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Collection Description

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Arányi Collection: Volume 2 (1922-28)
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A collection of prospectuses, handbills, programmes and wordbooks for concerts given by the violinist Adila Fachiri (1886–1962) at a range of venues in London, the UK and Europe between 1922 and 1928, held as the second of six bound volumes within the Arányi Collection (1907–56).

All the concerts featured the violinist Adila Fachiri, with the additional performers listed below. The majority of the programmes are accompanied by newspaper cuttings carrying reviews or other supplementary material.

The items are listed here alphabetically by venue as follows:
1. London venues
2. English provincial venues
3. Other UK venues
4. European venues.

The collection also includes two items for which no venue is given. The first of these is also undated (Violin and Song Recital with Gilbert Bailey, accompanied by Bertram Harrison, handbill). The second is from 23 October 1928 (Wellington Music Club Concert with Orrea Pernell (violin), Rebecca Clarke (viola) and the cellists May Mukle and Alexander Fachiri).

1. London venues
- 1 Herbert Crescent
17 July 1928: Prince Irakly Orbeliani (piano) and Madame Kirkby Lunn and Lady Mulleneux Grayson (vocal), accompanied by Bertram Harrison.

- 5 Carlton Gardens
5 July 1928: Madame Rose Pampanini (vocal), accompanied by Bertram Harrison.

- Aeolian Hall
17 November [1922]: Concert of Works by Alex Tcherepnin, all of which were receiving their first English performances, with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Tcherepnin (piano) (handbill).

- Chelsea, [no venue]
1928–29: Chelsea Music Club (prospectus).

- Harrow School, Speechroom
1 November 1927: Grand Evening Concert with Miss Dora Labbette, Miss Margaret Balfour, Mr Hubert Eisdell and Mr Roy Henderson (vocal), accompanied by Mr George Reeves.

- Kensington Town Hall
13 December 1926 and 19 November 1928: Kensington Music Club with Jelly d' Arányi (violin), accompanied by Bertram Harrison/Harold Dahlquist (vocal), Orrea Pernel (violin), Rebecca Clarke (viola) and cellists May Mukle and Alexander Fachiri (with words and lists of the club members).

- Kent House, Knightsbridge
14 February [no year]: Madame Katherine Arkandy, Miss Marion Keighley Snowden and Thomas Marshall (vocal), accompanied by Ivor Newton.

- Kingston [no venue]
11 December 1926: Kingston and Surbiton Musical Club with Muriel Hughes (vocal), accompanied by Bertram Harrison (handbill).

- Prince's Galleries, Piccadilly
21 February 1928: Reception to Fraulein Elizabeth Schumann and Mr Nicolas Medtner organized by the Music Club (handbill).

- Queen's Hall
26 June 1924: Queen's College Extension Appeal Fund, given by the British Women's Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gwynne Kimpton (with Analytical Notes by F. Gilbert Webb, a biographical note on Kimpton and a photograph).
21 September 1927 and 5 September and 3 October 1928: Bach/Handel Concerts given as part of the BBC Promenade Concerts 33rd/34th seasons), conducted by Sir Henry Wood (with Descriptive Notes by Rosa Newmarch)
13 February 1928: British Women's Symphony Orchestra Concert no. 2 (4th series), conducted by Malcolm Sargent, including the first London performance of Fenney, Prelude, Aria and Tarentella (with analytical notes by F. Gilbert Webb and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
24 February 1928: National Symphony Concert, with Jelly d' Arányi (violin), conducted by Geoffrey Toye (with words and introductory and descriptive notes).

- Royal Academy of Music
7 July 1928: R.A.M. Club Social and Musical Meeting, with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Ethel Hobday (piano) (handbill).

- Royal College of Music
26 October 1926: Bach Cantata Club 5th Meeting (first season), with Joseph Slater (flute) and Harold Samuel (piano), conducted by Charles Kennedy Scott (with descriptive notes).

