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Collection Description

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Boydell Collection: Royal Dublin Society concert programmes (1941-1985)
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Boydell Programmes Box 8
One folder of programmes collected by Dr Brian Boydell relating to the Royal Dublin Society from 1/12/41-9/1/85.

29/9/81: Main Hall: Radio Telefís Eireann Symphony Orchestra 'Special 250th Anniversary Concert'. Contains biographical and programme notes.
6/11/44 [plus 2 duplicates]: Member's Hall: The Dublin String Orchestra [opposite side:] 13/11/44: 'Pianoforte Recitals' Moiseiwitsch.
4/2/57: The Irish Festival Singers [opposite side:]11/2/57: The Neaman Trio.
11/2/57: The Neaman Trio [opposite side:] 18/2/57: Bronislav Gimpel (violin) and Adela Kotowska (pianoforte).
28/1/57: 'Pianoforte Recitals' Pia Sebastiani [opposite side:] 4/2/57: The Irish Festival Singers.
1/2/71: Vienna Trio (Roger Woodard, Peter Guth and Heidi Litschauer).
3/12/56: The Stross String Quartet [opposite side:] 'Cello and Piano Recitals' Amaryllis Fleming (violoncello) and Lamar Crowson (pianoforte)
10/11/56: The Melos Ensemble [opposite side:] 'Violin and Piano Recitals' Jaroslav Vanecek and Rhona Marshall.
19/11/56: The Melos Ensemble [opposite side:] 'Pianoforte Recitals' Gonzalo Soriano.
7/11/66: Netherlands String Quartet [opposite side:] 14/11/66: David Wilde (piano).
21/11/66: Europäisches String Quartet (presented in cooperation with the German Institute for Cultural Relations) [opposite side:] 28/11/66: Toh Yi-Lung (piano).
29/11/65: Heutling Quartet [opposite side:] 6/12/65: Austin Gaffney and Kitty O'Callaghan.
9/1/85: Concert Hall: 'European Music Year 1985' Special Concert: New Irish Chamber Orchestra. Contains biographical and programme notes.
10/11/80-11/11/80 (plus duplicate): Caitríona Yeats (harp).
4/3/68: Oromonte Piano Trio and the Radio Telefís Éireann Singers [opposide side:] advertisments for forthcoming celebrity concerts. Attached is a addenda noting that the Oromonte Piano Trio could not travel due to illness and that Nina Milkina would perform.
6/11/67: Orchester Pro Arte - München (presented in association with the German Institute for Cultural Relations) [opposite side:] 12/11/67: John Lill (piano).
13/1/64: 'Violin and Piano Recitals' Alfredo Campoli with Daphne Ibbott.
16/11/64: The Dublin Octet [opposite side:] 23/11/64 'Pianoforte Recitals' Jacques Klein.
11/2/63 [plus duplicate]: 'Pianforte Recital' Valerie Tryon [opposite side:] 18/2/63: Sestetto Italiano Luca Marenzio.
25/11/63: 'Vocal and Pianoforte Recitals' Alfred Deller and Maria Donska [opposite side:] 2/12/63 The Chantry Ensemble.
2/12/63: The Chantry Ensemble [opposite side:] 9/12/63: John Ogdon.
18/1/71: Smetena String Quartet.
30/1/84 - 31/1/84: Reinhard Goebel (baroque violin) and Robert Hill (harpsichord) presented in association with the Goethe Institute.
10/1/66: Alberni String Quartet [opposite side:] 17/1/66: Mary Gallagher and Ernest Lush.
1/11/65: Ensemble Philomusica of London [affixed to opposite side:] Change of Programme: Luis Kentner in place of Jacques Klein.
1/3/76 [plus duplicate]: Una O'Donovan (harp). Accompanied by programme notes.
18/1/68: Bartók String Quartet [opposite side:] 25/11/68: The Warsaw Piano Quintet.
19/11/56: The Melos Ensemble [opposite side:] 26/11/56: 'Pianoforte Recitals' Gonzalo Soriano.
7/10/66 [plus duplicate]: Member's Hall: Radio Telefís Éireann Symphony Orchestra. Contains programme notes. Accompanied by addenda to programme and corresponding programme notes.
25/11/57: The Allegro String Quartet [opposite side:] 'Pianforte Recitals' Richard Farrell.
15/11/43: Member's Hall: 'Piano and Oboe Recitals' Leon Goossens and Ivor Newton [opposite side:] 22/11/43: Member's Hall: 'Song Recitals' by Astra Desmond in place of the Blech Quartet.
1/11/43: Member's Hall: 'Pianoforte Recitals' Pouishnoff [opposite side:] 8/11/43: Member's Hall: the London Belgian Pianoforte Quartet.
22/11/43: Member's Hall: 'Song Recitals' Astra Desmond [opposite side:] 29/11/43: The Lyric Trio.
8/11/43: Member's Hall: The London Belgian Pianoforte Quartet [opposite side:] 15/11/43: Member's Hall: 'Piano and Oboe Recitals' Leon Goossens and Ivor Newton.
29/11/43: Member's Hall: The Lyric Trio [opposite side]: 6/12/43: Noel Mewton-Wood in place of Miss Eileen Joyce.
6/12/43: Member's Hall: 'Pianoforte Recitals' Noel Mewton-Wood.
7/2/44: Member's Hall: 'Piano and Violin Recitals' Kathleen Long and Eda Kersey [opposite side:]14/2/44: Member's Hall: Moura Lympany in place of Mr. Peter Stadlen.
31/1/44: Member's Hall: Heddle Nash with Sidney Crook [opposite side:] 7/2/44: 'Piano and Violin Recitals' Kathleen Long and Eda Kersey.
12/2/45 [plus 2 duplicates]: Member's Hall: 'Song Recitals' Astra Desmond [opposite side:] 19/2/45: Member's Hall: 'Double Pianoforte Recitals' Cyril Smith and Phyllis Sellick.
4/12/44: Member's Hall: 'Pianforte Recitals' Mewton-Wood [opposite side:] 11/12/44: Member's Hall: The Carter String Trio.
1/12/41: Member's Hall: The Culwick Choral Society [opposite side:] 8/12/41: Member's Hall: 'Double Piano Recitals' Joan & Valerie Trimble.
27/11/44: Member's Hall: 'Cello Recitals' Douglas Cameron [opposite side:] 4/12/44: Member's Hall: 'Pianoforte Recitals' Mewton-Wood.
18/11/68: Bartók String Quartet [opposite side:] 25/11/68: The Warsaw Piano Quintet.
6/2/56: 'Song Recitals' Gerhard Hüsch with Ernest Lush [opposite side:]13/2/56: The Stross String Quartet.
16/1/56: The Dennis Brain Ensemble [oppopsite side:] 23/1/56 'Pianoforte Recitals' Nina Milkina.
24/5/75 [plus duplicate]: Gerard Souzay.
18/12/67: Radio Telefis Eireann Singers 'Carols round the world'. Wordbook.
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1941 - 1985
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