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Collection Description

Collection Title
A. L. Bacharach collection: Box 5 (1920-21)
Unique Identifier
Mus 317.c.5
The 5th of thirteen boxes of handbills and programmes forming the collection of nutritionist and writer on music A. L. Bacharach (1891-1966), relating to performances given at a range of London venues between 1920 and 1921. Also, a handbill for the 663rd concert of the Cambridge University Musical Club, given at St. Columba's Hall, Downing Street on 19 February 1921.

All items are held loosely and are ordered here by venue.

1. Queen's Hall
- London Symphony Orchestra
- Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts
- Royal Philharmonic Society
- Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
2. Wigmore Hall
3. Working Men's College, Camden
4. University College School, Frognal
5. Miscellaneous London venues

1. Queen's Hall
- London Symphony Orchestra
All programmes include Analytical notes with musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble, conducted by Albert Coates.
[no date] 1920: Olga Haley and Percy Heming (vocal) and Newport Choral Society, including the first London performance of two works by Cyril Jenkins (Welsh Fantasy and Freedom) and the first London performance of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Mystical Songs.
8 March 1920: Myra Hess (piano).
6 December 1920: Paul Kochanski (violin).
24 January 1921: Elsa Stralia, Olga Haley, John Coates and Norman Allin (vocal) and the Philharmonic Choir.
4 April 1921: Bach, Mass in B minor with Elsa Stralia, Margaret Balfour, John Coates and Norman Allin (vocal) and the Philharmonic Choir.
18 April 1921: M. Alexander Siloti (piano).

- Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts
Programmes with words and Descriptive Notes (by Rosa Newmarch and Eric Blom) for performances given by the New Queen's Hall Orchestra, conducted by Henry Wood.
24 August 1920: Clara Butterworth and Edward Dykes (vocal) and Miss Ellen M. Jensen (piano).
28 August 1920: Doris Vane and Frank Mullings (vocal) and Mr C. Warwick-Evans (cello), including the first performance of Georges Dorlay, Mirage (Valse Intermezzo), conducted by the composer.
31 August 1920: Myrtle Claire Donnelly and Ben Morgan (vocal) and Mr York Bowen (piano).
4 September 1920: Hilda Blake and Robert Radford (vocal), Miss Isolde Menges (violin) and Mr Wilfred James (bassoon).
7 September 1920: Rosina Buckman and John Huntington (vocal), Mr C. Warwick-Evans (cello) and Olga Carmine (piano).
10 September 1920: Louise Dale and Ben Davies (vocal) and Melsa (violin).
17 September 1920: Louise Dale and Robert Radford (vocal) and Harold Samuel (piano).
23 September 1920: Myrtle Claire Donnelly, Lauritz Melchior and Tom Kinniburgh (vocal) and Harriet Cohen (piano).
6 October 1920: Doris Vane and George Baker (vocal) and Vivian Langrish (piano).

- Royal Philharmonic Society
Programmes with words and Analytical Notes (by Alfred Kalisch, including musical examples and lists of the orchestral ensemble) for the 4th concert of the 108th season and for the 3rd concert of the 109th season. Both programmes include lists of the various officers of the Philharmonic.
26 February 1920: including the first performance of Delius, The Son of the High Hills. Also, Beethoven, Symphony No. 9, with Carrie Tubb, Margaret Balfour, Hubert Eisdell and Fraser Gange (vocal) and the Philharmonic Choir, conducted by Albert Coates and Charles Kennedy Scott.
16 December 1920: 150th Anniversary of Beethoven's Birth, including the first English performance of Arnold Bax, Tone Poem, November Woods, conducted by Hamilton Harty.

- Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
20 February and 10 March 1920: Two Orchestral Concerts by Bessie Rawlins with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by William Sachse (single handbill). Also, a programme (with Analytical Notes by Henry Coates) for the second concert.
20 November 1920: Queen's Hall Symphony Concert, given by the New Queen's Hall Orchestra with Kirkby Lunn (vocal) and Arthur Rubinstein (piano), conducted by Henry Wood, including the first English performance of Casella, Rhapsody for Orchestra, Italia (with Descriptive Notes, including musical examples and photographs).
14 December 1920: 105th Bach Choir (105th concert), given by the London Symphony Orchestra with Miss Dorothy Silk and Mr Clive Carey (vocal) and Mr Aubyn Raymar (piano), conducted by Sir Hugh P. Allen and Adrian C. Boult (with words and Descriptive Notes, including musical examples, lists of the orchestral ensemble and records of those associated with the Bach Choir).
17 May 1921: Third Recital by Kreisler, accompanied by Mr Charlton Keith (with Analytical Notes by F. Gilbert Webb and photographs).

