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Banbury Scrapbooks: Case F (1844-1932)
A miscellaneous collection of posters, handbills and some programmes for performances given at various venues in Oxfordshire - principally the British School Room and Theatre in Banbury - between 1844 and 1932, arranged in a largely chronological fashion and mounted as six folders.

Many of the concerts are described as 'entertainments' and incorporated dramatic and/or dance elements. A number are given by foreign/visiting performers, including the Distin Family.

Folders 1 to 4 are arranged in strictly chronological fashion and their contents are listed here by venue. Folders 5 and 6 are more miscellaneous in nature and are listed here as found.

The majority of the documents are posters/handbills. The British School Room was located in Crouch Street, Banbury and the Theatre in Church Lane, Banbury.

Folder 1 (1834–46, folios 1-14)
- British School Room, Banbury
30 March 1843: Two Lectures by Mrs C. L. Balfour for the Banbury Mechanics' Institute.
19 December 1844: Mr Braham's Grand Concert, featuring his sons and pupils Mr Charles Braham and Mr Hamilton Braham.
13 February 1845: Wilson's Scottish Entertainment, entitled Songs of Scotland, with Mr Land (piano).
22 April 1845: Mr Lover's Irish Evening.
23 October 1845: The Gipsies, given by Mr Ransford (vocal) and Mr R. J. Edwards (piano).
12 December 1845: Mr J. P. Barratt's Concert with Miss Messent, Mr Roberts, Mr F. R. Barratt and Mr J. P. Barratt (vocal), Mr Willy (violin), Mr E. Marshall (flute) and Mr Reinagle (cello), conducted by J. P. Barratt.
23 February 1846: Mr Henry Phillips, Adventures in America.

- Theatre, Banbury
3 December 1834: Banbury Amateur Musical Society 7th concert with Miss Lockey (vocal), Mr Reinagle (cello) and 'several other instrumental performers', conducted by Mr Edwards.
21 September 1838: Mr Blagrove's (violin) Concert, with Mr Charles Blagrove (piano).
1 June 1843: Grand Evening Concert by Miss E. Hoskin and Mr T. R. Bell with Miss Smith, Miss M. Hewett and Mr Page (vocal) and Miss Eliza Hoskin and Signor Signor Poznanski (piano), conducted by Mr Elston.
10 April 1944: Concert by T. E. Embury and the Oxford Brass Band, conducted by Mr J. P. Barratt.
20 February 1845: Miss Caporn's Concert, with Mr Tedder, Mr T. Roberts and Mr T. A. Roberts (vocal) and Mr Edwards (piano).

Folder 2 (1846–48, folios 15-29)
- British School Room, Banbury
23 May 1846: Morning and Evening Concert by Messrs Richardson and Sons (Inventors and Proprietors of the Rock Band).
3 September 1846: Mr Henry Phillips Musical Entertainments (single document for morning and evening performances).
27 January 1848: Mr F. Marshall's Concert.
4 April 1848: A Grand Concert by Mr Distin and his Four Sons, 'the original and unrivalled performers on those extraordinary instruments, the sax-horns and sax tubas' (with words).
11 April 1848: Concert of Sacred Music by Banbury Church Choir with Mr F. Marshall (piano).
17 May 1848: Grand Vocal Concert by Madame Castagleoni, with Mr W. Macarthy and Miss Eliza Caase (vocal) (with press reviews).
13 June 1848: The Distins' Sax-Horn Concerts.
15 September 1848: Concert of Sacred Music by the Banbury Church Choir with Mr F. Marshall (piano).
27 October 1848: The Distins' Farewell Concert, with Miss Moriatt O'Connor, Mr H. Distin, Mr W. Distin and Mr Theodore Distin, accompanied by Mr Willy Jun (with photograph/illustration).

- Theatre, Banbury
5 October 1846: The Fairies, a musical entertainment given by Mr J. E. Carpenter with Mrs N. Merridew, Mr James Perring and Mr H. Hartley.

- Miscellaneous venues
19 April 1847, Town Hall, Chipping Norton: Handel, Messiah, given by Banbury Choral Society, conducted by Mr Harrison (handbill and separate wordbook).
26 April 1847, National School: A Concert of Sacred Music given by the Banbury Church Choir with Mr F. Marshall (piano).
8 November 1848, Assembly Room, White Lion Hotel, Banbury: Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert given as part of Messieurs Richardson's Tour Musicale, by the Richardson's Celebrated Steel Band, the Swiss Bells and the Original Rock Band (single document for morning and evening performances).

Folder 3 (1849–50, folios 30-43)
- British School Room, Banbury
22 March 1849: Musical Entertainment by Mr F. Marshall and Mr Pearsall.
25 September 1849: Concert of Sacred Music given by Banbury Church Choir, with Mr F. Marshall (piano).
19 and 20 December 1849: Two Subscription Concerts by Signor Jacobowitch (vocal) with Mr Frederick Hartman (violin) and Madame Jacobwitch (harp) (single poster).
27 December 1849: Splendid Musical Entertainment by Mr Frederick Hartman (violin), assisted by his daughters Miss Hartman and Miss E. Hartman (vocal).
1 January 1850: Final Concert by Mr Frederick Hartman.
2 April 1850: Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert given by Mademoiselle D'Erion (vocal) with Misses A. and M. Farmer (vocal) and Mr J. W. Howard (piano).

- Theatre, Banbury
28/30 August 1849: Vocal Entertainment by Henry Russell (single poster).
4 December 1849: Topliff's Vocal Entertainment.
20 December 1849: Miss Caporn's Concert with Mr T. Porter (piano). Also held is a printed announcement commenting on the clash between this concert and the Subscription Concert at the British School Room.

