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Boydell Collection: Trinity College Dublin (1936-99)
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Boydell Programmes Box 10
One box of programmes collected by Dr Brian Boydell relating to events held in or by Trinity College Dublin.

Concerts presented by the University of Dublin Central Music Committee:
2/2/77: Examination Hall, Trinity College: Music Society and Chapel Choir.
17/11/71: Examination Hall, Trinity College: First of three recitals to celebrate the bicentenary of the Trinity College Kirchkman Harpsichord by Jennifer Robinson, Andrew Robinson and John O'Sullivan.
9/2/72: Examination Hall, Trinity College: 2nd recital to celebrate the bicentenary of the Trinity College Kirckman Harpsichord given by John Beckett.
12/4/72 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall: Final recital in celebration of the bicentenary of the Trinity College Kirckman Harpsichord given by Betty Sullivan and David Lee.
17/5/74 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall: The Radio Telefis Eireann Symphony Orchestra.
30/1/92: Trinity College Dublin: Hugh Tinney; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
21/5/92 [plus duplicate]: Edmund Burke Theatre: Peter Mack; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
Michaelmas Term 1966: Music In College. Leaflet.
Hilary Term 1980: Music in College. Leaflet.
30/10/76 [plus duplicate]: The Army No.1 Band.
28/11/75 [plus duplicate]: The Army No.1 Band.
3/2/76: Examination Hall: Radio Telefis Eireann Symphony Orchestra.
1/12/72: Examination Hall: The Consort of St. Sepulchres.
7/5/76 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall: Camerata Singers and the Consort of St. Sepulchre.
Hilary Term 1966: Music in College. Leaflet.
Trinity Term 1968: Music in College. Leaflet.
Hilary Term 1969: Music in College. Leaflet.
Michaelmas Term 1967: Music in College. Leaflet.
29/4/72: Examination Hall: Frank Patterson, Margaret Hayes, Betty Sullivan, John Beckett; 'A Recital of Music by Joseph Haydn'.
10/5/72 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall: Radio Telefis Eireann Symphony Orchestra.
6/11/[year unknown]: Public Theatre, TCD: 50 years of bradcasting by the BBC Northern Ireland; 'A Concert of Music in Ireland during the 17th and 18th centuries'.
27/4/65: Examination Hall: Radio Eireann Symphony Orchestra
14/2/67: Examination Hall: Radio Telefis Eireann Symphony Orchestra.
15/2/66: Examination Hall: Radio Eireann Sympholny Orchestra.

Trinity College Singers: Chapel, Trinity College:
7/12/88 [plus duplicate]. Programme + flyer.
10/3/99 [plus duplicate].
3/12/[year unknown].
Trinity College Singers: Examination Hall, TCD:
29/5/63 [plus 2 duplicatea]
19/5/66 [plus duplicate]
22/2/67 [plus duplicate]
23/2/67 [plus duplicate]
18/3/67 [plus duplicate]
16/5/68 [plus duplicate]
27/11/68 [plus 2 duplicates]
24/2/71 [plus duplicate]
25/11/71 [plus duplicate]
4/5/72 [plus duplicate]
19/2/76 [plus duplicate]
25/11/76 [plus duplicate]
16/2/78 [plus 2 duplicates]
21/2/[year unknown]
7/5/[year unknown]
25/11/[year unknown].
Trinity College Singers: Miscellaneous venues:
15/6/53: Fellow's Garden, Trinity College: Musica Da Camera and the College Singers.
17/6/58: Fellow's Garden, Trinity College: Musica Da Camera and the College Singers.
24/2/83: Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.
16/6/59: Fellow's Garden, Trinity College: College Singers and Orchestra.
17/5/71: [location unknown]: College Singers.
17/2/64: Old Common Room, Queen's University Belfast.
19/2/66 [plus duplicate]: [location unknown]: Dublin University Music Society and College Singers presented by An Cumann Ceoil UCG.
[date unknown] [plus duplicate]: TCD: Malcolm Proud, Nigel Burton, Brenda Hurley, Victor Dixon, Trevor Crowe and the College Singers.
Trinity College Singers and the DU Music Society:
29/11/63 [plus duplicate]

