame Neruda and Monsieur L. Ries (violin), Monsieur Straus (viola) and Monsieur Piatti (cello), with Mr Santley (vocal) accompanied by Mr Sidney Naylor.
18 February [1889]: Otto Hegner’s Second Pianoforte Recital
19 March 1889: Novello’s Oratorio Concerts/Dudley Brick, The Light of Asia, with Mr Andrew Black, Madame Nordica and Mr Lloyd (vocal), conducted by A.C. Mackenzie.
20 March 1889: Recital of Pianoforte and Vocal Music given by Edward Grieg and Madame Grieg.
8 May 1889: Concert by the Royal Artillery Band, conducted by L. Zavertal.
10 and 17 May and 7, 14, 21 and 28 June 1889: Charles Hallé’s Chamber Music Concerts nos. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8, with a string quartet of Madame Neruda (Lady Hallé), Herr L. Ries, Ludwig Straus and Franz Neruda.
11, 18 and 25 May and 1, 8 and 15 June 1889: Sarasate Concerts, being piano recitals by Madame Bertha Marx (25 May and 8 June) and orchestral performances.
24 June [1889]: J. Albeniz’s Second Pianoforte Recital.
4 July 1889: Herr Waldemar Meyer’s Final Concert of the season, with Madame Patey and Miss Wakefield (vocal), Herr Waldemar Meyer (violin) and Miss Marian Osborn (piano), accompanied by Mr Sidney Waddington.
2 and 9 October 1889: Royal Amateur Orchestral Society Orchestral Concert nos.1-2, conducted by George Mount, with Max Heinrich (vocal) and Otto Hegner (piano).
26 October and 1 November 1889: Sarasate Concerts, conducted by W.G. Cusins.
22 November and 6 December 1889 and 24 January and 7 February 1890: 4 Grand Orchestral Concerts given by Sir Charles Hallé and his Manchester Band, with Lady Hallé (violin, nos.1-2) (bound with November/December 1890).
22 November and 12 December 1889: Herr Waldemar Meyer’s Two Grand Orchestral Concerts, led by A. Burnett and conducted by C.V. Stanford.
27 November 1889: Mendelssohn, Elijah, for the benefit of the Royal Society of Musicians, conducted by W.H. Cummings.
20 February 1890: Monsieur and Madame Pachmann’s Farewell Appearances.
16 and 30 and 7 May 1890: Young People’s Orchestral Concerts, led by Mr Hollander and conducted by Mr Henschel.
16 May 1890: Bernhard Stavenhagen Pianoforte Recital
17 May 1890: Marie Roze Grand Morning Concert, conducted by Alberto Randegger, H. Lane Wilson, Signor Bisaccia and Wilhelm Ganz.
19 May 1890: Mr Aguilar’s Performance of a selection from his concerted Pianoforte Works.
20 and 29 May 1890: Paderewski’s Pianoforte Recitals nos. 2 and 3.
22 May and 17 June 1890: Madame Teresa Carreño Pianoforte Recitals
30 May and 9 June 1890: Pianoforte Recitals by Monsieur Sapellnikoff and Madame Sophie Menter.
10 June 1890: Monsieur Paderewski’s Grand Orchestral Concert, led by Willy Hess and conducted by George Henschel.
21 June 1890: Sarasate Concert (orchestral), conducted by W.G. Cusins.
27 June 1890: Zoé Caryll’s Grand Morning Concert (orchestral), conducted by Frederic H. Cowen, with Tivadar Nachèz (violin) and Zoé Caryll (piano).
2 July 1890: Grand Evening Concert given by the Welsh Ladies Choir.
14 July 1890: Madame Madeline Schiller’s Pianoforte Recital.
25 July 1890: Royal Academy of Music Students’ Orchestral Concert.
