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A. L. Bacharach collection: Box 1 (1906-09)
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Mus 317.c.1
The first of 13 boxes of handbills and programmes forming the collection of the nutritionist and writer on music A. L. Bacharach (1891-1966), relating to concerts given in Cambridge and London between 1906 and 1909. Also held are handbills for three performances given in Germany in 1908 and 1909.

All programmes are held loosely and are ordered here by venue.

1. Cambridge
- Cambridge University Musical Club
- Cambridge University Musical Society Popular Concerts
- Miscellaneous Cambridge concerts
2. Queen's Hall, London
- Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts
- Queen's Hall Sunday Concerts
- London Symphony Orchestra
- Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
3. Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
4. St. Paul's School
5. Miscellaneous London venues
6. Germany

1. Cambridge:
- Cambridge University Musical Club
30 October, 6, 13, 20 and 27 November and 4 December 1909, [no venue]: concert nos. 432-437 (handbills).

- Cambridge University Musical Society Popular Concerts
27 October 1909, [no venue]: Folk Song Quartet and Miss Kathleen Chabot (piano) (with words).
10 November 1909, [no venue]: Bohemian String Quartet (handbill).

- Miscellaneous Cambridge concerts
30 October 1909, Guildhall: Beecham Orchestra with Signor Tamini (tenor) and Kathleen Parlow (violin), conducted by Thomas Beecham, including the first performance of Charles Wood, Symphonic Variations on an Irish Air (with words and Descriptive Notes). An insert records the replacement of Tamini by Francis Sullivan.
17 November [1909], Trinity College Hall: Violin and Pianoforte Recital by Achille Rivarde and Archy Rosenthal for Cambridge University Music Society (handbill with handwritten annotations/corrections).
24 November 1909, Masonic Hall: Chamber Concert, given by Miss Maud Gay (piano), Miss Madeline Booth (violin), Miss Eothen Colenso (cello) and Miss Irma Colenso (vocal) (with words and a note on Tchaikovsky, Trio in A minor, op. 50).
3 December 1909, Clare College Hall: Clare College Music Society Smoking Concert (with a handwritten list of names on the reverse).

2. Queen's Hall, London
Both the Promenade and Sunday Concerts were given by the Queen's Hall Orchestra, conducted by Henry Wood. Programmes for both series include words and Analytical and Historical Notes by Percy Pitt, Alfred Kalisch and Rosa Newmarch.

- Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts
Where no other indication is given, the soloists cited are vocalists.
3 September 1906: Miss Perceval Allen and Mr William Higley.
21 September 1906: Esta d'Argo and Frederick Ranalow.
6 October 1906: Jenny Taggart and Frederick Ranalow, including the first performance of Egon Petri, Concertstuck in C minor for Pianoforte and Orchestra, op. 2. Also, the first English performance of Moussorgsky, Gopak and the first London performance of Lalo, Concerto in G minor on Russian Themes (violin and orchestra).
11 October 1907: Mademoiselle Eve Simony and Mr Harold Wilde with Mr Jacques Renard (cello) and Miss Fanny Davies (piano).
14 October 1907: Miss Perceval Allen and Mr Albert Garcia.
26 October 1907: Miss Agnes Nicholls, including the first London performance of Hamilton Harty, Aria, Ode to a Nightingale (with printed review).
6 September 1909: Elsie Nicholls and Thorpe Bates.
20 September 1909: Miss Ethel Wood and Mr Alfred Heather.

- Queen's Hall Sunday Concerts
6 October 1907: Harold Wilde (vocal).
2 February 1908: Hugo Becker (cello).
12 April 1908: Felix Senius (violin).

- London Symphony Orchestra
Programme books, with Analytical Notes (including musical examples and a list of the orchestral ensemble), for concerts conducted by Hans Richter. The notes are written by Wakeling Dry and E. Markham Lee (to 25 March 1907) and F. Gilbert Webb (from 16 December 1907).
23 April 1906: Special Grand Wagner Concert, with John Harrison, Marie Brema and Frederic Austin (vocal).
19 November 1906: including Beethoven, Symphony No. 9, with Miss Perceval Allen, Miss Alice Lakin, Mr John Harrison and Mr Ffrangcon-Davies (vocal) and the Sheffield Choir.
18 February 1907: including the first performance of A. Mackenzie, Violin Suite (conducted by the composer).
25 March 1907: Agnes Nicholls (vocal).
16 December 1907: Bach, Mass in B minor with Perceval Allen, Miss Maud Santley, Mr Webster Millar and Mr Frederic Austin (vocal) and the Huddersfield Festival Chorus.
9 November 1908: Kathleen Parlow (violin).
15 February 1909: including the first performance of Alick Maclean, The Annunciation (conducted by the composer). Also, Beethoven, Symphony No. 9, with Agnes Nicholls, Edna Thornton, Gervase Elwes and Robert Burnett (vocal) and the chorus of the Sheffield Musical Union.

- Miscellaneous Queen's Hall concerts
30 November 1907: Queen's Hall Symphony Concert, given by the Queen's Hall Symphony Orchestra with Eugene Ysaye (violin), conducted by Henry Wood (with Analytical and Historical Notes, including musical examples and photographs). The concert included the first English performance of Emmanuel Moór, New Concerto in G for Violin and Orchestra and the first orchestral performance in England of Beethoven, Eleven Viennese Dances.
5 November 1908: Strolling Players Amateur Orchestral Society Members' Concert/Ladies' Night (27th season, 115th concert), with Miss Ethel Lister and Mr Horatio Connell (vocal) and Mr Waddington Cooke (piano), conducted by Joseph Ivimey (with words and Analytical Notes, a note on the organization and a list of the Rules and Members).
27 January 1909: Royal Amateur Orchestral Society (37th season, no.2), with Miss Violet Elliott and Mr Philip Simmons (vocal) and Miss Evangeline Anthony (violin), conducted by Arthur W. Payne (with words and lists of the committee members and the orchestral ensemble).
15 June 1909: Vocal Recital by Elena Gerhardt, accompanied by Arthur Nikisch (with wordbook).

3. Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (handbills)
The conductors appear in parenthesis below.
16 January 1907: Wagner, Lohengrin (Leopold Reichwein).
26 January and 16 February 1907: Wagner, Die Walkure/Tannhauser (Franz Schalk).
18 May 1907, 23 May 1908 and 2 and 8 February 1909: Wagner, Die Walkure/Tristan and Isolde/Mastersingers/Siegfried (Hans Richter).
2 July 1909: Mozart, Don Giovanni (Percy Pitt).

4. St. Paul's School
10 April 1907, 17 December 1908 and 2 April 1909: St. Paul's School Musical Society (with words, including a list of the choral and orchestral ensembles for 17 December 1908).
10 December 1908: vocal illustrations performed by the choristers of Westminster Abbey with Mr Graham Smart to 'Milton and Music', an address by Sir Frederick Bridge (with words).
15 and 22 November 1907 and 13 and 27 November 1908: S.P.S. Recitals (handwritten, single-sheet programmes).

5. Miscellaneous London venues
24 April 1906, Hotel Grand Central: Tonal Art Club 241st Club Night, with Hugo Heinz (vocal), Herbert Walenn (cello) and Septimus Webbe (piano).
3 December 1906, Wharncliffe Rooms, Hotel Great Central: Tonal Art Club 59th Ladies' Night, with Miss Ethel Hirschbein (vocal), Mr Richard Epstein (piano) and Louis Zimmerman (violin).
14 December 1906 and 13 April 1907, Deutscher Verein für Künst und Wissenschaft, 93 Mortimer Street: Musikalischer Abend nos. 274 and 278 (handbills).
17 December 1906, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Hampstead: Literary Society's Musical Evening.
[1907], [no venue]: Programme and Synopsis of Mr and Mrs Charles Saunders' Musical 'Chat, entitled Great Oratorio Numbers (with words and brief historical notes).
12 February and 5 March 1907, Steinway Hall: Two Pianoforte Recitals by M. Jacques Pintel (single document).
5 March 1907, Lecture Hall, Trinity Presbyterian Church: Trinity Presbyterian Church Musical Association (handbill).
2 July 1907, Salle Erard: Mr Richard Epstein's Chamber Concert.
[multiple dates] 1907, Royal Adelphi Theatre: Offenbach, Tales of Hoffmann, given by the Komische Oper, Berlin (with inserted Synopsis).
5 September 1907, Lyric Theatre: Wagner, Lohengrin, presented by the Moody-Manners Opera Company Ltd (5th annual London Season), conducted by Richard Eckhold.
7 December 1907, London College of Music Concert Hall, Great Marlborough Street: Mr Julius du Mont (piano), assisted by Mr Hugo Hundt (violin) (handbill).
24 October, 14 November and 12 December 1907, Hampstead Conservatoire, Eton Avenue, London: Hampstead Chamber Music Concerts, nos. 1-3 (series II) (handbills).
15 January 1908, Bechstein Hall: Violin Recital by Johann Kruse (handbill).
11 January and 8 February 1908 [Bechstein Hall]: 4th and 5th of Six Subscription Concerts given by Kruse String Quartet (single sheet programmes).
7 May 1908, Aeolian Hall: First Vocal Recital by Carmen Vardou assisted by the New Trio (with wordbook).
12 May 1908, Aeolian Hall: Song and Pianoforte Recital by Fermina Hoffmann and Kathleen Chabot, with Mr Sigmund Beel (violin) (with wordbook).
13 November [1908], Bechstein Hall: Edward Goll Pianoforte Recital (with Analytical Notes).
[11 and 18 January 1909], [no venue]: Two Recitals by the Welte-Mignon [Piano: An Instrument of Reproduction] (with notes on the instrumental and some press comments).
11 March 1909, Great Hall, Cannon Steet Hotel: Lothbury Male Voice Choir (34th season) Smoking Concert, with Mr S. L. Wertheim (violin), Mr A. J. Phillips (organ) and Mr Alfred E. Izard (piano), conducted by T. B. Evison (with words).
29 April 1909, Drill Hall, Hampstead: Vocal and Pianoforte Recital by Madame Louise Burns and Miss Cholditch Smith, with Miss Dorothy Dening (cello) and Miss Maude Wells (violin).
6 and 7 May 1909, King's Hall Theatre, Covent Garden: Offenbach, Madame Favart, presented by the Hampstead Opera Comique, directed by Willy Scott (single document).
16 June 1909, Salle Erard: Pianoforte Recital by Henri Schidenhelm (handbill).
24 June 1907, 29 June 1908 and 28 June 1909, Portman Rooms: Miss Mary Bloxham's Pupils' Concerts.
30 June 1909, Salle Erard: Miss Lippmann Dagmar and Herrmann Koenig's Pupils' Concert (with handwritten corrections).

6. Germany
24 April 1908, Kaisersaal, Stadtiche Tonhalle, Berlin: Einmaliges Konzert des Berliner Philharmonischen Orchester, directed by R. Strauss (with words).
11 April 1909, Düsseldorfer Stadttheater: Wagner, Lohengrin, directed by Alfred Frohlich.
10 April 1909, Städtische Tonhalle, Dusseldorf: Sinfonie-Konzert des stadtischen Orchesters, directed by Otto Reibold.
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