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A.H. Stevens programmes (1879-1921)
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A collection of programmes and other concert ephemera – much of it relating to performances at either Worcester College, Oxford or Dover College – collected by the organist and conductor A.H. Stevens, arranged in a largely chronological fashion in a single bound volume.

In addition to the concert programmes (listed below), this volume includes a significant collection of press cuttings. These relate to various performances involving Stevens or to musical life in and around the cities/institutions with which he was involved, notably the Worcester College Musical Society, the Dover College Musical Society, the Dover Madrigal Society and the Dover Choral Union. There are also a large number of cuttings relating to the attempts to standardize musical pitch in this country.

The volume includes a number of handwritten letters to Stevens, including one regarding his Examination Exercise at Oxford and letters of thanks from the Royal College of Music and Canterbury Cathedral.

In the detailed listing provided below, programmes are divided as follows:
1. Worcester College Musical Society (1879–82)
2. Dover College Musical Society (1882–1906)
3. Organ Recitals (1882–1925)
4. Annual Dedication Festival at Buckland Church (1887–95)
5. Miscellaneous performances (1883–88)

Any organ recitals given at Worcester or Dover colleges are listed together in the third section.

1. Worcester College Musical Society (1879–82)
A collection of programmes for Evening Concerts given in the College Hall of Worcester College, Oxford on 26 November 1879, 12 May 1880, 20 May 1881 and 16 March 1882. These were predominantly vocal concerts, with music for piano solo and duet given by D.J. Maybery, W.H. Hadow, E.A.B. Sanders and W.B. Stillman (1879). All concerts featured A.H. Stevens as either pianist or conductor. The concert in 1881 included Andreas Romberg, Lay of the Bell. That in 1882, for which a ticket is held, included Gade, The Erl King’s Daughter, with Burnham W.Horner (piano) and T.H. Harvey (harmonium).
The collection also contains a programme for an Open Night given at the same venue on 20 May 1881, including piano music by W.H. Hadow and D.J. Maybery.

2. Dover College Musical Society (1882-1906)
Where no indication is given below, these were concerts of vocal and instrumental pieces, with some orchestral music. Many of the concerts featured the Dover College Orchestra and were conducted by A.H. Stevens.
Only a small number of these programmes cite a specific venue (Dover College Chapel), although it is to be assumed that they all took place somewhere within Dover College. Many of the programmes include a list of the members of the Dover College Musical Society.
26 July 1882: including Thomas Anderton, The Wreck of the Hesperus (a cantata for solo voices and chorus), given by Mr Barclay, R.A.L. Watson and D.J. Scott (vocal) (with wordbook and a list of the orchestral ensemble).
St. Martin’s Day 1882: including a Mozart string quartet given by Mr Barclay, F. Hughes, Dr Parsons, and Dr. Astley.
17 February 1883: with Mr Happe, W.J. Pierce, Mr Barclay, Mr Rhodes and Mr Thompson (vocal), F.T.C. Hughes (violin) and Mr Stevens and T. Heywood (piano).