University of Dublin Choral Society: Examination Hall: Wordbooks:
15/3/45: 108th season, 329th concert.
12/6/45: 108th season, 313th concert.
11/6/53: 116th season, 354th concert.
25/11/53: 117th season, 355th concert.
3/12/54: 118th season, 358th concert.
6/12/55: 119th season, 361st concert.
7/6/56 [plus duplicate]: 119th season, 363rd concert.
6/12/56: 120th season, 364th concert.
8/3/57: 120th season, 365th concert.
5/12/57: 121st season, 367th concert.
11/3/58 [plus duplicate]: 121st season, 368th concert.
4/12/58: 122nd season, 370th concert.
6/6/63 [plus duplicate]: 126th season, 385th concert.
3/12/63: 127th season, 385th concert.
4/3/64-5/3/64: 127th season, 386th concert.
28/3/64 [plus duplicate]: 127th season, 387th concert.
3/3/65-4/3/65 [plus duplicate]: 128th season, 389th concert.
27/5/65: 128th season, 390th concert.
25/5/67 [plus duplicate].
4/12/67-5/12/67: 399th concert.
29/2/68 [plus 2 duplicates]
23/5/68 [plus duplicate]: 399th concert.
4/12/68-5/12/68: 132nd season, 400th concert.
22/5/69: 132nd season.
3/12/69-6/12/69: Examination Hall TCD & Cathedral of the Blessed Trinity Waterford: 403rd concert.
8/12/70-9/12/70: 406th concert.
1/3/72-2/3/72: 410th concert.
28/11/72-29/11/72: 412th concert.
27/2/74-28/2/74 [plus duplicate]: 416th concert.
22/5/75: 420th concert.
3/12/75-6/12/75 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall, TCD & Saint Comgall's Church, Bangor: 421st concert.
25/2/76-26/2/76: 422nd concert.
23/2/77-24/2/77 [plus duplicate]: 140th season, 425th concert.
29/11/78-30/11/78: 142nd season, 413th concert.
22/5/80 [plus duplicate]: 144th season, 435th concert.
3/12/80-4/12/80: 144th season, 436th concert.
2/12/81-3/12/81: 145th season, 439th concert.
5/3/81: 144th season, 437th concert.
3/3/82-4/3/82: 145th season, 440th concert.
13/5/82: 145th season, 441st concert.
1/12/82: 146th season, 442nd concert.
30/11/83-1/12/83: 147th season, 448th concert.
28/11/84-29/11/84 [plus duplicate]: 148th season, 451st concert.
12/3/86-13/3/86: 149th season, 455th concert.
11/3/87-12/3/87: 150th anniversary.
2/12/87-3/12/87 [plus duplicate]: 458th concert. 150th anniversary.
15/3/88: The Synod Hall, Christchurch: The Choral Ball.
30/11/88-1/12/88: 460th concert. Programme, flyer and ticket.
17/5/89 [plus duplicate]: Chapel, Trinity College: 462nd concert.
29/11/89-30/11/89 [plus duplicate]: 463rd concert.
28/2/90-3/3/90 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall and St. Patrick's Cathedral: 464th concert.
27/2/91-28/2/91: 467th concert.
27/11/91-28/11/91 [plus duplicate]: 469th concert.
26/2/92: 470th concert.
2/12/92-3/12/92: 472nd concert.
3/3/93-4/3/93 [plus duplicate]: 473rd concert.
19/5/93: Chapel, Trinity College: 474th concert.
1/12/93-2/12/93 [plus duplicate]: 475th concert.
30/11/94-1/12/94 [plus duplicate]: 478th concert.
1/3/95-2/3/95: 479th concert.
28/2/96-29/2/96 [plus duplicate]: 482nd concert.
27/11/96-28/11/96: 483rd concert.
26/11/97-27/11/97: 486th concert.
14/5/97: Ladies' Concert.
25/2/98-26/2/98 [plus duplicate]: 487th concert.
2/12/98-3/12/98: Public Theatre.
3/3/99-4/3/99 [plus duplicate]: Public Theatre, Trinity College: 490 concert.
[date and location unknown] [plus duplicate]: The Ladie's [sic] Concert 'A Selection of Music by Dr. Joseph Groocock'.

