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Carl Newton collection: Miscellaneous programmes (1868-2000)
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Mus 319.c.14
A miscellaneous collection of handbills, programmes, wordbooks and brochures relating to performances given at various English venues between 1868 and 2000, held loosely as the fourteenth box of the Carl Newton collection. Also, copies of the London Orchestral Concerts for December 1937, February and December 1938 and December 1952.

Programmes are listed here by location.

1. London venues
- Queen's Hall
- Queen Elizabeth Hall
- Miscellaneous London venues
2. South East England
- Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
- Miscellaneous South-East venues
3. Midlands
4. North of England
5. Scotland.

1. London venues
- Queen's Hall
1 April 1923: Sunday Afternoon Orchestral Concert given by the Queen's Hall Orchestra with Miss Florence Austral and Mr Arthur Jordan (vocal), conducted by Henry Wood (with words and descriptive notes).
November 1932-April 1933: 16 Sunday Orchestral Concerts given by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham (single item/leaflet).
1935-36 and 1936-37: BBC Symphony Orchestra (leaflets with seating plans).
10 November 1937 and 1 February 1939: BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Adrian Boult (with analytical notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble). The second performances featured May Blyth (vocal) and Paul Beard (violin).
30 March 1939: Royal Philharmonic Society concert (127th season, no. 12), given by Ernest Lush (piano) and John Goss (vocal), with the Royal Opera Choir and London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham (with words and analytical notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Queen Elizabeth Hall
10, 17 and 24 October 1982: City of London Sinfonia (single document, with notes, biographical notes and photographs).
4 November 1982: Bach, Mass in B minor given by Patrizia Kwella, Margaret Cable, Neil Mackie and Stephen Varcoe (vocal) with the London Bach Orchestra and the City of London Choir, conducted by Donald Cashmore (with words, notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
24 March 1984: Bach, Mass in B minor given by the London Orpheus Choir and Orchestra with Ilse Wolf, Syil Michelow, Wynford Evans and Jonathan Robarts (vocal), conducted by James Gaddarn (with wordbook, introductory and biographical notes).
20 November 1988: Spontini, La Vestale, given by the Chelsea Opera Group Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by Adrian Brown (with historical and biographical notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
27 March 1989: Divertissement, a performance given by the Wallace Collection as part of Revolution Revisited – A Celebration of France (with notes).

- Miscellaneous London venues
Monday 9 February [no year] and 30 January 1981, Large Cinema, Britannic House: BP Music Society concerts by Isaac Barry (piano)/Apollo String Quartet (handbills).
29 December 1912, Royal Albert Hall: Sunday Concert (8th season) given by the New Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Landon Ronald (with words and Analytical and Historical Notes).
June 1943, [no venue]: London Symphony Orchestra, with Clifford Curzon (piano), conducted by George Weldon (with notes).
30 August 1946, Sadler's Wells: Britten, The Rape of Lucretia, presented by Glyndebourne Opera and conducted by Reginald Goodall.
4 January 1948, Cambridge Theatre: New London Concert given by the New London Orchestra with Kathleen Long (piano), conducted by George Weldon (with Analytical Notes).
29 March 1950, Royal Albert Hall: Bach, Mass in B minor, presented by the Royal Philharmonic Society (138th season, no. 6) and given by the Goldsmiths' Choral Union and BBC Symphony Orchestra with Elsie Suddaby, Freda Townson, William Herbert, Bruce Boyce and Owen Brannigan (vocal) conducted by Sir Adrian Boult (Analytical Programme, including musical examples).
3-9 May 1951, Royal Festival Hall: Ceremonial Opening and Inaugural Concerts (leaflet). This document also includes information regarding the Wednesday and Sunday Festival Concerts (1 July-24 October).
22 June 1954, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden: Beethoven, Fidelio, conducted by Fritz Stiedry.
11 July 1979, Royal Festival Hall: Wren Orchestra with Christian Ferras (violin), conducted by Howard Snell (with notes, biographical notes and photographs).
16 December 1981 and 19 December 1984, St. Giles Cripplegate: Festival Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.
16 May 1984, Barbican: Hallé Orchestra, with Ruggiero Ricci (violin), conducted by James Loughran (with analytical and biographical notes, musical examples, photographs and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
23 April 1985, Bishopgate Hall: Lunchtime Concert given for the City Music Society by Micaela Comberti (violin) and Maggie Cole (harpsichord) (handbill with biographical notes).
8 March 1986, School Hall, Ursuline Convent, The Downs, SW20: Hill Singers with the Ridgeway Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Darrell Davison (with notes, biographical notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
31 May 1986, King's College School: The Hill Singers with Julia Dewhurst and Stephen Holloway (vocal) and Eric Stevens (piano), conducted by Darrell Davison.
12 March 1989, St. James's Church, Piccadilly: British premieres of Mahler, Totenfeier and Hans Rotts, Symphony in E major, given by the Cincinnati Philharmonia Orchestra and the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, conducted by Gerhard Samuel (with notes, illustrations, biographical notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
2 December 1991, Sotheby's: Vocal Recital given by Robert Tear (with notes).