15 October and 5 November 1890: Master Isidore Pavia First and Second Pianoforte Recitals.
23 October 1890: Madame Berthe Marx Pianoforte Recital.
3 November 1890: Sarasate Concert (orchestral),
12 and 27 November 1890: Monsieur Paderewski’s First and Second Pianoforte Recitals
14 November and 12 December 1890: 6 Grand Orchestral Concerts nos. 1 and 3, given by Sir Charles Hallé, with Madame Neruda (Lady Hallé), violin.
4 December 1890: Master Jean Gerardy Violoncello Recital, with Miss Carlotta Elliot (soprano), accompanied by Mr Waddington Cooke.
5 December 1890: Third and Last Sarasate Concert, with Madame Berthe Marx (piano).
28 January 1891: Miss Fanny Davies Pianoforte Recital
30 January, 25 February and 27 April 1891: Master Jean Gerardy’s Violoncello Recitals, accompanied by Mr Waddington Cooke.
10 February 1891: Herr Bernhard Stavenhagen Pianoforte Recital
12 February 1891: Albeniz Concert, conducted by Raphael Roche
20 February 1891: Orchestral Concert, conducted by Charles Hallé with Lady Hallé (violin).
13 March 1891: Mademoiselle Janotha Evening Concert, with Liza Lehmann, Carlotta Elliot, Madame Swiatlowsky, Mr Sims Reeves, Mr Bispham and Signor Piatti, conducted by Mr Frantzen and Mr Maunder. Also, the Royal Amateur Orchestral Society, conducted by Mr George Mount.
9 April and 8 and 21 May1891: Albeniz Concerts
11 April 1891: 3 Violin and Violoncello Recitals by Willy Hess and Hugo Becker no.1, with Miss Marie Fillunger (vocal) and Mr Leonard Borwick (piano), accompanied by Theodor Frantzen.
13 April 1891: Mr Percy Notcutt’s Grand Morning Concert, conducted by Messrs Sidney Naylor, Raphael Roche and Wilhelm Ganz.
4 May 1891: Mr Aguilar’s Performance of a Selection from his Concerted Pianoforte Works
5 and 13 May 1891: Herr Waldemar Mayer Orchestral Concerts, with Madame Nordica and Mrs Moore-Lawson (vocal), conducted by Albert Randegger and Mr Henschel.
11 May 1891: 2 Piano Recitals by Leonard Borwick no.1
12 and 28 May 1891: Ysaye Violin Recital, with Herr Schönberger (piano) and accompanied by Waddington Cooke.
16 May and 7 July 1891: Madame Marguerite de Pachmann Pianoforte Recitals
30 May and 3 and 20 June 1891: Sarasate Concerts nos. 1, 2 and 6.
4 and 18 June 1891: Senor Leo de Silka Pianoforte Recitals
9 June 1891: Mr Farley Sinkins Orchestral Concert, with Messrs L. Duloup (violin), Ernest de Munck (cello) and Eugene Oudin (vocal), conducted by Frederic H. Cowen and accompanied by Sidney Naylor.
10 June 1891: Royal College of Music Orchestral Concert, conducted by Henry Holmes.
16 and 23 June and 11 July 1891: Pianoforte Recitals by Paderewski
25 June 1891: Second Grand Annual Concert by the Welsh Ladies Choir, with Mademoiselle Janotha (piano).
25 and 26 June 1891: Pianoforte Recitals by Benno Schönberger and Joseph [Józef] Wieniawski
3 July 1891: Mr and Mrs Henschel’s Third and last Vocal Recital
17 October 1891: First Sarasate Concert (orchestral), with Madame Berthe Marx (piano).
27 October and 3 November 1891: Paderewski Pianoforte Recitals.
20 November and 4 December 1891: Six Grand Orchestral Concerts nos. 1 and 2, conducted by Charles Hallé, with Lady Hallé (violin).
24 November 1891: Herr Stavenhagen Pianoforte Recital

