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Collection Description

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Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts (1948-69)
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A collection of souvenir brochures, with programmes, for the first 22 years of the Aldeburgh Festival, given between 1948 and 1969 in association with the Arts Council of Great Britain and the English Opera Group, held as 2 bound volumes (seasons 10-15 and 16-20) and a number of individual items.

Each brochure begins with a number of introductory essays, usually with at least one on the Festival itself, the place of Aldeburgh and some aspect of the repertory selected. There are also lists of the Committee Members for the Festival and of the English Opera Group.

Each season included at least one operatic production, typically of a work by Britten, which was repeated on a number of occasions. Unless otherwise stated below, this was given by the English Opera Group (with the backing of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden from 1961) and accompanied by the English Opera Group Orchestra. The majority of the productions were held in the Jubilee Hall.

From 1958, each Festival also began to include a number of concert series, consisting of a sequence of themed programmes devised largely by Imogen Holst.

The majority of the programmes provide detailed information regarding the vocal and instrumental soloists and the chamber/orchestral performers. Many also carry historical and descriptive notes. Those for vocal recitals typically double as wordbooks. From 1963, the brochures include lists of the members of the English Chamber Orchestra (led by Emanuel Hurtwitz), the Purcell Singers and the Aldeburgh Festival Chorus.

Performances took place at a number of venues in and around the Aldeburgh area. These included the Jubilee Hall (JH), the Parish Church in Aldeburgh (PC), Orford Church (OC), Framlingham Church (FC) and Blythburgh Church (BC). The Inaugural Concert of the 1967 season marked the opening of the Maltings, Snape (M), which was subsequently used as a regular venue.

In addition to information regarding the musical performances, these brochures also detail the Lectures given and the art exhibitions held as part of the Festival. There are also a number of photographs and illustrations, typically of key performers, of Aldeburgh itself and/or of operatic productions.

A detailed entry for the first Festival is given below as an illustration of the density of information provided. Thereafter, only a summary of the performances is given. In each case, the operatic productions and, where appropriate, concert series are listed first.

5–13 June 1948
7, 9 and 11 June 1948: Britten, Albert Herring, with Joan Cross, Gladys Parr, Margaret Ritchie, Otakar Kraus, Roy Ashton, Norman Lumsden, Denis Dowling, Peter Pears, Nancy Evans, Catherine Lawson, Anne Sharp, Elizabeth Parry and Alan Thompson (vocal) and the English Opera Group Chamber Orchestra, led by Jack Kessler and conducted by the composer.

5 and 12 June 1948, PC: Choral and Orchestral Concert, including the first performance of Martin Shaw, God's Grandeur, with Peter Pears (tenor), Ralph Downes (organ), Hans Oppenheim and Ivor Clayton (piano), the Aldeburgh Festival Chorus (chorus master, Ursula Nettleship) and a chamber orchestra led by Jack Kessler and conducted by Leslie Woodgate.
6 June 1948, The Cinema: Pianoforte Recital by Clifford Curzon, including music by Schubert, Lennox Berkeley, Ravel, Chopin and Liszt (Sonata in B minor).
8 June 1948, PC: Recital by Peter Pears (tenor) and Benjamin Britten (piano), with George Roth (cello).
8 and 10 June 1948, PC: Recitals of Verse, Music and Song, the first entitled Poetry of the Bible and the second Poetry of the Sea, given by Celia Johnson and Robert Speaight (vocal), with Ralph Downes (organ). Also, Margaret Ritchie (8 June) and Flora Nielsen (10 June).
10 June 1948, PC: Zorian String Quartet (Olive Zorian, Winifred Copperwheat, Marjorie Lavers and Norina Semino), with Stephen Waters (clarinet) and Benjamin Britten (piano).
13 June 1948, JH: Chamber Music with Jack Kessler and Hans Geiger (violin), Bernard Davis (viola), George Roth (cello), Robert Mayer (double bass), Enid Simon (harp), John Francis (flute), Joy Boughton (oboe), Stephen Waters (clarinet), Edward Wilson (bassoon), David Burditt (horn) and Herbert Wilson (percussion), conducted by Benjamin Britten and Arthur Oldham.
12 and 13 June 1948, JH/Cinema: The Aldeburgh Serenade Concert, a Musical Entertainment arranged and introduced by Basil Douglas, with Joan Cross, Margaret Ritchie, Nancy Evans, Peter Pears, Otakar Kraus and Norman Lumsden (vocal), Benjamin Britten, Ivan Clayton and Hans Oppenheim (piano), John Francis (flute), Joy Boughton (oboe) and Enid Simon (harp).
Among the introductory essays for this volume is one by Eric Crozier on the Origins of the Aldeburgh Festival.

