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Broadwood Concerts (1902-10)
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A collection of programmes with words for concerts given during seasons 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 of the Broadwood Concerts, given at St. James’s Hall (seasons 1-2) and the Aeolian Hall, London (seasons 3-8) from 1902–06 and 1908–1910, held as 6 bound volumes.

Each series consisted of 12 performances. The repertory performed at these concerts was relatively diverse, although all were chamber concerts combining vocal and instrumental repertory for either solo or small-ensemble groups. The programmes document a considerable number of first performances.
All programmes include the names of the vocal and instrumental soloists, and carry historical notes by Robin H. Legge. These occasionally include some musical examples (indicated below).

Volume 1: First season (1902–03)
6 November 1902: Fritz Kreisler (violin) and Ernst von Dohnányi (piano), with Miss Muriel Foster (vocal).
20 November 1902: Fanny Davies (piano) and John Coates (vocal), including the first English performance of Stephan Krehl, Clarinet Quintet.
4 December 1902: Gompertz Quartet (R. Gompertz, Charles Jacoby, Emil Kreuz and Jacque-Renard) with Frederick Ranalow and Miss Agnes Nicholls (vocal), including a string quartet by C.V. Stanford and a piano quintet by Dohnányi, given with the composer at the piano.
18 December 1902: Madame Soldat (violin), and Miss Adela and Mathilde Verne (piano), with Mr H. Lane Wilson and Miss Edith Kirkwood (vocal).
8 January 1903: including the first performance of C.V. Stanford, Four Sonnets from ‘The Triumph of Love’ (Marie Brema, vocal) and Alan Gray, Andante sostenuto and Allegro vivace in G for Piano Trio, performed by the London Trio (Madame Amina Goodwin and Messrs. Simonetti and [W.E.] Whitehouse).
15 January 1903: Oratory Choir (conducted by Arthur Barclay), with Miss Gwendolen Maude, Mr Ffrangcon Davies, and Miss Ethel Davies (vocal), including the first performance of Arthur Hinton, Suite in D for Violin and Piano, given by Miss Maud Powell and Katharine Goodson.
30 January 1903: including the first performances of A. Randegger, jun, Sonata for Piano and Violin (given by Ella Správka and A. Randeggar, jun and composed expressly for the concerts), and C.H.H. Parry, English Lyrics (6th Set), given by Mr Plunket Greene.
12 February 1903: Harold Bauer (piano) and Lawrence Rae (vocal), including a piano quartet by Cyril Scott (first London performance) and a piano quintet by Cesar Franck.
26 February 1903: including the first performance of Donald F. Tovey, Trio for Pianoforte, Violin, and Cor Anglais (given by Tovey, Haydn Wood and Edgar Horton) and four-part vocal music by Henschel and Stanford, accompanied on the piano by Landon Ronald.
12 March 1903: Mr Campbell McInnes, Mr Howard Jones and Mrs Henry Wood (vocal), including string ensemble music by Mozart and T.F. Dunhill.
26 March 1903: string quartets by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, performed by the Brodsky Quartet (Adolph Brodsky, Rawdon Briggs, Simon Speelman, and Carl Fuchs) with Mr Francis Braun and Miss Marie Brema (vocal) and Donald Tovey (piano), including string quartets by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.
2 April 1903: Halir Quartet (Carl Halir, Gustav Exner, Adolph Müller, and Hugo Dechert) with Miss Gleeson White (vocal) and Leonard Borwick (piano), including string quartets by Haydn and Schumann.