- White Lion Assembly Room, Banbury
26 July 1950: Grand Vocal Concert by Louisa Foote Hay
15 August 1950: Morning and Evening Concert by Louisa Foote Hay (single document).

Folder 4 (1851–72, folios 44-60)
- British School Room, Banbury
12 February 1851: Grand Sacred and Classical Sax-Horn Concert given by Mr. J. Shapcott (of Exeter) and his six unrivalled sons.
29 November 1850: Vocal and Instrumental Concert by Mr Embury.
27 November 1851: Concert by the Celebrated Welsh Nightingale Miss E. L. Williams (pupil of Sir Henry Bishop) (with press comments).
16 July 1852: Grand Concert by The Distins, with Mrs Theodore Distin, Mr H. Distin, Mr T. Distin and Mr W. Distin (vocal).
8/9 December 1853: (single document).
28 March 1854: Mr Henry Phillips New Musical Entertainment, On the Music of Various Nations.
7 April 1854: Popular American Entertainment, given by Henry Russell.

- Town Hall, Banbury
10 May 1855: Mrs Watson's Concert, with Miss Rainforth (vocal) and Mr T. Porter (piano).
5 March 1860: Musical Entertainment on the Old English Songs and Ballads by Miss Poole and Mr Ramsden (with brief notes and press comment).
5 March 1863: Illustrated Musical Lecture by Mr Pearsall, with Miss Pearsall (piano).

- Central Corn Exchange, Banbury
15 May 1863:
17-19 November 1863: Readings and Tableaux to illustrate the exhibition of the Ghost Illusion.
3 November 1865: Grand Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music by Mr Eugene Spinney (organ), including a cantata written by him for the Degree of Music. Also, Master Charles Harris, Mr Rowley, Mr Thornton and Mr Kenningham (vocal) and Miss Mattie Spinney (piano).
17 May 1866: Banbury Rifle Corps Special Entertainment.
10 December 1872: Grand Evening Concert with Mr Santley, Madame Florence Lancia, Miss Cafferata, Miss Enriquez, Mr Edward Lloyd and Mr Maybrick (vocal), Monsieur Sainton (violin) and Mr Lindsay Sloper (piano).

- [no venue]
29 August 1854 and 25 August 1863: Banbury Horticultural Society by the Band of the Royal Horse Guards/Band of Her Majesty's 76th Regiment.

Folder 5, (folios 61-77)
In addition to the programmes, this folder includes a handwritten document containing the' General Rules for the Banbury Amateur Musical Society'.
9 May 1893, Exchange Hall, Banbury: Mendelssohn, St. Paul, given by the Banbury Philharmonic Society with Theresa Blamey, Miss Walford, Mr Maldwyn Humphreys and Mr David Hughes (vocal), conducted by Mr O. S. Marshall (with list of the principal instrumental performers, plus prospectus for the 1893-94 season of the Banbury Philharmonic Society).
25 October 1900, Town Hall, Banbury: Banbury Madrigal and Glee Union with Mr H. Spencer (violin) and Mr Leonard Allen (cello), conducted by Mr O. Sherwin Marshall (with words and list of the choral ensemble).
13 May 1932, Church House, Banbury: Maurice Hardy (cello) and Leonard Isaacs (piano).
Thursday 25/Friday 26 February [no year], Theatre: Mr Flexmore ('greatest Buffo Dancer and Pantominist of the day').
Thursday 4 and Friday 5 February [no year], Theatre: Grand Ethiopian Performances by Messrs Matthews and James (celebrated Violinist and Harpist from Oxford) with the Tennessee Minstrels.
20 February 1852, Assembly Room, Black Boy Inn, Bicester: Mr C. Franklin's Concert, including Selections from Handel's Oratorio of Samson, with the Gentlemen of the Bicester Amateur Choral Society, conducted by C. Franklin.
2 March 1855, Assembly Room, Bicester: Concert of Miscellaneous Music by Mr C. Franklin.
16 March 1858, Assembly Room, Bicester: Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert by the Bicester Harmonic Society with Mrs Bull, Mr Baker, Mr Knowles and Messrs Coles and Thonger (vocal), conducted by Charles Franklin.
8 March 1861, Assembly Room, Bicester: Vocal and Instrumental Concert by the Bicester Philharmonic Society with Mrs E. Parslow and Mr J. M. Franklin (vocal), Mr Matthews (violin) and Mr J. T. Birch (piano), conducted by Charles Franklin.
10 May 1865, New Parochial School Room, Banbury: Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music given by Mr E. French (organ), conducted by Mr J. S. Wells.
19 April 1847, Town Hall, Chipping Norton: Grand Sacred Concerts, selection from Handel, Messiah, given by the Banbury Choral Society, conducted by Mr Harrison.

Folder 6 (folios 78-86)
2 April 1850, Town Hall, Chipping Norton: Mr F. Marshall's Grand Morning (Handel, Messiah) and Grand Evening Concert (handbills for each plus an handbill announcement and a poster of the two).
28 December 1852, Infant School Room, Deddington: Miscellaneous Concert by Mr Marshall (flute) with Mrs Wilcox, Mr Roberts and Mr Marshall (vocal) and Miss Bull (piano), conducted by Mr Frederick Marshall (programme and poster).
9 January 1844, Town Hall (Oxford?): Concert by T. E. Embury and the Oxford Brass Band.
16 September 1851, National School Room, Witney: Concert by Mr Marshall, with Mrs Wilcox, Mr Roberts and Mr Horsley (vocal) and Mr Frederick Marshall (piano).
16 December 1851, Town Hall, Woodstock: Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, with Mrs Willcox, Mr T. Roberts, Mr J. Roberts and Mr Horsley (vocal), Mr E. Marshall (flute).
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