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Collection Description

Collection Title
Banbury Scrapbooks: Case G (1777-1932)
A miscellaneous collection of posters, handbills and programmes for performances given by local performers and ensembles at various venues in Banbury between 1777 and 1932.

The material is arranged in a miscellaneous fashion and mounted on boards. Programmes are listed here by venue with the numbering of the boards given in square brackets.

In addition to the programmes (listed below), this document also includes a press cutting regarding a 1794 Haydn-Salomon concert [19.] and a printed statement concerning the Banbury Choral Society, dated 1844 [41.]

1. British School Room, Banbury
- Banbury Choral Society (handbills and posters)
All performances were conducted by Mr Harrison and certain handbills include annotations which identify the vocal performers.
27 November 1844: Handel, Messiah, no. 1 [44].
18 March 1845: Handel, Judas Maccabeus, no. 2 (with wordbook) [45]
29 May 1845: Handel, Dettingen Te Deum, no. 3 (with wordbook) [46]
7 October 1845: Handel, Samson, no. 4 (with wordbook) [47]
30 December 1845: Handel, Messiah, no. 5 [48]
Thursday 26 March [1846]: Anthems and Choruses (poster only) [49]
12 May 1846: Haydn, The Creation, no. 6 [50]
15 December 1846: Arnold, The Redemption, 7 [51]
5 August 1846: Concert of Secular Music with Mr Sharp (piano), Benefit Concert (poster only) [52].
8 October 1846: Annual Meeting of the Banbury Choral Society (handbill, [54.]).
2 March 1847: Mozart, Mass No. 12, concert no. 8 [55]
30 March 1847: Handel, The Messiah, no. 9 (poster [56]) [57]

- Banbury Philharmonic Society
All concerts were conducted by Mr F. Marshall
2 February 1852: Programme of Music to be performed at Mr Mitchell's Reading of Shakespeare's Play of 'The Merchant of Venice' (handbills, [10 and 59.]).
25 November 1852: Miscellaneous Concert (handbill, [63.]
7 April 1853: Private Concert (handbill, [64.])
20 September 1853: Mr F. Marshall's Annual Concert (handbill announcement, [65.] and handbill with programme [66.])
15 December 1853 and 14 March 1854: Private Subscription Concerts nos. 1 and 2 (programmes, [67 and 68.])

- Miscellaneous School Room concerts
1 March 1850: Programme of Performance (handbill, [10.]).
24 October 1850: Annual Concert of Mr F. Marshall, with Mr George Ford ('celebrated vocalist from the London concerts) and the Banbury Amateur Musical Society, conducted by Mr Marshall (programme, [59.]).

2. Central Corn Exchange, Banbury
16 December 1861: People's Concert by the Garibaldi Band, conducted by Mr J. Swann (handbill, [11.]).
12 December 1862: Juvenile Concert for the Lancashire Relief Fund (programme with words, [11.]).
15 May 1863: (handbill, [12.])
17 December 1863: Grand Concert by the Orpheus Glee Union with Miss Rose Hersee (vocal) and Mr T. Cooke (piano) (handbill, [13.] and programme with words [14.])
27 September 1864: Musical Entertainment with Mr H. Phillips, assisted by Miss Alice Phillips (alto) (poster, [5.])
3 November 1865: Grand Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music by Mr Eugene Spinney (organ), including a cantata written by him for the Degree of Music. Also, Master Charles Harris, Mr Rowley, Mr Thornton and Mr Kenningham (vocal) and Miss Mattie Spinney (piano) (two posters [69 and 70.] and programme [71]).
8 March 1866: Grand Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, given by James Henry Collins, with Mrs Frank Moody, Mr Alfred Rowley and James Henry Collins (vocal) and Mr F. H. Capner (piano), conducted by Collins (programme, [13.]).

3. Exchange Hall, Banbury/Banbury Philharmonic Society
13 December 1892: Handel, The Messiah (1st concert of the season) with Miss Kate Cove, Miss Marie Hooton, Mr E. Branscombe and Mr E. Jackson, conducted by Mr O. S. Marshall (poster, [2.] and programme with words [15.]).
9 May 1893: Mendelssohn, St. Paul, with Miss Theresa Blamey, Miss Walford, Mr Maldwyn Humphreys and Mr David Hughes (vocal), conducted by Mr O. S. Marshall (posters [1. and 3.] and handbill, [15.]).
8 April 1902: Miss Mabel Bond, Mr Wilfred Kearton and Mr F. P. Edmunds (vocal), conducted by Mr W. L. Luttman, including Parry, The Lotos Eaters, conducted by the composer (with words, notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles, plus prospectus for the 1893-94 season, [16.].
21 April 1903: Coleridge-Taylor, Hiawatha (second concert), with Miss Kate Cherry, Mr Henry Plevy and Mr Emlyn Davies (vocal), conducted by Mr W. L. Luttman (with words and lists, [17.]).

4. Theatre, Banbury
- Banbury Amateur Musical Society (21-32)
4 June, 2 July, 6 August, 4 September, 1 October, 4 November and 3 December 1834 and 7 January, 4 February, 3 March, 1 April and 1 May 1835: printed announcement of the 1st concert and handbills for the 2nd to 12th performances, conducted by Mr Edwards, with a separate programme with words for 3 December 1834.