Volume 2: Second series (1903–04)
In addition to the normal quota of twelve concerts, two ‘extra’ performances were given this season, on 10 and 29 March 1904.
5 November 1903: first London appearance of the Cathie Quartet (Messrs Philip Cathie, George Cathie, T. Morrison, and Arthur Trew) with Leonard Borwick (piano) and Miss Susan Strong (vocal), accompanied by F. Korbay, including string quintet by Balfour Gardiner.
19 November 1903: Henry J. Wood and the Queen’s Hall Wind Quartet, with Miss Evelyn Suart (piano) and Mrs Henry J. Wood (vocal), including piano quintets by Mozart, Pierné, Barthe, and Führmeister, ensemble music for female voices by Brahms and the first performances of songs by Cyril Scott and Josef Holbrooke.
3 December 1903: Miss Louise Dale (vocal), Misses Mathilde and Adela Verne (piano) and Mr H. Withers (cello), including the first English performance of Ludwig Thuille, Sonata for Pianoforte and Violoncello in D minor, op.22.
17 December 1903: Oratory Choir (conducted by Arthur Barclay) with Frederic Austin (vocal), Donald Tovey (piano) and Charles Draper (clarinet), including Tovey, Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (accompanied by the composer).
7 January 1904: string quartets by Haydn and John B. McEwen, performed by the Cathie Quartet, with Gervase Elwes (vocal), including string quartets by Haydn and John B. McEwen and the first performance of H. Walford Davies, Nonet for Four Voices, Four Strings and Pianoforte, with the composer at the piano.
21 January 1904: Mr Plunket Greene (vocal), Ernesto Consolo (piano) and Max Mossel (violin).
4 February 1904: Bohemian String Quartet (Karel Hoffmann, Josef Suk, Oskar Nedbal, and Hanus Wihan), with Hugo Becker (cello) and Miss Gwendolen Maude (vocal), including Schubert, Quintet in C major.
11 February 1904: Mr Francis Harford (vocal), Ernst von Dohnányi (piano) and Ludwig Lebell (cello), including the first London performance of a set of three Old French Melodies, arranged by R. Vaughan Williams.
25 February 1904: Bohemian String Quartet, including the first London performance of Dohnányi, Passacaglia for Piano Solo.
3 March 1904: Bohemian String Quartet with Mr J. Campbell McInnes (vocal).
10 March 1904: Moscow Trio (D. Shor, D. Krein, and R. Ehrlich), including piano trios by Schubert, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.
18 March 1904: Kneisel Quartet (Franz Kneisel, J. von Theodorowicz, Louis Svecenski, and Alwin Scroeder), including string quartets by Beethoven and Dvorak.
25 March 1904: Signor and Signora Guarnieri, with Miss Gleeson-White (vocal), including violin sonatas by J.S. Bach and Cesar Frank and vocal ensemble music by Balfour Gardiner and Brahms.
29 March 1904: Kneisel Quartet with Mrs Carl Derenburg (piano), including string quartets by Schubert and Brahms and solo piano pieces by Scarlatti.

Volume 3: Third season (1904–05)
3 November 1904: The Cathie Quartet and the Wessely Quartet, with Miss Susan Strong (vocal), including string quartets by Beethoven and Frank Bridge (first time) and Mendelssohn, Octet.
17 November 1904: Bohemian String Quartet, with Charles Draper (clarinet) and Monsieur Camille Decreus (piano), including a string quartet by Borodin and Brahms, Clarinet Quintet.
1 December 1904: featuring part songs performed by Mr Herbert A. Fricker’s Select Choir from Leeds, with Ernesto Consolo and Grace Sunderland (piano), Frank Thisleton and Royston Cambridge (violin) and Claude Hodbay (double bass), including string ensemble music by Arne and Purcell.
15 December 1904: solo and duet vocal music performed by Monsieur and Madame von Dulong (vocal) with Fanny Davies (piano) (with insert recording that, due to illness, Madame Dulong was replaced by Miss Rhoda von Glehn).
12 January 1905: Mr J. Campbell McInnes (vocal), Sir Walter Parratt (organ) and a chamber orchestra, conducted by Mr Charles Williams (with list of orchestral ensemble).
26 January 1905: Percy Grainger (piano) and Herman Sandby (cello) with Miss Evangeline Florence (vocal) (with historical notes by Percy Pitt and A. Kalisch).
9 February 1905: Dohnányi (piano) and Louis Pecskai (violin) with Horatio Connell (vocal).
23 February 1905: Bohemian String Quartet, with pieces for solo piano, given by Grace Smith (piano), including string quartets by Haydn and Schubert.
2 March 1905: Norah Clench Quartet (Norah Clench, Lucy Stone, Cecilia Gates, and May Mukle), with Charles Draper (clarinet) and Mr H. Plunket Greene (vocal), including Taneiew, String Quartet op. 7, Mozart, Clarinet Quintet and the first performance of York Bowen, Concertstück for Clarinet, Horn, String Quartet and Piano, with the composer at the piano (with musical examples).
16 March 1905: London Trio (Amina Goodwin, Messrs. Simonetti and Whitehouse) with Mademoiselle Camilla Landi (vocal), including music by Beethoven and Walter Rabl.
23 March 1905: Quatour Capet (Lucien Capet, L. Bailly, A. Tourret, and Louis Hasselmans, first appearance in England from Paris) with Ella Spráka (piano), including string quartets by Mozart and Beethoven and piano pieces by Cesar Frank.
6 April 1905: Camilla Landi (vocal) and Leonard Borwick (piano).