10–19 June 1949
All of the operas this season were by Benjamin Britten, being The Rape of Lucretia (10 and 13 June 1949) and Let's make an Opera! (first performance, 14 and 17 June 1949), conducted by Norman del Mar and Albert Herring (15 and 18 June 1949), conducted Ivan Clayton.

Other concerts
11 June 1949: Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC), Serenade Concert (JH)
12 June 1949: Chamber Concert (JH)
14 June 1949: Sacred Music and Poetry/Robert Speaight (PC)
15 June 1949: Music for Wind Instruments (PC)
16 June 1949: Sacred Music and Poetry/Robert Speaight (PC), Music for Strings/Peter Gibbs Quartet (PC)
17 June 1949: Cambridge University Madrigal Society/Boris Ord (PC), Madrigals in the Open Air/Cambridge University Madrigal Society (Thorpeness)
18 June 1949: Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC)
19 June 1949: Recital of English Songs/Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten (JH)

17–25 June 1950
19, 21 and 24 June 1950: Britten, The Beggar's Opera, conducted by Norman del Mar.
20 and 23 June 1950: Britten, Let’s Make an Opera, conducted by Trevor Harvey.

17 June 1950: Bach, St Matthew Passion/Rotterdam Volksuniversiteit (PC), Serenade Concert/Water Music and Music of the Sea (JH)
18 June 1950, Recital/Britten and Pears (JH)
19 June 1950: Lady Margaret Singers, St. John’s College, Cambridge (PC)
20 June 1950: Chamber Music featuring the Viola/William Primrose (PC)
21 June 1950: Music for Wind Instruments (PC)
22 June 1950: Walton/Façade (JH)
23 June 1950: Sacred Music and Poetry/Martin Quartet (PC), Operatic Programme (JH)
24 June 1950: Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC)
25 June 1950: Mozart (JH)

8–17 June 1951
8 and 16 June 1951: Monteverdi, Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (conducted by George Malcolm) and Purcell, Dido and Aeneas, in a new realization by Britten.
11 and 14 June 1951: Britten, Albert Herring, conducted by Norman del Mar.

9 June 1951: Choral Concert/Handel, Jephtha (PC), Serenade Concert (JH)
10 June 1951: Mozart Concert (JH)
11 June 1951: Music for Wind Instruments (PC)
12 June 1951: Madrigals of John Wilbye (Brandeston Hall), Martin String Quartet/Mewton-Wood and Dennis Brain (PC)
13 June 1951: Ipswich Bach Choir and Band of the Grenadier Guards (PC), Band of the Grenadier Guards (Moot Hall), English Songs/Pears and Britten (JH)
14 June 1951: Cambridge University Madrigal Society (PC)
15 June 1951: Verdi Concert (JH)
16 June 1951: Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC)
17 June 1951: Manoug Parikian, Mewton-Wood and Benjamin Britten (JH)

14–22 June 1952
16, 18 and 21 June 1952: Love in a Village (1762) in a new musical version by Arthur Oldham, conducted by Norman del Mar.

14 June 1952: Choral Concert/Copenhagen Boys' Choir of the Royal Chapel (PC), Operatic Concert (JH), Nocturne for Wind Instruments (Eaton House garden)
15 June 1952: Amadeus String Quartet (JH), Serenade Concert/Copenhagen Boys' Choir (JH)
16 June 1952: Religious Music and Poetry (PC)
17 June 1952: Mozart Concert (JH)
18 June 1952: Schütz, St. Matthew Passion/Renaissance Singers (PC), Renaissance Singers (Meare, Thorpeness)
19 June 1952: Recital/Peter Pears, Benjamin Britten and Kathleen Ferrier (PC)
20 June 1952: Concert of Music by Young Suffolk Composers (JH), Recital/William Primrose and Mewton-Wood (JH)
21 June 1952: Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC)
22 June 1952: Orchestral Concert/Mewton-Wood (JH)

20–28 June 1953
20 June 1953: Britten, Albert Herring, conducted by the composer.