- Westminster, Central Hall
31 March 1925: Bach Choir 118th Concert, with Bertha Steventon and J. J. Andrews (vocal), Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by R. Vaughan Williams, including the first English performance of Whittaker, A Lyke-Wake Dirge (with words).
3 December 1927: Orchestral Concert for Children no. 3, given by the Symphony Orchestra for Children, conducted by Malcolm Sargent (with notes).

- Wigmore Hall
2 November [1926]: Violin Recital accompanied by Bertram J. Harrison, including the first performance of Herbert Hughes, The Tenpenny bit (Jig).
16 November [1926]: Sonata Recital with Harold Samuel (piano) (handbill).
15 December [1926]: Recital of Works for Two Violins with Jelly d'Arányi (handbill).
14 June [1927]: Violin Recital accompanied by Bertram J. Harrison (handbill).
30 January [1928]: Violin Recital with Friedrich Wührer (piano), accompanied by Mrs Norman Lasdun (handbill).
11 February [1928]: Concert of her Own Compositions given by Ethel Smyth with Doris Vane (vocal), Marjorie Hayward (violin), Albert Fransella (flute), Helen Gaskell (oboe), Aubrey Brain (horn) and Kathleen Long and Bertram Harrison (piano) (with words and Analytical Notes).
22 March [1928]: Recital of Works for Two Violins, with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday (handbill).
5 May [1928]: Sonata Recital with Donald Francis Tovey (handbill).
7, 14 and 28 June [1928]: Three Schubert Concerts with Friedrich Wührer (handbill).
29 September 1928: Katharine Goodson (piano), Orrea Pernel (violin), Lionel Tertis (viola) and May Muckle (cello) (with notes).
2 October [1928]: Violin Recital accompanied by Bertram J. Harrison (handbill).
13 October [1928]: Recital of Works for Two Violins, with Jelly d'Arányi, accompanied by Ethel Hobday.
23 November 1928: Pianoforte and Violin Sonata Recital with Donald Tovey (handbill).

Wimbledon, King's College School Hall
19 November 1927: 'Nine O'Clocks', with Dorothy Helmrich (vocal), accompanied by Bertram Harrison.

2. English provincial venues
- Alton, Foresters' Hall
9 November 1927: Alton Chamber Concert, accompanied by Bertram Harrison (handbill).

- Banbury, Church House
18 January 1927: Recital accompanied by Joan Conway, for the Banbury and District Musical Society (8th season) (handbill).

- Bangor, University College
16 February 1927: Bangor Musical Club Public Concert no. 5, with Nicholas Orloff (piano) (with descriptive notes).

- Birmingham, Town Hall
8 November 1928: City of Birmingham Orchestra no.2, conducted by Adrian C. Boult (with historical and descriptive notes, a list of the orchestral ensemble and photograph).

- Bournemouth, Winter Gardens
September 1923: Autumn Season Arrangements, including programmes for the Thursday Symphony Concerts and the Special Concerts (prospectus).
15 November 1928: Sixth Symphony Concert (34th Winter Season), conducted by Sir Dan Godfrey (with Analytical and historical notes by Hamilton Law).

- Bowdon Assembly Rooms
10 December 1927: Bowdon Chamber Concerts Society no. 2, with Megan Foster (vocal) and John Wills (piano) (with words).

- Bradford, 'Mayfair', 71 Manningham Lane
9 October 1928: Ida Bellerby for the British Music Society (Bradford Centre).

- Bradford, Morley Street Picture House
21 November 1926: Bradford Philharmonic Concerts, given by the Bradford Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Keith Douglas (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
Autumn Season 1926: Bradford Philharmonic Concerts, given by the Bradford Philharmonic Orchestra (prospectus with background information regarding the organization and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Bradford, Theatre Royal
6 February 1928: Bradford Philharmonic Concert no.8 with Lillie Mitchell (alto) and the Bradford Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Keith Douglas (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Bristol, Colston Hall
4 February 1928: Bristol Philharmonic Society no. 3 (27th season), with Megan Foster (vocal) and George Reeves (piano), conducted by Arnold Barter (with words, descriptive notes and lists of the Members and of the choral ensemble).

