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Abonnement Concerte, Hamburg (1886-94)
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A collection of analytical programmes for eight series of subscription concerts [Abonnement Concerte] given in the Concerthaus-Conventgarten, Hamburg, between November 1886 and March 1894, arranged chronologically over six bound volumes. Also, analytical programmes for three concerts given as part of the Hamburgische Gewerbe- und Industrie-Ausstellung of 1889, held in volume 2.

The subscription concerts took place between November and March and consisted of late eighteenth and nineteenth-century orchestral repertory, with solo/concertante pieces for one or more soloists.

All programmes carry extensive historical and analytical notes, with musical examples and the text for any vocal pieces performed. Some of these are signed with initials, indicating the following authors: ‘H.R.’ [Heinrich Riemann], ‘O.E.’ [Oscar Eichberg] and ‘W.L.’ [W. Langhans].

Unless otherwise stated below, these concerts were directed by Hans von Bülow, who also appeared occasionally as a piano soloist. The programmes for the seasons 1886-7 and 1887-8 cite the involvement of the Orchestra of the Hamburg City Theatre (Orchester des Hamburger Stadttheaters) whilst those for the years 1888-1892 provide a list of the full orchestral ensemble. Thereafter, no information is provided.

Volume 1 (1886-89)
1 November 1886: Eugen d’Albert (piano) (with an introduction to the series by Oscar Eichberg).
8 November 1886: Alfred Grünfeld (piano).
11 January 1887: Franz Ondricek (violin).
17 January 1887: Hermine Spies (vocal).
16 February 1887: Hans von Bülow (piano). Josef Sucher appeared at this concert as an assistant director.
24 February 1887: including Beethoven, Symphony No.9 with Pia von Sichere, Charlotte Huhn, Max Schwarz, Carl Dierich and Franz Schwarz (vocal) and the choir of the Bach-Gesellschaft.

2 November 1887: Marie Soldat (violin).
24 November 1887: Aline Friede (vocal) and Felix Dreyschock (piano).
10 January 1888: Adolf Brodsky (violin).
26 January 1888: Clotilde Kleeberg (piano).
24 February 1888: Emil Sauret (violin).
13 April 1888: Hans von Bülow (piano).

19 October 1888: Eugen d’Albert (piano).
14 November 1888: Emil Blauwaert (baritone) and Carl [Karel] Halir (violin).
29 November 1888: Marianne Brandt (vocal) and Emil Sauer (piano).
10 January 1889: Joseph Joachim (violin) and Robert Hausmann (cello).
7 February 1889: Adolf Brodsky (violin).
22 February 1889: Hans von Bülow (piano). The programme for this concert includes notice of an Extra Concert to be given on 9 March 1889.

Volume 2 (1889-90)
9 October 1889: Eugen d’Albert (piano).
6 November 1889: Max Pauer (piano).
20 November 1889: Stanislaw Barcewics (violin).
12 December 1889: Ernst Skalitzki (violin) and Wilhelm Kufferath (cello).
8 January 1890: Pauline Metzler (vocal) and Hugo Becker (cello).
22 January 1890: Marie Roeger-Soldat (violin).
5 February 1890: Ernest van Dyck (vocal).
19 February 1890: Anna Haasters (piano) and Pauline Metzler (vocal).
6 March 1890: Hans von Bülow (piano).

Also in this volume are programmes for three Festival Concerts given in the Festhall as part of the Hamburgische Gewerbe- und Industrie-Ausstellung of 1889. All three programmes provide details regarding the vocal and instrumental soloists engaged.
9 September 1889: choral music by Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner and Mendelssohn.
11 September 1889: orchestral and concertante music by Mendelssohn, Beethoven, C.P.E. Bach, Brahms and Meyerbeer with Hans von Bülow (piano) and Alfred Brodsky (violin).
13 September 1889: programme of orchestral, choral and operatic repertory.

Volume 3 (1890-91)
20 October 1890: Teresa Carreño (piano) and Lillian Sanderson (alto).
4 November 1890: César Thomson (violin).
17 November 1890: Lilli Lehmann (vocal).
1 December 1890: Heinrich Barth (piano).
15 December 1890: Gabriele Wietrowetz (violin) and Raimund von zur Mühlen (vocal).
5 January 1891: Eugen d’Albert (piano).
19 January 1891: Julia Uzielli (vocal) and Florian Zajic (violin).
4 February 1891: J.J. Paderewski (piano).
16 February 1891: David Popper (cello) and Franz Schwarz (baritone).

Volume 4 (1891-92)
19 October 1891:
2 November 1891: Joseph Joachim (violin).
16 November 1891: Emil Goetze (vocal).
30 November 1891: Teresa Carreño (piano).
14 December 1891: [no programme]
21 December 1891: Cornelia Schmitt-Csányi (vocal) and Gabriele Wietrowetz (violin).
18 January 1892: Eugen d’Albert (piano).
1 February 1892: Jenö Hubay (violin).
22 February 1892: Jettka Finkenstein (vocal) and Hugo Becker (cello).
7 March 1892: Bernhard Stavenhagen (piano).
21 March 1892: W. Tieftrunk (flute).

Volume 5 (1892-93)
24 October 1892: Marie Soldat-Roeger (violin).
7 November 1892: Amalie Joachim (vocal).
14 November 1892 [corrected by hand to 24 November 1892]:
5 December 1892: Joseph Slivinski (piano).
12 December 1892: Carl Halir (violin).
16 January 1893: Eugen d’Albert (piano), conducted by Max Erdmannsdoerfer.
30 January 1893: Jean Gérardy (cello), conducted by Max Erdmannsdoerfer.
20 February 1893: [programme missing]
1 March 1893: Sophie Jakimowsky (piano) and Anna Jerebtzoff (vocal), directed by Anton Rubinstein.
6 March 1893: Teresa d’Albert-Carreño (piano), directed by Carl Muck.
20 March 1893: Beethoven Concert.

Volume 6 (1893-94)
23 October 1903: conducted by Hermann Levi.
6 November 1893: Clementine de Vere-Sapio (vocal) and Bernhard Stavenhagen (piano), conducted by Richard Sahla.
20 November 1893: Marie Joachim (vocal) and Betty Schwabe (violin), conducted by Felix Mottl.
4 December 1893: Alice Barbi (vocal) and Emma Koch (piano), conducted by Richard Sahla.
18 December 1893: Eugen d’Albert (piano), conducted by Richard Sahla.
22 January 1894: Das Frankfurter Vocal-Quartett (Julia Uzielli, Jenny Hahn, Franz Naval and Anton Sistermans), accompanied by L. Uzielli, conducted by Richard Strauss.
12 February 1894: Moriz Rosenthal (piano), conducted by H. Zumpe.
26 February 1894: Commemoration Concert for Hans von Bülow, with Julius Spengel (choral direction) and Carl Armbrust (organ), conducted by Gustav Mahler (with an extended historical note on von Bülow).
12 March 1894: Katharina Rösing (vocal) and Josef Hoimann (piano), conducted by Anton Rubinstein.
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