20 June 1953: Coronation Choral Concert (PC),
21 June 1953: Haydn-Mozart Concert (JH), Vocal Concert (PC)
23 June 1953: Recital/Hugo Wolf (JH), Amadeus Quartet (PC)
24 June 1953: Renaissance Singers (PC), Madrigals on the Meare/Renaissance Singers (Thorpeness), Recital/Mewton-Wood (JH)
25 June 1953: Recital/Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten (PC)
26 June 1953: Verse and Music/Jill Balcon and C. Day Lewis (PC), Ballets by John Cranko (JH)
27 June 1953: Choral Concert/Handel, L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, ed il Moderato (PC)
28 June 1953: Reepham Band (Moot Hall), Opera Concert (JH)

12–20 June 1954
12 and 14 June 1954: Britten, The Rape of Lucretia, conducted by Norman del Mar.
17 and 19 June 1954: Lennox Berkeley, A Dinner Engagement (first performance), preceded by a new version of Bickerstaffe's ballad opera, Love in a Village, conducted by Vilem Tausky.

12 June 1954: Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten (PC)
13 June 1954: Amadeus Quartet and Francis Poulenc (JH)
14 June 1954: Musique Concrete (JH)
15 June 1954: Amadeus Quartet (PC)
16 June 1954: Schütz, St. John Passion (PC)
17 June 1954: Music on the Meare/Aldeburgh Music Club (Thorpeness)
18 June 1954: Rubbra-Gruenberg-Pleeth Trio (JH), Leos Janacek Centenary Concert (JH)
19 June 1954: Bach, St. John's Passion (PC), Greek Song/Arda Mandikian (Eaton House garden)
20 June 1954: Opera Concert (JH), Reepham Brass Band (Moot Hall)

Note: this is a significantly smaller document that for other Festivals. Few of the programmes are provided in full and there are no notes. Inserted is a handbill concerning the Bi-Centenary Celebrations for George Crabbe (1754–1832) and a ticket application form for this event and for the Festival as a whole. .

18–26 June 1955
18, 20 and 23 June 1955: Britten, The Turn of the Screw, conducted by the composer.

18 June 1955: Amadeus String Quartet (PC)
19 June 1955: Recital/Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten (JH)
20 June 1955: Recital (JH)
21 June 1955: Orchestral Concert/Walter Goehr (PC)
22 June 1955: Brain Wind Quintet (PC)
24 June 1955: Purcell Singers (PC), Recital/Frederick Fuller and Julian Bream (JH)
25 June 1955: Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC)
26 June 1955: Music on the Meare/Aldeburgh Music Club (Thorpeness), Opera Concert (JH).

15–24 June 1956
15 and 18 June 1956: John Blow, Venus and Adonis and Holst, Savitri
20 and 22 June 1956: Britten, Let's Make an Opera!, both productions conducted by Charles Mackerras.

16 June 1956: Choral and Orchestral Concert/Handel, Samson (PC), Amadeus Quartet (PC).
17 June 1956: Amadeus Quartet (JH)
18 June 1956: Twentieth Century Music (JH)
19 June 1956: Purcell Singers/Peter Pears (BC), Orchestral Concert/Maria Curcio (JH)
20 June 1956: Children's Concert (PC)
21 June 1956: Robert Schumann Centenary Concert (JH), Lecture-Recital/George Malcolm (JH), The Heart of the Matter (PC)
22 June 1956: Opera Concert (JH)
23 June 1956: Szymon Goldberg, Peter Pears, Benjamin Britten and Terence Weil (PC)
24 June 1956: Lecture/Francis Poulenc (JH), Music on the Meare/Aldeburgh Music Club (Thorpeness), Orchestral Concert/Francis Poulenc (JH). .