2. South of England
Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
Programmes with notes for Symphony Concerts given by the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra, conducted (unless otherwise stated below) by Rudolf Schwarz, between October 1947 and January 1952. Also, Concert Syllabuses (Prospectuses) for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra seasons from 1958-59 to 1962-63, conducted by Charles Groves.
19 October 1947: Monique de la Bruchollerie (piano)/Henry Wendon (tenor) (single document for afternoon and evening performances).
7 December 1947:
28/29 January 1948: Sheila Mossman and Kathleen Long (piano).
28 March: Jan Smeterlin (piano) and Silveri (vocal) (single document for afternoon and evening performances).
14/15 April 1948: Max Rostal (violin).
28/29 April 1948: Gordon Bryan (piano).
9/10 June: Irene Kohler (piano), conducted by Pouishnoff.
4 July 1948: Richard Wagner concert with Kirsten Flagstad (vocal).
14/15 July 1948: John Vallier (piano).
4/5 August 1948: Ilona Kabos (piano).
11/12 August 1948: Alexis Kligerman (piano).
18/19 August 1948: Florence Hooton (cello) (single document).
25/26 August 1948: Jean Mackie/Isador Goodman (piano) (single document).
25 November 1948: Tibor Varga (violin).
8 December 1949: Gonzalo Soriano (piano).
26 December 1948: Paulo Silveri (baritone).
29 July 1949: Solomon (piano).
9 March 1950: Iso Elinson (piano).
23 March 1950: Gina Bachauer (piano).
30 March 1950: Raymond Cohen (piano).
10 January 1952: Devy Erlih (violin), conducted by Charles Groves.

- Miscellaneous South-East venues
Saturday 5 March [no year], St. Mary's Church, Hitchin: Hitchin Concert Orchestra, conducted by Malcolm Hicks (with notes).
10 September 1868 (morning), Gloucester: Gloucester Musical Festival (with wordbook and lists of the principal vocal and instrumental performers).
29 June 1912, Joyce Grove, Nettlebed: M. Zacharewitsch (piano) and Madame Jean Sterling Mackinley and Mr Gervase Elwes (vocal) (handbill).
8 March 1931, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford: Bach, St. Matthew Passion, given by the Oxford Bach Choir and Orchestral Society with Dorothy Silk, Muriel Brunskill, Steuart Wilson, Stuart Robertson and Arthur Cranmer (vocal), conducted by Dr W. H. Harris (handbill).
5 and 19 January and 30 March 1947, Baths Concert Hall, East Street, Barking: Popular Celebrity Concerts, nos. 3, 4 and 6, given by the New London Concert Orchestra, conducted by Frank Lane.
5 December 1956, Worcester Cathedral: Handel, Messiah, given by Pauline Brockless, Martha Dyson, David Price and Hervey Alan (vocal) with the Albert Webb String Orchestra and the Worcester Festival Choral Society, conduced by David Willcocks.
Saturday 13 November [1977/83?], Holywell Music Room, Oxford: A Concert of Music by Handel, F. Couperin, Telemann and Boismortier (with words).
12 February 1983, Bath Abbey: Bath Choral and Orchestral Society with Helen Attfield (vocal), conduced by Clifford Harker (with words).
3 June 1989, Chapter House, Worcester Cathedral: A Dreamer of Dreams: A Birthday tribute in words and music to Sir Edward Elgar, given by the Donald Hunt Singers.
20/21 March 1996, St. Mary's Church, Hitchin: Elgar, Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf, given by the combined choir and orchestra of Hitchin Girls' and Boys' School, with Louise Hemmings, Ashley Catling and Roderick McPhee (vocal), conducted by Paul Adrian Rooke (with wordbook, notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
25 November 2000, All Saints Church, Grange Road, Eastbourne: Eastbourne Choral Society with Wendy Waller (vocal) (with biographical notes and a list of the choral ensemble).

