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Collection Description

Collection Title
Arányi Collection: Volume 4 (1929-49)
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A collection of prospectuses, handbills and programmes for performances given by the violinist Jelly d'Arányi (1893-1966) at venues in London, the UK, Europe and America between 1929 and 1949, held as the fourth of six volumes within the Arányi collection (1907-56).

All performances featured Jelly d'Arányi (violin), with the additional performers listed below.

The majority of the items are handbills/single-sheet programmes. A number of programmes are accompanied by press cuttings offering reviews of the performances.

Items are listed here alphabetically by location and are grouped as follows:
1. London venues
2. English provincial venues
3. Other UK venues
4. European venues
5. American venues

The collection also includes items relating to performances given on 30 October 1929, 3 January [1932], 12 December 1940, 9 December 1943 and 30 January [1946/52], for which no venues are given. There are 2 undated items relating to Special Violin Recitals given for The Music Society at Sawston Village College/Bottisham Village College and Soham Grammar School/Linton Village College and a prospectus for the 12th season of 5 concerts given by the Northwood Music Club.

1. London venues
- 10 Downing Street
10 May 1933: Florence Easton (vocal) and Ray Lev (piano), accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- 10 Stafford Terrace
20 December 1933: Polyglot Club Concert and Reception with Adila Fachiri (violin), Gabriele Joachim (vocal) and Ethel Hobday (piano) (handbill).

- 144 Piccadilly
13 December 1932: Myra Hess (piano), accompanied by George Reeves.

- 38 Belgrave Square
7 December 1932: accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- 40 Berkeley Square
11 November 1930: Dorothy Silk (vocal), Leon Goossens (oboe) and Ivan Phillipowsky (piano), accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).

- 40 Queen Anne's Gate
17 July 1930 and 16 July 1931: Adila Fachiri (violin) and Gabriele Joachim (vocal), accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- American Women's Club, 46 Grosvenor Square
1 July 1931: Concert in aid of the Foundling Site Appeal Fund, with Dame Sybil Thorndike, Gabriele Joachim and Henry Wendon (vocal) and Vera Moore (piano), accompanied by Mrs [Ethel] Hobday and Gerald Moore.

- Barnet, Odeon
8 December 1946: London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by John Hollingsworth, presented by the Barnet Society (with Descriptive Notes by F. Bernard Smith).

- Chapel House, Berkeley Square
24 June 1930: John Goss (vocal) (handbill).

- Chelsea Town Hall
24 October 1933: Chelsea Music Club concert no. 68/Violin Sonata Recital with Myra Hess (piano) (handbill).

- Czechoslovak Legation
5 May 1932: with Ruda Firkušny (piano), accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Grove House, Regent's Park
15 July 1931: Chamber Concert with Adila Fachiri (violin), Myra Hess (piano) and René le Roy (flute).
2 November 1932: St. John's Wood and South Hampstead Music Club 1st Chamber Concert, with Adila Fachiri (violin), accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Hungarian Legation
16 June 1930: with Adila Fachiri (violin), accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Kensington Town Hall
11 November 1929: Kensington Music Club concert no. 2 (eighth season) with Myra Hess (piano).

- Kent House, Knightsbridge
5 December 1929: Evening Concert with Myra Hess (piano), given for the Westminster Hospital Ladies' Association (handbill).
12 June 1930: Violin and Piano Recital given with Vera Moore for the Contemporary Art Society.
30 June 1930: Adila Fachiri (violin), Lionel Tertis (viola), Antoni Sala (cell), Friedrich Wührer (piano) and René le Roy (flute).

- King's College, Campden Hill Road
5 December 1932: Kensington Music Club (11th season), accompanied by Ethel Hobday, given for the Kensington Music Club (with programmes for three other performances, given on 31 October and 21 November and 23 January 1933).

- Old Hall, Lincoln's Inn
29 June 1931: Joachim Centenary Chamber Concert given with Gabriele Joachim (vocal), Adila Fachiri (violin) and Donald Francis Tovey (piano) (with notes).

- Palladium, Argyll Street
9 October 1932 and 19 March 1933: Sunday Afternoon Orchestral Concert/National Sunday League Afternoon Orchestral Concert given by the New Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Henry Wood (with Analytical Notes by F. Gilbert Webb, plus separate handbill for 1933).

