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Collection Description

Collection Title
A. L. Bacharach collection: Box 4 (1916-19)
Unique Identifier
Mus. 317 c.4
The fourth of 13 boxes of handbills and programmes forming the collection of nutritionist and writer on music A. L. Bacharach (1891-1966), relating to performances given at various London venues between 1916 and 1919. Also, handbills for single performances given in Cambridge and Llandudno in 1917.

All items are held loosely but are ordered here by venue.

1. Queen's Hall, London
- Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts
- Queen's Hall Symphony Concerts
- Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
- Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
2. Aeolian Hall
- London String Quartet Pops
- Miscellaneous Aeolian Hall concerts
3. Wigmore Hall
4. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
- Sir Thomas Beecham's Season of Grand Opera in English
- Drury Lane Light Opera Company
5. South Place Institute, Finsbury
6. Miscellaneous London venues
7. Non-London venues

1. Queen's Hall
Both the Promenade and Symphony Concerts were given by the Queen's Hall Orchestra, conducted by Henry Wood. The programmes included words and Descriptive Notes by Rosa Newmarch.

- Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts
15 September 1916: Walter Hyde (vocal) and Benno Moiseitwitsch (piano), including the first performance of Bach-Wood, New Orchestral Suite (no. 6).
11 September 1917: Joan Ashley (vocal) and [Daniel] Melsa (violin), including the first English performance of Louis Aubert, Suite Breve.
19 September 1917: Gertrude Higgs (vocal) and Dora Garland and Arthur Beckwith (violins), including the first English performance of Michael Gnessin, Symphonic Fragment in D major.
21 September 1917: Louise Dale (vocal) and Benno Moisiewitsch (piano).
23 August 1918: Ethel Fenton (vocal) and Herbert Fryer (piano).
27 August 1918: Doris Vane (vocal) and C. Warwick-Evans (cello).
30 August 1918: Margaret Balfour (vocal) and Marjorie Hayward (violin).
4 September 1918: Lily Fairney (vocal) and Lilia Kanevskaya (piano).
6 September 1918: Marjorie Perkins (vocal) and Benno Moiseiwitsch (piano).
11 September 1918: Gertrude Higgs (vocal) and Winifred Smith (violin), including the first English performance of Henri Duparc, Aux Etoiles.
17 September 1918: Fraser Gange (vocal) and Irene Scharrer (piano).
18 September 1918: David Ellis (vocal) and Elsie Hall (piano), including the first performance of Bach-Sanders, Passacaglia in C minor.
27 September 1918: Olga Haley (vocal) and Myra Hess (piano).
1 October 1918: Norman Allin (vocal) and Irene Scharrer (piano).
3 October 1918: Mair Miller (vocal) and Herbert Fryer (piano), including the first English performance of Henry F. Gilbert, Comedy Overture on Negro Themes.
4 October 1918: George Baker (vocal) and Margaret Fairless (piano).
9 October 1918: Ethel Dyer (vocal) and Winifred Purnell (piano).
15 October 1918: Vladimir Rossing (vocal) and Myra Hess (piano).
26 August 1919: Dora Gibson and Sidney Stoddard (vocal) and Evlyn Howard-Jones (piano), including the first performance of F. d'Erlanger, Sursum Corda (Symphonic Prelude).
29 August 1919: Hilda Blake and Herbert Heyner (vocal) and York Bowen (piano).
2 September 1919: Adah Rogalsky and Mr Darrell Fancourt (vocal) and Ernest Whitfield (violin).
9 September 1919: Hilda Blake and John Booth (vocal) and Miss Margaret Fairless (violin), including the first English performance of F. Balilla Pratella, War (La Guerra), Three Dances for Orchestra, op. 32.
19 September 1919: Kathleen Destournell and Norman Notley (vocal) and Fanny Davies (piano).
7 October 1919: Olga Haley and Fraser Gange (vocal) and Mr Cecil Baumer (piano).

- Queen's Hall Symphony Concerts (22nd-24th seasons)
23 February 1918: Gervase Elwes (vocal) and Irene Scharrer (piano).
9 March 1918: Beatrice Harrison (cello) and Benno Moiseiwitsch (piano).
9 November 1918: Miss Margaret Balfour (vocal) and Irene Scharrer (piano).
23 November 1918: Muriel Foster (vocal) and Albert Sammons (violin).
22 November 1919: Felice Lyne (vocal) and F. Busoni (piano), including the first English performance of Busoni, Sarabande and Cortege for Orchestra (conducted by the composer).