3. Midlands
Programmes with notes (including lists of the orchestral ensemble) for two performances given in Stafford by the Stafford Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maude Smith.
11 November 1966, English Electric Theatre Hall: Moura Lympany (piano).
18 May 1968, Borough Hall: Ralph Holmes (violin), as part of the Stafford Arts Festival.

4. North of England
Friday 29 March [no year], Town Hall, Middlesbrough: Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (with notes, biographical notes and photographs).
23 October 1925, Empire Theatre, Oldham: Oldham Orchestral Society First Subscription Concert, conducted by Walter Mudie (with words. Photocopy).
19 November and 3 December 1927 and 21 January 1928, Town Hall, Leeds: Leeds Symphony Orchestra Saturday Concerts (nos. 2-4), with Walter Widdop (vocal, Novmber), Arthur de Greef (piano, December) and Murray Lambert (violin) and Arthur Fear (vocal, both January), conducted by Julius Harrison (with analytical notes and lists of the orchestral ensemble and of the subscribers).
14 December 1937, St. George's Hall, Liverpool: Liverpool Philharmonic Society 5th Subscription Concert (99th season), given by Elsie Suddaby, Astra Desmond, Percy Manchester and Roy Henderson (vocal), conducted by Dr J. E. Wallace (with words, notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
12 January and 9 February 1945, Jubilee Theatre, Blackpool: Fylde Chamber Music Society and given by the London Belgian Pianoforte Quartet/Jacques String Orchestra (handbills).
23, 27 and 30 June and 4, 7, 11 and 14 July 1951, Town Hall, Leeds: Seven Concerts of British Music, given by the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maurice Miles, as part of the Festival of Britain (single document, beginning with a historical essay on British music). Also held are prospectuses for the 1950-51 and 1952-53 seasons of the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra.
12 January and 9 February 1963 and 18 February 1966, City Hall, Sheffield: Sheffield Philharmonic Society concerts by the Hallé Orchestra, conducted by Sir John Barbirolli/George Weldon/Sir Adrian Boult, with the pianists Tamas Vasary (9 February) and Malcolm Williamson (18 February).
5 March 1963, Applebey Theatre, [University of Durham]: D.C.O.S. [Durham Colleges' Orchestral Society] (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
22 February 1974, Main Hall, Teeside Polytechnic: Piano Concert given for the German Seamen's Welfare Society by Karl-Werner Röber (with brief biographical notes and photograph).
24 February 1974, Middlesbrough Little Theatre: Lindsay String Quartet with Janet Hilton (clarinet), given for the Tees-Side Music Society (with notes).
17 March 1974, Middlesbrough Little Theatre: Melos String Quartet of Stuttgart, for the Tees-Side Music Society (30th season) (with notes).
5 November 2000, King's Hall, Ilkley: Airedale Symphony Orchestra with Marat Bisengaliev (violin), conducted by John Anderson (with notes, biographical notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

5. Scotland
12 January 1915, St. Andrew's Hall, Glasgow: 11th Concert (orchestral) of the Choral and Orchestral Union of Glasgow, given by the Scottish Orchestra with Albert Sammons (violin), conducted by Mr Emil Mlynarski (with notes, musical examples, photographs and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
17 November 1940, Paramount Theatre, Glasgow: Second Sunday Concert of the Choral and Orchestral Union of Glasgow, given by the Scottish Orchestra with Mr Alexander Carmichael (vocal), conducted by Mr Warwick Braithwaite (with list of the orchestral ensemble).
12/13 November 1993, Usher Hall, Edinburgh/Glasgow Royal Concert Hall: Royal Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by Neeme Järvi (with notes, biographical notes, photographs and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
11/12 March 1994, Usher Hall, Edinburgh/Glasgow Royal Concert Hall: Violet Wallace Memorial Concert given by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra with Lü Jia (violin), conducted by Kurt Nikkanen (with notes, biographical notes, photographs and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
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