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Collection Description

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Arányi Collection: Volume 3 (1928-32)
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A collection of prospectuses, handbills and programmes for performances given by the violinist Adila Fachiri (1886–1962) at various venues in London, the UK and Europe between 1928 and 1932, held as the third of six bound volumes within the Arányi Collection (1907–56).

All of the performances featured Adila Fachiri, many with his violinist sister Jelly d'Arányi. Additional performers are listed below. The majority of the programmes are accompanied by press cuttings offering reviews of the performances.

The majority of the items are handbills/single-sheet programmes. As noted below, those for the Queen's Hall include analytical/descriptive notes with musical examples.

The items are listed here alphabetically by location, divided as follows:
1. London venues
2. English provincial venues
3. Other UK venues
4. European venues

The collection also includes handbills for recitals given on 23 April 1929 (accompanied by George Reeves) and 12 March 1832 (accompanied by Bertram Harrison) for which no venues are recorded.

1. London venues
- 1 Herbert Crescent, Hans Place
5 June 1929: with Margaret Elwes and Mark Raphael (vocal).

- 121 Mount Street
26 June 1931 and [4 May 1932]: (handbills).

- 26a Bryanston Square
19 December 1928: with Orea Pernel (violin), Rebecca Clarke and May Muckle (viola) and Alexander Fachiri (cello) (handbill).

- 40 Queen Anne's Gate
17 July 1930 and 16 July 1931: with Jelly d'Arányi (violin), accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- 5 Carlton Gardens, SW1
8 July 1929: N. Orloff (piano), accompanied by Mr Harrison.

- 5 Grosvenor Square
16 November 1931: Friedrich Wührer (piano) (handbill).

- 8 Bryanston Square
25 June 1929: Friedrich Wührer (piano) (handbill).

- Chelsea, Town Hall
20 February 1929 and 15 December 1931: Chelsea Music Club concert nos. 42 and 58, with Donald Tovey (piano)/Dora Labbette (vocal) accompanied by Gerald Moore (handbill/with words).

- Friends House, Euston Road
21 April 1932: Gabriele Joachim (vocal), Ethel Hobday (piano) and John Gabalfa (cello) (with words).

- Grove House, Regent's Park
15 July 1931: Jelly d'Arányi (violin), Myra Hess (piano) and René le Roy (flute).

- Hungarian Legation
24 March 1930: with Gabrielle Joachim (vocal)

- Institution of Civil Engineers, Great George Street, Westminster
12 June 1929: Conversatione

- London School of Economics and Political Science
28 February 1929 and 31 October 1930: Lunch-Hour Concerts (handbills).

- Londonderry House, Park Lane
5 July [1932]: Violin and Piano Recital with Friedrich Wührer (handbill).

- Palace Hotel, 99 Lancaster Gate
4 March 1929: Paddington Music Club 5th Concert (6th season)/Sonatas and Trios, with Angus Morrison (piano) and Alexander Fachiri (cello).

- Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly
10 June 1929, 2 June 1930 and 30 May 1932: arranged by H. H. Princess Helena Victoria.

- Queen's Hall
14 August 1929, 14 August 1930, 2 September [1931] and 2 September 1932:
Bach/Handel concerts given as part of the BBC Promenade Concerts (seasons 34-37), conducted by Henry Wood. The concerts in 1929 and 1930 both featured Gladys Palmer and Stuart Robertson (vocal) whilst those in 1931 and 1932 featured Isobel Baillie and Eric Greene (vocal) and Jelly d'Arányi (violin). With the exception of that for 1931, for which only an extract is held, all programmes include Analytical/Descriptive Notes by Rosa Newmarch. Those for 1930 and 1932 provide a list of the orchestral ensemble.
8 November 1929: BBC Symphony Concert given with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Landon Ronald (with Notes by D. Millar Craig, a list of the orchestral ensemble and photographs).
3 April 1930: Royal Philharmonic Society no. 8 (118th season), with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Dorothy Silk (vocal), conducted by Oskar Fried, including the first performance of Holst, Concerto for two Violins (with analytical notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
18 September 1930: British Concert given with Roy Henderson (vocal) and Jelly d'Arányi (violin) as part of the 36th season of BBC Promenade Concerts, conducted by Sir Henry Wood, including pieces by Arthur Bliss and Gustav Holst conducted by the composers (with Descriptive Notes by Rosa Newmarch).
14 July 1931: Joachim Centenary Concert with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Gabriele Joachim (vocal) and the New Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Henry J. Wood and Donald Francis Tovey (with analytical and biographical notes, musical examples and photographs).