- Royal Philharmonic Society
Programme books with Analytical Notes (by Alfred Kalish, including musical examples, a list of the orchestral ensemble and lists of the Members and Officers of the Society) for the 107th season (nos. 5 and 6, conducted by Geoffrey Toye) and 108th seasons (no. 1, conducted by Albert Coates).
29 April 1919: Benno Moiseiwitsch (piano), including the first London performance of Stanford, Pianoforte Concerto No. 2.
29 May 1919: Myra Hess (piano), including the first orchestral performance in London of Chausson, Poeme de l'Amour et de la Mer.
20 November 1919: Alfred Cortot (piano), including the first performance of Debussy, Fantaisie for Pianoforte and Orchestra.

- Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
23 October 1916: London Symphony Orchestra, with Moiseiwitsch (piano), conducted by Wassili Safonoff (with Analytical Notes, including musical examples).
18 February and 18 March 1918: London Symphony Orchestra, with Yves Tinayre and Zoia Rosowsky (vocal), conducted by Sir Adrian Boult (with words, lists of the orchestral ensemble and parts of an on-going historical essay entitled Modern English Music).
28 September 1918: Muriel Foster, Gervase Elwes, Hilda Saxe and Albert Sammons (with words).
6 October 1918: Queen's Hall Sunday Concert, given by the New Queen's Hall Orchestra, conducted by Henry Wood (with Descriptive Notes by Rosa Newmarch).
27 November 1918: Queen's Hall Orchestra with Madame D'Alvarez, Hilda Saxe, Gervase Elwes and Sir Henry Wood (with words and photographs).
30 November 1918: Madame Guilhermina Suggia [-Casals] (cello), with Gervase Elwes (vocal) and the New Queen's Hall Orchestra, conducted by Arthur Beckwith (corrected to Frank Bridge) (with words).
12 April 1919: Beethoven Recital by F. Lamond (with notes).
21 June 1919: 'four' concert, with Dorothy Moulton, Gervase Elwes, Hilda Saxe and Albert Sammons (with words).

2. Aeolian Hall
- London String Quartet Pops
Prospectus with programmes for the Third and Fourth Series of Eight 'Pops', given by the London String Quartet,2 February-24 March 1916 and 29 April-24 June 1916 (with individual programmes for 24 June and for an extra concert on 10 June) and prospectus with programmes (two copies) for Fifth Series of Four 'Pops', 3-24 July 1916. Also, individual programmes for the following concerts given during the 13th to 15th series and for the 100th concert, given on 31 May 1919.
13th series (nos. 7 and 8): 15 June 1918 (Fanny Davies, piano) and 22 June 1918 (Murray Davey, vocal).
14th series (nos. 2-4): 6 July (Arthur De Greef, piano), 13 July (Hilda Saxe, piano) and 20 July 1918 (Myra Hess, piano).
15th series (nos. 1 and 3): 21 September (Gervase Elwes, vocal, and Frederick B. Kiddle, piano) and 5 October 1918 (Myra Hess, piano).
100th concert, 31 May 1919: including the first English performance of W. Stenhammar, Serenade for String Quartet in C, op. 29.

- Miscellaneous Aeolian Hall concerts
26 June 1917: Cycle of Russian Songs and Arias (no. 2), by Vladimir Rosing, with Julian Bonell (with words).
17 November 1917: Old Songs and Ballads, given by Miss Jean Sterling Mackinlay (with words).
28 May 1918: Pianoforte Recital by Gertrude Peppercorn (handbill).
4 June 1918: Song Recital by Vladimir Rosing (with words).
2 July 1918: Special Joint Recital by Felice Lyne and Valdimir Rosing (with words).
2 November 1918: Rosing, The Soul of Russia (with words).
26 February 1919: Pianoforte Recital by Hilda Saxe.
13 May 1919: Lecture Recital by Cecil J. Sharp on English Folk-Songs and Dances, with illustrations performed by Mr Owen Colyer (with words).
6 June 1919: Old French and English Songs with Raymonde Collignon and Harriet Cohen (handbill with photographs).
22 October 1919: Piano Recital by Arthur Alexander (with photographs).
11 December 1919: Pianoforte Recital by Frances Coopman, assisted by John Goss (handbill with photograph).

3. Wigmore Hall
11 November 1916: Guild of Singers and Players (with words).
16 May 1918: Pianoforte and Violoncello Concert by Hilda Saxe and Beatrice Harrison.
3 July 1919: Hilda Saxe (piano) (handbill).
6 December 1918: Chamber Concert Society (last concert), with Ethel Fenton (vocal), Lionel Tertis (viola) and the Allied String Quartet (with words).
20 February 1919: Violin Recital by Margaret Harrison (handbill).
1 March 1919: Pianoforte Recital by [Frederic] Lamond (handbill).
14 March 1919: Chamber Concert with Gertrud Hopkins (handbill).
28 April 1919: Song Recital by John Goss, assisted by Miss Hilda Saxe (piano) (with wordbook).
6 May 1919: Chamber Concert with Marguerite Meredyll (handbill with photograph).
17 June 1919: London Chamber Concert Society no. 4 (second series), given by Herbert Fryer with the Allied Quartet (handbill).
1 July 1919: Dramatic Recital by Erica Green with Mabel Manson (vocal) and Monsieur Doehaerd (cello) (handbill).
1 November 1919: Chamber Concert by Jelly d'Aranyi, Felix Salmond and Myra Hess (handbill).
6 December 1919: Busoni Recital (with Analytical Notes).

4. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
- Sir Thomas Beecham's Season of Grand Opera in English
All programmes include a plot synopsis. The conductors are listed in parenthesis below).
6 June 1917: Mussorgsky, Boris Godounov.
26 September 1917: Rimsky-Korsakov, Ivan the Terrible (E. Goossens, Sen.)
24 November 1917: Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro (Thomas Beecham).
[no date] 1918: Mozart, Il Seraglio (Thomas Beecham).
25September 1918: Rimsky-Korsakov, Le Coq d'Or (Percy Pitt).
[24 and 30April 1919]: Rimsky-Korsakov, Ivan the Terrible.

- Drury Lane Light Opera Company
[12 July 1919] and [8 August 1919]: Charles Lecocq, The Daughter of Madame Angot., conducted by Eugene Goossens, Jun.

5. South Place Institute, Finsbury
6 and 13 October, 24 November and 1, 15 and 22 December 1918 and 12 and 19 January, 23 February and 9 March 1919: South Place Sunday Popular Concerts (33rd season, no. 1-2, 8-9, 11-12, 14-15, 20 and 22), given by the South Place Ethical Society (with words). The concert on 15 December 1918 was a Parry Memorial Concert and the programme begins with an extended introductory note on the composer.

6. Miscellaneous London venues
13 May 1916 and 10 February 1917, Aldwych Theatre: Mozart, The Magic Flute/Charpentier, Louise, conducted by Percy Pitt, given as part of the Season of Grand Opera (directed by Thomas Beecham) (with plot synopsis).
24 July 1916, Aldwych Theatre: Special Representation in honour of the great Spanish composer Senor Granados, being Mozart, Il Seraglio, conducted by Thomas Beecham (with plot synopsis).
2 May 1917 and 2 May 1918, Working Men's College Musical Society: Concert of Chamber Music.
22 September 1917, Common Room, Working Men's College Musical Society: Ladies Concert (handbill).
28 October 1917, Royal Albert Hall: Royal Albert Hall Sunday Concert (13th season), given by the Royal Albert Hall Orchestra with Arthur de Greef (piano), conducted by Landon Ronald (with analytical and historical notes).
7 June 1918 [no venue]: chamber music concert, including the first performance of Arnold Bax, Quartet in G major (fragment/single page).
27 September and 12 October 1918 and 26 March 1919, London Coliseum: Serge Diaghileff's season of Russian Ballet, conducted by Henry Defosse.
11 January, 22 February and 5 April 1919, 7 Strathey Gardens: Programme of Chamber Music (handbill).
9 April 1919, London School of Opera, Wellington Hall, St. John's Wood: operatic excerpts, conducted by Mr H. Grunebaum (handbill).
30 April-22 July 1919, Alhambra Theatre: Serge Diaghileff's Season of Russian Ballets, directed by Ernest Ansermet and Henry Dufosse (prospectus with programmes, including notes and photographs; four copies). Also, individual programmes for 8 May and 3, 16, 21, 22 and 26 July.
25 June 1919, Mortimer Hall: recital of vocal and instrumental music (handbill).
[4 August 1919], Philharmonic Hall, Great Portland Street: The Southern Syncopated Orchestra, directed by Will Marion Cook.
29 September-20 December 1919, Empire Theatre, Leicester Square: Serge Diaghileff's Season of Russian Ballets, directed by Ernest Ansermet (Souvenir Programme, with programme for 5 October inserted).
26 October and 9 November 1919, Lyric Theatre: Hammersmith Sunday Concert Society, under the direction of Arthur Bliss. The document for 9 November carries a number of handwritten corrections.
12 November and 2 December 1919, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden: Wolf-Ferrari, Susanna's Secret/Verdi, Falstaff, conducted by Eugene Goossens JnrThomas Beecham (with plot synopsis).
13 November 1919, Working Men's College Musical Society: Pianoforte and Song Recital by Arthur Alexander and John Buckley (handbill).
16 November 1919, Lyric Theatre: Invitation Concert given by Mr Arthur Bliss.

7. Non-London venues
26 May 1917, Cambridge: Cambridge University Musical Club, concert no. 597 (handbill).
5 July 1917, Llandudno Pier: Grand Concerts (morning and evening) given by the Grand Company's Orchestra, conducted by Arthur Payne (with words, brief notes and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
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