Miscellaneous concerts held in TCD:
20/5/93 [plus duplicate]: Edmund Burke Theatre: Haenjo Trio; the 1993 Provost's Concert.
4/12/93 [plus duplicate]: Royal Hospital Kilmainham: Dublin Orchestral Players with Oonagh Keogh.
23/11/68 [plus 3 duplicates]: Graduates' Memorial Buildin: Stuart Dempster.
10/2/[year unknown]: Examination Hall: Dublin Institute Choir and the Dublin Bach Players.
2/4/[year unknown]: Examination Hall, Trinity College: Hesketh Piano Quartet with Anne Woodworth and John Beckett.
24/1/76 [plus duplicate]: College Chapel, TCD: Malcolm Proud.
26/1/98: Trinity College Chapel: Apparatus Musicus presented by the Dublin University Music Society. First performance of a work by Roderick Williams.
17/12/[year unknown]: Trinity College Chapel: Cantique. World premiere of Andrew Johnstone's 'Five Christmas Lyrics from the red book of Ossory'.
17/10/91: Louise Thomas; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
19/11/76 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall: Testore Quartet. Flyer.
15/7/66-19/8/66: Examination Hall: Radio Telefis Eireann 'A Season of Lunchtime Concerts'.
11/2/81 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall: Andrew Lyle, Horace Fitzpatrick, Caroline Brown and Christopher Kite.
9/2/[year unknown]: Trinity: John Beckett.
17/11/[year unknown]: Trinity College Chapel: Eric Sweeney Singers and the Prelude Brass Ensemble.
10/2/[year unknown]: College Chapel, TCD: Frank Hughes presented by the Organ Committee Trinity College. Flyer.
15/10/76: College Chapel: Guy Bovet presented by the Organ Committee Trinity College.
27/4/77 [plus duplicate]: TCD Chapel: Desmond Hunter.
24/11/71: College Chapel: Joseph Bucher.
3/5/85: Chapel, Trinity College Dublin: Joseph Groocock.
6/12/75: Examination Hall: Dublin Orchestral Players.
23/1/92 [plus duplicate]: TCD: Irish String Trio; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
12/3/92: TCD: Choir of St. John's College Cambridge; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
26/3/92: Examination Hall: John O'Conor; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
15/3/92: Chapel of Trinity College: Choir of St. John's College Cambridge; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
1991 [plus duplicate]: Trinity Chamber Orchestra.
29/6/91: Exam Hall: Musica Sacra with The Members of the Irish Sinfonietta.
3/1/72: Examination Hall: The Irish Youth Orchestra.
28/2/81: Examination Hall: Duo Geminiani.
21/11/[year unknown]: Trinity College Chapel: David Adams.
19/2/92: Exam Hall: Musica Sacra; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
Hilary Term Concert 1990: Trinity Chamber Orchestra.
9/4/92 [plus duplicate]: Trinity College Chapel: An Uaithne with Nóirín Ní Riain; part of the Quatercentenary celebrations.
12/3/94: National Concert Hall: Dublin Orchestral Players and the Dublin Symphony Orchestra.
23/11/74: College Chapel: Michael Radulescu.
28/2/69: Chapel of Trinity College: Ralph Downes. Inaugural recital of the new organ.
11/12/76: Examination Hall: Dublin Orchestral Players. Flyer.
28/10/92: [location unknown]: Bartok String Quartet.
18/2/87: Saloon, Provost's House: Klöckl-Guttmann Duo.
11/5/72: TCD Chapel: College Chapel Choir, College Organ Scholar and Instrumentalists.
13/3/[year unknown] [plus 2 duplicates]: Trinity College Chapel: Musica Sacra.
11/2/70: TCD: David Milne with the Chapel Choir and Instrumentalists.
26/11/[year unknown]: College Chapel: David Lumsden.
3/12/79: Chapel of Trinity College: 'Annual Service of Lessons and Carols'.
27/2/92 [plus duplicate]: Conor Biggs with Réamonn Keary. Accompanied by flyers for March Music in Trinity.
13/2/92 [plus duplicate]: TCD: Nigel Gleeson-Williams with Malcolm Martineau.
13/11/65: Examination Hall: Julian Bream.
20/2/92: Chapel of Trinity College: 'Evensong'.
29/11/76: Trinity College Chapel: Annual Carol Service.
7/2/[year unknown] [plus duplicate]: College Chapel: Gerard Gillen, David Lee, John O'Sullivan.
9/3/80: TCD Examination Hall: Fitzwilliam String Quartet.
27/1/83: Edmund Burke Theatre: Brian McNamara and Roy Holmes presented by the Dublin University Music Society.
1/72-2/72: Chapel, Trinity College: Gerard Gillen, David Lee and John O'Sullivan; 'the organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach'. First series.
4/72-5/72 [plus duplicate]: Chapel, Trinity College: Gerard Gillen, David Lee and John O'Sullivan; 'the organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach'. Second Series.
10/72-12/72: Chapel, Trinity College: Gerard Gillen, David Lee and John O'Sullivan; 'the organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach'. Third Series.
27/9/72: Examination Hall: Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra Munich.
12/1/73: Trinity College Chapel: Pro Musica Sacra. First public recital.
21/2/[year unknown]: New University of Ulster: Dublin University Music Society.
16/2/72: Trinity College: The Scholars.
18/2/[year unknown]: Chapel of Trinity College: 'QuintEssential Concert' by Carys-Anne Lane, Colm Carey, QuintEssential Sackbut and Cornett Ensemble and the Trinity College Chapel Choir.
26/4/80 [plus duplicate]: Examination Hall: Dublin Orchestral Players. Ruby Jubilee 1940-1980.
6/2/95: National Concert Hall: Dublin University Orchestral Society.
Summer 1981 [plus duplicate]: Edmund Burke Theatre, TCD: Takács String Quartet, Kálmán Berkes, Zoltán Kocsis; Bartok Centenary. Programme booklet.
13/7/85: Castletown: [performers unknown]. Wordbook.
7/11/63: Examination Hall: Maurice Brett, Ifor James, Havelock Nelson to inaugurate the Trinity College Steinway Grand Piano.
4/5/63: Examination Hall: Barbara Elsy, John Sothcott, John Beckett, Daphne Webb to inaugurate the Trinity College Kirckman Harpsichord.
12/11/85: Provost's House, Trinity College: Michi Gaigg and Christopher Stembridge.
10/7/85 [plus duplicate]: Provost's House, TCD: José Vázquez, Marion Doherty and Andrew Robinson.

Non-TCD related programmes:
3/5/36: College Hall [Cambridge]: Informal Chamber Orchestra presented by the Trinity College Music Society.
13/6/36: Trinity College [Cambridge]: The College Band; May-Week Concert.
9/10/74-12/10/74: Christ Church Cathedral: First performance in Ireland of Monteverdi's 'L'Orfeo'.

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