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Collection Description

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Arányi Collection: Volume 5 (1933-38)
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A collection of prospectuses, handbills and programmes relating to performances given by the violinist Adila Fachiri (1886-1962) at various venues in the United Kingdom and Europe between 1933 and 1938, held as the fifth of sixth bound volumes forming the Arányi collection (1907-56)

Where no other indication is given below, these documents consist of handbills/single-sheet programmes. The majority of the items are accompanied by press cuttings offering supplementary information about the performances.

All concerts featured Adila Fachiri, the majority with her violinist sister Jelly d'Arányi. Additional performers are listed below.

Items are listed here alphabetically by location and divided as follows:
1. London venues
2. English provincial venues
3. Other UK venues.
4. European venues

The collection also includes handbills for broadcast performances given under the auspices of the BBC on 17 July 1933 and 17 March 1934 and by Empire Broadcasting, Transmission V on 2/3 August and 13/14 August 1938 and a handbill for a recital given on 29 October 1938 for which no venue is given.

1. London venues
- 144 Piccadilly
21 March [1934]: Violin and Piano Recital with Kathleen Long.

- 5 Grosvenor Square
27 March 1933: with Kathleen Long (piano), accompanied by Bertram Harrison.

- 57 Portland Place
28 March 1933: accompanied by Bertram J. Harrison.

- 7 Sydney Place
30 March 1938: with Kathleen Long (piano) and Alexander Fachiri (cello).

- Aeolian Hall
17 February 1934: Recital of Words for Two Violins with Jelly d’Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- American Women's Club
25 June 1936: Bach Evening with Jelly d'Arányi.

- Grotrian Hall
5 February 1933: New Sunday Concert, with Kathleen Long (piano) and John Coates (vocal), accompanied by Gerald Moore (with words).

- London School of Economics, Theatre
3 November 1933: Lunch Hour Concert, accompanied by Bertram Harrison.

- Londonderry House, Park Lane
3 May 1937: Recital of Chamber Music and Poetry with Jelly d'Arányi, Clifton Helliwell (piano) and Leonie Zifado (vocal).

- Palladium, The, Argyll Street
9 April 1933: National Sunday League Concert given by the New Symphony Orchestra with Jelly d'Arányi and Ethel Hobday (piano), conducted by Sir Henry Wood (with Analytical Notes by F. Gilbert Webb). Also held is a press cutting for the concert on 12 March 1933.

- Park Lane Hotel
15 May 1933 and 11 June 1934: Concerts arranged by H. H. Princess Helena Victoria.

- Queen's Hall
13 September 1933, 28 August 1935, 11 August 1937 and 21 September 1938: Bach/Handel concerts given as part of the BBC Promenade Concerts (seasons 39, 41, 43 and 44) with Jelly d'Arányi, conducted by Henry Wood (with Descriptive Notes by Rosa Newmarch and lists of the orchestral ensemble). Also held is a handbill for a further concert given on 11 January 1933 by the same performers.
26 March 1935: Bach Evening with Friedrich Wührer (piano), Jelly d’Arayni (violin), Elsie Suddaby (vocal), and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Henry Wood (with words and Analytical Notes by Edwin Evans).

- Rutland House
9 June 1937: Grenfell Association of Great Britain and Ireland.

- Westminster Abbey
10 July 1933: Recital with Jelly d'Arányi.

- Wigmore Hall
10 February 1933: Brahms Concert, with Clifford Curzon (piano), Antoni Sala (cello) and Aubrey Brain (horn).
25 February 1933: with Jelly d'Arányi, Friedrich Wührer (piano) and a chamber orchestra conducted by Bruce Hylton-Stewart, including the 'first performance in this form' of Frederick Septimus Kelly, Serenade for Violin and Small Orchestra (with historical and descriptive notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
21 March 1933: Violin and Pianoforte Sonata Recital with Kathleen Long.
11, 18 and 25 February [1936]: Three Recitals. Also held is a separate programme for 18 February, being a Bach Concert conducted by Bruce Hylton Stewart (with brief descriptive notes and a list of the ensemble players).
6 March 1837: Works for Two Violins, given with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- [no venue]
28 June 1938: Madame Aulikki Ratawara [Rautawaara] (vocal) for the Anglo-Finnish Society.

2. English provincial venues
- Bath, Pump Room
24 April 1935: Opening Concert of the Festival of Contemporary Arts, with Jelly d'Arányi and the Pump Room Orchestra, conducted by Edward Dunn.

- Bournemouth, Pavilion Theatre
17 January-11 April 1934: Pavilion Symphony Concert (Spring Season 1934) given on Wednesdays by the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra, conducted by Sir Dan Godfrey (prospectus with a list of the orchestral ensemble). The concert on 4 April featured Adila Fachiri.
3 November 1935 (week commencing): (prospectus, 2 copies).

- Bournemouth, [no venue]
15 November 1933: 7th Symphony Concert (39th Winter Series), conducted by Dan Godfrey and Mr Norman Demuth (with Analytical and Historical Notes by Hamilton Law).