- Queen's Hall
a) Promenade Concerts
Programmes with Descriptive Notes by Rosa Newmarch for concerts given during the seasons nos. 35-39, conducted by Henry Wood. The programmes for 10 September 1930 and 13 September 1933 include lists of the orchestral ensemble.
20 August 1929: Mozart and Schubert, with Joan Coxon and Frederick Woodhouse (vocal) and Gordon Walker (flute).
26 September 1929: British Composers Concert, with Olga Haley and Walter Widdop (vocal), including the first English performance of V. Hely Hutchinson, A Carol Symphony.
10 September 1930: Bach Concert, with Isobel Baillie and Eric Greene (vocal), Alec Whittaker (oboe) and Adila Fachiri (violin).
18 September 1930: British Concert, with Roy Henderson (vocal) and Adila Fachiri (violin).
4 September 1931: Beethoven Concert, with Margaret Balfour (vocal).
13 September 1933: Bach-Handel concert with Noel Eadie and Arthur Cranmer (vocal), Adila Fachiri and Charles Woodhouse (violin), Robert Murchie (flute), Alec Whittaker (oboe), Ernest Hall (trumpet), G. D. Cunningham (organ).

The collection also includes an extract from a programme for 13 August 1932 (with Gladys Cole and Francis Russell, vocal) and programme book with Descriptive Notes for a Bach Concert given on 11 January 1933 as part of the winter season, with Jo Vincent and Roy Henderson (vocal), Adila Fachiri (violin), Victor Hely-Hutchinson, Berkeley Mason and Ernest Lush (piano) and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

b) Other Queen's Hall concerts
13 December 1929: Hamilton Harty Symphony Concert no.3, given by the Hallé Orchestra, conducted by Hamilton Harty, including the first London performance of Constant Lambert, The Rio Grande (with historical and analytical notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
14 December 1929 12 December 1931 and 15 October 1932: Sonata Recital with Myra Hess (piano) (with Analytical Notes by Watson Lyle)
18 March 1930: Courtauld-Sargent Concert (first series) with the London Symphony Orchestra, including the first performances of Bliss, Serenade for Orchestra and Baritone and Szymanowski, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, op. 35 (with Analytical Notes by Edwin Evans and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
14 July 1931: Joseph Joachim Centenary Concert, with Adila Fachiri (violin), Gabriele Joachim (vocal) and the New Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Henry J. Wood and Donald Tovey (with historical, analytical and biographical notes, musical examples and a photograph).
6 November 1931: New Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Hamilton Harty (with notes).
28 November 1932: London Symphony Orchestra concert no. 4 (27th series) with Beatrice Harrison (cello), conducted by Hamilton Harty (with Analytical Notes, including musical examples, by Edwin Evans).
9 February 1933: Brahms Centenary Concert given as the seventh performance of the Royal Philharmonic Society (121st season) with Gaspar Cassado (cello) and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham (with historical, analytical and biographical notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
13 and 15 November 1933: Courtauld-Sargent Concert (5th series) with Beveridge Webster (piano) and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Leslie Howard (with Analytical Notes by Edwin Evans, biographical notes, a list of the orchestral ensemble and photographs).
7 December 1933: Royal Philharmonic Society concert no. 8 (122nd season) given by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Robert Heger (with historical and analytical notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
3 January 1934: Ethel Smyth Celebration Concert, given as the second of Six Concerts of British Music with Elsie Suddaby and Stuart Robertson (vocal), Aubrey Brain (horn), the Philharmonic Choir and the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Beecham (with analytical notes and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).

- Lewisham
14 March 1934: Hilda Bor and Eric Brough (piano), accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Royal Academy of Music
3 July 1930: R.A.M. Club Social and Musical Meeting, with Ethel Hobday (piano).

- Royal College of Music
9 June 1931: Bach Cantata Club 31st Meeting, with Myra Hess (piano) (with historical and analytical notes by Sir W. H. Hadow, including musical examples)

- Rudolf Steiner Hall, 33 Park Road
1 March 1933: Song Recital with Gabriele Joachim, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (with words).