- Banbury Philharmonic Society
Programmes with words and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles for the first and second concerts, conducted by Mr W. L. Luttman [17.].
8 December 1903: Handel, Samson, with Miss Maggie Purvis, Miss Edith Nutter, Mr Fred W. Norcup and Mr John Lomas (vocal).
12 April 1904: including Rossini, Stabat Mater, Schubert, Unfinished Symphony and Elgar, Banner of St. George, with Miss Gleeson-White, Mr Seth Hughes and Mr Sam Heath (vocal)

- Mr Edward's Concerts (handbills)
26 May 1835 ([33 and 34.]); 11 November 1842 ([39.]); and 20 October 1844 ([43.]).

- Miscellaneous Theatre concerts
16 July 1835: Amateur Musical Society, conducted by Mr Edwards (handbill, [35.])
1 October 1844: Miscellaneous Concert given by Mr Weston, with Mr Edwards (piano) (handbill and poster, [42.]).
9 November 1848: Mr Weston's Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, conducted from the piano by Mr F. Marshall (handbill and poster. [58.]).

5. Town Hall, Banbury
10-12 February 1863: Three Grand Operatic Concerts by Mr Granville, with Mademoiselle Marie Pacini, Mademoiselle Adeline de Lacy, Mademoiselles Kemp and Angelo, Messrs D.Arcy Read and B. B. Beale and Messrs S. S. Bongthon and F. Granville (single poster, [4.]).
24 November 1863: Handel, Samson, given by the Banbury Choral Society (1st concert of the season) with Miss Emma Jenkins, Miss Julia Parker, Mr Robert Mason and Mr Horsley (vocal), directed by Mr J. S. Wells (handbill, [12.]).
3 October 1867: Grand Concert conducted by Mr J. S. Wells (programme, [14.]).
20 March 1879: Second Chamber Concert given by Mr G. A. Hardacre (piano) [15.]
25 October 1900: Banbury Madrigal and Glee Union with Mr H. Spencer (violin) and Mr Leonard Allen (cello) conducted by Mr O. Sherwin Marshall (programme with words and list of the choral ensemble, [16.]).
5 April 1866: Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert given by the Banbury Philharmonic Society for the benefit of their leader Mr Partleton, with Mrs Parslow, Mr J. H. Collins and Mr H. Wootton (vocal), conducted by Mr J. S. Wells (programme, [72.]).
15 February 1868: Banbury District Choral Society Concert with Miss Robertine Henderson (soprano) and Mr James Taylor (piano), conducted by Mr John Taylor (handbill, [73.]).
19 March and 26 April 1878: Third and Fourth Concerts of the Banbury Choral Society (handbills [74.])

6. Miscellaneous Banbury venues
13 May 1777 and 11 May 1779, [no venue]: Mr Jarrett's Concerts, organist of Banbury Church (handbill with words, [18.])
13 July 1803, Assembly Room, Banbury: New Entertainment of Sans Souci entitled Most Votes, the whole written, composed, spoken, sung, and accompanied upon an Organized Piano Forte, which has all the properties of a Band, by Mr Dibdin (handbill, with a number of handwritten corrections to modify this from Stafford to a Banbury performance, [20.]).
16 January 1839, Mechanics' Institute: Concert by the Banbury Amateur Musial Society, conducted by Mr Edwards (handbill, [36.]).
5 October 1841, Parish Church: Full Cathedral Service (morning) and Handel, Messiah (afternoon) given as part of the Banbury Musical Festival (single handbill, [37.]). Also a poster [38.], citing the Messiah soloists as Miss M.B. Hawes, Miss Lockey, Mr Machin and Mr Pearsall, conducted by Mr Vicary.
14 February 1843, National School Room: Handel, Messiah given by the Banbury Church Choral Society as part of their Annual Musical Festival, conducted by Mr Edwards (large handbill/poster, [40.]).
23 September 1846, Banbury Church: Handel, The Messiah, with the assistance of the Choral Society, conducted by Mr Harrison (handbill and poster, [53.]).
10, 13 and 16 March 1848, White Horse Hotel, High Street, Banbury: Vocal and Instrumental Music by Mr J. Pattison (violin) and Mrs Pattison (piano), entitled Casino de Venise/Concert and Ball (single handbill, [7.]).
26 August 1846, Large Room, White Hart Inn, Banbury: Musical Entertainment by Signor Morzini (violin) (handbill, [10]).
27 April 1852, White Lion Assembly Room, Banbury: Mr F. Marshall's Concert with the Banbury Philharmonic Society, conducted by Marshall (handbill with lists of vocal and instrumental performers [61.] and single-sheet programme [62.]).
20 February 1860, Vicarage Hall, Banbury: Mr J. Thomson's Musical Evening, with Mr Reinagle (violin and cello) and Mr J. Thomson (piano) and vocalists selection from the Banbury Choral Society (with words, [10.]).
[21 and 22 April 1862, Banbury]: Christy's Minstrels, Fourth Provincial Tour (handbill, [11.]).
2 August 1867, Christ Church Schools: Amateur Concert (handbill, [14.])
16 and 17 December 1867, Banbury Academy: Programme of Entertainment, with Miss Lucy Partleton (single document with brief notes, [14.]).
13 May 1932, Church House, Banbury: Concert by Maurice Hardy (cello) and Leonard Isaacs (piano) (poster, [6.] and handbill [17.]).
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