14–23 June 1957
14 June 1957: Britten, Albert Herring, conducted by the composer.
20 and 22 June 1957: Lennox Berkeley, Ruth, conducted by Charles Mackerras.

17-21 June 1957: Buxtehude, The Last Judgement, conducted by Charles Mackerras (PC)

15 June 1957: Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC), Orchestral Concert (JH)
16 June 1957: Recital/Menuhin (BC), Shakespeare and Opera (JH)
7 June 1957: Quartercentenary Concert/Thomas Morley (Great Gelmham House).
18 June 1957: William Blake's Bicentenary (PC), Italian Music (JH), Orchestra Concert/Menuhin (JH)
19 June 1957: Viennese Songs/Peter Pears (JH)
21 June 1957: Young Composers and Performers (JH), Amadeus Quartet (FC)
22 June 1957: Bach, St. John Passion (PC)
23 June 1957: Amadeus Quartet (JH), Music on the Meare/Aldeburgh Music Club (Thorpeness), Orchestral Concert (JH)

13–22 June 1958
13 and 16 June 1958: Monteverdi, Il Ballo delle Ingrate and Poulenc, Tirésias.
18, 19 and 21 June 1958, OC: Britten, Noye's Fludde, conducted by Charles Mackerras.

16-20 June 1958: Evening Magnificat

14 June 1958: Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC), Italian Music and Dance/Asian Music Circle (JH)
15 June 1958: Harp and Wind Quintet (JH), Music on the Meare/Aldeburgh Music Club (Thorpeness), Recital/Peter Pears (JH).
17 June 1958: Recital/Peter Pears and Julian Bream (Great Glemham House), Chamber Music (JH).
18 June 1958: Zorian String Quartet (JH)
19 June 1958: Orchestral Concert (BC)
20 June 1958: Bach Recital (PC), Wind Concert (OC)
21 June 1958: Handel, Joshua (PC)
22 June 1958: Trio Concert (FC), Wagner Abend (JH)

19–28 June 1959
20 and 24 June 1959: Britten, The Rape of Lucretia.

22-26 June 1959, PC: Purcell and his Predecessors

20 June 1959: Choral Concert (FC)
21 June 1959: Amadeus String Quartet (JH), Orchestral Concert (OC).
22 June 1959: Amadeus Quartet/Haydn (PC), Recital/Pears (JH).
23 June 1959: Motets/Cambridge University Madrigal Society (PC), Music of the Meare/Cambridge University Madrigal Society (Thorpeness), Recital/Aurèle Nicolet, Julian Bream and George Malcolm (JH).
25 June 1959: Bach/George Malcolm (PC), First Performances Conducted by the Composers/Hans Werner Henze, Malcolm Arnold and Mátyás Seiber (JH).
27 June 1959: Recital/Yehudi Menuhin (PC), Band of the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook (Market Cross), Purcell Cabaret (Workmen's Hall, Thorpeness).
28 June 1959: Mozart (BC).

11–26 June 1960
11, 15, 22 and 24 June 1960: Britten, A Midsummer Night's Dream
18 and 20 June 1960: Britten, The Rape of Lucretia

13, 15, 17, 21 and 23 June 1960, PC: Medieval Sacred Music
14, 16, 20, 22 and 24 June 1960: Bach Sonatas.

12 June 1960: Bach/Netherlands Chamber Orchestra (FC), Amadeus Quartet (JH)
13 June 1960: Netherlands Chamber Orchestra (JH).
14 June 1960: Medieval Secular Music (JH), Recital (BC)
15 June 1960: Society of Recorder Players (Eaton House)
16 June 1960: Melos Ensemble (JH).
17 June 1960: Recital and Discussion/Society for the Promotion of New Music (JH)
18 June 1960: Choral Concert (PC)
19 June 1960: Arthur Bliss/Lennox Berkeley/Aaron Copland (BC), Chopin (JH)
20 June 1960: Recital/Julian Bream and George Malcolm (JH)
21 June 1960: Recital/Peter Pears and Julian Bream (Shrubland Park, Claydon, Ipswich), Amadeus Quartet (PC)
23 June 1960: Recital/Clifford Curzon and Benjamin Britten (JH)
25 June 1960: Leeds Festival Singers (PC), Band of the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook (Market Cross Place), Mendelssohn Soiree (Workmen's Club, Thorpeness).
26 June 1960: The Apollo Society (JH), Orchestral Concert (OC).