- Derby, Central Hall
12 October 1928: Derby Municipal and County Chamber Concerts (13th series), with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Roy Henderson (vocal), accompanied by Ethel Hobday (with words, historical and descriptive notes, musical examples and photographs).

- Eastbourne, Devonshire Park
5–11 November 1928: Souvenir Programme of the Sixth Annual Music Festival (with words, lists of the Eastbourne Municipal Orchestra, and photographs of the principal performers).

- Eastbourne, Winter Gardens
24 October 1924: Municipal Orchestral Concert given by the Eastbourne Municipal Orchestra, conducted by Henry G. Amers (with historical and descriptive notes).

- Farnham, Frensham Heights
1928–29: Frensham Heights Concerts (prospectus).

- Gloucester, Shire Hall
9 and 10 February 1928: Gloucester Orpheus Society Annual Subscription Concert, with Percy Underwood (vocal), accompanied by Bertram Harrison (with words and lists of the members and the performers of the Society).

- Guildford, County and Borough Hall
16 October 1928: Guildford Orchestral and Subscription Concert no. 1, with the Guildford Symphony Orchestra (string section), conducted by Claud Powell

- Haileybury College
12 February and 8 October 1927: Steuart Wilson (vocal), accompanied by B. D. Hylton-Stewart (handbill).
21 November 1928: Schubert Concert, with Alexander Fachiri (cello), Harold Dahlquist (vocal) and B. D. Hylton-Stewart (piano) (with words).

- Haslemere Hall
29 January 1927: Haslemere Chamber Music Concert no. 5 with Gaspar Cassado (cello) and Nicolas Orloff (piano) (handbill).
10 November 1928: Haslemere Chamber Music Concert no. 2 with Jelly d'Arányi (violin) and Friedrich Wührer (piano).

- Kendal Town Hall
27 January 1928: Fourth Kendal Popular Concert, accompanied by Bruce Hylton-Stewart (with Analytical Notes by John Russell).

- Leeds, University of Leeds
9 October 1928: Recital accompanied by Miss Ida Bellerby (handbill).

- Liverpool, Rushworth Hall
1 November 1928: Recital of Contemporary Music given with Dr James E. Wallace (piano) for the British Music Society (Liverpool Centre) (handbill).

- Luton, Assembly Hall
25 October 1928: Recital with Harold Samuel (piano), given as the first concert of the second series of Orchestral Subscription Concerts

- Manchester, Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate
1 March 1927: Violin Recital accompanied by John Wills, given as the 523rd Manchester Tuesday Mid-Day Concert (handbill).

- Manchester, Free Trade Hall
17 February 1923: Beethoven Evening given as the eighth of the Brand Lane's Orchestral Concerts, with Jelly d'Arányi, the New Brand Lane Symphony Orchestra, and the Manchester Philharmonic, conducted by Henry Wood (with Descriptive Notes by Rosa Newmarch).

- Newbury, Corn Exchange
1 December 1926: Grand Orchestral Concert with Mr Keith Falkner (vocal), conducted by Mr D. G. A. Fox (with words, descriptive notes and a lit of the orchestral ensemble).

- Northampton, Weston Favell
29 November 1928: Pianoforte and Violin Sonata Recital with Ethel Hobday, given for the Garden Studio Music Club (handbill).

- Norwich, St. Andrew's Hall
5 December 1925, 19 March 1927 and 3 November 1928: Norwich Municipal Orchestra with vocalists Hubert Carter/John Turner/Olive Kavann, conducted by Mr Maddern Williams (with descriptive notes).