- St. Margaret's Church, Westminster
17 June 1930: Chorals, Organ Solos, and Violin and Harpsichord Sonatas given for the Bach Cantata Club with Herbert Dawson (organ) and Frederic Jackson (harpsichord), conducted by Charles Kennedy Scott.

- St. Paul's Cathedral
15 June 1938: (handbill).

- St. Thomas's Hospital, Governors' Hall
17 and 18 December 1931: St. Thomas’s Hospital Glee Club (single document).

- Seaford House
7 July 1932: East End Hostels Association, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).

- Temperance Institute
10 November [1931]: Chamber Music Concert with Adila Fachiri (violin) and Miss Ailie Cullen (piano).

- Westminster, Central Hall
28 February 1933: Bach Choir 147th Concert (57th season), with Isobel Baillie and Keith Falkner (vocal) and the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Reginald Jacques (with words and notes).

- Wigmore Hall
19 November 1929: Recital accompanied by Ethel Hobday
8 November [1930]: Recital of Works for Two Violins, given with Adila Fachiri (handbill).
6, 13 and 20 June [1931]: Beethoven Sonatas, with Myra Hess (piano) (single document).
21 May [1932]: Four Bach Concertos, with Adila Fachiri, conducted by Bruce Hylton Stewart (handbill).
25 February 1933: with Adila Fachiri (violin) and Friedrich Wührer (piano), conducted by Bruce Hylton-Stewart (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
Saturday 11 November [1944]: accompanied by Ivor Newton (handbill, 2 copies).
20 January 1945: with Astra Desmond (vocal) and Gerald Moore (piano).

[London, no venue]
3 April 1930: Royal Philharmonic Society no.8, with Dorothy Silk (vocal), conducted by Oskar Fried (extract).

2. English provincial venues
- Abingdon, Council Chamber
16 March 1941: accompanied by Ivor Newton (handbill).

- Alnwick, Rock Hall
20 September 1929: Miss Vera Moore (piano) (handbill).

- Alton Modern Secondary School Hall
27 October 1945: Alton Subscription Concert with Bruce Hylton-Stewart for Hampshire Rural Music School (handbill).

- Basingstoke, Queen Mary's School
7 April 1945: Basingstoke Subscription Concert with James Sherrin (piano) (handbill).

- Bath, Pavilion
24 January 1940: BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir Adrian Boult (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Bognor Regis, Pavilion
13 January 1946: Grand Celebrity Concert with Mark Hambourg (piano).

- Bournemouth, Concert Hall
11 March 1933: Municipal Orchestra, conducted by Sir Dan Godfrey (handbill).

- Bournemouth, Pavilion
13 December 1931 and 24 October 1937 (weeks beginning): Souvenir Programme/prospectus

- Bradford, Theatre Royal
24 November 1929: Bradford Philharmonic Sunday Concert no. 5 with Myra Hess (piano).

- Brighton, Dome
2 March 1940: Brighton Symphony Players, conducted by Herbert Menges.

- Bristol Cathedral
17 June 1946: Recital of Music, with R. Alwyn Surplice (organ) and the choir of the Bristol Philharmonic Society, conducted by Arnold Barter (with words).

- Bristol, Colston Hall
7 December 1929: Bristol Philharmonic Society concert no. 2 (29th season) with Megan Foster (vocal), conducted by Arnold Barter (with words).

- Bristol, Victoria Room
14 December 1933: University of Bristol Musical Society concert no.2 with Myra Hess (piano) (handbill).

- Bromley, Boys' County School
22 November 1941 and 6 February 1943: Bromley and Chislehurst Orchestra, conducted by W. H. Reed/Dr Percy Hull.

- Bromley, Central Hall
29 October 1929, 10 December 1930 and 28 October 1933: Bromley and Chislehurst Orchestra concerts, conducted by W. H. Reed (with Analytical Notes by F. Gilbert Webb). The programme for 1933 includes a list of the orchestral ensemble.

- Burton, Town Hall
2 November 1931: Evening Concert with the Hallé Orchestra conducted by Hamilton Harty (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Camberley, Drill Hall
9 December 1931: Violin Recital, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Canterbury Cathedral
7-14 June 1930: Festival of Commemoration (brochure).