22 March and 8 November 1884: Dover College Orchestra and Chorus.
4 July [1885]: including orchestral pieces by Haydn, Wagner and Travers.
17 July 1886: including Thomas Anderton, The Wreck of Hesperus, with M.R. Barclay, R.E. Knocker, L.C. Knocker, R. Bell and J.H. Alderson (vocal).
27 November 1886. including orchestral repertory by Gurlitt, R. Wüerst and Mendelssohn.
27 July 1887: J. Farmer, Christ and his Soldiers, an oratorio for solo voices and chorus, performed by Mr. Barclay and Mr Littlewood (vocal) (with brief explanatory notes).
27 March [1888] and 31 July 1888: Stainer, The Passion/Gounod, The Redemption and Mendelssohn, Hear My Prayer, given by the choir of Dover College Chapel, with the assistance of Mr Kenningham and Mr E.W. Barclay (vocal).
14 July and 28 November 1888, 6 November 1889, and 11 June 1892:
31 July 1889: including Arthur Sullivan, On Shore and Sea, a dramatic cantata, given by E.R. Ramsbothan, R.W. Courtney, and Mr Barclay (vocal), Mr Buckman (violin), Mr H.V. Stevens (piano) and Messrs E. Scroggs and Barclay (American organ) (with wordbook).
15 November 1890 and 19 December 1892:
31 July 1893: Burnham W. Horner, Penelope, a cantata for solo voices and chorus, given by Miss E. Finnis, Mr Wyne and Mr Thomas (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
31 July 1888: including Gounod, The Redemption.
23 March 1889 and 26 March [DATE]: (with words).
Good Friday 1894: Mendelssohn, Christus (unfinished oratorio).
17 July 1894: including Mendelssohn, Christus and G.A. Macfarren, May-Day, given by Miss Stevens, Mr Ottley, Mr Pearson and Rev. W.C. Compton (vocal) with Mr Barclay (leader), Mr V.H. Stevens (organ) and Miss Wallis (piano).
22 July 1895: Gounod, Gallia and Anderton, The Wreck of Hesperus, given by Miss Scott, Mr Pearson, Mr Maculay and Mr Barclay (vocal) led by Mr Barclay with Mr Clarke (organ) and Miss Wallis (piano) (with wordbook).
16 July 1896: Mendelssohn, Cantata, Lauda Sion and Anderton, The Norman Baron, given by Mr Pearson and Mr Barclay (vocal), led by Mr Barclay with Mr Clarke (organ) and Miss Compton (piano) (with words).
13 April 1897: Pergolesi, Stabat Mater, given by Miss R. Harris (soprano) and Miss Reid (alto), Mr E.W. Barclay (first violin) and Miss Boyton (second violin), Mr H.J. Taylor (piano) and Mr F.A. Clarke (organ) (with words).
24 July 1897: including a selection from Mendelssohn, Antigone (with a list of the orchestral ensemble).
31 March 1900: Ferris Tozer, The Way of the Cross, a sacred oratorio with piano, organ and string accompaniment.
27 July 1901: Mendelssohn, As the Hart Pants and G.F. Vincent, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, a choral ballad for baritone solo, chorus and orchestra, with Miss Gill and Mr Bryan (vocal), Mr Wilfred Barclay and Miss Boyton (violin), F.A. Clarke (organ) and Miss Compton and Mr H.J. Taylor (piano).
25 July 1903: Schumann, The Luck of Edenhall and Mrs Meadows White, Ode to the North-East Wind, given by Rev. R.J. Stone and Mr Beatson (vocal) with Mr Wilfred Barclay and Miss Boyton (violins), Mr. H.J. Taylor (organ) and Miss Compton (piano).
27 July 1906. including orchestral music by Auber and Thomé.