- Steinway Hall
28 February 1883: Herr Emil Sauer’s Pianoforte Recital
19 April [1883]: Madame Sainton Dolby’s Vocal Academy (est. 1872) concert no.1 (of 3), with Mr Leipold (piano), conducted by Monsieur Sainton.
15 December 1886: Hermann Franke’s Ninth Chamber Music Concert entitled Soirée of Modern Composers, with the Heckmann String Quartet (Messrs Robert Heckmann, Forberg, Allekotte and R. Bellmann).
1 March 1889: Evening Concert by Miss Isabelle Davies and Miss Mary Robertson, conducted by Miss Ethel Harraden, Miss Grave Winnall, Mr Henry J. Wood and Mr Otto Cantor.
18 March 1889: Mrs Carlisle-Carr’s Lecture on the Voice, followed by a Vocal Entertainment, given by the Carr and Carlisle Trio Party, accompanied by Miss St. John Carr.
10 April [1889]: Evening Concert, given by Miss Mathilde Wurm (piano) and Mr Kollmann Elderhorst (violin), with Miss Lena Little (vocal), Mr W.E. Whitehouse (cello), and Miss Alice Wurm (piano).
16 April 1889: Mr Max Heinrich’s Song Recitals no.3, with Miss Lena Little (vocal) and Mr J. H. Bonawitz (piano).
3 May 1889: Mr William Nicholl’s Last Chamber Concert, with Miss Louise Phillips, Miss Marguerite Hall, Mr William Nicholl and Mr Wilfred Cunliffe (vocal), conducted by Mary Carmichael and Rowland Wood.
4 June 1889: Miss Dorothy Foster’s Morning Concert, with Miss Liza Lehmann, Miss Gertrude Aylward, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Avon Saxon (vocal), Monsieur Tivadar Nachez (violin) and Miss Foster (piano), conducted by Signor Tosti, Mr C. Hopkins Ould, and Signor Carlo Ducci.
24 June [1889]: Mr J. M. Capel’s Musical Matinee.
3 July 1889: Johannes Schubert Second Piano Recital.
28 November and 5 and 17 December 1889: Max Heinrich and Mr Schönberger’s Three Evening Concerts
15 April 1890: Carl Sachs’s Violoncello Recital, accompanied by James Mantell
16 and 23 May and 6 June 1890: Max Heinrich and Mr Schönberger’s Three Evening Recitals.
12 June 1890: Mr Leopold Godowsky Pianoforte Recital.
12 June 1890: Mademoiselle Levallois’ Grand Evening Concert.
19 June 1890: Mr J. M. Capel’s Dramatic and Musical Matinee.
24 June 1890: Senor Albeniz Pianoforte Recital (orchestral), conducted by Ernest Gillett.
25 June 1890: Mr Schönberger’s Pianoforte Recital.
28 October 1890: Mr Jan Mulder Grand Evening Concert, conducted by Norfolk Megone.
29 October and 6 November 1890: second and third (of four) concerts given by Madame Essipoff, with Mademoiselle Otta Brony (vocal) and Mr T. J. Milne (violin).
9 December 1890: Miss Agnes Bartlett Grand Evening Concert, with Miss Margaret Hoare (soprano) and Johannes Wolff (violin).
12 December 1890: Lecture entitled ‘An Hour with the Spinet, Harpsichord, and Modern Grand Pianoforte’, given by Mr Frederick Boscovitz and accompanied by practical examples.
15 April 1891: Miss Marguerite Hall and Mr William Nicholl’s Vocal Recitals no.2.
25 May and 8 and 22 June 1891: Herr Poznanski and Miss Eva Lonsdale Musical Matinees.
27 May 1891: Second Musical Afternoon given by Mr Edgar Haddock, with Miss Frances Hipwell (vocal), Miss Jeanne Douste (piano) and Mr Edgar Haddock (violin), conducted by Wilhelm Ganz.
28 May 1891: Mr Isidore de Lara Third Vocal Recital, with Madame Van Arnhem (vocal).
28 May 1891: Mr Edgar B. Skeet’s Concert Party
9 December 1891: Mr Orton Bradley’s Fourth Annual Concert of Brahms’ Chamber Music
16 December 1891: Mr and Mrs Max Heinrich, with Emile Sauret (violin) and Kate Goodson (piano).
17 December 1891: Mademoiselle Marianne Eissler Quartet Concert