28 June–9 July 1961
28 June and 1 July 1961: Britten, The Turn of the Screw, conducted by Meredith Davies
6 and 8 July 1961: Britten, Noye's Fludde (OC)

29 and 30 June and 3-5 July 1961, PC: Music in Vienna 1500-1750

29 June 1961: Thursday Invitation Concert (JH)
1 July 1961: Choral Concert (BC).
2 July 1961: Orchestral Concert (JH), Elizabethan Music/Julian Bream Consort (JH).
3 July 1961: Domenico Scarlatti/George Malcolm (JH), Winterreise/Peter Pears and Britten (JH).
4 July 1961: Bach/Rostroprovitch (PC), Royal Ballet School (JH)
5 July 1961: Alban Berg (JH), Welsh Traditional Music/Osian Ellis (JH).
6 July 1961: Orchestral Concert/Rostropovitch (OC)
7 July 1961: Recital/Peter Pears and Julian Bream (Great Glemham House), Recital/Rstropovitch and Britten (JH).
9 July 1961: J. S. Bach, St. John Passion (PC).

14–24 June 1962
14 and 16 June 1962: Purcell, Dido and Aeneas.
15 and 19 June 1962, Workmen's Club, Thorpeness: Mozart, The Impressario, presented by the National School of Opera with Keith Bonnington, Ann Moran, Jenny Hill and Gabriel Trujillo, conducted by Brian Priestman.
20 and 22 June 1962: Britten, Albert Herring

15-16 and 18-21 June 1962 (PC): Flemish Music, 1430–1630

14 June: Choral Concert (OC)
15 June: Amadeus Quartet (PC)
16 June: Peter Pears/London Boy Singers (PC)
17 June: Orchestral Concert/Peter Pears (BC), Two Harpsichords and Flute (PC).
18 June: Claude Debussy Centenary Concert (JH), Julian Bream Consort (Workmen's Club, Thorpeness)
19 June: Recital/Clifford Curzon and Peter Pears (JH)
21 June: Music on the Meare/Philip Jones Brass Ensemble (Meare, Thorpeness), Thursday Invitation Concert (JH),
22 June: Brahms/Clifford Curzon and Peter Pears (PC)
23 June: Opera Concert (JH)
24 June: Apollo Society/Encounters (JH), Choral and Orchestral Concert (PC).

20–30 June 1963
20 and 22 June 1963: Britten, The Beggar's Opera, conducted by the composer.

Concert series
21 and 22 and 24-28 June 1963: Dowland and his Contemporaries

Other events
20 June 1963: Festival Service (PC)
21 June 1963: Harpsichord Recital, Malcolm (JH), Recital, Vishnevskaya, Rostroprovitch (JH)
22 June 1963: Carmirelli Quartet/Bream (PC), Brass Band/Royal Hospital School (Market Cross Place)
23 June 1963: Festival Service (PC), Choral and Orchestral Concert/Menuhin and St Nicholas (OC). Barrow Poets (JH)
24 June 1963: Music in England 1963 (JH), Piano Trios/Menuhin, Rostropovitch and Britten (PC) and Organ Music/Downes, Bach (PC)
25 June 1963: Negro Poetry/The Golden (JH), Pears, Bream/Dowland
26 June 1963: Recital/Rostropovitch and Britten (PC), Music in England 1763 (JH)
27 June: Lecture/Sir Kenneth Clark (JH), Operatic Recital (JH), Organ Music/Ledger/Bach (PC)
28 June 1963: Lecture/A.L. Lloyd/The Folk Music Virtuoso (Baptist Chapel), R.A.D.A./Mandragola (JH)
29 June 1963: Choral Concert/Schütz, Carrisimi and Britten (PC), Music in England, 1863 (JH)
30 June 1963: Festival Service (PC), Orchestral Concert/Rostropovitch (BC).

This document also includes a list of the Bergmann Recorder Consort.