- Royal Society of British Artists
22 May 1930: with Gabriele Joachim and Kingsley Lark (vocal).

- Turner's House, 118 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
10 May 1932: Concert in aid of the Princess Club Settlement, Bermondsey, with Mrs Valentine Fleming (violin) and Betty Bannerman (vocal) (handbill).

- Wigmore Hall
29 April 1929: Recital of Works for Two Violins, given with Jelly d'Arányi (handbill).
22 June [1929]: Sonata Recital with N. Orloff (piano) (handbill).
30 October and 23 November [1929]: Recitals (single document).
2, 16 and 30 November [1929]: Pianoforte Recitals by Donald Francis Tovey, that on 16 November featuring Adila Fachiri (single document).
23 November [corrected to 1 March 1930]: Violin Recital (handbill).
8 November [1930]: Recital of Works for Two Violins with Jelly d'Arányi (handbill).
14 November 1930: Programme of Orchestral Compositions by R. O. Morris, conducted by Arthur Bliss (handbill with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
25 April [1931]: Recital of Works for Two Violins, with Jelly d'Arányi (handbill).
6, 13, 20 and 27 May and 3 and 10 June [1931]: Recitals by Donald Francis Tovey (piano), those on 6 and 20 May featuring Adila Fachiri (single document).
18 March 1932: Violin Recital accompanied by Bertram Harrison (handbill).
21 May 1932: Bach Concertos, with Jelly d'Arányi, conducted by Bruce Hylton-Stewart.
23 June [1932]: Violin and Pianoforte Sonata Recital with Kathleen Long (handbill).
9 Decmeber [1932]: Violin and Pianoforte Sonata Recital with Kathleen Long (handbill).

- Wimbledon, King's College School Hall
8 February 1930 and 8 November 1939: 'Nine O'Clocks' with Herbert de Leon (vocal)/Friedrich Wührer (piano).

2. English provincial venues
- Alderley Edge, Festival Hall
20 March 1929: Harold Dahlquist (vocal), accompanied by Ida Bellerby (with words).

- Alnwick, Duke's School
14 October 1931: British Music Society Alnwick Branch/Violin and Piano Recital with Vera Moore (handbill).

- Barnstaple, Foresters' Hall
13 November 1930: Federation of Music Club North Devon Branch/Violin and Vocal Recital with Stuart Robertson (handbill).

- Birmingham, Town Hall
19 November 1930: Max Mossel Concert no.2, with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Harold Samuel (piano), accompanied by Ethel Hobday.

- Blackpool, Hotel Metropole
10 December 1929: Violin Recital with Jelly d'Arányi, given for the Blackpool Chamber Concert Society.

- Bourne [no venue]
16 March 1929 and 12 November 1932: Bourne Music Club, the first with Angus Morrison (piano) and Alexander Fachiri (cello) (handbills).

- Bowdon Assembly Rooms
9 November 1929: Bowdon Chamber Concerts Society no. 1 (22nd season)/Violin Recital with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by John Wills (handbill).

- Bradford [no venue]
4 March 1932: Bradford Subscription Concert no.6 (67th season), given by the Hallé Orchestra with Fred Tilsley (oboe), conducted by Sir Hamilton Harty (with analytical notes, musical examples, a list of the orchestral ensemble and a list of the subscribers).

- Bude
12 November 1930: Federation of Music Clubs/Violin and Vocal Recital with Stuart Robertson, accompanied by Bertram Harrison (handbill).