- Town Hall, Kensington
4 June 1887, 16 May 1888 and 9 May 1891: Mr Henry Bird Annual Concerts.
28 May and 4, 17 and 24 June 1889: Musical Guild (ex-students of the Royal College of Music) chamber concerts (prospectus and programmes) .
23 May 1890: Grand Evening Concert, with Mademoiselle Jeanne Douste (piano), Joseph Hollmann (cello) and the Euterpe Quartet, conducted by Mr Fountain Meen and Mr Wilfred Bendall.

- Town Hall, Newby Place, Poplar
All performances were given under the auspices of the People’s Concert Society.
5 January 1884: Mademoiselle Gabrielle Vaillant and Monsieur Szczepanowski (violin), Mr G. Herbert (viola), Mr Muir Mackenzie (cello) and Mr Fuller Maitland (piano).
18 October 1884: Herrs Emil Mahr (violin), Otto Leu (cello) and Heydrich (piano).
13 February 1886: Messrs Alfred Burnett and Abdy-Williams (violin), H. M. Bower (viola), Charles Ould (cello), W. H. Wing (double bass) and Fuller Maitland (piano) and Mrs Henry Harrison, Miss Spring-Rice, Mr Squire and Mr W. H. Wing (vocal).
18 February 1888: Mr W. Sutton and Mr E. J. O’Brien (violin), Mr Richardson (viola), Mr J. Field (cello), Mr Fuller Maitland (piano). Also Miss Manisty, Mrs J. A. Fuller Maitland, Mrs A. W. Tuer, Mr W. Barclay Squire and Mr Frank Pownall (vocal).

- Town Hall, Caxton Street, Westminster (7 concerts)
a) Peoples Concert Society, accompanied by William Barclay Squire.
20 October 1889: Hann String Quartet with Miss Clara Robson and Mr Henry Yates (vocal).
8 December 1889: Jasper Sutcliffe (violin), Mr W. H. Squire (cello), Elizabeth Johnson (piano) and Emily Briggs and Arthur D’Oyly (vocal).
25 January 1891: with Miss Agnes Wilson and Frank Connery.
21 February 1892: string quartet of Messrs Jasper Sutcliffe, Torrens Johnson, W. H. Squire and Elizabeth Johnson, with Miss Ethel Bowra and Mr T. W. Page (vocal)

b) Miscellaneous Town Hall Concerts
4 May 1887: An evening concert in aid of the repairing fund of the General Lying-In Hospital, York Road, Lambeth, with Misss Mary Davies and Marie Hayward and Messrs Arthur Thompson, Alec Marsh and F. H. Horscroft (vocal) and Mr Coenen (piano), Mademoiselle Marianne Eissler (violin), Mademoiselle Clara Eissler (harp) and Mademoiselle Emmy Eissler (piano), accompanied by Mr Turle Lee and conducted by F. H. Horscroft.
18 March 1889: Mr Walter Macfarren Recital of Pianoforte Music Ancient and Modern, interspersed with historical and analytical remarks.
7 February 1891: Henry J. Edwards, Oratorio ‘The Ascension’, given by Miss Holland’s Choir.