10-21 June 1964
11 and 15 June 1964: Malcolm Williamson, English Eccentrics (first performance).
13, 16 and 19 June 1964, OC: Britten, Curlew River (first performance).

Concert series:
12 and 13 and 15-18 June 1964: Bach's Predecessors

10 June 1964: War Requiem (Ely Cathedral)
11 June 1964: Spohr and Weber (PC), Bell Ringing (PC)
12 June 1964: Films without a Message (Aldeburgh Cinema), Julian Bream (JH)
13 June 1964: Philomusica of London (PC)
14 June 1964: Festival Service (PC), Rostropovitch, de Peyer and Britten (PC), Stockholm Chamber Choir/Roll (JC)
15 June 1964: Edmund Blunden (JH), Poulenc Memorial Concert (Workmen's Club, Thorpeness)
16 June 1964: Tuesday Invitation Concert (JH)
17 June 1964: Music for Children and Amateurs (Workmen's Club, Thorepeness), Söderström/Meyer (JH)
18 June 1964: Sir Steven Runciman (JC), Orchestral Concert/Rostroprovitch (BC)
19 June 1964: Rameau/George Malcolm (JH), Bach Cello Suites (PC)
20 June 1964: Orfeo (BC) and Joyce Grenfell (JH)
21 June 1964: Festival Service (PC), Amadeus Quartet/Rostroprovitch (PC), Curlew River (OC).

This document includes lists of the London Boy Singers and the Melos Ensemble.

15–27 June 1965
15, 16, 19 and 23 June 1965: Britten, Let's Make an Opera, conducted Meredith Davies, including the first performance of a new introduction to Part I.

17-18 and 21-23 June 1965: English Church Music

15 June 1965: Bell Ringing (PC)
16 June 1965: Basil Taylor (JH), Orchestral Concert (BC)
17 June 1965: Flute and Harpsichord (JH), Dowland (JH)
18 June 1965: Sir Kenneth Clark (JH), Tribute to Kodaly (JH)
19 June 1965: Kodaly Choir (PC)
20 June 1965: Festival Service (PC), Philomusica (JH) and Lieder Recital (PC)
21 June 1965: Charlie Chaplin I (Aldeburgh Cinema), Balasaraswati (JH),
22 June 1965: English Songs (JH), Schubert (JH)
23 June 1965: Curlew River (OC)
24 June 1965: Charlie Chaplin II (Aldeburgh Cinema), Chamber Music (JH), Curlew River (OC)
25 June 1965: Brass and Piano (PC), The Sprat (Wentworth Hotel), Curlew River (OC)
26 June 1965: Choral Concert (BC), Not in front of the Waiter (JH)
27 June 1965: Festival Service (PC), Monteverdi (JH) and Sonata Recital (PC)

This document includes lists of the Purcell Consort of Voices, the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble.

8–21 June 1966
9, 11, 13 and 20 June 1966, OC: Britten, The Burning Fiery Furnace, directed by the composer (first performance).

9 and 10, 14-16 June 1966: East Anglian Church Music, 1013–1931.

8 June 1966: Choral and Orchestral Concert (Ely Cathedral)
9 June 1966: Bell Ringing (PC)
10 June 1966: Manitoba University Consort (JH), Hart House Orchestra (JH)
11 June 1966: Copenhagen Boys' Choir (PC), Folk Dancing (Moot Hall)
12 June 1966: Festival Service (PC), Tribute to Grainger (JH) and Mozart Chamber Music (PC)
13 June 1966: Two Guitars (JH), Hart House Orchestra (JH)
14 June 1966: Piano Recital/John Ogdon (PC), English Chamber Orchestra (BC)
15 June 1966: Flims I/L'Aventura (Aldeburgh Cinema), Acis and Galatea (JH)
16 June 1966: Imogen Holst Lecture (JH), Winterreise (JH)
17 June 1966: Sitwell Memorial Concert (PC), Sir Lawrence Bragg Lecture (JH), Acis and Galatea (JH)
18 June 1966: Films II/Hamleet (Cinema), The Creation (OC), Festival Party (JH)
19 June 1966: Festival Service (PC), Richter with Britten (PC), Henry Purcell (JH)
20 June 1966: Harpsichord Recital (JH), James Blades Lecture (JH)
21 June 1966: Melos Ensemble (JH) and Rostropovitch (PC).