In addition to concert programmes, the collection also include 2 copies of an undated Order of Service for a Good Friday service in Dover College Chapel and programmes for the annual Dover College Carol Service, given in the same venue on: 20 December 1883, 15 December 1884, 16 December 1886, 12 December 1887, 18 December 1888, 17 December [1889], 16 December 1890, 17 December 1891, 17 December 1892, 16 December 1893, 17 December 1894, 16 December 1895, 21 December 1896, 20 December 1897, 19 December 1898, 18 December 1899, 17 December 1900, 21 December 1903, and 19 December 1904.
With the exception of the event on 15 December 1884 (for which only a ticket, with programme, is preserved) documentation relating to all of these performances consists of a programme and wordbook. The performance on 17 December [1889] included a portion of Mendelssohn, Cristus, with Charles Kenningham and E.W. Barclay taking the solo parts.

3. Organ Recitals (1882-1925)
Where no other indication appears below, these recitals were given by A.H. Stevens.
- Canterbury, Christ Church: 10 November [1887] (poster with programme).
- Capel St. Mary, Church of: 16 January 1908, with soloists from the London College for Choristers.
- Cranbrook, St. Dunstan’s Church: 25 June 1908, with Miss Valerie Knoll (violin).
- Dover, Christ Church: 22 April 1892, H.J. Taylor with G.H. Buckman (announcement).
- Dover, Dover College Chapel
27 July 1882: Special Service, given to mark the opening of the new organ at Dover College Chapel.
28 July 1882: recitals by E.H. Barnes and A.H. Stevens, at 4pm and 8pm respectively.
21 June 1883:
30 July 1885: with E.W. Barclay (vocal).
13 June 1888: A Selection of Organ Music.
17 September 1899: with Miss Atherden.
19 November and 19 December 1899, 18 February, 3 and 24 June, 14 October and 18 November 1890: (no performers cited).
18 and 26 May, 30 October and 17 November 1901: All programmes, except that for 26 May, include brief historical programme notes. No performer cited.
Easter Day 1902: (with brief historical notes).
- Dover, Garrison Chapel, Western Heights: 18 and 19 May 1895, to celebrate the opening of the new organ.
- Dover, Holy Trinity Church
14 October [1895]: with E.W. Barclay (vocal) (poster with programme).
3 March [1886], 5 August 1887 and 2 May [1888]:
- Dover, St. Bartholomew’s Church: 30 November [1895]: assisted by E.W. Barclay.
- East Bergholt, St. Mary’s Church: Sunday 29 March [no year].
- Faversham, Church of St. Mary of Charity: 17 January 1894 (with note of the specifications of the organ).
- Great Wenham, St. John’s Parish Church: 9 July 1913, with Mrs Chorley (vocal).
- Hadleigh Parish Church: 2 August 1920 (2 copies), 1 August 1921 (with Miss Hodson-Mackenzie) and 6 August 1923 (with A. Marshall).
- Ipswich, All Saints’ Church: 8 September [1925], with Master Walter Goodchild (vocal) and Mrs Lloyd Street (violin).
- Kingston-upon-Thames, All Saints’ Church: 12 January 1883 and 10 January 1884 (with newspaper advertisements).
- Liverpool, St. George’s Hall: 8 February 1919: Mr Herbert F. Ellingford (with brief historical notes).
- Oxford, Worcester College, University of Oxford: Chapel: 12 November 1881, Burnham W. Horner and A.H. Stevens (tickets with programmes).
- Sittingbourne, St. Mary’s Church: 2 May 1893, with Miss Stevens (vocal) (with newspaper review).
- Sittingbourne, St. Michael’s Church: 16 January 1893, (2 tickets).
- Sproughton, All Saints’ Church: 25 April 1909.
- Woolwich, Alveston House: 20 April 1882: Henry Stevens.
The collection also includes programmes for performances on 12 April 1887 (St. Andrew’s Church) and Trinity Sunday 1907 (All Saint’s Parish Church) for which no town/city is known. That for 1907 includes brief historical notes.

4. Annual Dedication Festival at Buckland Church (1887-95)
Each performance formed part of the Evensong service at the church, with A.H. Stevens (organ). The vocal soloists are listed below. From 1889 all concerts were led by Mr E. Wilfred Barclay and conducted by Mr F.A. Clarke.
30 November [1887]: Handel, The Messiah, with Mrs Dobson, Mr C. Kenningham and Mr Frank Merriman, conducted by C. Turner (poster/announcement).
29 November [1889]: John Stainer, The Daughter of Jairus, sacred cantata, given by Henry W. Jackson, Mr Highley and Mr Walter Igglesden.
26 November [1890]: Handel, Dettingen Te Deum, with Master D.S. Higgins, Mr J.C. Allen and Mr J.H. Higgins.
27 November [1891]: Handel, The Messiah, with Master William T. Porter, Master Albert Lee, Mr Albert Highley and Mr Higgins.
30 November 1892: Mendelssohn, Hear my Prayer and Sullivan, Festival Te Deum, with Berthold Tours’ Evening Service in F, with Master W.A. Gough.
30 November 1893: Cherubini, Requiem Mass in C minor, Mendelssohn’s 95th Psalm and Berthold Tours’ Evening Service in F, with Mr G. Burkett.
29 November 1894: Handel, The Messiah, plus a new Evening Service in G by A.H. Stevens, with Mrs Dobson, Miss Elgar, Mr Pearson and Mr Higgins.
29 November 1895: Mendelssoh, Elijah, with Master Percy Gough, Miss Elgar, Mr J. Pearson and Mr J. Higgins.

5. Miscellaneous concerts (1883-88)
17 March 1883, Mr Sparke’s House: including Haydn, The Toy Symphony and Piano Trio No.12, given by Mr Stevens (piano), Mr Barclay (violin) and Mr Rhodes (cello), with Messrs F.A. Cardew, Clarke, Woodman, Sly, Scott and Rhodes (vocal).
16 July 1887, [no venue]: Miss Ismay’s Pupils, including Franz Abt, Little Red Ridinghood, a cantata for soprano and alto solo with chorus of female voices, with C. Hutton (soprano) and Alice Hocher (alto).
18 April 1888, Beverley House School, Barnes: Evening Concert, including G.A. Macfarren, May-Day, given by the pupils of the school, led by Mr Sice with Mr H.V. Stevens (piano) and A.H. Stevens (harmonium), conducted by Mr Corelli Stevens.
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