- Miscellaneous: Houses/Hall/Taverns
19 November [no year], Manor Rooms, Hackney: Mr George M. King’s Concert.
17 February 1873, West Hill, Highgate: William Lauber, The Silver Wedding (cantata).
19 February 1873, Queen’s Concert Room, Hanover Square: Wagner Society Concert no.1, with Franz Diener (vocal), conducted by Edward Dannreuther.
17 March [no year], Club Room of the United Brothers Club, 10 George Yard Buildings, Whitechapel:
15 December 1887, Grosvenor Hall: Wandering Minstrels 148th Smoking Concert, conducted by Lionel S. Benson.
26 January 1888, Freemasons’ Tavern, Great Queen Street: Concert and Miscellaneous Entertainment in aid of the Grand Theatre Fire Relief Fund, given by the Coventry Club Concert
28 January 1888, Paddington Baths Hall, Queen’s Road, Bayswater: Henry W. Richards’ Orchestral Concert, conducted by Alfred Laubach.
19 June 1888, Vicarage Parish Room: Miss Blanche Cornish First Evening Concert, accompanied by Henry Bird.
20 July 1888, Stafford House:
21 May 1889, Town Hall, King’s Road, Chelsea: Grand Concert, in aid of the S.W. District L.G.O.C. Drivers’ and Conductors’ Sick Fund.
2 July 1889, Wimborne House, Arlington Street: Grand Afternoon Concert, conducted by Signor Bisaccia, Mr Raphael Roche, and Mr Leo F. Schuster.
Prospectus with programmes for the fifth season of the Westminster Orchestral Society.
28 March 1890, Queen’s Gate Hall, Harrington Road: Miss J. Agnes Hill and Zoe Pyne Evening Concert, with Mademoiselle Agnes Janson, the Misses Eva and Constance Layton, Mr J.G. Robertson and Mr Herbert Thorndike (vocal), Mr John Dykes (piano), conducted by Messrs Henry Bird and Hugo Beyer.
20 May 1890, Holborn Restaurant: Madrigal Society Anniversary Festival, directed by J.F. Bridge.
29 May 1891, Meistersingers’ Club, St. James’s: Mrs M.A. Carlisle-Carr Annual Grand Morning Concert, conducted by Mr E.G. Croager and Mrs M.A. Carlisle-Carr.
2 July 1891, Wimborne House, Arlington Street: Johannes Wolff and Joseph Hollman Grand Morning Concert.

- Miscellaneous: Private address
4 May 1880, 1 Lennard Place: Vocal and instrumental concert, with recitations.
30 June 1882, 12 Cromwell Place:
20-22 January 1886, Mendelssohn House, 44 Clarendon Road, Holland Park: Mendelssohn Academy of Pianoforte Music, 3 concerts.
5 June 1886, Mr Bell’s House: Concert in aid of the Kew Infact School, with J.A. Fuller-Maitland.
20 May 1887, 69 Portland Place:
14 April 1888, 113a Queen’s Gate: Drawing Room Concert, given by Miss Evelyn Spring Rice and Miss Gertrude Sichel, in aid of the Notting Hill branch of the Girl’s Friendly Society.
19 April 1888, 40 Montagu Square:
20 June 1888, 16 Kensington Gate:
31 December 1889, 27 DeVere Gardens: Farewell Dinner to A.D. 1889
21 June 1889, 16 Kensington Gate: Mr and Mrs Fuller-Maitland.
26 June 1889, 39 Wimpole Street: Miss Louise Phillips’ Morning Concert, accompanied by Maude Valerie White and Miss Mary Carmichael.
22 June 1891, 105 Piccadilly, W: Signor Franceschetti Historical Concert, with Signor Ragghianti (violin) and Leo Stern (cello), conducted by Signor V. Galiero.
13 July 1891, 105 Piccadilly, W: Signor I. Ragghianti’s Morning Concert, accompanied by Signor Romili and Signor Galiero.
19 December 1891, 20 Fitzroy Street: Programme of Music written by English composers of the 16th and 17th centuries, and played upon the Viols and Harpsichord, under the direction of A. Dolmetsch.