3–25 June 1967
3, 10 and 19 June 1967: Lennox Berkeley, Castaway and William Walton, The Bear, conducted by Meredith Davies and James Lockhart respectively and including the first performance of both works.
12, 17 and 24 June 1967: Britten, The Burning Fiery Furnace
7, 14, 16 and 21 June 1967: Britten, A Midsummer Night's Dream, conducted by Rudolf Schwarz (first British performance).

5-9 June 1967: English Church Music of the Seventeenth and Twentieth Centuries
19-22 June: Byrd

Other concerts/events
2 June 1967: Opening Ceremony, Inaugural Concert (M), Private view/Richards
3 June 1967: Private View/Laroon, Vienna Boys I (M)
4 June 1967: Festival Service (PC), Vienna Boys II (BC), Choral and Orchestral Concert (M)
5 June 1967: Melos Ensemble (JH), Joyce Grenfell (JH)
6 June 1967: Lecture/Angus Wilson (JH), Music from Spain (JH)
7 June 1967: (see above)
8 June 1967: Poetry and Music (JH), C.U.M.S. (M)
9 June 1967: Flim/Katerina Ismailova (Cinema), Music in London, 1750 (JH)
10 June 1967: Die Schöne Müllerin (M)
11 June 1967: Festival Service (PC), Covent Garden Opera Chorus (M), Northern Sinfonia Orchestra (JH)
12 June 1967: Lecture/R. Bruce-Mitford (JH), Animated Films (Cinema)
13 June 1967: Violin and Piano (JH), English Chamber Orchestra (M), Barrow Poets I (M, Restaurant)
14 June 1967: Song Recital (JH), Bach (PC)
15 June 1967: Film/Bicycle Thieves (Cinema), Zéphyre (JH), Barrow Poets II (JH)
16 June 1967: Richter (M)
17 June 1967: Stravinsky (JH), Schutz (BC)
18 June 1967: Festival Service (PC), New Philharmonia Orchestra (M), Elizabethan Music (JH)
19 June 1967: Symphonia Emphylios (JH)
20 June 1967: Russia Today (JH), Richter/Britten/Pears (M)
21 June 1967: Two Musical Families (JH)
22 June 1967: Film/A Night at the Opera (Cinema), Amadeus Quartet (M)
23 June 1967: Lecture, A.L. Lloyd (JH), Monteverdi (M)
24 June 1967: Mediterranean Music (M), Brass and Bells (Eaton House garden)
25 June 1967: Festival Service (PC), The Fairy Queen (M).

8–30 June 1968
8, 15 and 26 June 1968: Harrison Birtwistle, Punch and Judy, conducted by David Atherton
10, 17, 20, 22, 26 and 28 June 1968: Britten, The Prodigal Son, conducted by the composer
12 and 13 June 1968: Britten, Gloriana, given by the Sadler's Well Opera Company

11, 12, 14, 18, 19 and 27 June 1968: European Church Music of the Twelfth to Twentieth Centuries