2. Wigmore Hall
3, 5, 10, 12 and 17 May 1920: Bohemian Czech String Quartet with Fanny Davies (piano) (single document).
15 June 1920: Recital of the Works of Arnold Bax, given by Harriet Cohen, assisted by John Coates (with words).
25 June 1920: Arthur Alexander (piano) with Desire Defauw (violin) and Emile Doehard (cello) (with printed press reports on the performers).
19 and 26 June 1920: Two recitals by Busoni (piano) (single document).
3 July 1920: Extra Recital by Busoni (piano) (handbill).
4 November 1920: Anne Thursfield (vocal) and Harriet Cohen (piano), with the Bohemian String Quartet (with words).
30 May-4 June 1921: Week of Bach Recitals given by Harold Samuel (single document). Also, a handbill/flyer for an Extra Bach Recital, given on 21 June.
14 June 1921: Harriet Cohen (piano), including the first English performances of Frescobaldi, La Frescobalda and Pasquini, Trois Ariettes (with photographs).

3. Working Men's College, Crowndale Road, Camden
7 and 14 November and 5 and 19 December 1920 and 23 January, 13 February and 13 March 1921: Sunday Evening Concert Society, nos. 1, 2, 5, 7, 11, 14 and 18 (handbills with words and brief notes).

4. University College School, Frognal
Programmes for five concerts given by the British Music Society (Hampstead Branch) in 1921, labelled Inaugural Concert and nos. 1-4.
13 January 1921: Chamber Music Players (Albert Sammons, Lionel Tertis, Felix Salmond and William Murdoch) and Miss Olga Haley (vocal).
3 February 1921: Old English Music with the English Singers and Mrs Gordon Woodhouse (harpsichord).
24 February 1921: Chamber and Choral Music with the Philharmonic Quartet and the Cecilia (Ladies') Trio Choir.
17 March 1921: British Composers' Evening.
7 April 1921: Dorothy Robson (vocal), Rhoda Backhouse (violin) and Harold Craxton (piano) (handbill only).

5. Miscellaneous London venues
15 January 1920, Royal Victoria Hall (People's Opera, Play and Lecture House), Waterloo Road [see Old Vic]: Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro, conducted by Charles Corri (with words).
8 February 1920, Palladium: Grand Concert for the National Sunday League, given by the London Symphony Orchestra with Dora Labbette (vocal) and Fanny Davies (piano), conducted by Hamilton Harty (with Analytical Notes by F. Gilbert Webb).
11 February 1920, Anderton's Hotel, Fleet Street: Concert of the King Cole Club Eighth Supper and Concert (20th season), featuring the Herbert Kinsey Quartet, conducted by Robert Gallon (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
16-20 April 1920, Central Hall, Westminster: Bach Festival (44th season), given by the Bach Choir with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Hugh P. Allen (single document).
30 April 1920, West[minster]-Central Hall: Fourth Concert of Chamber Music given by the League of Peace and Freedom, with Jean Waterston, Ernest Whitfield and Arthur Alexander, accompanied by G. O'Connor Morris (with words).
3-6 May 1920: First Annual Congress of the British Music Society (brochure including programmes with words and photographs for performances given at various venues).
1 June 1920, Old Vic/Royal Victoria Hall, nearly opposite Waterloo Station: London Season of Glastonbury Festival Players.
22 and 23 June and 8 and 27 July 1920, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden: The Russian Ballet, conducted by Ernest Ansermet and Henri Morin.
29 July 1920, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden: Ravel, L'Heure Espagnole, conducted by Percy Pitt.
14 October 1920, Aeolian Hall: British Song Recital by John Buckley, accompanied by G. O'Connor-Morris (with words).
15 October 1920, Hampstead Town Hall: Inaugural Meeting of the Hampstead Centre of the British Music Society (handbill).
18 October and 2 November 1920, Mortimer Hall: Two Sackbutt Concerts, given by Philip Heseltine and Cecil Gray (single document).
2 November 1920, [no venue]: The Music Society, including the first performance of Arnold Bax, Quintette for Strings and Harp in one movement, given by the English String Quartet (handbill).
15 November 1920, Aeolian Hall: English Song Recital by Gervase Elwes with Dr. H. Walford Davies, the Templars' Quartet and the Temple Choristers (with words, including some minor handwritten annotations).
28 November 1920, [no venue]: Fourth Concert of the Pennington Quartet (handbill).
29 November 1920, London Coliseum: (weekly programme).
5 June, 7 August and 8 November 1920 and 9 April 1921, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith: The Beggar's Opera by Mr Gay, conducted by Eugene Goossens (5 June), Frederic Austin (7 August) and Herbert Withers. The programme for 1920 contains some handwritten corrections to the performers.
24 April 1921, Grafton Galleries: Reception to American Musicians in London by The Music Club (with words and lists of the choral and orchestral ensembles).
10 May 1921, Royal College of Music: Bach Choir (45th season, 106th concert), consisting of works by C. Hubert H. Parry given by the London Symphony Orchestra with Dorothy Silk (vocal), conducted by Sir Hugh Allen (with words).
4 and 26 May and 9 and 15 June 1921, Steinway Hall: Guild of Singers and Players (with words).
24 and 25 June 1921, Princes Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue: Serge Diaghileff's Season of Russian Ballet, conducted by Ernest Ansermet (single document).
28 June 1921, Caen Wood Towers, Hampstead Lane, Highgate: Concert under the auspices of the Hampstead and Highgate Committees of the Save the Children Fund, given by Miss Bessie Rawlins (violin), Harriet Cohen (piano) and Dorothy Silk (vocal) (signed handbill).
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