Volume 4: Fourth Season (1905–06)
2 November 1905: Miss Muriel Foster (vocal) and Monsieur Raoul Pugno (piano).
16 November 1905: Bohemian String Quartet, with Mr Karl Fuchs (cello), including a string quartet by Tchaikovsky and a quintet by Schubert.
30 November 1905: Mr Charles Clark (vocal) Percy Grainger (piano) (with musical examples).
14 December 1905: Mr H. Plunket Greene, including the first performance of R. Vaughan Williams, Piano Quintet in C minor (with musical examples).
11 January 1906: Mr Archy Rosenthal (piano), Mr Francis Macmillen (violin) and Betty Booker (vocal).
25 January 1906: Kruse Quartet (Johann Kruse, Haydn Inwards, Lionel Tertis, and Herbert Withers) with Mr Thomas Meux (vocal), including the first performance of Stanford, Nonet for two Violins, Viola and Violoncello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon (with musical examples).
8 February 1906: Concert of Choral Music, performed by a special choir including 16 Choristers of the Temple Church, conducted by Dr. H. Walford Davies (with a list of the choral ensemble).
22 February 1906: Bohemian String Quartet, with Miss Ada Thomas (piano), including the first performance of Dohnányi, Serenade for Violin, Viola and Violoncello.
1 March 1906: Quatour Capet with Theodore Byard (vocal), including string quartets by Beethoven and Schumann.
15 March 1906: Mademoiselle Mania Seguel and Joseph Holbrooke (piano) with Dalton Baker (vocal), including string sextets by Brahms and Joseph Holbrooke Arensky, Suite for Two Pianos (with musical examples).
29 March 1906: string quartet movements by Balfour Gardiner and Schubert, performed by the Cathie Quartet with Fanny Davies (piano) and Mr Gervase Elwes (piano), including string quartet movements by Balfour Gardiner and Schubert and the first performance of Friskin, Quintet (with musical examples).
5 April 1906: Concert of Choral Music given by choristers from the Temple Church, including the first English performance of Phil. Em. Bach, Concerto in A minor for Piano and Orchestra.

Volume 5: Seventh series (1908–09)
29 October 1908: Charles W. Clark (vocal) and Madame Carreño (piano).
5 November 1908: St. Petersburg Quartet (Boris Kamensky, Naum Kranz, Alexander Bornemann, and Sigis Butkewitsch) with Paul Reimers (vocal), including string quartets by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.
19 November 1908: violin sonatas by Mozart and Brahms, performed by Lady Speyer (violin), J.A. Fuller Maitland and Carl Derenburg (piano) and the Folk-Song Quartet, including violin sonatas by Mozart and Brahms.
3 December 1908: Monsieur Fleury (flute) and Kathleen Chabot (piano0 with George Swinton and Gervase Elwes (vocal).
17 December 1908: Brussels String Quartet (Franz Schorg, Paul Miry, Hans Daucher, Joseph Malkin) with John Powell (piano), including string quartets by Beethoven and Dohnanyi.
14 January 1909: Mr Plunket Greene (vocal) and Richard Buhlig (piano).
28 January 1909: Leonard Borwick (piano), including piano works by Brahms and Schumann and Mozart Wind Quintet in E flat.
11 February 1909: Rosé Quartet (Arnold Rosé, Anton Ruzitska, Paul Fischer and Friedrich Buxbaum), including string quartets by Brahms and Beethoven and Hugo Wolf, Italian Serenade.
18 February 1909: Paul Ludwig (cello) and Leonard Borwick (piano), with Miss Phyllis Lett (vocal).
4 March 1909: Miss Susan Metcalfe (vocal), Mr Frank Merrick (piano), Mr Henri de Busscher and Mr E. Dubrecq (oboe) and Mr H. Stanislaus (cor anglais).
18 March 1909: Walenn Quartet (Gerald Walenn, Herbert Kinze, James Lockyear, and Herbert Walenn), including a string quartet by Beethoven a choral music by H. Walford Davies and J.S. Bach.
1 April 1909: Georg Henschel (vocal) and Maurice Sons (violin).

Volume 6: Eighth Series (1909–10)
28 October 1909: Le Double Quintette de Paris.
11 November 1909: Bohemian String Quartet, including string quartet music by Verdi, Schubert and Smetana.
18 November 1909: Charles Draper (clarinet), Percy B. Khan (piano), Alfred Kastner (harp) and J. Campbell McInnes (vocal).
2 December 1909: Lucas Sisters’ String Quartet (Misses Miran, Patience, Janet, and Maud Lucas) with Paul Reimers (vocal), including string quartet music by Beethoven, Bazzini, Glazounov and Brahms.
16 December 1909: Max Mossel (violin), Hamilton Harty (piano) and Miss Agnes Nicholls (vocal), including violin sonatas by Brahms and Sjögren.
13 January 1910: English String Quartet (Thomas F. Morris, Frank Bridge, Herbert Kinze, Ivor James) with Marie Novello (piano), including string quartets by Mozart and Beethoven and the first performances of compositions by J.D. Davis and Percy Pitt.
20 January 1910: Leonard Borwick (piano) and Mr Fraser Gange (vocal).
3 February 1910: London Chamber Musicians, directed by Mr Emile Gilmer, with Mr F. Weist-Hill (violin) and H. Plunket Greene (vocal)
10 February 1910: Rosé Quartet, including music by Dittersdorf, Beethoven and Brahms.
24 February 1910: Madame Le Mar (vocal), Hugo Becker (cello), and Johanne Stockmarr (piano).
10 March 1910: Temple Church Choir, with C.A. Souper and Mr. M. Murchie (flutes), and Mr Darbishire Jones and Mr. Ivor James (cello).
17 March 1910: Brussels String Quartet (Franz Schörg, Paul Miry, Hans Daucher, and Jacques Gaillard), including string quartets by Beethoven, Schubert and Dvorak.
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