- Canterbury, County Hall
22 February 1930: Canterbury Winter Concert no. 5, with Maurice Cole (piano).

- Cardiff, City Hall
10 January 1929: City Hall Concert (3rd season), with Francis Russell (tenor) and the National Orchestra of Wales, conducted by Mr Warwick Braithwaite (with words and brief notes).

- Dorking Hall
4 November 1931: Dorking Music Club Recital with Jelly d'Arányi.

- Essendon, Holwell Court
28 February 1929: with Alexander Fachiri (cello) and Bruce D. Hylton-Stewart (piano) (handwritten handbill).

- Exeter, Barnfield Hall
13 March 1929 and 11 November 1930: Exeter Philharmonic Subscription Concerts with vocalists Harold Dahlquist/Astra Desmond accompanied by Mrs Norman Lasdun/Bertram Harrison (handbills).

- Farnham, Frensham Heighs
[undated]: Frensham Heights Concert given with Alexander Fachiri (cello) and Bertram Harrison (piano).

- Hertford, Haileybury College, Master's Lodge
All concerts were accompanied/conducted by Mr Bruce D. Hylton-Stewart.
5 March 1931 and 12 May 1932: Haileybury Chamber Music Society (handbills).
25 June 1931: Choral and Orchestral Music (handbill).
20 February 1932: with Harold Dahlquist (vocal) (with words).

- Haslemere Hall
8 February and 13 December 1930 and 14 November 1931: Haslemere Chamber Music Concerts nos. 5, 6 and 3 with Alexander Fachiri (cello, no.5) and Jelly d'Arányi (nos. 6 and 3) with pianists Friedrich Wührer (nos. 5 and 6) and Ethel Hobday (no.3).

- Kendall, Town Hall
31 October 1931: with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Elena Gerhardt (vocal) (with words).

- Lincoln, Assembly Rooms
12 February 1930: Lincoln Music Club no. 3 (7th season), with Mark Raphael (baritone), accompanied by Bruce Hylton-Stewart (with words).

- Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall
10 February 1931: Liverpool Philharmonic Society Ninth Subscription Concert (92nd season), conducted by Malcolm Sargent, including the first Liverpool performance of Arnold Bax, Tone-Poem, The Garden of Fand (with analytical notes, musical examples and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).

- Liverpool, Picton Hall
7 March 1931: Rushworth and Dreaper's Concerts for Young Folk No. 4, given by the Liverpool (British Music Society) String Orchestra, conducted by Gordon E. Stutely (handbill).
8 November 1932: Concert for School, with J. E. Wallace and Norman Suckling (piano) (handbill)

- Liverpool, Rushworth Hall
29 October 1931: Liverpool Centre of the British Music Society Recital with Dr J. E. Wallace (piano) (handbill).

- Malvern, Christ Church Memorial Hall
5 November 1930: Malvern Concert Club concert no. 103/Violin Recital accompanied by Miss Julie Lasdun (handbill, 2 copies).

- Manchester, Kings Hall
6 December 1930: Belle Vue Celebrity Concert no.1 (first series), with Noel Eadie and Roy Henderson (vocal) and Eccles Borough Band, conducted by James Dow (with words).

- Newcastle, Old Assembly Rooms
18 December 1930 and 19 November 1931: Chamber Music Society of Newcastle-upon-Tyne concert nos. 224 and 228 with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Maurice Cole (piano)/Frank Mannheimer (piano) (with notes).

- Norwich, Stuart Hall
2 October 1929: Violin Recital with Diana Cator (violin), accompanied by Mr Bruce Hylton-Stewart

- Oxford, [no venue]
13 March 1931: Oxford Ladies' Musical Society concert no. 398, with Alexander Fachiri (cello) and Professor Wührer (piano) (handbill).

- Oxford, Town Hall
25 October [1929] and 9 May 1931: Recital of Works for Two Violins given with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).
8 June 1932: Bach Concertos with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) (handbill).

- Preston, Public Hall
22 November 1930: Norwoods' Celebrity Concerts no. 2, with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Satne and Armine Meduria and Harold Williams (vocal) (with words).