- Cheltenham, Town Hall
18 January 1940: Max Mossel Concert no.3 with Astra Desmond (vocal) and Leon Goossens (oboe), accompanied by Gerald Moore (with words).

- Chesterfield, Co-Operative Hall
28 January 1947: Chesterfield Three Arts Society concert with Ivor Newton (piano) (with notes).

- Chippenham, Neeld Hall
1 October 1930: Recital accompanied by Ethel Hobday

- Cranbrook, Benenden School
3 March 1934: accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).

- Cranfield, Cundle School
17 November 1940: accompanied by James Sherrin (handbill).

- Derby, Central Hall
13 March 1946: Derby Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by John Pritchard (with notes).

- Dorking Halls
4 November 1931: Dorking Music Club Recital with Adila Fachiri (violin), accompanyied by Ethel Hobday.

- Eastbourne, Winter Garden, Devonshire Park
10 December 1939: Eastbourne Orchestra, directed by Kneale Kelley (with notes).

- Eton, Music School
12 November 1933: (handbill).

- Exeter, Cathedral Church of St. Peter
19 April 1933: Violin Recital, accompanied by Thomas Armstrong (handbill).

- Exmouth, Southlands School
31 October 1930, 2 December 1932 and 25 October 1933: accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbills).

- Hambledon, The Manor House
16 November 1929: Gabrielle Joachim (vocal), accompanied by Ethel Hobday

- Haslemere Hall
23 November 1929, 13 December 1930, 8 October and 19 November 1932 and 9 December 1933: Haslemere Chamber Music Concert nos. 3, 6, 2, 5 and 5 with the following performers: Meecio Horszowski (piano) accompanied by Ethel Hobday; Adila Fachiri (violin) and Friedrich Wührer (piano); Adila Fachiri (violin) and Claude Hobday (double bass); Mieczyslaw Horszowski (piano); and Adila Fachiri (violin) and Ethel Hobday (piano).

- Hastings, White Rock Pavilion
18 April 1931 and 9 April 1932: Municipal Orchestra, conducted by Julius Harrison (handbills).
22 February 1933: Sixth Annual Hastings Festival of Music concert no. 1, with the Hastings Festival Orchestra conducted by Dr. Adrian Boult (with notes, a list of the orchestral ensemble and photographs).

- Henley, Town Hall
9 March 1947: Henley Concert Society (2nd season, no. 5), with James Sherrin (piano).

- Hereford Cathedral
4 September 1941: Violin and Organ Recital with Dr. Percy C. Hull (handbill).

- Hurst Green Village Hall
22 April 1933: Recital with Adila Fachiri, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Hove, Bignor Park
11 October 1941: with Iso Elinson (piano) (handbill).

- Hyde, Public Hall
6 November 1945: Hyde Choral Society with Nowakowski (vocal) and W. Aston Connell (piano), conducted by W. Aston Connell.

- Ipswich, Public Hall
21 February 1933: Ipswich Male Voice Choir 27th concert, with Mr Norman Allin (bass), accompanied by George Reeves (with wordbook).

- Kendal, St. George's Hall
29 April 1930: Competitions and Concert for the 31st Mary Wakefield Westmorland Festival, with Keith Falkner (vocal), conducted by Miss Willow Wakefied.
30 and 31 October 1931: Adila Fachiri (violin) and Elena Gerhardt (vocal), accompanied by George Reeves (with words).

- Kingham Village Hall
28 July 1945: Recital with Ivor Newton for the Kingham Welcome Home Fund (handbill).

- Leamington
[17 March 1933: Violin Recital, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).

- Leeds, Town Hall
6 December 1930 and 25 November 1933: Saturday Concerts given by the Leeds Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Julius Harrison/John Barbirolli (with historical and analytical notes and musical examples).

- Liverpool, Picton Hall
26 October 1931: Liverpool Schools' Music Circle Concert for Schools no. 1 with Mr A. M. Gibson and J. E. Wallace (piano) (handbill).

- Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall
22 October 1932: Liverpool Promenade Concert no.2, given with the Philharmonic Light Orchestra and Evelyn Ravaldé (piano), conducted by Alfred Barker (with notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
20 January 1940: Max Mossel concert no.3, with Keith Falkner (vocal) and Leon Goossens (oboe), accompanied by Gerald Moore (with words).