- Miscellaneous: Schools
6 December 1866, National School, Bedfont: Amateur Concert in aid of the Bedfont Church Restoration Fund.
23 February 1870, Sir Roger Cholmeley’s School, Highgate: Amateur Concert, conducted by Mr W. Lauber.
21 February 1887, All Saints’ Schools, Francis Street:

- Miscellaneous: Theatres
20 June 1873, St George’s Theatre, Langham Place: The London Comedietta Lyrica Company.
11 February 1886, Theatre Royal, Haymarket: G.A. Macfarren, Jessy Lea, given by the students of the Royal Academy of Music operatic class, conducted by Ettore Fiori.
19 July 1889, Lyric Club Theatre, Piccadilly East: Mrs Lynedoch Moncrieff’s Grand Morning Concert, conducted by Signor Tosti, Signor Gelli and Mr Isidore de Lara.
21 February 1891, Royal Italian Opera House, Covent Garden: Rossini, Stabat Mater and Mendelssohn, Hymn of Praise, given by Madame Nordica, Miss Dews, Mr Maldwyn Humphreys, and Mr Franco Novara (vocal)
26 February 1891, Avenue Theatre: M. Gounod, The Mock Doctor, by students of the operatic class at the Royal Academy of Music, under the direction of Alberto Randegger and G.H. Betjeman

- Unknown venues
13 January 1860: Programme of Tableaux
22 February [1886]: Vocal and Instrumental Concert
9 December 1886: Vocal concert, with cello solos by Mr F. O. Bower.
30 January 1889. Programme for a concert given by the Children’s Orchestra in aid of the Newport Market Industrial School for Boys, conducted by Percy Armytage.
1 and 3 May 1889: The Meistersingers’ Club May Day Medley: A musical and dramatic entertainment with incidental music performed by the Children’s Orchestra and Chorus, under the direction of Percy Armytage.
5 June 1889: String Band of the Royal Marines Chatham Division, conducted by J. A. Kappey.
2 February 1890: Oratorio in honour of Blessed Sebastian Valfré, with Master Sebastian Hawkins and Mr Bantock Pierpoint (vocal), conducted by Thomas Wingham.
15 February 1890: lecture given by W.S. Rockstro for the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society, entitled ‘The Technical Basis of Plainsong and its Contrapuntal Treatment by the Great Masters of the Middle Ages’.
25 and 27 June 1890: special operatic performance of Rip van Winkle given by the Meistersingers’ Amateur Operatic Society and Orchestra, under the direction of Norfolk Megone.
[February 1891]: Vocal and Instrumental Concert, featuring Senor Albeniz (piano) and Senor Arbos (violin), with Madame Giulia Valda and Mr Max Heinrich (vocal).
[March 1891] Undated programme for concert of vocal and instrumental solos, given by Senors Albeniz (piano) and Arbos (violin), with Mr William Nicholl and Miss Zippora Montheith, conducted by Raphael Roche.
15 May 1891: Mr and Mrs Henschel Second Vocal Recital.
27 May and 9 December 1891: Orchestral Concerts nos. 19 and 20 given by the Westminster Orchestral Society.
29 May 1891: Miss Louise Phillips Morning Concert.

2. Non-London venues
16 November 1866, Schwurgerichtssaale: Mortier de Fontaine Piano Recital
11 January 1876, Corn Exchange, Coventry: an entertainment in aid of St Michael’s Parochial Charities, conducted by Mr A. Tickett with Mr W. B. Squire (piano) and Mr E. C. Jekyll (harmonium).
10 April 1882, Town Hall, Ripon: concert given for the benefit of the Victoria Hospital for Children, Chelsea.
6 March 1877: Gentleman’s Glee Club, Manchester concert, directed by Mr J. L. Goodwin.
12 February 1891, Col. North’s Residence, Avery Hill, Eltham, Kent: Monsieur Reméni Grand Concert (Matinee Musicale), accompanied by George Clutsam.
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