- Brampton Playhouse
17 October 1936: Concert given on the opening night of the Playhouse with Mr Tom Clough (Northumbrian Small Pipes) (handbill and programme).

- Bramshaw, Warrens
17 June 1937: with Christopher Le Fleming (piano).

- Bristol, Colston Hall
3 November 1934: Bristol Choral Society 1st Concert (46th season) with Alice Moxon and Stuart Robertson (vocal), accompanied by Geoffrey L. Mendham and conducted by Samuel Underwood (wordbook).

- Cambridge, Guildhall
11 May 1934: with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Cambridge, St. Catherine's College
6 June 1937: May Week Concert with Douglas Guest (piano), Alistair Macmillan, Harold Mowmer and Douglas Jones (vocal), and the College Madrigal Club, accompanied by Bernard Rose.

- Caversham, Queen Anne's School
29 May 1937: Schools' Musical Festival, conducted by Reginald Jacques.

- Chelmsford, Shire Hall
2 February 1933: Chelmsford Male Voice Choir Third Evening Concert, with Stuart Robertson (vocal), accompanied by Bertram Harrison and Cecil Hart.

- Cheltenham Ladies' College
11 March 1937: Violin and Song Recital with Steuart Wilson, accompanied by Mr S. G. Shimmin (with brief descriptive notes).

- Dorking Halls
22 April 1936: 27th Leith Hill Musical Festival (with words, notes and musical examples).

- Dursley, Lister Club Hall
25 April 1934: 13th Stinchcombe Hill Musical Festival with Grace Bodey, Steuart Wilson and W. H. Oldaker (vocal), accompanied by Geoffrey Mendham and conducted by Thomas Armstrong (with words and brief descriptive notes).

- Eton College, Music School
2 October 1937: Recital by with Jelly d'Arányi.

- Exeter
22 October 1935: Exeter Philharmonic Subscription Concert with Jelly d'Arányi and Ethel Hobday (piano).

- Folkestone, [no venue]
23 January 1934: Bouverie Society, Folkestone with Kathleen Long (piano).

- Glyndebourne
7 March 1936: Lewes Music Club/Violin and Pianoforte Recital with Ethel Hobday.

- Guildford, County and Borough Hall
22 March 1934: Claud Powell Benefit Concerts (afternoon concert), with Olive Townend-Morelli and H. Plunket Greene (vocal, accompanied by Samuel Liddle) with the Guildford Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Claud Powell (with words).

- Guildford, St. Nicolas Hall
14 November 1833: Guildford Orchestral Subscription Concert no. 2 (30th series), with Guildford Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Claud Powell.

- Haileybury, The Master's Lodge
30 November 1933: accompanied by B. D. Hylton Stewart.

- Haslemere Hall
9 December 1933, 6 October 1934, 23 November 1935: Haslemere Chamber Music Concerts given with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbills). The concert in 1933 included the first performance of Waldo Warner, Divertimento in D (Olden style) for two Violins and Pianoforte, op.45. Also held is a single handbill for the concerts of 16 and 30 October and 13 November 1937.

- Hastings, White Rock Pavilion
14 March 1935: Symphony Concert given by the Hastings and St. Leonards Municipal Orchestra, conducted by Julius Harrison.

- Ipswich, Public Hall
1 March 1938: Ipswich Male Voice Choir 32nd Concert given with Jelly d'Arányi, Henry Wendon (vocal) and George Reeves (piano) (with wordbook).

- Kendall, St. George's Hall/Town Hall
30 April-3 May 1935: 33rd Mary Wakefield Westmorland Festival, conducted by Malcolm Sargent and C. Armstrong Gibbs (prospectus with programmes, words, historical notes and photographs). The concert on 1 May featured Fachiri, with the Hallé Orchestra.

- Liverpool, Arts Theatre, University of Liverpool
25 October 1934: Recital with Kathleen Long (piano).

- Liverpool, Central Hall
14 October 1933: Max Mossel Concert no. 1, with Jelly d'Arányi and [Jan] Smeterlin (piano), accompanied by Ethel Hobday (with Analytical Notes by Henry Coates).

- Liverpool, Concert Hall
1 February 1937: Rodewald Concert Society no. 6 (26th season), with Kathleen Long (piano).

- Liverpool, Picton Hall
8 November 1932: Concert for Schools, with Dr. J. E. Wallace and Mr Norman Suckling (piano) for the Merseyside Schools' Music Circle.

- Liverpool, St. George's Hall
4 February 1934 and 9 January 1938: Sunday Evening Concerts nos. 1 and 7 given by the Merseyside Symphony Orchestra (with historical and descriptive notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble). The 1934 concert included the first Liverpool performance of Arthur Somervell, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra and the collection also includes an announcement full this complete series (4, 11, 18 and 25 February and 4 and 11 March 1934).

- Liverpool, University of Liverpool Students' Union
1 February 1937: Recital with Kathleen Long (piano).