- Manchester, Free Trade Hall
12 December 1929, 26 November 1931 and 9 March 1933: Hallé Concerts Society given Hallé Orchestra, conducted by Hamilton Harty (with historical and analytical notes, musical examples and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles). The concert in 1929 included the first performance of Constant Lambert, The Rio Grande, for Chorus, Orchestra and Solo Piano
27 May 1930: Northern Promenade Concerts with Reginald Whitehead (vocal), Adila Fachiri (violin) and the Hallé Orchestra, conducted by Hamilton Harty (with Descriptive Notes by D. Millar Craig, a list of the orchestral ensemble and a photograph of the conductor).

- Manchester, Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate
13 February 1945: Manchester Tuesday Mid-Day Concert no. 1065, accompanied by Ivor Newton (handbill).

- Manchester, Opera House
14 December 1941: Hallé Orchestra, conducted by Malcolm Sargent (with Analytical Notes by John F. Russell)

- Newcastle, Old Assembly Rooms
18 December 1930: Newcastle Chamber Music Society concert no. 224, with Adila Fachiri (violin) and Maurice Cole (piano).

- Newcastle, St. Nicolas Cathedral
24 November 1939: with Mr Kenneth Malcolmson (organ) (handbill).

- Norwich, Maddermarket Theatre
1 February 1947: with Jessie Hall (piano).

- Norwich, St. Andrew's Hall
22-25 October 1930: 33rd Triennial Norfolk and Norwich Musical Festival, with Myra Hess and Frederic Lamond (piano), Arturo Bonucci (cello) and the Queen’s Hall Orchestra, conducted by Sir Henry Wood (prospectus).

- Oswestry, Victoria Rooms
12 October 1932: Moreton Hall Music Society concert no. 1, with Joan Coxon (vocal), accompanied by Ethel Hobday (with words).

- Oxford, Balliol College
25 May 1930 and 14 November 1943: 919th concert of Balliol College Music Society concert no. 919 and 1065, accompanied by Dr W. H. Harris/Thomas Armstrong (handbill).

- Oxford, Christ Church Cathedral
10 March 1940: Thomas Armstrong and Ivor Keys (organ) (handbill).

- Oxford, Holywell Music Room
7 March 1933: Oxford University Musical Club and Union 1384th Meeting, with John Dykes Bower (piano) (handbill).

- Oxford, New College
6 November 1932: (Service sheet).

- Oxford, Sheldonian Theatre
6 April 1941: Celebrity Concert for His Majesty's Forces with Herman Simberg (vocal), Mark Hambourg (piano) and Mischel Cherniavsky, accompanied by Ivor Newton.

- Oxford, Town Hall
11 June 1930, 12 June 1931 and 8 June [1932]: Sonata Recital with Myra Hess (piano).
7 June 1933: Recital accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Peterborough Cathedral
25 June 1942: accompanied by Dr. Henry Coleman (handbill).

- Pontardawe, Public Hall
12 November 1930: Third Annual Grand Celebrity Concert with Carrie Tubb and Dennis Noble (vocal) and John Edwards (piano).

- Preston, Queen's Hall
13 March 1947: Preston Symphony Orchestra (with notes).

- Redhill, Market Hall
6 May 1932: Holmesdale Fine Arts Club concert no. 3, given with Isobel Baillie (vocal) and Cyril Smith (piano), accompanied by Gerald Moore (with wordbook).

- Sawston Village College, Cambridge
26 November 1946: (handbill).

- Sidmouth, Manor Hall
30 October 1930, 3 December 1931, 3 December 1932 and 26 October 1933: Sidmouth Winter Chamber Concerts (seasons 12-15), with Ethel Hobday (piano) (handbills).

- Sherborne Girls' School
13 November 1929, 1 November 1930 and 19 March [1932]: Sherborne Girls' School Musical Society, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbills)

- Sherborne, [no venue]
Undated [20 March]: (handbill).

- Shrewsbury, Music Hall
18 November 1931: Shrewsbury Orchestral Society, conducted by Frederic C. Morris (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Shrewsbury, St. Mary's Church
16 May 1940: Programme of Recital with the Shrewsbury Orchestral Society, conducted by Frederic C. Morris.