- Radlett, Parish Hall
2 March 1929: Radlett and District Music Club concert no. 5 (5th season)/Violin and Pianoforte Recital, with an introductory lecture by H. Y. Templeman (handbill).

- Reading
9-11 May 1931: Reading Musical Festival (prospectus).

- Reading, Kendrick School
23 March 1929: Reading Music Club concert no. 5/Violin and Song Recital with Percy Underwood, accompanied by Julie Lasdun.

- Reigate, White Hart Hotel, New Room
30 January 1931: Sonata and Song Recital with Maria Marxow, accompanied by Bertram Harrison and Evelyn Manwell (with words).

- Sidmouth, Manor Hall
28 January 1932: Sidmouth Winter Chamber Concert no. 3/Violin and Piano Recital with Vera Moore (13th season) (handbill).

- Woking, County School for Boys
26 November 1929 and 8 December 1931: Woking Music Club nos. 2 and 3 with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and vocalists Harold Dahlquist/Gladys Ripley, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (with words).

3. Other UK venues
- Aberystwyth, College Hall, University College of Wales
8 October 1931: Violin Recital given as the First Celebrity Concert of the University College of Wales Music Club.

- Edinburgh, Usher Hall
28 November 1929 and 20 October 1932: Reid Symphony Orchestra concerts conducted by Donald Francis Dovey/Dr Mary Grierson (with analytical notes and musical examples).
1 December 1929: Professor Tovey's Sunday Concerts no. 9 (7th season)/Violin, Violoncello and Pianoforte Recital with Alexander Fachiri (cello) and Donald Tovey (piano).
23 October 1932: Recital for Violin and Pianoforte with Dr Mary Grierson, given as the third of Professor Tovey’s Sunday Afternoon Concerts (10th season).

- Glasgow, Rankine Hall
27 November 1929: First Chamber Concert given with Donald Tovey (piano) and Alfred Picton (flute) and the orchestra of the Glasgow Bach Society, conducted by Henry Havergal (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).

4. Foreign venues
Programmes with biographical notes for performances given with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Ethel Hobday (piano) at the following venues in Spain in May 1929, each of the Sociedad Filarmónica of the city concerned: Salón: Moderno, Tarragona (7 May), Teatro Principal, Zaragoza (8 May), Malaga (11 May), Teatro Principal, Burgos (13 May), Teatro Rosalia Castro, La Caruna (15 May).

- Berlin, Philharmonie
3 April 1929: Konzert mit dem Philharmonischen Orchester, directed by Stanley Chapple (handbill).

- Berlin, Singakademie
8 January 1930: Violin-Abend accompanied by Arpád Sándor (handbill).
17 October 1930: Sonaten-Abend with Friedrich Wührer (piano) (handbill).

- Brussels, Grande Saale de Concerts, Brussels
15 January 1931: Recital a deux Violins given with Jelly d'Arányi for the Société Philharmonique de Bruxelles.

- Dublin, Members' Hall, Ball's Bridge
17 February 1930: Royal Dublin Society/Pianoforte and Violin Recital with Donald F. Tovey (handbill).

- Firenze, British Institute
4 February [1929]: with Mr Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco (piano) (handbill).

- Frankfurt, Kleiner Saal des Saalbaues
18 March 1930: Violin-Abend (handbill).

- Koln, Konzertvereins-Saal
7 December 1928: Violin-Abend presented by the Westdeutsche Konzertdirektion Koln.

- Malta, Manoel Theatre
14 February 1929: accompanied by Mrs Julie Lasdun.

- Roma, Sala Accademica di S. Cecilia
8 February 1929: accompanied by Madame Lasdun (with notes).

- Vienna
10 and 17 April, 1929, Mittleren Konzerthaussaal: (single document).
9 October 1930 [corrected to 8 October] Grosser Konzerhaus-Saal: Konzert mit dem Wiener Sinfonie-Orchester, directed by Robert Heger (handbill).

- Warsaw
24 and 28 November 1931: (single document).
29 November 1931: (with biographical notes and photograph).
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