- Oxford
8 March 1927, Holywell Music Room: Oxford University Musical Club and Union 1243rd Meeting, with Ernest Walker (piano) (handbill).
22 June 1928, [no venue]: Oxford Ladies' Musical Society 366th concert, with Angus Morrison (piano) and Alexander Fachiri (cello) (handbill).

- Sheffield, Victoria Hall
12 March 1925: Sheffield Subscription Concert no. 5, with Anne Thursfield and John Goss (vocal) and Maurice Cole (piano), accompanied by Ethel Cook (with words and photographs).
28 November 1928: 172nd Foron Five O'Clock Concert, with Miss Ethel Cook (piano) and Miss Elsa Frood (vocal)

- St. Albans, Grand Palace Cinema
25 October 1928: St. Albans Orchestral Subscription Concerts no. 1, being a recital with Harold Samuel (piano).

- Ware, Sacombe Park
1 December 1927: accompanied by Bruce Hylton Stewart (handwritten handbill).

- Whitney Wood
18 November 1922: with Ruth Tanner (cello), accompanied by Ruth Eyre (handbill).

- Winchester, Guildhall
20 October 1927: Winchester Music Club, with Bertram Harrison (piano) (with words).

3. Other UK venues
- Dublin, Members' Hall, Ball's Bridge
8 November 1926: Royal Dublin Society, with Jelly d'Arányi (violin), accompanied by Mrs Hawtrey (handbill).

- Edinburgh, Synod Hall, Castle Terrace
27 March 1927: Sunday Evening Concerts no. 21 (4th season), with Mr A. Fachiri (cello) and Donald Tovey (piano).

- Edinburgh, University Music Class Room
26 March 1927: Edinburgh Bach Society 3rd Meeting (39th session), with Donald Tovey (piano) and the Edinburgh Bach Society's Orchestra, conducted by Mr Douglas Dickson (handbill).

- Edinburgh, Usher Hall
1 March 1924, 24 March 1927 and 29 March 1928: Reid Orchestral Concerts given by the Reid Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Donald Tovey (with historical and analytical notes, including musical examples, by Tovey).
1 April [1928]: Special Recital with Donald Tovey (piano), as the last of Professor Tovey's Sunday Concerts (handbill).
26 November 1928: Paterson's Orchestral Concerts no. 3, with the Scottish Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Golschmann (with historical and analytical notes, musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble).

- Forfar, Reid Hall
20 January 1927: Grand Evening Concert given with Mignon Nevada, Miss Astra Desmond, Mr Arthur Jordan and Mr Roy Henderson (vocal), accompanied by Mr Reginald Paul as part of the Forfar Literary Institute, Roberts-Wright Course of Lectures and Concerts (with words and photographs).

- Galashields, Playhouse
7 December 1927: Playhouse Subscription Concert no.2, with Enid Cruickshank, Isobel Baillie and Harold Williams (vocal) and Joan Singleton (piano) (with words, biographical notes and photographs).

- Glasgow, St. Andrew's Hall
27 November 1928: Choral and Orchestral Union of Glasgow 3rd Concert, with the Scottish Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Golschman, including the first Glasgow performance of William Walton, Overture 'Portsmouth Point' and Respighi, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (with historical and analytical notes, musical examples and lists of the Patrons and of the orchestral ensemble).

4. European venues
- Berlin, Philharmonie
24 February 1927: V. Konzert mit dem Philharmonischen Orchester, directed by Heinz Unger (with notes).

- Den Haag
24 August 1926, Kurhaus: directed by Georg Schnéevoigt
29 November 1927, Pulchri Studio: Viool-Recital, accompanied by Bertram Harrison.

- Roma, Sala Sgambati
10 January 1928: Recital accompanied by George Reeves (handbill).

- Vienna, Mittlerer Konzerthaus-Saal
8 April and 18 December 1927: Violinabend accompanied by Ernst Bachrich.

8 January 1927, Grosser Musikvereins-Saal
Violinabend accompanied by Otto Schulhof (handbill).
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