- St. Leonards-on-Sea, Christ Church
12 June 1946: with Allan Biggs (organ) (handbill).

- Stowe School
8 June 1949: Recital with Adila Fachiri (violin), accompanied by Ivor Newton (handbill).

- Southend, [no venue]
[31 October 1933: Recital, accompanied by Ethel Hobday, given for the Purcell Music Club (handbill).

- Torquay, Pavilion
26-29 April 1933: Musical Festival, given by the Municipal Orchestra, conducted by Sir Henry Wood, John Barbiroli, Ernest W. Goss, Alexander Brent-Smith and Herbert Bedford (prospectus with analytical notes).
2 October 1946: Evening Concert given by the Festival Orchestra as part of the Annual Musical Festival, conducted by Warwick Braithwaite (with notes).

- Tunbridge Wells, Pump Room
13 December 1933: Recital accompanied by Ethel Hobday for the Music Club, Tunbridge Wells (5th season)

- Watlington, [no venue]
6 June 1941: with Ivor Newton (piano) and Frederic [Friedrich] Buxbaum (cello)

- Weybridge
27 October 1930: Weybridge and Walton Music Club, accompanied by Ethel Hobday

- Woking, County School for Boys
8 December 1931: Woking Music Club concert no. 3, with Adila Fachiri (violin) and Gladys Ripley (vocal), accompanied by Ethel Hobday (with words).
24 March 1947: Recital with Eric Greene (tenor) and James Sherrin (piano) for the Woking Music Club (handbill).

- Woodford Green, Wilfrid Lawson Hall
9 November 1933: Violin Recital, with Isobel Lamond (vocal), accompanied by Ethel Hobday, as the 63rd Woodford Green Subscription Concert (with wordbook).

- Worcester, Alice Ottley School
19 March 1947: Violin Recital, accompanied by James Sherrin (handbill).

- Wycombe Abbey School
2 and 12 October 1931: accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).

3. Other UK venues
- Aberystwyth, Parish Hall
5 October 1933: Celebrity Concert with Charles Clements (piano), given by the U.C.W. [University College of Wales] Music Club (with photograph).

- Aberystwyth, University College of Wales
21 November 1929: Violin Recital accompanied by Charles Clements (handbill)
24/25 April 1930: 10th Aberystwyth Festival of Orchestral and Choral Music with Harold Williams (vocal), Charles Clements (piano) and the Welsh Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mr Frank Bridge (guest) and David de Lloyd (single document with words and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Belfast, Ulster Hall
16 April 1932 and 29 April 1933: Belfast Wireless Symphony Orchestra, conducted by E. Godfrey Brown (with notes).

- Edinburgh, Usher Hall
23 December 1929: seventh of Paterson’s Orchestral Concerts with the Scottish Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Golschmann (with historical and analytical notes, musical examples, a list of the orchestral ensemble and photographs).
9 March 1930: 19th Professor Tovey Sunday Concert (seventh season), with Professor Tovey.
4 December 1930 and 12 November 1931: Reid Orchestral Concert (seasons 68/69) with the Reid Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Donald Tovey (with historical and analytical notes, including musical examples).
26 August 1942: Celebrity Concert with Adila Fachiri (violin), Pawel Prokopieni (vocal) and Jerzy Sulikowski (piano).

- Glasgow, St. Andrew's Hall
24 December 1929: Choral and Orchestral Union of Glasgow concert no. 7 with the Scottish Orchestra, conducted by Mr Vladimir Golschmann (with historical, analytical and biographical notes, musical examples, a list of the orchestral ensemble and photographs).
27 November 1930: Max Mossel Concert no.2, with Adila Fachiri (violin) and Harold Samuel (piano), accompanied by Ethel Hobday (with notes by Basil Maine).
19 October 1933: first Max Mossel Concert, with Adila Fachiri (violin) and Smeterlin (piano), accompanied by Hobday (with Analytical Notes by Henry Coates).

- St. Andrew's, St. Leonard's School
11 March 1930: accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).
6 March 1940: Recital with Adila Fachiri (violin), accompanied by James Sherrin (handbill).