- Malvern, County Hotel
17 February 1937: Malvern Concert Club no. 124/Violin Recital, accompanied by Bertram Harrison.

- Malvern Girls College
8 March 1935:

- Malvern, Winter Gardens
23 February [1935]: Recital with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Marlborough College
21 June 1936 and 4 July 1937: accompanied/conducted by B. D. Hylton-Stewart.

- Newcastle, City Hall
13 November 1935: Newcastle Symphony Orchestra, conducted by George Dodds (with historical and descriptive notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Norwich, St. Andrew's Hall
18 March 1933: City of Norwich Municipal Orchestra Concert with Doris Cowen (alto) and W. J. Gaze (organ), conducted by Maddern Williams.

- Oxford, Balliol College
26 May 1935 and 17 October 1937: Balliol College Music Society concert nos. 972 and 997 with Jelly d'Arányi.

- Oxford, Holywell Music Room
9 May 1933 and 7 May 1935: Oxford University Musical Club and Union meetings nos. 1387 and 1432 with pianists Kathleen Long/Ethel Hobday.

- Oxford, Town Hall
6 June 1934: Recital with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Oxford, University College
19 November 1933, 12 June [1936] and 29 October 1938: University College Music Society.

- Reading, University of Reading Hall
4 March 1933, Hall: Chamber Concert with Alexander Fachiri (cello), Frank Probyn (horn), W. K. Stanton (piano) and the Reading University Madrigal Society as part of the Brahms Centenary Festival (with words and Analytical Notes, with musical examples, by H. M. Havergal).

- Sedbergh School
9 February 1936: accompanied by Edgar Knight.

- Sevenoaks, St. Julian's
26 June 1937: Sevenoaks Music Centre Recital with Bertram Harrison (piano).

- Taunton, Town Hall
20 November 1935: Taunton Subscription Concerts with Jenny Sonnenberg (alto), accompanied by Herbert Knott (with words).

- Torquay, Pavilion
9-12 October 1935: Torquay Musical Festival given by the Municipal Orchestra with Laelia Finneberg, Frank Mannheimer, Leslie England, Mary Jarred, William Primrose and William Parsons, conducted by Sir Henry Wood, Sir Hamilton Harty, Sir Landon Ronald and Ernest W. Goss (prospectus with programmes, historical and descriptive notes and photographs).

- Weston Favell
10 February 1938: Garden Studio Music Club 3rd concert, accompanied by Bertram Harrison. Also held is a single document for the 5th season of this organization (2 and 23 November 1933 and 25 January and 22 February 1934).

- Wimborne, Canford School
28 October 1936: accompanied by Bruce Hylton Stewart.

- Windsor, Imperial Service College
24 January 1937: accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Woking, County Secondary School for Boys
2 April 1935: Woking Music Club concert no. 5 with Jelly d'Arányi, John McKenna (tenor) and Ethel Hobday (piano) (with words).

- Worcester, Public Hall
4 September 1935: Orchestral Concert given as part of the Worcester Music Meeting/Three Choirs Festival with Jelly d'Arányi (violin), Miss Thelma Reiss (cello) and Miss Elsie Suddaby (vocal), including R. Vaughan Williams, A. E. Brent Smith and W. H. Reed all conducting their own compositions (with words and descriptive notes).

- York, Tempest Anderson Hall
22 January 1936 [corrected to 23 March]: Violin Recital accompanied by Edgar Knight, given for the British Music Society of York.

3. Other UK venues
- St. Andrew's, St. Leonard's School
16 March 1938: Recital accompanied by Edgar Knight.

- Cardiff, Park Hall
4 October 1936: Celebrity Concert given by Norman Allin and Dolan Evans (vocal), supported by Madam Dolan Evans' Welsh Ladies' Choir (with words and a photographs).

- Edinburgh, University Music Class Room
14 November 1935: University of Edinburgh Second Historical Concert, given by Mary Grierson (piano) and Ruth Waddell (cello).

- Edinburgh, Usher Hall
10 February and 17 November 1934: Professor Tovey's Sunday Concerts (seasons 12 and 13) with Donald Tovey (piano).
4 November 1937: Reid Orchestral Concerts no. 2 (75th season), given by the Reid Symphony Orchestra with Donald Tovey (with notes, including musical examples, by Donald Tovey).

- Edinburgh, [no venue]
2 November 1937: Recital with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Guernsey, Central Hall
10 March 1938: Celebrity Concert with the Guernsey Orchestra, conducted by D. Santangelo (with brief historical and descriptive notes).

4. European venues
- Dublin, Members' Hall, Ball's Bridge
4 December 1933: Royal Dublin Society Violin and Piano Recital with Kathleen Long.

- Dublin, Theatre Royal
3 March 1934: Dublin Philharmonic Society 5th Concert, conducted by Colonel Fritz Brase (with Descriptive Notes by Harold R. White and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Porto, Orpheon Portuense
15 and 17 May:
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