8 June 1968: Haydn, The Seasons, conducted by Britten (M)
9 June 1968: Five Centuries of Occasional Music, 1519-1968 (M); Ages of Man/Sir John Gielgud (JH)
10 June 1968: Reach for Glory/Philip Leacock (cinema); Song Recital/Janet Baker (M)
11 June 1968: Publishers Choir I/Faber Music Limited (JH); Antonio Vivaldi (JH);
12 June 1968: European Church Music II (FC)
13 June 1968: Musical Families I/The Wesleys (PC)
14 June 1968: Early Baroque Music/The Lange Ensemble (JH); Four Voices, Four Hands (M)
15 June 1968: Orchestral Concert/Yehudi Menuhin and Bath Festival Orchestra (M)
16 June 1968: Amadeus Quartet/Claudio Arrau (M); Tchaikovsky/Rostropovich (M)
17 June 1968: Publishers Choice II/G. Schirmer Inc. (JH); Rostropovich (M)
18 June 1968: Lecture of James McNeill Whistler (JH); Winterreise/Pears and Britten (M)
19 June 1968: Laurel and Hardy (Cinema); Orchestral Concert/Rostropovich (M)
20 June 1968: Francois Couperin I/George Malcolm (JH)
21 June 1968: Looking for Civilisation/Kenneth Clark (JH); Handel, Hercules (M)
22 June 1968: Claudio Arrau (piano) (M); National Puppet Theatre of Budapest (JH)
23 June 1968: Heinrich Schutz (BC); Mozart Concertante (M)
24 June 1968: Seven Chances/Buster Keaton (Cinema); Shostakovich and Britten (M); J. S. Bach/Richard Adney and Alan Brown (PC)
25 June 1968: Borodin Quartet (M)
26 June 1968: Musical Families II: The Holsts (JH); Music for Brass and Harpsichord/Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
27 June 1968: Katerina Ismailova (cinema); Elizabethan Music (JH)
28 June 1968: Lecture on the Maltings Concert Hall/Derek Sugden (cinema); Francois Couperin II (JH);
29 June 1968: Open-Air Entertainment (King's Field); BBC Symphony Orchestra (M); Song Recital/Galina Vishnevskaya (M)
30 June 1968: Up She Goes: Five Centuries of Folk-Music (M)

This document includes lists of the English Opera Group and Sadler's Wells Opera.

7–29 June 1969
10, 13 and 20 June 1969: Mozart, Idomeneo, conducted by Britten
12, 29 and 26 June 1969: Britten, The Prodigal Son, conducted by the composer
7, 16, 23 June 1969: Gordon Crosse, Purgatory/The Grace of Todd, presented by the Royal Opera House (first performance).

13, 17, 18, 25 and 27 June 1969: French Music.

7 June 1969: Bell Ringing; Amadeus Quartet (M)
8 June 1969: Bach Recital/Norbert Brainin and George Malcolm (BC); Cambridge University Music Society/April Cantelo and Roger Fallows (M)
9 June 1969: Lecture on Laus Amoris/John Mundy (JH); Beachcomb (Moot Hall); Music from the Royal Courts of Europe/Early Music Consort (JH)
10 June 1969: Goldberg Variations/George Malcolm (JH)
11 June 1969: Tuckwell Horn Quartet/Allan Schiller (PC); Julian Bream (M)
12 June 1969: Charlie Chaplin (Cinema); Cantata and Brandenburgs (M)
13 June 1969: Lecture on Laus Belli/John Mundy
14 June 1969: Northern Sinfonia (M); Mime/Adam Darius (JH)
15 June 1969: Haydn and Elgar (M); John Dowland/Ayres, Dances and Fancies (JH)
16 June 1969: Musical Families/Gibbons and Mundy (PC)
17 June 1969: Charlie Chaplin (Cinema); Monteverdi and Purcell (M)
18 June 1969: Composer's Choir: William Walton/Aeolian String Quartet (JH); Song Recital/Peter Pears and Britten (M)
19 June 1969: Dorothy Elmhirst (JH); Two Harpsichords/George Malcolm and Philip Ledger (M)
20 June 1969: Lecture entitled Computer/John Geddes (JH)
21 June 1969: Youth Music Centre (M); Publisher's Choir/J. & W. Chester (JH)
22 June 1969: English Chamber Orchestra/Elly Ameling (soprano) (M); Victoria and Albert Jubilee Concert (JH)
23 June 1969: Music Juventutis (JH)
24 June 1969: Church Crawl/Music and Architecture; Artists' Choice/Osian Ellis (JH)
25 June 1969: Lecture/Cranbrook; New Philharmonia Orchestra/Carlo Maria Giulini (M)
26 June 1969: Wandsworth School Choir (M)
27 June 1969: Charlie Chaplin (Cinema); Musica Senectutis: the Over-Seventies (M)
28 June 1969: Alfred Brendel (piano); Outdoor Entertainment (King's Fields); Ballet/The Twelfth Rose (JH)
29 June 1969: Purcell/Fairy Queen (M); Theatregoround/Charles I (M)

This document also includes a list of the English Opera Group.
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