4. European venues
- Amsterdam, Concertgebouw
22 October 1929: with Myra Hess (piano) (with notes).
25 January 1933: Vijfde Avond with Geza Frid (piano).
13 and 14 January 1934: directed by Eduard van Beinum (with analytical notes including musical examples).

- Barcelona, Palau de la Musica Catalana
10 May 1930: Concert by the Orquestra Pau Casals, conducted by Casals.

- Brussels, Grande Salle de Concerts, Palais des Beaux-Arts
30 November and 1 December 1929: Société Philharmonique de Bruxelles 6th Subscription Concert, with the Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire de Bruxelles, directed by Roger Désormière (with notes).
3 December 1929: Société Philharmonique de Bruxelles 7th Subscription Concert, accompanied by Gabriel Minet.
7 March 1934: 2me Concert d’Orchestra, directed by Robert Ledent (with notes)

- Dublin, Members' Hall, Ball's Bridge
17 November 1930: 2 Pianoforte and Violin Recitals, with Friedrich Wührer for the Royal Dublin Society (single handbill).

- Genève, Grand Théatre
10 January 1931: Concert Symphonique given by the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, directed by Ernest Ansermet (with notes).

- [Groningen, Holland]
1 February 1933: directed by Kor Kuiler (handbill).

- The Hague
21 March 1930, [no venue]: Viool-Avond accompanied by Theo van der Pas.
25 March 1930, Concertgebouw (Kl. Zaal): Viool-Avond accompanied by Hans Schouwman.
26 March 1930, [no venue]: 2e Viool-Avond accompanied by Theo van der Paas.
26 and 30 January and 6 February 1933, Concertzaal ‘De Valk’: three recitals accompanied by Geza Frid, the last referred to as a Afscheidsavond.

- Maastricht, [no venue]
23 March 1930: with the Stedelijk Orkest, directed by Henri Hermans (with notes, biographical notes and photographs).

24 March 1930, Groote Stadsgehoorzaal, [Holland]
Handbill for a Negenentwintigste Concert given with Theo van der Pas (piano)

- Porto, [no venue]
17 May 1935: 2o Recital with Adila Fachiri (violin), accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).

- Rotterdam, Groote Nutzaal
21 January 1931: Viool-Avond accompanied by Theo van der Pas (handbill)

- Tarragona, Salon Moderno
12 May 1930: accompanied by Ethel Hobday, given for the Filarmónica de Tarragona (with biographical notes).

5. American venues
- Boston, Symphony Hall
15 March 1931: Sunday Afternoon Concert, being a Recital with Pauline Danforth (piano), accompanied by Carl Lamson
19 February 1932: sixteenth programme of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Serge Koussevitzky including the first performance of Copland, Symphony Ode (with historical and descriptive notes by Philip Hale and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Groton School Hall
29 February 1932: Violin Recital, accompanied by Twining Lynes (handbill).

- Lycoming
1 March 1931: with Myra Hess (piano) and Hans Kindler (cello) (handbill).

- Missouri, The Odeon, St. Louis
20 and 21 March 1931: seventeenth pair of symphony concerts, given by the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Georg Szell (with notes by Harry R. Burke, biographical notes, a list of the orchestral ensembles and photographs).

- New York, Harvard Hall
29 March 1931: accompanied by Arthur Bergh (handbill).
31 January 1932: accompanied by Frederic Persson, given by the Harvard Club of New York City (with notes).

- New York, Knox School, Cooperstown
7 March 1931: accompanied by Emily Hawtrey (handbill).

- New York, Town Hall
23 February 1932: with Myra Hess (piano).

- New York, Washington Irving High School, Irving Place
30 January 1932: fourth (of six) Artist Recital, presented by the Peoples Symphony Concerts Auxiliary Club.

- Reading, Rajah Theatre
22 February 1931: fourth concert of the Reading Symphony Orchestra (18th season), conducted by Walter Pfeiffer

- Washington, Constitution Hall
14 February 1932: National Symphony Orchestra of Washington D. C., conducted by Hans Kindler (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Wellesley College, Alumnae Hall
21 January 1932: Wellesley Concert Fund concert no. 4 (handbill).

- [no venue]
3 March 1931: (handbill).
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